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Watch to the END to see exactly what happens!
Jeremy & George bought the perfect piece of property in "Odd'er Creek
They 70 acre ranch is overflowing with wildlife that includes everything from Florida Panthers to Wild Pigs
As they attempt to catch and domesticate the wild pigs, they have no intention of keeping them penned up
It's finally time to set them free on the ranch to see if they'll stay
Watch to the end to see exactly what happens!

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May 1, 2021




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What The Hales
What The Hales 11 days ago
Do YOU think Jeremy & George will be able to keep the pigs SAFE & FREE Roaming? Hale$ YES or Hale$ NO? If you liked this video, you'll LOVE this entire Binge Video List: us-first.info/player/video/l7-fbJ6BYY2AfqM.html
John Morell
John Morell 8 days ago
Mary Christie
Mary Christie 8 days ago
Hales yes!! Soooo delighted they all came back. We have 3 cockerals and 3 hens, but due to otters coming in and killing them, they are now in a huge run and choice of houses. If we're working in the garden we let them out, but food is the remedy if any of them goes awol!! If they go anywhere its through the fence to next door. Thankfully we have fantastic neighbours, so it's no problem, thankfully. As I LOVE ANIMALS, I would be soooo delighted in your set up πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Rosemarie Garrison
Rosemarie Garrison 10 days ago
Amethyst Winter
Amethyst Winter 10 days ago
Do the pigs have a carry and conceal permit? Pig Cam? Good for you saving lives, its said pigs are smarter than dogs πŸ’– would you hunt dogs? I wouldn't.
Don Scott
Don Scott 10 days ago
I think the pigs will have to be put in an area with natural boundaries
John William Cornett
lakeshadow100 14 hours ago
You will rue the day you started keeping these pigs and attracting them to your property.
Christine Marcus
Bless you saving them animals,it melts my heart.wish I could do that.
gregory alexander
Wow it looks like you have your hands full how much land to you have in Florida ?Well I hope they come back if they know you they should stay.Love their names what a farm !!
Mary Monson
Mary Monson 2 days ago
Hogs are carnivores and omnivores, so watch your ducks and chickens.
Amy Blackwell
Amy Blackwell 2 days ago
If you ever need a pet sitter holler
Amy Blackwell
Amy Blackwell 2 days ago
Love love love!! So sweet
Karen Dady
Karen Dady 2 days ago
Awesome job! Love to see them be free and taken care of at the same time. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
Joel Crocker
Joel Crocker 3 days ago
gota have dog id watchers on the pigs so you can track the animals, by tracking all the animals you will then know where they all if one is not their and you can then know all the animals names whith out any problems, and u can list when you feed each animal
Verette Jones
Verette Jones 3 days ago
That was wonderful.πŸ·πŸ—πŸ½β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Eric Kirklin
Eric Kirklin 3 days ago
I'm sorry, but the ducks just quack me up.
karen bates
karen bates 3 days ago
That is so great to see you training those animals. You providing a safe haven for them is suching a blessing. Thank you for creating a beautiful rescue space for all of them. I hope you and George have a very blessed month. Happy Mother's Day to George.
Debrah Harper Martin
I just found your channel yesterday! After watching the 1st video...I'm spending mothers day binge watching!
What The Hales
What The Hales 3 days ago
Welcome to the US-first Hale$ Family πŸ‘ͺ
Michael McNeil
Michael McNeil 3 days ago
Cats look down on you, dogs look up at you but pigs will eat your poultry.
Michael McNeil
Michael McNeil 13 hours ago
It's true, be careful. If you keep pigeons you can feed them at you neighbors and then sell the eggs to them, they bill live in the same place as the chickens, try 'em.
Maria Rivas
Maria Rivas 3 days ago
Pigs LOVE LOVE belly rubs ❀
Rommel Billman
Rommel Billman 3 days ago
All kidding aside, I’m an avid lover of all God’s creatures no matter how big or small. You and George are doing an awesome think providing the pigs with a safe and loving environment. Keep up the great work.
Rommel Billman
Rommel Billman 3 days ago
Burnt bacon, bacon bits, bacon strips lol! No wonder they bit your fingers lol.
