Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron 

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Apr 27, 2021




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Comments 99   
Ppman 69
Ppman 69 9 seconds ago
You better not abandon us again Jon or you’ll have a bullet through your head 🔫😠
Nin [Cypher NX]
Nin [Cypher NX] 2 minutes ago
7:36 just get a bidet gun 🤪
Queen of Battle
Queen of Battle 35 minutes ago
Is JonTron and his fanbase still a bunch of racists and bigots?
Jacques Atting
Jacques Atting 38 minutes ago
JonTron is a lot like CoryxKenshin.
Caleb Wagner
Caleb Wagner 45 minutes ago
Dude he has 123 videos
Nicholas Lazenka
Nicholas Lazenka 52 minutes ago
This is the second time I watched this. A oriole disgusting but, I laughed so hard for the first time I spit out food
Vixus Hour ago
See ya in 2022 jonny boy
stephen allen
stephen allen Hour ago
The numbers JonTron, what do they mean! 3:56
ruben reacts
ruben reacts 2 hours ago
bro i thought he died
Random YouTuber
Random YouTuber 2 hours ago
Sevak 2 hours ago
You are not jewish?
Sevak 2 hours ago
You are jewish
Niko 2 hours ago
Red Tsar
Red Tsar 3 hours ago
The Skyrim bit broke me lmao
Daemon 3 hours ago
I'm angry that the brush from the thumbnail wasn't there
Mentro140 3 hours ago
Sell out
1upSTARS 4 hours ago
New JonTron!!! Lets GoooO!!!!
Noir Angel
Noir Angel 4 hours ago
6:46 I see an Award winning meme in the making!
Alan The Fallen Angel
Finally The Great Jon returned
Копро Грайнд
russians love u!
techmouse1101 4 hours ago
$40 for that bottle of fish oil softgels? That is horribly overpriced. The dollar store has them in roughly the same doses and quantities for like $4. Honey could have saved you A LOT more.
weifwef erbgjebg
weifwef erbgjebg 4 hours ago
14:08 ☻
SoundBroom 4 hours ago
Bro, please upload more often. I love you.
Zachary Badasci
Zachary Badasci 4 hours ago
love you Jon glad you're back
Pablo L
Pablo L 4 hours ago
the face of true terror at the end killed me
Zack Fink
Zack Fink 5 hours ago
Why does cane guy sound like Ron Swanson
Daniel Feneck
Daniel Feneck 5 hours ago
The original JonTron was better.
Jonah Reed
Jonah Reed 5 hours ago
After not uploading for 8 months, the lord uploads on my birthday
stringanime 5 hours ago
This was rather funny. I'm going to laugh.
Goodwill Frugal
Goodwill Frugal 5 hours ago
Jet 6 hours ago
I wanna know how Jon's birdy is 🐦
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills 6 hours ago
Jon - "Who's scrunching?" Me - *looks around nervously*
Tetra Mclaren
Tetra Mclaren 6 hours ago
Product: *Sells for 11.00 + 3 dollars shipping* Everyone: Too expensive Product: *Sells for 14.00 + free shipping* Everyone: 6:46
Max Clarke
Max Clarke 7 hours ago
heeeeeeeeeees baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
TheDaveCalaz 7 hours ago
Korea is one of the fastest ageing countries in the world. My dumb brain: "But isn't everyone ageing at the same rate?"
Dan 7 hours ago
Netflix: are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 14:37
Pyromaniac Attack
Pyromaniac Attack 7 hours ago
10:19- Tsh tsh tsh tsh Clarice
ProtoMario 7 hours ago
Old people - I don't need it... AS SEEN ON TV Old people - I NEED IT
Edzel Marasigan
Edzel Marasigan 7 hours ago
Eyy Proto!!! How you doin??
Axel 7 hours ago
I swear every 6 or so months I'll go on a jontron binge then by the end of it his uploaded something new.
Godzilla Motions
Godzilla Motions 7 hours ago
That mask when it showed her it looked like a dead body
Freedom of Intelligence
This guy must have mad fans because this is sour content. I want to laugh at something in the video, but no shot.
R0b0tR0ck 7 hours ago
😂😂😂😂 yo the fuckin Skyrim part destroyed me bro 😂😂
Rick V
Rick V 7 hours ago
13:19 That's how I smile for my yearbook photo
SONICBOOM 8 hours ago
Good video JonTron see you again in 12 months.
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay 8 hours ago
The cane guy is actually pretty cool and he handles that thing like a champ. My old teacher had a bad hip injury a few years back and had to walk with a cane for awhile. So he just taught himself to kick ass with that. One of the coolest guys I ever met.
Brady Irish
Brady Irish 8 hours ago
Imagine someone gave a war vet that robot and so everytime it busts a move the veteran jumps for cover😂
Monke #69
Monke #69 8 hours ago
What meme was alive last time he existed? Anyways always exiting when he uploads
LadyLilith64 8 hours ago
1:20 Implying they aren't already?
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown 9 hours ago
This Was a joyous occasion and the first time I’ve had a good laugh in a while
Brodie Tabernacki
Brodie Tabernacki 9 hours ago
🥥 56
jacob matt
jacob matt 9 hours ago
The return of the king
Schlafe 9 hours ago
The robot voice reminded me of the game grumps bit
Keon Violet
Keon Violet 9 hours ago
That robot gives me serious Gintama Justaways vibes... I want one now.
