Our last trip before our baby's arrival | Miami trip! 

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Mar 30, 2021




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AlondraDessy 21 day ago
Don't forget to enter the giveaway babes!!! Here’s the link to purchase the Bh cosmetics BFF collection! bit.ly/2Z5m2GM ❤️
Bianca Orrostieta
Bianca Orrostieta 10 days ago
I Never Win But It Never Hurts To Try! I Love All Of Them But I’m In Love With Shade”Bougie” 😍🤩 🤞🏼Btw My Family And I Love Watching You& Benny Channel We Sit Together And Watch Them All The Time❤️‼️
Shondeen Holling
Shondeen Holling 20 days ago
My favorite is wine & dine 🍷 I reallyyyyy hope I win! Good Luck to everyone. 😊
Laura Flores
Laura Flores 20 days ago
Oh my god u look so beautiful pregnant ..so love the colors in ur Bff pallet I so love all the blue 💙 colors in it hope I can get my hand on ur collection 💙💙💙💙💙
Yajaira Barragan
Yajaira Barragan 20 days ago
My fav are MEXICANA and ALO & ELS ❤️🤎 I love when you upload new videos, I watch them all 🥰❤️ I’m waiting for the gender reveal 💖💙
Monique Muniz
Monique Muniz 20 days ago
The color Virgo 👏🏻🤩 perfect for a Easter look forsures 🐣 Insta:Mo.MoneyBeauty 💕
Kawaii Love
Kawaii Love Hour ago
Kawaii Love
Kawaii Love Hour ago
I would think she would be more careful now who she is with & that she is pregnant and carrying a child .
Silvia Medina
Silvia Medina 4 hours ago
🦂 Scorpio rusted orange color looks pretty! ❤️
Porsha Zazueta
Porsha Zazueta 8 hours ago
Mann one day I’ll have amazing friendships 🥺🤍 like they do 🤍 and travel
Mercedes Garcia
My favorite from the BFF pallet is bougie!! I feel like it’s such a beautiful shade of blue 🤩 @mercedes_gonzalezzz
Angelina Gonzales
Love your videos, never fail to make me laugh. Virgo is my favorite shade from the pallete
Abigail Ayala
Abigail Ayala 2 days ago
Idk is something about the way Benny loves alo I absolutely love there relationship And can we also talk about how cute the shade Malibu is insta:@abbyxglams
MakeupbyJulissa •
Alo & Elsy >>> Alo & maria
KTR & Mom
KTR & Mom 3 days ago
Your so cute!! And look beautiful pregnant 💖💖
Alejandra Rocha
Alejandra Rocha 3 days ago
I love you guys
esme h
esme h 3 days ago
I feel like this collection is so different than any other one and they actually cared for what they put out there all the pallets look pigment af & look easy to blend &mix. @esmeraldaix
Jennifer De Leon
Jennifer De Leon 3 days ago
Who else wants an updated makeup tutorial?! 😭😩
Adedeji Afusat
Adedeji Afusat 4 days ago
Alo looks exactly like Leslie hernandez from Through our eyes... ❤️
Mary Marie
Mary Marie 4 days ago
He did not just steal her bun from her pasta 😂
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres 4 days ago
Alo is the cutest!!! I love the entire makeup palette!! Instagram is joslynmariee_
Lizbeth Diaz
Lizbeth Diaz 5 days ago
i like the bff shadow lixbethdz
Lizbeth Diaz
Lizbeth Diaz 5 days ago
i love youuuuuu you are glowing sis
Nina Perez
Nina Perez 5 days ago
amyperezamypap 5 days ago
Am i late to enter the giveaway😫😫😫 I Love the whole palette but if I gotta choose it'll be You're Sick 😷😅
Kattie Perez
Kattie Perez 5 days ago
My day is Scorpio for sure!!♏️💗
Angie Guitron
Angie Guitron 5 days ago
You look beautiful alo! My favorite shadow is Baby E! @angie_luvspink
Trish Atasani
Trish Atasani 5 days ago
BFF comp HelurR TikA👌 Love your Vibe ALO👌
Emily Trillo
Emily Trillo 5 days ago
You look so beautiful pregnant and your belly is so cute 🥰😍 ems_lixbeth
Grace Newton
Grace Newton 6 days ago
my favorite shade is baby e! my insta is @gracealsina
Maricela Leon
Maricela Leon 6 days ago
What did you guys use for your guys hair to make the waves ??