Janeen Calaway
Janeen Calaway 4 days ago
Pigs are smarter than dogs. Train them up as guard pigs. Add a few ginny hens for an alarm system and trespasser beware! Also, they need a mud waller/hole to roll in. The mud protects their delicate skin.
Laura Hess
Laura Hess 4 days ago
Eggs and bacon. Livin the farm life.
JF Booth
JF Booth 5 days ago
Why didn't you just use the deer feeder because that's almost exactly what your doing with the open pen...
Carla 5 days ago
Wait... did you name your piglet Burned Bacon? LMAO!
Violet Willis
Violet Willis 5 days ago
Lock the gate Jeremy, and oh no you lost your beastie boy.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Sorry I had too.
Don Haney
Don Haney 5 days ago
Sure enjoyed your video.It is amazing they came back.
Janie Hendershot
Janie Hendershot 5 days ago
Really loving your videos as a new subscriber, I think you should get some baby goats to add to your homestead, Awesome job with all you guys do!! Lots of Canadian Love Coming At Ya's!! β€πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€
What The Hales
What The Hales 5 days ago
Welcome to the US-first Hale$ Family πŸ‘ͺ
Cheryl Cawthon
Cheryl Cawthon 5 days ago
Watch out pigs love raw πŸ₯š eggs
Brenda Harton
Brenda Harton 5 days ago
This was wonderful to watch. You seem to be doing a good job with heart as you go about your business.
Brenda Harton
Brenda Harton 5 days ago
I love your since on humor.
Bobbie Lawson
Bobbie Lawson 6 days ago
I enjoyed watching this video I love animals even wild ones you could have a petting zoo with your animals and charge people to come and feed and pet them some people do that it's just an idea I had like a suggestion but that's up to you
Debbie Wenzel
Debbie Wenzel 6 days ago
Don’t just feed at night. Get an auto feeder so they can free feed.
ranchero302me 6 days ago
Just curious any snake problems yet on the ranch?
Kin Lindsey
Kin Lindsey 6 days ago
Your the other white meat Jeremy.!! Lol.
Gail Meyer
Gail Meyer 6 days ago
You should train them with their name called then a treat..
John Zimmer
John Zimmer 6 days ago
John Zimmer
John Zimmer 6 days ago
Once you have your fence up on the property they will have no choice but to stay on the property.
Terry Bishop
Terry Bishop 6 days ago
Hmmm all that pulled pork and bacon on the hoof!
Cougracer67 7 days ago
Pork chops, bacon and ham on the hoof! Fatten 'em up!!
bbernard1981 7 days ago
Totally showed a positive side of you didn't expect got my subscribe and like sir
What The Hales
What The Hales 6 days ago
Welcome to the US-first Hale$ Family πŸ‘ͺ
Teri Lovo
Teri Lovo 7 days ago
Pigs love to have their backs brushed with a corn cob. When I lived on a farm I'd do that and it would always make him fall asleep.
Richard 7 days ago
I hope you neuter or spade them before you let them go.
Kimberly Fidler
Kimberly Fidler 7 days ago
Awe that was awesome Jeremy nice job it just takes time with farm animals
Castleberry5 7 days ago
Don’t put collars on them if they are gonna be in a pen or running free.. Collars can get caught on branches and actually choke them if they keep pulling to try to get free.. I would maybe tag them.. it doesn’t hurt much it’s like us getting a piercing but they have higher pain thresholds so it’s nothing to them to be tagged really..
Castleberry5 7 days ago
What is the little dapple or spotted ones names?
Castleberry5 7 days ago
I LOVE ALL the Animals!!
Annette Jac
Annette Jac 7 days ago
Make a fist and tuck the treat between the tucked thumb & pointer finger. Your pet pig or dog won't bite you.
