Once In A Lifetime Boat Deal 

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Apr 2, 2021




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Nick Kankorsun
Nick Kankorsun 6 hours ago
Such a nice project!
ab vevo
ab vevo 7 hours ago
I just picked up a nice Boston for 900 a few months back! New paint, gel, bottom and slapped a 35hp on it. I might have had 2400 into it, flipped and sold last weekend for 5400! If you can do the work and have the knowledge boats are great flips✅
MEHDI ABDELHAK 11 hours ago
Do have insta .?? Facebook ?? Or any contact serive need help
MEHDI ABDELHAK 11 hours ago
Hi wasuup bro you r doing a gereat job seriusly you are helping us very much im gonna need your instagrame pleass to contact you
Travel Green Sea
Travel Green Sea 16 hours ago
Good job 👍
Leo Nguyen
Leo Nguyen 20 hours ago
what paint do you used to paint the bottom is that?
Tyler Chambers
where do you find all of the outboard motors you fix?
Harry Harrison
Absolutely super job!! True attention to detail!!
discoverr roatan island
Hi do you sell any of those boat engine
Tide Life
Tide Life Day ago
Hey can you help me im looking for a 9.9 yamaha stator plate to buy and i cant get it anywhere...any help at all will be apreciated..thanks
Tide Life
Tide Life Day ago
@ThatBoatGuy aright ill email you thanks
ThatBoatGuy Day ago
Email me krzyzanowski.eric@yahoo.com
eli batista teodorio
Belo trabalho, parabéns aos envolvidos!
Sander's paardrijden
I love it! but quick question Where are the navigation / anchor lights?? I cant seem to spot em
Daniel Sampe
Daniel Sampe Day ago
Awesome. What kind of drone do you guys have?
Andrei V
Andrei V Day ago
Wanna sell it for 5000?
Seth Adling
Seth Adling 2 days ago
Nice boat
Lj 2 days ago
Damn turned out awesome
Tank 2 days ago
Awesome job
Truthchaser 2 days ago
What`s the for sale asking price?
William Larocque
William Larocque 2 days ago
where did you say that boat spot is? it looks amazing? Btw great job on the boat!
Vikash Jodhan
Vikash Jodhan 2 days ago
@6:55 where'd you get that cool Trinidad & Tobago t-shirt 😃🔥🔥
Craig Sweeden
Craig Sweeden 2 days ago
WOW great job man that is sick! Awesome job ma what a sweet boat now.
Esteban Palace
Esteban Palace 2 days ago
Nice work 😎👍
jeep xj
jeep xj 2 days ago
Tell the truth its not a $2500 you have to add all the material you used like the wood the resin paint the tape the latter the time you spent in there doing all the work you have to calculate everything that you put into that boat in order to say OK this boat cost me this much
Julian Marr
Julian Marr 2 days ago
Nice build man.
Jesse Rg
Jesse Rg 2 days ago
What kind of paint do you use for the floor deck
Warning Sirens of Colorado
Been a while since I started rewatching your vids! Perfect sense of humor in such a great hobby!
BRICK CITY9MM 2 days ago
Dope boat but you lost me when you took it out and didn't fish🎣🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😵
DYNABIKE1 3 days ago
What was that great electric power washer You were using / showing last Year ? Now I need one too.
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle 3 days ago
Bust out another thousand (boat ) lol nice boat man for the money 💰 happy boating
Juan Mirabent
Juan Mirabent 3 days ago
baller boat on a major budget!! great job!!
TheMoroo96 3 days ago
drone shoots are amazing
Davey Selva
Davey Selva 3 days ago
what was the cost
Blue Rider
Blue Rider 3 days ago
At 13:00, why would you spend money on fancy wheels for a trailer that is too long for the boat ?? Hundreds of dollars just to "look good" on the way to the ramp is moronic. Nobody in the parking lot cares about your wheels. Even if a new winch stand crossmember is installed to get the bow roller to the boat, the trailer is still way too long for good weight distribution to the truck hitch. I hope none of your followers think that what you have done is correct. (And Brendan Jordan doesn't see the problem, either; he just thinks it's "sick") Jeezus! Not hating, just being honest. [BTW: Love you, Jordan] (And sorry if I mis-spelled your first name)
Bus Guy
Bus Guy 3 days ago
They would of got you if they did a safety inspection on you. Registration, life jackets, fire extinguishers & throwable
Adam M
Adam M 3 days ago
Awesome setup but that powerstroke tho .
Fish Godz TV
Fish Godz TV 3 days ago
U still have it I want it
Деспот_ МСК
Отличная красота получилась МАЛОДЧИКИ)!!!!! За сколько $ брали изначально???
