oh my god i t hink l'm dying meme 

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Apr 6, 2021




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Naty Aguirre
Naty Aguirre 3 hours ago
Abuse isn't a trend pls stop
gang dos princeso
gang dos princeso 4 hours ago
Lily' o
Lily' o 5 hours ago
The fact the kids are getting r-p-d Irl right now makes me sad and kid trafficking and getting kidnapped and adults to this is happening in the world 🌍 I feel bad for all the kids that are going through this and adults to and the government is in this they are aware of kid trafficking and r-p-ng AND KIDNAPPING but they don't give a DUCK ABOUT IT WHY BECAUSE THEY Don't CARE About whats happening in the world 🌍💢and ABUSE is happening TO 💢😭
Allan Saunders
Allan Saunders 6 hours ago
Que mierda!!!!
Ailaya the hero
Ailaya the hero 9 hours ago
This is just sad this is content now. This is literally gacha now..this video is bad
ThePumpkinPieシ 12 hours ago
0:44 This is when the actual “oh my god I think I’m dying” part starts. Hope it helped!
Karina Lalanda
Karina Lalanda 12 hours ago
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꧁LTsA꧂ 15 hours ago
『Oh my god I think I’m dying meme』
Zoe Day ago
0:55.. uhh blm?
Mary Nascimento
Mary Nascimento 2 days ago
because black always has to die in you with a certainty and racist
ფ Noor ფ
ფ Noor ფ 2 days ago
انتي عربيه صح يعني علي ما اعتقد 😅؟!؟
Ghazal Ghazal
Ghazal Ghazal 2 days ago
رمضان كريم اختاه ⭐⭐🌙 {R°A°M°°D°A° N} {}K°A°R°E°EM{}
Båtātä ._. øficial ._.
My good □°■
Emmanuel Gaming n stuff
This should have been never a meme its bad to say oh my god instead say oh my gosh
Koki_ChocoMilk UwU
When the 1st boy came past satan was like- So sarcastic
KuhuBot 2 days ago
The fact she got so much hurt because of her kindness Kind people get the most hurt around the world
la chamaca mexicana XB
Oye como se llama la canción
Amy UwU
Amy UwU 3 days ago
Como se llama la canción xd!
Foxity 3 days ago
): That wouldn’t have happend if her mom wasn’t so mean
نسيت اسميي
Luna Gabrielle
Luna Gabrielle 3 days ago
Marioma 99 você é racista porque só botou um negro e justo o único negro que apareceu você botou como do mal
Freddy night at funki’n
el patito juan
el patito juan 3 days ago
Racist 0:55
Julia blox Gamer
Julia blox Gamer 3 days ago
Que racismo e esse pq o negro foi o único demonio
Mallousa 3 days ago
0:44 Can we talk about satan's face-
Dayeon (Sarah) Kim
Uhm, I- Why is the demon soul has brown skin? If this was not made on purpose, then I would’ve just went along, but if it was on purpose, I have rlly, no words.
RABBIT XD 2 days ago
You know any villain can be black or white they probably didn’t even notice maybe?
Claryaa C:
Claryaa C: 3 days ago
This is.. Such a r/im14andthisisdeep moment 😌✊🗣️🍥🍼🌏☢️♒⚜️👩‍❤️‍👩🖖👁️‍🗨️🙀😿😿😿😿😿😿🙀🙀🙀🙀💀💀💀😡😠😠😠😠😠😠👿👿👿👿😈😈😈😈👹👹👹🤯🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤪😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
Ghøst Eclipse
Ghøst Eclipse 3 days ago
why don't you use gacha club..?
Freakin Rican
Freakin Rican 3 days ago
Plz make part to where they give her extra life
Freakin Rican
Freakin Rican 3 days ago
Satan prob gonna go to earth and beat the heck out the purple and hair guy
Jenny Hodgson
Jenny Hodgson 3 days ago
You didnt credit the original
Grape Cola
Grape Cola 4 days ago
Ok so are we not gonna talk about how only the black guy went to hell I know it’s probably not intentionally racist but like
Johnson Phan
Johnson Phan 4 days ago
Esperanza Bravo
Esperanza Bravo 4 days ago
Not only those white skin will go to heaven also te will go to hell some all of us will all go to te good but those who do nt go to evil✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Pix elated
Pix elated 4 days ago
vem pvp no braw vem
SaluChan 4 days ago
wey poq echas al bendito moreno el no hace un clo mk
Infinity_ life
Infinity_ life 4 days ago
That one Fortnite kid
Use gacha club so it looks better
alumno293 YT
alumno293 YT 4 days ago
Bro returbio
leah Llanes
leah Llanes 4 days ago
Abusing isn't a trend :D Glad your on gacha cringe
Rachel Hoekstra
Rachel Hoekstra 5 days ago
I mean no hate but why did you put a black person...?
Paola Jhenny Flores cruz
La pobre xd
Regina Melendez Molina
This first person to go to heaven......THE DEVILS GAVE THOUGH HE LIKE MOCKING HEAVEN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dyeing rn🤣🤣🤣💀
Chxrry_Blossom 5 days ago
Btw this isn’t a hate comment but why did the black person have to be bad?
꧁Uzumaki Hina꧂II
0:56 You've got shit inside ur head?