Legal Hemi
Legal Hemi 7 days ago
Those are feral domestic pigs. Not wild boars
Madam Vonkook
Madam Vonkook 7 days ago
Wild hogs will eat chickens so keep an eye out..Not sure how familiar you are with wild hogs..you should give them ivermectin for parasites..and the chickens medicated feed in case the chickens eat the hog poo which they will do. Maybe I am making assumptions just offering friendly fyi! I really love that you are saving these hogs from being pouched
Trish Allain
Trish Allain 7 days ago
Just an idea, I would only feed them and give them snacks in the pig pen so the only associate food and snacks with the pen. Because you don't want the pigs bothering and biting visitors, or the fencing guys, etc. Be sure all the pigs are in the pen until your property is completely fenced-in so they don't get stuck on the wrong side of the fence and some jerk shoots them. And speaking from experience be sure the inside bottom of the chicken coop is also lined with chicken wire. I had 35 laying hens that were let out everyday but when they came back we had holes in the dirt floor made by fox and weasels. We were losing as many as 11 chickens in one night to predators. It wasn't until I started putting our last 7 chickens in dog crates every night to keep them safe.
Trish Allain
Trish Allain 7 days ago
Is one named ham and chops?
I just want to hug and kiss all of them. You are so super...I'm a forever subscriber..πŸ’•πŸ’•
Sweet piggies...look at them..πŸ’•πŸ’•
Your voice is too low...and sounds intimidating. Just when you are calling for them..
Debbie Kern
Debbie Kern 7 days ago
You need to be careful that the pigs don't eat the chickens and ducks.
Adam Wheaton
Adam Wheaton 7 days ago
70 acres of land your gonna figure out why people hunt them. Your property will be torn up by this monsters
Brenda Carpenter
Brenda Carpenter 7 days ago
you two are so good to these animals , makes my heart sing!!! Thank you !!! Awesome and Beautiful Video !!
Christine Gofmanas
Awww so sweet
Gigisdreamworld 7 days ago
I was telling my husband about you trying to save the wild pigs. And you catching them and wanting to make it where the pigs would stay like yard dogs. He just laughed and said that's not going to work. That really made me laugh. I said keep laughing old man that's exactly what he did. Jeremy got those wild pigs turned into watch dogpigs. Love it! Great job Jeremy! Gigi
Joanne Heinsler
Joanne Heinsler 8 days ago
Reminds me of Charlotte's Web 2 its animated. Wilbur comes back like Beast did.
Joanne Heinsler
Joanne Heinsler 8 days ago
Beast had a blast. Too funny. Leaves on him too. Lol.
sprocketrocket07 8 days ago
You may need to put tracking collars on those piggies.
Dala Reick
Dala Reick 8 days ago
So I’m confused. These wild hogs destroy thousands of acres of land every year. And you are trying to β€œsave” the very animal that destroys the property all around you? You do what you do, I am not criticizing. Just wonder do you really understand why they are hunted & not pouched . I know in Texas it is kill them because they destroy so much. I do understand that thought of saving them. I know that they get in helicopters & shoot them from the air here in Texas & in Arkansas, Missouri & most states with a hog problem. Including Florida So I get the save an animal, but if they leave your 70 acres I would guess they will be gone. Good luck with saving them. I wish you the best. πŸ‘πŸ·πŸ₯°
Lily Fischer
Lily Fischer 8 days ago
play a sound and then award him the treat, start slow and then let them out, and call them in at night, he will come back, pigs are super intelligent,
Bill Parker
Bill Parker 8 days ago
See you play around with the guitar,... Drive over to Otter Springs Campground and listen to the Back Porch Pickers. Great players, "You got to see Freddy" A one arm picker play Santana!!!! From Live Oak....
Jessee Lisa Beatty
They love marshmallows lol
John Morell
John Morell 8 days ago
Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ i
Catherine Bowers
Catherine Bowers 8 days ago
I used to live in Texas these pigs look alot different than the wild hogs that I saw there.These look domestic.
Carlette Lynch
Carlette Lynch 8 days ago
I love your family of piggies,duckies chickie s fun to watch glad the clan came back...
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 8 days ago
You named your pig bacon bits? That is the funniest thing ever
MsCat2U Dias
MsCat2U Dias 7 days ago
They also have a pig named Bacon Strip and one named Burnt Bacon
Sharon Henderson
Sharon Henderson 8 days ago
Are you crazy do you know the damage a hog can do to your property!