Adam Swartz
Adam Swartz 3 days ago
great job!
MrBoomie00 3 days ago
Dude. Thats unreal job yall did.
Kayak Chris
Kayak Chris 3 days ago
Always impressive
papa bits
papa bits 4 days ago
Love the short throw shifter in the Uni
john wayne
john wayne 4 days ago
wow...I'm very IMPRESSED. Greetings from Oregon....my wife and I are moving to FL and we talked about getting a boat. This video sure gives us some signs of relief as to we won't be emptying our bank savings for a boat. Your boat looks almost exactly what we are looking for. LOVE THE LIGHTS!
Jéjé Farnabe
Jéjé Farnabe 4 days ago
Molly Keith
Molly Keith 4 days ago
Loved this video
Gilberto Perez
Gilberto Perez 4 days ago
Is this available for sale?
herne777 4 days ago
Cool mercedes, the boat is a steal even if the outboard is toast
P Kuudsk
P Kuudsk 4 days ago
Funny how people think boats cost so much to fix, but, will buy a rusted out old car and spend years fixing it and have more money in them than they can sell them for. That is a easy 3k profit if you sell it . I have a 1982 Oliver 19 ft bow rider 120 hp omc inboard that I bought for 1200 bucks with tilt trailer , put a new set of points and condenser and it ran just fine. Owned it for 14 years and changed the water impeller 4 x and fluids ever year for about 400 bucks in up keep costs over the 14 years . I can sell it for 3k any day
Matthew Hammond
Matthew Hammond 4 days ago
Well you definitely have some stuff to learn about glass 😂👍🏼
Daren 4 days ago
Just subscribed. Great job on the boat. What kind of polish did you use?
Pawie Succotash Svastro
That is one sick restore. good work guys!!
Hi great job! Is this boat you have here or any like for sale, I’m looking for same style/size without breaking the bank, please lmk thank you! Chris
MOTO boys
MOTO boys 4 days ago
ill buy it
DJ Custom Fabrication
Did that grown ass man just plug his nose to jump in 😂😂
黑屋小 5 days ago
How can I apply for money? Does the auction company have a website for me
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 5 days ago
You'd have been far better off to have rented the mini MAWG to the movie studio. There's companies that specializes in renting surplus military equipment to studios for big bucks. Depending on the movie the value of the vehicle can skyrocket. I used to rent studios pinball and arcade games for movies and with the receipt that included the games serial number I got triple or more than the actual value of them when I'd sell them depending on which movie or music video they were used in. I always made sure the movie or video they were in was mentioned on the receipt as well. I made a killing doing that untill I moved to the Keys in '96. I got into it accidentally when I was working on a pinball game at a bar and a guy walked up to me and asked if I rented them. I asked what he wanted one for and he gave me his business card and that it was for a play in Coconut Grove's playhouse. From there he hooked me up with a company that provides props for out of town production studios in need of various equipment. The first time I had to pay them a fee. Then I had people from producers calling me direct. I ended up selling 3 pinball games to actors in the movies. Plus one to a rock star who the pinball game was actually the star on the Pinball game. He turned out to be a jackass level jerk. But I soaked his ass on the price just because of his arrogant attitude. I found out later that several people had turned him down because of his attitude. He's still an a#@hole it turns out.
Jesus MadeMeThisWay
Where you at TRUMPARILLA in a small green boat???
Ronald Heit
Ronald Heit 5 days ago
Beautiful job you did on that Aquasport 25. My Boss in the Keys had a 24 foot Aquasport with twin 250 Yamaha engines. Same style, open fisherman. Got to do lots of Dolphin fishing and other activities including lobster mini season diving in it. Whale Harbor sandbar parties. What about trim tabs, did you install them ? That type of hull almost requires them in any kind of chop. Did you fully inspect the fuel tanks before you permanently fiberglassed it in ? You should have made it into two removable sections with watertight seals. Future fuel line, tank leak and fuel level sensors problems would be awhile lot easier to get at and fix.
黑屋小 5 days ago
Beautiful video, great process
Skanda 18
Skanda 18 5 days ago
Well freakin done!
黑屋小 5 days ago
It's more expensive to buy a ship than to repair it
Dennis Harrington
Thanks. Is there such a thing as a 20 or 25 hp four stroke remote start/remote steering outboard?
Peter Howard
Peter Howard 5 days ago
only thing I'd do different is get a better ladder, otherwise great bargain.