•NOVA_ Awkward•
I'm not the only one who ships them right(angel and devil)
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 days ago
Muhammad Shazan Danish
Wow good job kid
Sir geny
Sir geny 5 days ago
Eu sou o comentário BR que vc procurava
I was not sure if this is racist but why is everybody else have a light skin tone but then the last guy has a dark skin tone black live matters
Queen bee
Queen bee 5 days ago
كل المعتاد مبدعههههه ممكن تثبيت ؟؟؟؟
Kylie Mae Castro
Kylie Mae Castro 5 days ago
The demon be like🤪🤪🤪🤪
Tea Pantović
Tea Pantović 5 days ago
Why did black man go to hell-
Yingqi Zhou
Yingqi Zhou 6 days ago
Imagine you have to do this- I will fail and go to hell lol
Lxser_cxsmic 6 days ago
Omg I "t hink"
Yuki Saito
Yuki Saito 6 days ago
once you killed someone, you'll never be going to heaven, that was a bible said :>
Becky Slemons
Becky Slemons 6 days ago
Wow stop being racist notice how the only black character went to quote on quote hell welp I guess he'll see the racist creator there 💢🙄🤚
Перожок!? 6 days ago
А ГДЕ ОБРАБОТКА мне не нравиться што єто за рани і єто набрало 99 тисяч💞💞💞💞
Nalleli Villa
Nalleli Villa 6 days ago
angel Anna
angel Anna 6 days ago
I love your videos
•{ Billie moon }•
0:55 the one go to the hell is black? Why? It Was a coincidence?
Extra robloxian shorts and gaming
If say i feel like im dying straight to heaven
My sleepy Academia
Why did the black person go to hell huh?
Mike Guillen
Mike Guillen 6 days ago
time heróis mascarados
KAKA MORA 6 days ago
Oooh satan its nimphisie
M H 6 days ago
You should make a part 2 when she goes to heaven or hell
Oh My good i t hink i"m dying
why am i here dude
Deppresed or...?-
Y / N
Y / N 6 days ago
YOUR REALLY GONNA BE RACIST so everyone that went to heaven was white And none black And a black person goes to hell YOUR SUCH A RACIST
•Cloudy• and •Gacha•
Why is the last person to go to hell black and everyone that went to heaven white are you racist 😃✋
KiwiePlayz 6 days ago
Ummm why is it only the black that went to he!! Are you trying to be a racist?
•yani - chan wolf •
0:55 Bro, did you know that's racism?
꧁Cocorichu꧂ 6 days ago
Seems racist
Laila Anthony
Laila Anthony 6 days ago
Your saying that all black people are bad :/
Sayori Games tube
Why the black his for hell? Racism!
IS 4 The Bias
IS 4 The Bias 6 days ago
Idk why people like this, but this is cringe
Crônica Da família Reis de Araujo
little brother I want part 2
Nasser Elkhalfi
Nasser Elkhalfi 6 days ago
Dis video is resistent waht dit de b Blak girl en boy do to you dan?
BeaScream42 6 days ago
I saw many comments like: "Ur RaCiSt Go To HeLl" Guys, it's a coincidence, she probably noticed this at the end and she couldn't do anything. -EDIT I'm not racist and at first I was mad to her, but I realized then that it's only a coincidence ❤️✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿❤️
Tigsona _123
Tigsona _123 6 days ago
damn, I started to ship a demon with an angel 👀💘
KIRA дада
KIRA дада 6 days ago
3,2M 👀👀👀👀😳😳😳
•OSHIDA SAN• 6 days ago
Кто русский?
Yva Bernice Soria
IM SORRY BUT JUST NO. Im really sorry.... I liked it a lot. I just hate the photos with that look! Its traumatizing and scary... Please dont do this again? I know you will understand! Im not doing anything to get attention! Im just disturbed and very scared......... Thanks a lot Marioma! I hope you understand!!! I love the video at the editing and how nice it was! Just not the body. Especially if it can make someone or some people uncomfortable. ( Ive had men stare at me while going to school here in Japan. Im just very disturbed at this. I cant imagine what would happen if this happened to me. )
꧁ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ ғᴏx꧂
1:01 ooh an extra seen they be like UwU bruh
rav 6 days ago
Amira Hollifield
Amira Hollifield 6 days ago
Satan seeing the dude who killed her: HELL *clap* HELL
2M Segurança do Trabalho
What vídeo?????
angui UwU
angui UwU 6 days ago
Como siempre muy buena 💜 te quiero mucho
reina barton
reina barton 7 days ago
I wasn't expecting that but it brought me back my dream when that happend to me..... I'm crying IM F- SCARDED I HAVE SCHOOL ( I'm not going to sleep )
Chris Antunez-Mariel
Flamecore 7 days ago
So...Are we not going to talk about 0:55? That was kinda racist?
- Bread Slice -
- Bread Slice - 7 days ago
0:55 this was kinda racist he's the only black and the only going to hell
BxbyyBellaella 7 days ago
Lorena Davis
Lorena Davis 7 days ago
Why a black guy omg 😠
Cachorro Zueiro
Cachorro Zueiro 7 days ago
bro why the whites went to heaven and the black boy went to hell look this was very racist on your part please redo it. (Black lives matter! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿) 0:59
Dixie's Daycare
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