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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️

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Feb 17, 2021




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yesenia t
yesenia t 6 hours ago
Have to click that like before watching video 😍😍😚
Melissa Sedeno
Melissa Sedeno 12 hours ago
Not me crying when Alex is all excited in the room 😢😭😭 you guys are so cute!!! My don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, dice que el government is just trying to make money 😬
Marii Reyes
Marii Reyes Day ago
The fact i slowed the play speed to see what was on the other night stand cuz your was gunna show us all the details except that night standd... me madd metiche🤣
Sharon Razo
Sharon Razo Day ago
magdalena perez
magdalena perez 2 days ago
You guys are my fav to watch and love how you guys treat each other as well ! You definitely were raised right picking up the mess vs leaving it ! My boys always pick up table when we go out to eat as well ,.
Queen Lioness
Queen Lioness 2 days ago
Girl it never snows in El Paso you literally said it snows twice a year or once nope like once every few years
The Life of B
The Life of B 2 days ago
You should go Live here ya q Te Mandan Muchas stars en Facebook
J3ssc 2 days ago
Not me crying because I didn’t get sshhh 😭😭😭 You guys are couple goals 😭😭❤️❤️
Bianney Contreras
where's the intro ?
mayra torres
mayra torres 3 days ago
Wow did you gasy have FUN🙈
381Faith 3 days ago
Leslies body is so perfect ♥️🥺
Marta Martinez
Marta Martinez 3 days ago
your beautiful
Kenia Rojo-Mamo
Kenia Rojo-Mamo 3 days ago
This was the cutest thing. always live by that motto, you treat me like a queen so I treat you like my king. So cute!
Kenia Rojo-Mamo
Kenia Rojo-Mamo 3 days ago
I love how excited he got when you told him!
Abisai Blanco
Abisai Blanco 3 days ago
Pleaseeee post a video we miss you
Diana Chavez
Diana Chavez 3 days ago
There's still Peter piper pizza?!?!? They close all of them in Cali like 10 years ago! That used to be my favorite place when I was a kid !
Alexandria Wiedner
Hi I would you be able to do a hair tutorial for this look cause it looks so pretty! :) love you!!!💗
Summer Blossom
Summer Blossom 4 days ago
megan rock
megan rock 4 days ago
At least you help cleaning up
Alyssia Andrews
Alyssia Andrews 4 days ago
I’m crying and the fact he got a heart shaved in his head🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jessica Valverde
Jessica Valverde 4 days ago
Story time: My man didnt get me anything for Valentines.... and couple days after that.... he went and got his “homegirls” name tattoed in his hand! I cut him off cus of that..... I hope to find someone like Alex , how he treats Les and how they both treat each other in general... is GOALs AF !!!❤️😫😭💔
Andrea Huitron
Andrea Huitron 4 days ago
Where are you guys feom
Lonnie Lovos
Lonnie Lovos 4 days ago
Beautiful. 💗💗
Jocelyn Gutierrez
What lashes is she wearing 🥺🥺
Monica Morado
Monica Morado 4 days ago
It’s all the hand gestures for meeeee 💁🏻‍♀️
nancy beltran
nancy beltran 4 days ago
“Weather you are single taken engaged cheated on” im dead 😂😂😭
Valencia Fam
Valencia Fam 4 days ago
She didn’t show the other nightstand lol it’s ok we all know why 😉
Melinda Molina
Melinda Molina 4 days ago
What’s the name of the booties ur wearing?
Stephanie Rodriguez
Baby Scorpio coming November 2021😂
Lanae V
Lanae V 4 days ago
So no proposal ☹️
Victoria Arceo
Victoria Arceo 5 days ago
I love how cheesed up Alex got when you told him the plans. Y’all are so sweet ❤️
Diane Gordian
Diane Gordian 5 days ago
Van a cuchiplanchar jejejej
Diana Correa
Diana Correa 5 days ago
Alex se puso rojo cuando dijiste lo del hotel jeje que lindo! Happy Valentines 💕 ya se esta tardando pidiendo tu mano!!!