KK Claros
KK Claros 5 days ago
Where do you sell the boats you fix up??? Interested.... krazyk13@outlook.com
Spakko TV
Spakko TV 5 days ago
Congrats on the unimog. But it is more pronounced oonimog (in German there is no j sound with the U) , meaning „universal Motor Geraet/Gerät“ or universal Motor device or apparatus. And here in Germany they are extremely expensive. Even the used ones. Non under 25k$.
Pedro Inácio Volkweis Ehlers
where's this place?
Model Pimrapas
Model Pimrapas 5 days ago
มันคือความฝัน ที่จะได้เป็นเจ้าของ
James lee
James lee 5 days ago
I think he is good man
peter ellis
peter ellis 5 days ago
nice work great looking boat..
Street Remember
Street Remember 6 days ago
Good job guys. We from Curaçao watching your channel
Mike L
Mike L 6 days ago
i just bought a 87 bayliner, 19 ft. trophy, with the origanal 125 force outboard. for 1,500 say a prayer .
Special People and Stories
Nice work
Brett Vanderwagen
Hi. Do you have any videos of repair/ cleaning of a 40hp 2 cylinder Yamaha starter motor.
DiscoDirk 6 days ago
Are you able to pivot the ladder out? Seems like it would be awkward to climb on, anyways, thanks for the inspiration. Great rebuild
David L
David L 6 days ago
Great job on the refurbish, looking slick. Not sure if it was dark enough and i didn't see them, but isn't it legal to have red and green port and starboard running lights for night time operation and navigation?
my31and37 6 days ago
engine alone is worth 10 grand or more
Peter Fortune
Peter Fortune 6 days ago
Looks good for spearfishing
Coatomc 6 days ago
Beautiful renovation. Excellent video
Bleacher McAdams
Bleacher McAdams 7 days ago
Can someone tell me whats the point of the cabin? Are people camping out and sleeping in there or what?
photokeith01 7 days ago
Dang I want A unimog! Let me know
Bobby Leask
Bobby Leask 7 days ago
Iv got some questions about my outboard do you have a email I could speak to you on about it, please get back to me
max ifrah
max ifrah 7 days ago
For sale?
JJ H 7 days ago
All that work making it look absolutely beautiful but you leave those shitty banged up graphics on the side? sheeesh
John Cuddemi
John Cuddemi 7 days ago
How do I contact you for motor purchase
andy Martinez
andy Martinez 7 days ago
Dalibor Zlatkovic
Beautiful job🥰😍
Boat Beard
Boat Beard 7 days ago
Bedding compound for anything under the waterline...
Keith Hill
Keith Hill 7 days ago
Isn't it interesting with a little work how one can turn a sows ear into a silk purrse! Great job!!!
Mauricio Bravo
Mauricio Bravo 7 days ago
Great videos man!. I just bought my first boat and your videos have helped me a lot since I don't know anything about them. I'm just learning as I go lol.. Do you work on other people's boats? I live in Tampa also.
STEVE 7 days ago
Awesome restoration! Those UniMog’s are highly sought after and hard to find for a decent price.
G H 7 days ago
New to your channel! I was raised on the water back in NY back in the 70s, and boats were my life growing up. Used to take care of my dads 37 Searay, and was paid to take care of 3 of my neighbors Bertram 35s. Offshore fishing 2 days a week too. My biggest fish was a 15 ft mako,still have the teeth! Awesome the job you guys did!!
G H 7 days ago
احمد نصر
احمد نصر 7 days ago
A video for 25 tohatsu 2 strock
Super411911 7 days ago
What paint did you use? Great job
finn brennan
finn brennan 8 days ago
Where do you find these boats. Is there a website and if so what is the location
Thomas Damphousse
Your “deals” always sound so far fetched! Military trailer(that you never show) & $2500 for the boat , really! That must have been some trailer. The motor alone is worth about $7000. Whatever...I would enjoy your vids a little more if you were a little more realistic about costs and budget. You know scratch that . Actually I think I enjoy your videos because I like sifting through all the bs about costs and watching the low budget makeovers. Awesome! Lol
David Baltierra
David Baltierra 8 days ago
Random question about a video of your go ped with jet pro pipe, wondering how that pipe held up to its lifetime warranty quality? Thinking of hetting one for mine
Reel Florida Fishing Channel
thats a sweet project man, love how it turned out! We live in the same area, if you ever want to get out fishing let us know! always love the videos
D Takahashi
D Takahashi 8 days ago
the guy that sold the boat is fucking pissed now. hahahaha
Larry Escareño Jr
For an aluminum boat I want to paint it a baby blue what paint would I use ?
alee Nabeel
alee Nabeel 8 days ago
Lovely job bro .love it!
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We Saved This Boat
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Oh No.... 😂