Lissette Vega
Lissette Vega 6 days ago
I wanna win the pr package so bad 💓💓💓 i love the shade scorpio for the eyes and latina for the face! My ig is boobookittyfucckk but it’s disabled rn 😭
Marissa & Yaneli
Marissa & Yaneli 6 days ago
My favorite shade is the torqouise one 😍😍 - mxrissahdz
narda ramirez
narda ramirez 6 days ago
So beautiful 😻 fav shade is scorpio 💕
Gemini Star
Gemini Star 6 days ago
I don't watch the news at all but can someone tell me if a covid vaccine is needed to fly out to Miami??????
NaidelynInez 6 days ago
Hi my name is Naidelyn I always watch your videos I forget to like sometimes lol because I’m so into your videos ❤️ I have been trying to get my hands on the whole collection but i never have luck 🥺 my favorite shade is Virgo ♍️😍😍 Ig; naidelynn_ Thank you so much ❤️🥰
Kika PUBG 6 days ago
🤍🤍😍alondra is the prettiest
Lindsy 6 days ago
I was pregnant at the same time as a lot of people I know
Lindsy 6 days ago
I recently had twins and i was so used to my big belly that when I se people have singleton bellies they look soooo small to me
Lindsy 6 days ago
Very pretty outfits baby momma also had
Lindsy 6 days ago
Did any preg mommas not get morning sickness/throw up during pregnancy. I’m so glad I didn’t throw up.. only sometimes when I would brush the back of my tongue after waking up and only then it was a little stomach acid
Sinaaboo 7 days ago
my favorite shade is YOU'RE SICK. You got me saying that all the time lol IG: Sinaaboo_
Rebecca Martinez
Rebecca Martinez 7 days ago
That shrimp looks sooooo good 🤩
вαву gιяl
вαву gιяl 7 days ago
my favorite shade is mexicannnaaaa it’s so pretty and it’s my favorite color and this whole trip reminds me of you and bennys trip @savannahw128🥺💞
I love love all the colors it’s hard to decide I just love it all and it’s the colors you used on your eyes and face for me 😊💕😍🦋 yaaass I love it all. Fingers crossed 🤞
Leslie Hernandez
Leslie Hernandez 7 days ago
So pretty 😍😍😍I love the light blue color
Itsyourgirl Stephanie
Itsyourgirl Stephanie
What foundation are u using !!!!😬
Sara Gonzalez
Sara Gonzalez 7 days ago
Pregnancy looks so good on you !! I want the contour and highlighter pallet!
Amalia Rios reyes
You look so beautiful with your lil belly alo i wish nothing but the best for you and your lil family. Even though i dont know you but by youtube you have such a good vibe and im so proud of what you have accomplished at such young age. Your colab is awesome my fav shades are alo-mexicana-bff infact there all cute colors. Hope to win this pr ig- _amaliarios blessing keep being you love!
Amalia Rios reyes
I love your lil belly. Blessings to your lil family alondra
jasmine perez
jasmine perez 7 days ago
Alo and Elsy is my favorite shade
Evelyn Clemente
Evelyn Clemente 7 days ago
Even pregnant Alo looks so good 🥰 My favorite shade is Baby E @98evelyn_clem 💖
Julietta Servin
Julietta Servin 8 days ago
I’m sorry but Maria is annoying af she’s so self centered and I feel like she tries to hard to kee alo on her good side lmao.
Olga Gomez
Olga Gomez 8 days ago
I love the way you talk Alo! Also, my fav shade is also the #24...i always do browns and oranges!!!!
