Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett - Even When/The Best Part (HSMTMTS | Disney+) 

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The best part is knowing that Nini and Ricky are back in Season 2! Watch Olivia Rodrigo (Nini) and Joshua Bassett (Ricky) perform “Even When/The Best Part” in the official music video from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett performing Even When/The Best Part (HSMTMTS | Disney+). © 2021 Walt Disney Records


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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Nurish Garayeva
sorry, but HEY JOSHUUAAA
Faith Lingo
Faith Lingo Hour ago
Olivia, you look like Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray!!!
Band Diysa!
Band Diysa! 4 hours ago
Wow! I watched this after the 50th time and an ad for it! #BandDiysa
TasNeem Robloxq
TasNeem Robloxq 4 hours ago
Justin Tewksbury
Justin Tewksbury 5 hours ago
I love to sing this and it is so good
Samshrita Bobbili
Samshrita Bobbili 6 hours ago
What I don't understand is how this song has so less views compared to Olivia's actual songs and how it's equally beautiful if not more as her other ones...😍
goodenoreen 7 hours ago
stoned chaeyoung
stoned chaeyoung 7 hours ago
the chills
나카무라 신스케
This song is beautiful!
Frances Nicole Fortunato
All I see is young Catriona Gray.
ItsmeAshy 9 hours ago
I'm so excited for season 2 I hope I don't finish it in 1 day tho 😅 but I still rember the days I used to ship Olivia and Joshua (Jolivia) It's kinda sad they not together but I understand not everything stays forever..
Dc Uniters
Dc Uniters 10 hours ago
Sancheezzzy 10 hours ago
Yeah I love the other cast members but without Joshua & Olivia, this show wouldn't be as enjoyable. They're chemistry on screen is 10/10 & its what makes watching this show fun.
Kaitlyn Diva
Kaitlyn Diva 11 hours ago
not me crying again
MoonJ 13 hours ago
Their voices fit very well together.
guadalupe agabo
guadalupe agabo 13 hours ago
OMG I'm crying 😭😭😭 i love it 🌆🌹🌹
Bily Bose
Bily Bose 14 hours ago
Marc Acabado
Marc Acabado 14 hours ago
Is anyone else getting lava song vibes when she started playing ??? Or was it just me
annie pastenis
annie pastenis 15 hours ago
i love thus
Sophia Eboiye
Sophia Eboiye 15 hours ago
Maria Khizar
Maria Khizar 15 hours ago
chemistry bubbling from the screen
Cadence James
Cadence James 16 hours ago
I now realize why Ricky has boxes in his room from the new episode.
forress chia
forress chia 16 hours ago
This song is so good 😭
Justin Tewksbury
Justin Tewksbury 17 hours ago
I to sing this
Mohamed Abdallaha
Mohamed Abdallaha 17 hours ago
Anda Wan Wan
Eric James
Eric James 18 hours ago
This song is amazing i love them together
Matilde Almeida
Matilde Almeida 18 hours ago
What's the episode?
CAROLYN 20 hours ago
Wow I love this song
Mischa Basi
Mischa Basi 21 hour ago
I was so sad because I didn't have Disney plus when the second season had come out and I thought that one of them weren't going to be in the season because of all the driver's license and deja vu drama but I am happy that they are both in the season but will they be able to talk ? Will this ruin the season?
Avery 21 hour ago
I miss them together.
Strong with seizures
I don’t why but I cried when watching this video 💖💜💙🥺🥺🥺
Sabrina Sousa
Sabrina Sousa 23 hours ago
Addicted to this song ❤️
Ella Vicary
Ella Vicary 23 hours ago
Never seen anyone with this much chemistry through a phone and even when they are together it makes me believe in love or even friendship it’s the best friendship I’ve ever seen 🥰
Fateha Day ago
Sounds so beautiful ✨
Theweird Ashley
Is any one gunna talk about Franklin’s guest appearance💖💖💖
Rainbow100 Day ago
How is there chemistry still good even though they not together?..you can't fake this type of love🥺😞💔.
Jeongyeon Mi mujer
Toussaint Harvest
guys ik you love Olivia Rodrigo but do don't listen to good 4 u by her before watch hsmtmts season 2 it will ruin it for you 100%
jazmine sosa
jazmine sosa 20 hours ago
why? it’s just a song
I Day ago
Besides the song, I love her necklace.
مهيمن الويسي
What is the kind of songs in which there is a guitar called?
Juliexx Day ago
Okay but like 'i can count on you like 1..2..3. i'll be there' vibes and i love it !!!
Ninja VIP
Ninja VIP Day ago
I need to hear this song 900000000 times cus I love this song
Maniola Milrice
The fact they picked Olivia to be in the movie is just perfect I could listen to both of them singing all day
abhigna thota
Stf U
Stf U Day ago
Stf U
Stf U Day ago
Wandisa Dlamini
Joshua just came out💓🖐😴
Jacob McCain
Jacob McCain Day ago
When you hear the guitar come in and and you instantly know it’s gonna be a masterpiece!
Mi Louisse
Mi Louisse Day ago
is it just me or she looks like Catriona Gray here? 😳
Stephanie Saul
Sometimes when josh sings it sounds like over the rainbow
Gabriela coronel
tengo que ver esta serie
Genesis Rodriguez
This song reminds me of camp rock wouldn’t change a thing 🥺💕
Larissa Martini
why am i crying?