Celest Astorga
Celest Astorga 5 days ago
Single married engaged cheated on lmao dead
Dafne Sulbaran
Dafne Sulbaran 5 days ago
I’m dead did anyone catch how les skipped the other dresser because there’s “adult” stuff 😂😂😅 ya los escucho “THIS IS A FAMILY CHANNEL”
Gabriel Contreras
So cute. Omg! They got pregnant around same time every time lol must be a special day lol
Ruth Rodriguez
Ruth Rodriguez 5 days ago
ya about to have another baby lol
Damarys Covarrubias
Take a shot every time she says it’s snowing lol
Mary 5 days ago
Les. 20 secs in the video I felt attacked 😭 “cheated on” 😩🤣 Beautiful turn out for your valentine btw! Xo💕
Karina Juan Gomez
But girll that dress! Where is it from!?
Vianca Paulin
Vianca Paulin 5 days ago
What lash’s are you wearing Leslie ❤️
Ximena Cruz
Ximena Cruz 5 days ago
Ayoooo baby #2😚✌🏽🥰🥰🥰
Jackie Garcia
Jackie Garcia 5 days ago
IDK WHY.. But I would want to take the balloons home with me hahaha 😝
Lindahernandez Hernandez
Not you guys taking our your baby during a whole pandemic and having a party lmao
Angela Jimenez
Angela Jimenez 5 days ago
🤣🤣 alex face he’s like I like it making 2 nd baby 👶🏼 coming soon 😊
Honey ʙʟᴜᴇs
Awww. Alex so caring love that! You guys are so adorable 🥰 love y’all! - & & & that dress girl baddie 🔥 ♥️😍
Ashely Sanchez
Ashely Sanchez 5 days ago
He want to be bad bunny lol
AtousaUnrated. 5 days ago
oooooooooohkayyy but like girl.. the second night stand... I see you! LOL
Maria Dehoyos
Maria Dehoyos 5 days ago
You cleaning the hotel room is sooo me. Señora life
Zurisela Montero
Zurisela Montero 5 days ago
Hola Leslie! Como estan? Oye te queria preguntar si esta pagina de Facebook es tuya? Me acaba de llegar este request en facebook! Y queria saber si eras tu o no? Ojala contestes! Te quise mandar mensaje en tu pagina de facebook pero no los aceptas!😞😢
Euridice Jacobo
Euridice Jacobo 5 days ago
Laura is me helping both of you 😂😁😊💕
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Gabby Delgado
Gabby Delgado 6 days ago
Alex said, "are you trying to get me pregnant" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 6 days ago
You talk waaaay to fucking fast
Erika Romero
Erika Romero 6 days ago
Always enjoy your videos 😍😍😘✌🏼
Betsy Serrato
Betsy Serrato 6 days ago
I feel rushed by watching this video
Thalia Fernández
Alex had a fresh cut. ✂️ love the heart ❤
Cece Rodriguez
Cece Rodriguez 6 days ago
I love you and alexs’ relationship, the love radiates from u both. May God bless you both always ❤️
Vanessa Lejeune
Vanessa Lejeune 6 days ago
She didn’t show the other nightstand 😂😂
Gabby Padron
Gabby Padron 6 days ago
Should of titled this video 📹 "Baby making valentines tour" 💕😅
A M Q 6 days ago
Ewww turnout out materialistic... fake
ana vidrios
ana vidrios 6 days ago
This was so cute!! This proves men like being spoiled too.
Dulce Escalante
Dulce Escalante 6 days ago
Que bello Detalle❤️❤️❤️❤️
Clacy ANGRAClA Waslam
HAPPY VALENTiNE'S DAY 2021 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
babyy melaniiee
babyy melaniiee 6 days ago
this is the only youtuber that i don’t skip throughout the video 😭 others get me tired
Tesla The Great
Tesla The Great 6 days ago
Les: It's just a black dress ME ASF 🤣
Jenni G
Jenni G 6 days ago
Elizabeth Camarena
What is the name brand of the delicious champagne? Where did u buy it? How much? I am actually looking for good tasting champagne with a budget price of like 70$ or less.