Genasis Davis
Genasis Davis 8 days ago
Ur having a girl fsfs 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Genasis Davis
Genasis Davis 8 days ago
Ur having a girl fsfs 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Genasis Davis
Genasis Davis 8 days ago
Ur having a girl 💕💕
Aleah Baldovino
Aleah Baldovino 8 days ago
i loveee the shade scorpio and i love you so much so proud of how far u have come in young but i want to learn how to do makeup and it would means the world to me if i could learn to do my makeup with your guys collection my insta is @la_aleah ❤️❤️
candyisok 8 days ago
What foundation does she use??
Monica Mora
Monica Mora 8 days ago
My favorite shadow is the Alo& els @monica.18v I would use that shadow for my graduation in may yay❤️
alison riley
alison riley 8 days ago
“hey guys just got to our room!!” (still has mask on)
Dulce Morales
Dulce Morales 8 days ago
Alondra you better not let that chihuaha of Maria get between you and yo bestieeeee elsyyy, i think ur replacing her as well because you both pregnant which is not cool
Makeupby Airy
Makeupby Airy 8 days ago
I love all of them colors
miaa ll
miaa ll 8 days ago
Exactly same vlogs different pov I fw it tho they smart double pay checks I would do the same instead of a family channel or I’d do all 3 triple income from US-first oooo yesss
Janet Ramírez
Janet Ramírez 8 days ago
All the neutrals are my fave because I’m basic haha 😛 @_janett25
Lisa Pineda
Lisa Pineda 9 days ago
You look sooo pretty pregnant 🥺🥺🥺
Anniemarie Hurtado
Super cute outfits❤️ an alo you look amazing 🤩
Angeles Appenheimer
Lilibeth Cardenas
Alondras foundation matches so perfect it looks like magic omg!!!😭 My fav shades in the pallet would have to be baby e and you’re sick I could just imagine them being great on the center on the lid for a nice pop😻🤍 Ig:lilibethhhh
Adilenne Delacruz
Where you get the glasses ❤️❤️❤️I love you girrllll 🥺❤️
Solana Riojas
Solana Riojas 9 days ago
sooo beautiful!!! solana.riojas🔥🤍
Karla Larios
Karla Larios 9 days ago
Que Linda Alo❤️❤️ Me Encanta Tan sencilla Y bonita❤️❤️
Josefina Moraleda
BOUGIE IS MT FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jxlie 9 days ago
take a shot every time alondra says “okay guys” lmaooo, love alondra❤️❤️
Mariana Gallardo
Mariana Gallardo 9 days ago
Such a pretty mama. If@mariana_gee. My fav is malibu
Natalya Montes
Natalya Montes 9 days ago
I love the safe you’re sick!! Love you alo! 💖💖
Dulce Paniagua
Dulce Paniagua 9 days ago
I LOVEE YOU!!! BEEN SUPPORTING YOU SINCE DAY ONE, my fav shade is BFF, alo and els & Scorpio!!! 😍 My Instagram is @xoddulce 🤍🤍🤍🤍✨✨✨✨
Nicole Belderrain
As soon as I was thinking Alondra’s make up looks so good & noticing no creases wanting to know what foundation & setting powder she uses the next scene she says “my make ups all messed up” 😂 but it’s still flawless 💕
Reyna Meza
Reyna Meza 9 days ago
Elsy is mee spilling shit on others😂 No pasa nada!! Se lava😏 I love the shade blessed and peach😍 Insta: @reynaa_lovee I never win but it’s worth a try
Bee Ferrer
Bee Ferrer 9 days ago
BFF 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💕💕💕 @blanca.ferrer
Yuri Lopez
Yuri Lopez 9 days ago
The pregnancy glow looking gorgeous as always 🤩 my fav is shade is Virgo cause im a Virgo and Malibu 💕@itsyuri.lopez
Anabel Gómez
Anabel Gómez 9 days ago
Sorry but maria just doesn’t seem like a genuine person. She has this vibe that comes off her like she wants everything to be about her
Evelyn Vazquez
Evelyn Vazquez 2 days ago
Sorry I disagree 👎 she just has a big personality and that's okay 👌 😂 I love us always 💕
XO Adylene
XO Adylene 3 days ago
@Julianna Marie i thought i was the only one that noticed that she got pregnant right after alo😂🤭
Julianna Marie
Julianna Marie 8 days ago
@ginger juice her boyfriend is bennys best friend. And now this girl is all of a sudden pregnant now that alo is pregnant. She just always wants attention. I just don’t like the girl. And actually a lot of people don’t.
ginger juice
ginger juice 8 days ago
@Julianna Marie who is she to Alo?