Priscilla Rowlett
You do know wild hogs will kill and eat ducks, chickens and any other small animal.
Carol White
Carol White 8 days ago
How big will they get?
The Lost Adventurer
Hello from Canada! love your content Jeremy & George. Wondering what the Hales yea all gonna do next :D.
Rapid Transit
Rapid Transit 8 days ago
My grandparents last name was Hales. They lived in Garner N.C. When I saw the name it drew me to your website.. That was my mothers maiden name. We now live in florida too. But down in the Southeast. We moved down to pompano bch. when I was 10 and have loved it here ever since.
Amy Ingram
Amy Ingram 8 days ago
Are there plans to fix the babies so no one breeds with brother and sister?
Hey man it’s been fun watching what you are doing! Please consult a farm vet about the pigs running around even vaccinated pigs can easily make other farm animals sick. They are usually kept separate except for maybe one or two free roaming (usually pot belly pigs not sure why) pigs are very dog like it’s cool
Berta Creter
Berta Creter 8 days ago
Love that Beast! All cute, so brave. But Beast is Best.
julia greenwell
julia greenwell 9 days ago
You need to also give the pig gummy vitamins ( 1 a day vitamin) mixed with some warm water with there pig feed. This will make sure they stay health
Ashley T.
Ashley T. 9 days ago
Remember what you said in this video //when you step in pig sh$% fall and break you leg///
Lisa McClelland
Lisa McClelland 9 days ago
Beauty might want an egg. They need dirt to waller in.
S Hyman
S Hyman 9 days ago
Why did you buy the property considering you knew these people live like a bunch of hill jacks?
Tanya Briggs
Tanya Briggs 9 days ago
OH BOY...you are gonna learn a lot from those pigs. Wonder how long it is before you are going to rethink your stance on protecting the pigs and start worrying about protecting you and your neighbors. Just sayin...it won't be long.
Emilie Tuetken
Emilie Tuetken 9 days ago
Pigs eat people
PLEZEA 9 days ago
Pigs love chicken eggs...
peggyt1243 9 days ago
Saving the pigs from hunters??? I do not understand. When do you send them to be "processed"?
im dizzy
im dizzy 9 days ago
Love is a happy home.
Nicki B’s Sparkle Boutique
That’s awesome they came home
Scott 9 days ago
Beast would be better off on the barbecue
Randall George
Randall George 9 days ago
Pigs are an invasive species, they destroy native crops so native species go extinct, they need to be managed and kept in check, just like everything else, so they need hunted
Im1stbaby 9 days ago
The Hales No Zoo Extravaganza.
Im1stbaby 9 days ago
With your own Zoo?
Fred Lamb
Fred Lamb 9 days ago
The way that many of those pigs became wild is by escaping from someone else's pens.
That Creepy Family
they also interbred with the wild boars of fl you can see that beauty has some wild boar in her. and yes, there were wild boars here in fl long before domesticated types were introduced.
Im1stbaby 9 days ago
Are you trying to be tiger king???
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues 9 days ago
Please tell me you're feeding em more than that... No Wonder They Came Back .. They're StaRvInG MaRvInS
Margaret A GodfreyT
I love it want to see some coin pusher though
heather murray
heather murray 9 days ago
Pigs like marshmallows
TwoHerbs 9 days ago
You are aware that wild pigs are a huge environmental concern, correct? Thus the guys hunting them are actually doing a good thing. In some places, they cause thousands of dollars of damage to crops, wildlife habitat, and other places. I see nothing wrong with hunting pigs. Domesticated ones are different, but pigs can go feral very quickly.
Gretchen Arrant
Gretchen Arrant 9 days ago
That was such fun to watch. Are those feral pigs? Great job.
Danielle Garrow
Danielle Garrow 9 days ago
those are wild rooters. they will rip up your yard..
cynthia bollinger
go to local restraunts for their scraps
sherry ballard
sherry ballard 9 days ago
As long as your main land is fenced in it's ok. But if they get to neighbors land they can be very destructive to lawns, gardens , flowerbeds. Some can wonder off become feral, breed and destroy habitat . Oh and they have large litters and can overpopulat an area in a short amount of time.