Elizabeth Camarena
Your friend did a great job!!
Lexinne Heredia
Lexinne Heredia 6 days ago
peter piper. we love to see it 😂
Y E S I C A •
Y E S I C A • 6 days ago
baby #2 coming 🔜 😄
Kimberly Corral
Kimberly Corral 6 days ago
Why didn’t we see what was on the other night stand? 🤪😬😀
Amy Velasquez
Amy Velasquez 7 days ago
Question bro where you get your mask from
Marlen Juarez
Marlen Juarez 7 days ago
Tell me you red bottoms without telling me you have red bottoms ❤️❤️
Sarah Valenzuela
Sarah Valenzuela 7 days ago
This was so cute ! 😢 definitely wanna do something like this for the anniversary 🥰 you guys are goals 💕
Yohana SirenaYLS
Yohana SirenaYLS 7 days ago
US-firstrs gets the best gifts ever, ☹️life changing 🙌🏼 wanna be. A US-firstr Now😜 Beautiful decor in the hotel you guys look great
Stacey Hermann
Stacey Hermann 7 days ago
to many more Chanel because you deserve it
Vanrosa Uch
Vanrosa Uch 7 days ago
wow you guys are too cute lol
Vanrosa Uch
Vanrosa Uch 3 days ago
you have a beautiful family though
Vanrosa Uch
Vanrosa Uch 3 days ago
are you guys watching us from my Tv? We are not registered on youtube and the only reason I'm asking is that we don't get paid for being hacked.
Fantaysia Velasquez
Wait, was it a double date ? Or did they have a 3rd wheel lol
Patti Vela
Patti Vela 7 days ago
You’re such a good person and such a good mom, I can’t wait to experience motherhood one day. Baby G is so adorable! 💙
alexandraaa g.
alexandraaa g. 7 days ago
You look good in red lipstick! ❤️
Tiffany Shafer
Tiffany Shafer 7 days ago
les you are soo gorgeous 😍
shaileev7 7 days ago
😢😢❤️❤️❤️ so cute!!!!!!
Kimberly Anguiano
okay but i peeped the other night stand 😂
YD 7 days ago
The helium talking is me 🤣🤣🤣
Luvv Lucia
Luvv Lucia 7 days ago
You know a man loves his gifts when they put it on right away! ahah
Alondra Tovar
Alondra Tovar 7 days ago
Okey Alex now where is the ring 💍? 😂 you two are the cutest ! 💞
Zasha Gonzalez
Zasha Gonzalez 7 days ago
a little ✨cock block moment✨ 😂😂😂
gabriela vasquez
gabriela vasquez 7 days ago
Cheated on I’m dead lol 😂 💀💀💀💀
Marge Caramanna
Marge Caramanna 7 days ago
Everything was beautiful! ❤️
Angelica Contreras
she really said cheated on 😩 de mi no vas estar hablando les 🥺🤣
Makenzie Mendoza
Makenzie Mendoza 7 days ago
A little cockblock moment 🤣🤣
Preslee Pyka
Preslee Pyka 7 days ago
Why do men wear purses now lol that's weird no matter how "in style" it is. It's a no from Me. Lol. Just my opinion.
83gallardo 7 days ago
I would of too, cleaned up. Never change les I love your good heart and how humble you are love your little family.
MakeupbyJulissa •
Peter piper pizza still exist?!!!!!
Citlali Garcia Sierra
Slight flex with the red bottomsssss 😍 & shoutout to you for cleaning the room and all your sobrinos being Aquarius!
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 7 days ago
what is that I see on the other night stand 🤣🤪
Yessica Duarte
Yessica Duarte 7 days ago
Awe how perfect need to hire u to be give me ideas for my man love it everything looked perfect
Yami Hernandez
Yami Hernandez 8 days ago
You guys are the BEST!!! ❤️
Yerianne Gonzalez
Alex’s reaction was so genuine & beautiful! This was soo awesome! ❤️❤️ Wishing you guys so much happiness!!