Julianna Marie
Julianna Marie 8 days ago
I’ve neverrrrr liked her I always thought the same thing but never said anything.
Evelyn_ Sanchez
Evelyn_ Sanchez 9 days ago
Mariah Simmons
Mariah Simmons 10 days ago
Alondra: “look He’s doing the stanky leg” 😭😭 Instagram: @Mariahjsimmons_
Polaca Hernandez
Polaca Hernandez 10 days ago
Valerie_hernandez01 maria empanada Bussin !
Canada Harmony
Canada Harmony 10 days ago
My favourite eye palate colour is probably the sparkly blue. You are looking amazing, pregnancy suits you. Glowing mumma 🦋
Gabby Barrientos
Gabby Barrientos 11 days ago
Love youuuu
val 123
val 123 11 days ago
i love your videos and would love to win a PR box my favorite shade is malibu💖💞💖 my instagram is @valerieeyzabal._
Ravyn Portello
Ravyn Portello 11 days ago
This trip looked sooo fun glad you guys got to go one last time before the baby!!! My favorite shade from the palette is Malibu!!🦋🦋🦋 @ravyynn
Vale897 Rodriguez
Vale897 Rodriguez 11 days ago
I don’t know why but elsy and alo are not like they used to be like their relationship used to because obviously their both mommy’s and can’t really spend that much time together or just with personal problems or because Maria is there IDK something about it just I don’t see that like spice from back then but I’m not tripping because deep down I know the besties love and soulmate is still there period litterly will always be the best friendship ever #alo&elsy
Zayra TM
Zayra TM 11 days ago
Elsy and Alo look so beautiful without makeup 😍
YAYAA 11 days ago
That pregnancy glow is definitely showing boo! And that pool scene with you and Benny just reminded me of the Cancun video when Benny asked finally asked you out🥺🥺😭😭😍💛💛 love you all in the video ✨💛 IG: slayyayaa
Rosa Gutierrez
Rosa Gutierrez 11 days ago
Are you guys going to do a gender reveal video? Favorite shade in the palette is "malibu" @estela_gutie
Annacristina Vargas
I love your Accent ❤️@anna57_2606 my favorite shade of the BFF Pallet is “your sick”😍😍😍
Serena Colmenero
Serena Colmenero 11 days ago
YOU ARE GLOWING!!!💗💗💗 Fav shade VIRGO💙 @serenadaniellle
jennifer castellanos
Nothing but good vibes✨🍻I'm in Miami bitchhhh🤪 @jncastellanos_
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 12 days ago
hii alo wish you, Benny and the baby the best❤️❤️! and I like scorpio or pop off shade more💕 and @jenniferrperez._
Dayarana Arcon
Dayarana Arcon 12 days ago
Hey!! Loved the vlog, I live in Miami next time I hope to see you! My fav shade is “latte” I use it everyday, soon it’s going to be gone😥😂 @dayaranaa
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie 12 days ago
Scorpio 😍
Bree Wible
Bree Wible 12 days ago
The Virgo shade is ugh to die for !!! Tbh the entire pallet is just stunning babe. My Instagram is Bxbybree02
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 12 days ago
LOVE your pregnancy style! I wish I would’ve dressed like you when I was pregnant. But for my next baby. BEST BELIEVE I’ll rock two piece sets! 🥰. You’re sick has to be my favorite eyeshadow color! @baaaabyems ❤️
Bree&Debs 12 days ago
Bree&Debs 12 days ago
Denise Gutierrez
Denise Gutierrez 12 days ago
I can only hope 💙 my favorite shade is Scorpio girl you know Ig is nicole._.gtz