Red Diablo
Red Diablo 9 hours ago
The only robot I trust is Peanut
The Red Thirst
The Red Thirst 10 hours ago
All I can see with that rejuvenating face mask is Dwight in The Office… “hello Clarice”
j mcburney
j mcburney 10 hours ago
wow... I know korean?!
iCantThinkOfName 10 hours ago
The Return Of The King
Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson 10 hours ago
9:47 Ok seriously, this thing looks like the Venus fly trap from Saw II! 😬
No Touchy
No Touchy 11 hours ago
remember when ethan threw jon under the bus, even after jon helped him long ago in new york when he and his wife needed help and jon had the heart to help them, and then when the PC mob called for jon's head, ethan caved to popular opinion? remember?
Perona :D
Perona :D 12 hours ago
the return of the king
Spy Crab
Spy Crab 12 hours ago
Crack Sparrow
Crack Sparrow 12 hours ago
Your eyes look so serious in the thumbnail😂
Lynn Ford
Lynn Ford 12 hours ago
Jon’s back 🥳
Britt 12 hours ago
the happy video game nerd?????
Call Me Corn
Call Me Corn 12 hours ago
Jon is almost like my dad. Except the fact that Jon actual comes back.
Jdubbthedeal 12 hours ago
Welcome back my dude the world needs you!
TheTwinkieMan1225 12 hours ago
I know you have your strategies,(no hate) but me and other people want you to upload a lot. I doesn’t matter how many views. We love it and you love it. No hate to you
HauntedRaincoat 12 hours ago
Anybody ever gonna ask where the hell Jaque is?
President Doge
President Doge 13 hours ago
"Wireless speakers". LITERALLY like 56 seconds later, "It comes with wires."
Hezekiah Crocker
Hezekiah Crocker 13 hours ago
6:46 When you try to walk past the perfume lady at the mall kiosk but she sprays you anyways.
Max Baumchen
Max Baumchen 13 hours ago
GameDev David319
GameDev David319 13 hours ago
This was amazing honestly for me the hiatus is worth it as every video just gets better and better and they have so much re watch ability.
Bardo Film
Bardo Film 13 hours ago
Well this was fun see ya all next year
CroppedRubbish_ 13 hours ago
jon please bring back the old intro
Aidan Aidan S
Aidan Aidan S 13 hours ago
A Croft
A Croft 13 hours ago
I did it, just finished the entire video catalog from JonTron. I doubt he reads these comments but I'll say it anyway. You are an excellent entertainer, so many laughs. I really like the direction you took with your channel, hope to see more from you soon, take care.
KdogPrime 13 hours ago
8:21 My question is, how many times did the balloons in Jon's pants pop while they were filming this bit?
Brandon Boss
Brandon Boss 13 hours ago
10:03 imagine grandpa forgetting to take his mask off as he goes to the store?
Marlynna Hoke
Marlynna Hoke 13 hours ago
WATER YOUR MADEGASCAR DRAGON TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please, i felt like i just watched someone die.
Saiu Na Gringa
Saiu Na Gringa 13 hours ago
07:06 wait wait wait, dont tell me there are people who throw paper inside the toilet??!!!
stewart fennell
stewart fennell 13 hours ago
Welcome back!
adolfojp 13 hours ago
I am 41, I have a long torso, and I have back pain. Some days twisting myself to wipe my ass hurts. I can see myself using the comfort wipe 20 years from now, if I live that long that is.
Jesse Mon_SFM
Jesse Mon_SFM 13 hours ago
8:22 lol
Downer 13 hours ago
That Skyrim part had me in stitches.
colin napier
colin napier 13 hours ago
Flex tape 3?
adolfojp 14 hours ago
Hey, funny boy, you're a funny guy.
The French Fancie
The French Fancie 14 hours ago
holy fuck I can't believe that cane thing is actually real. I thought the cane guy was on a greenscreen and jon in the room at first!
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 14 hours ago
I have almost that exact same telephone booth piggy bank @jontron
ZeroCooL 15 hours ago
How is that after soooo long his videos back then and now are still funny no matter how many times I watch them
Pich and Chris PlayzYT
He’s back
British mapper
British mapper 15 hours ago
Orangez Juice
Orangez Juice 15 hours ago
He has awakened
P A 15 hours ago
now lets wait for 8 months for another one, the fuck are you jon in for a drug fix?
MinervaBestGirl 16 hours ago
This man finally remembered his youtube password
TheSysops666 16 hours ago
Bra.... You don't know who Linda Evans is? WTF!
Flyingpenguin 2.0
Flyingpenguin 2.0 16 hours ago
Never expected JonTron to use the bruh sound effect...
Idle Hour
Idle Hour 16 hours ago
Man i wish i can hop to age 70 to buy things i dont need so i can die with no regrets. My kids will evaporate soon anyway, such is the day. Such is.. the day Also that nail clipper idea, has been around foreva for baby nails. It says made in Korea on it etched on back, which is. Odd cause its from the 90s
Whamo Blamo
Whamo Blamo 16 hours ago
frekin beaty of a vid thanks for creating this!!!! i could not contain my laughter
Kit3000 16 hours ago
"butter side down on the rim" rofl
Botella Tras Botella
Kid Nation - JonTron
Botella Tras Botella
He officially quit