8160 Artisa Nur Vidiana
This season 2 will air today right? Or when?
April r
April r Day ago
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Sofia Sforzini
so we can all assume olivia's character goes to the acting school right?
Kimi Impurteee
Vicki Robertson
Is Rickey moving?
Miracle Music
how is their chemistry still strong even through a phone..I COULD NEVER
LoLItsPoppy Hour ago
Be original next time?-
LoLItsPoppy Hour ago
Leena Singh
Leena Singh 8 hours ago
LOL copied
Anthony Moxley
Anthony Moxley 8 hours ago
Couzins Official
You copied Draco Malfoy
Tinyade Sharra
Prettiest thing I've seen Today😍Olivia Rodrigo in a bun
Gazelle Hatb
Gazelle Hatb Day ago
Only the real one remember the song that goes like this by Olivia finish the song part by part so I will start it off and then everyone says a very little line let’s start A Monday morning you meet me at the hotel and you bought me coffee just to spill it on you self but-
mati4120 mati4120
Omg! The 2 season is coming out tomorrow you guys! YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!
Lydia Gould
Lydia Gould Day ago
Imagine how awkward it must have been for them to have to find this and act like a couple.
Mischa Basi
Mischa Basi 21 hour ago
Same I kind of feel sorry for them because they have to put all the drama behind them for the show!
Rodrigo Day ago
Love it
Avery Ayers
Avery Ayers Day ago
You know they were made for each other when they are both singing different songs and they blend together so well! OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Adam Sean Austria
who is ready for tomorrows first episode of the second season
Duck Momma
Duck Momma Day ago
anyone else notice Franklin the bear at 0:22? I just thought it was funny how he was just sitting there chilling
Valerie Schreck
I'm just going to say that salt lake and Denver is 500 miles away not 1,000
Shanti VC
Shanti VC 2 days ago
I'm so proud to say that i was there from the very beginning
Morgan Carlton
Morgan Carlton 2 days ago
“No I’m never giving up, never giving up on you. Baby...” I could listen to this part all day.
Reem 11
Reem 11 2 days ago
I love this song 💔😭
Tik tok shorts
Tik tok shorts 2 days ago
I literally have this song on repeat because their voice are incredible and I love them
SaAm 2 days ago
yall i want jolivia back TwT
SaAm 2 days ago
anyone else be playing non stop for 5 days straight no just me ok-
The amazing Spider-Man
Joshua sounds excactly like shawn mendes
Kylie Origene
Kylie Origene 2 days ago
Even if it was not in the house that was in the house that would have
Igor Drew
Igor Drew 2 days ago
What about eg
Toussaint Harvest
Toussaint Harvest
who else only listen to this song because you feel like it will spoil it for you if you listen to other songs from season 2
Christopher Robles
This song is so Amazing i can't stop listening, Olivia and Josh are both Great and I Think they have a Future to be a super famous singers in the World❤❤❤
Aeriel Espera
Aeriel Espera 2 days ago
Olivia Rodrigo looks like Catriona Gray bro huhu
THE AVENGERS 2 days ago
Where is season 23456
Christian Asare
Christian Asare 2 days ago
i hate disney channel and this show but the other day my sis was watching this and i actually liked the song nice job
Nadine Joseph
Nadine Joseph 2 days ago
Reminds me so much of camp rock for some reason. So happy this reminds me of my childhood!
Aditya Sindhwal
Aditya Sindhwal 2 days ago
This sounds beautiful ❤️
Annika Waldolf
Annika Waldolf 2 days ago
omgggg this is making me cry
Emily Sutton
Emily Sutton 2 days ago
Just in my opinion maybe this will bring back the friendship they had? I hope so but I do want olivia to keep writing songs about the break up I LOVE THEM
Emily Sutton
Emily Sutton Day ago
@Noah [Riku] Hardesty [Thedawnhero] True
Noah [Riku] Hardesty [Thedawnhero]
I think they are likely still friends or at least acquaintances and the whole drama thing was blown way out of proportion by people who like drama. After all, Josh did compliment one of Olivia's new songs which doesn't seem like something someone involved in a ton of drama would do. www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/entertainment-celebrity/heres-where-olivia-rodrigo-and-joshua-bassett-stand-after-the-drivers-license-drama/ar-BB1gA0fX?ocid=uxbndlbing
Fatima Baeza
Fatima Baeza 2 days ago
This song represents what love is about. Two songs that are beautiful on their own but mix them and you will get a HIT like this❤✨
Andrei 2 days ago
I'm so excited for tomorrow, wooooooooooooooooooh gosh, when I first saw it I thoughtits trash but then here I am addicted
Yamunah Kanakaraju
Sabrina enters the comment section...
patrixe mary
patrixe mary 2 days ago
it's cute how the lyrics at @1:04 differ
Chehak Malhotra
Chehak Malhotra 2 days ago
aahana gupta
aahana gupta 2 days ago
What time does the second season air??
Anak Halal
Anak Halal 2 days ago
Gonna be the one to say this, old hsm is better.
Saswin シ
Saswin シ 2 days ago
Stephanie Lew
Stephanie Lew 2 days ago
Lauren Luo
Lauren Luo 2 days ago
I wish so badly to hear this life... someday?
Josephine 2 days ago
Idk who’s part to sing ever.
Josephine 2 days ago
Next best thing since Woudnt Change a Thing actually
Kaylee Hatch
Kaylee Hatch 2 days ago
my heart just melted