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We add an IMPOSTER Foot ROLE in Among Us
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
ylli gaming tv
Who wants to play sock er 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neway Afardew
Neway Afardew 2 hours ago
But Lala wow Lala
alvinray johaivler
alvinray johaivler 3 hours ago
Wow that foot is a good i like that Mode were can i get that foot mode
Elite Gaming 2468
Elite Gaming 2468 3 hours ago
I clicked the like button with my toe, does that counts as kicking it?
Melissa Burke
Melissa Burke 3 hours ago
Do a Harry Potter mod
Caley M
Caley M 3 hours ago
i think you should do the mutunt cremate
Aleya Edinborough
Aleya Edinborough 3 hours ago
It’s almost my birthday and u make my day skk ok is it ok if u can make a kangaroo mod
Colleen Ladenthin
Colleen Ladenthin 4 hours ago
Mr. Dog
Mr. Dog 5 hours ago
You should do a dog mood
Alex Cazares
Alex Cazares 5 hours ago
Jacqueline French
Jacqueline French 5 hours ago
Melanie Wall
Melanie Wall 5 hours ago
I actually kicked the like button
Cats And Dogs
Cats And Dogs 5 hours ago
Do a mod where you can kill with paint balls and paint brushes
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris 5 hours ago
Emma Williams
Emma Williams 5 hours ago
ZDeadpool much and the more you Deadpool having 10 abilities
Stickyrice. 6 hours ago
The “sneak” should have been the foot tippy tooing
Gambro Games
Gambro Games 6 hours ago
Play the airship map
Teresa Villaruz
Teresa Villaruz 6 hours ago
Steele Jaquays
Steele Jaquays 6 hours ago
ssundee you should make a hand mod with a i like ya cut g
Josue Contreras Fuentes
NedLovesChlorine 7 hours ago
Perfect timing with Sundee and Henwy talking 11:41
zackyboy2020 7 hours ago
fortnite mod
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 7 hours ago
Lion mod
Piotr Stolarz
Piotr Stolarz 8 hours ago
Piotr Stolarz
Piotr Stolarz 8 hours ago
Piotr Stolarz
Piotr Stolarz 8 hours ago
Piotr Stolarz
Piotr Stolarz 8 hours ago
Jax Valverde
Jax Valverde 9 hours ago
pip-pop playz
pip-pop playz 9 hours ago
Emhhh 70k?
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 10 hours ago
i actually kicd the like botin
Reaper Games
Reaper Games 10 hours ago
Ssundee: kick the like button! Me: *kicks my tv and breaks it* Also me: hey it turned blUuUe
Parker Marks
Parker Marks 11 hours ago
do bigfoot mod
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 11 hours ago
Amjad Baig
Amjad Baig 12 hours ago
vvv. Giggles
Luke Massoud
Luke Massoud 13 hours ago
You should make a cat it eats people meow stuns people it has super jump and it coughs up hair balls that crush people and zooms out to use the hair ball
Numberblock 24
Numberblock 24 13 hours ago
fortnitecharacter TD
one thing youtubers don't know: smashing the like button can break your computer (or phone)
linkifyd 8 hours ago
Well *N O S H I T*
mya kanner
mya kanner 13 hours ago
Tablet Home
Tablet Home 14 hours ago
The hand
Kyson 15 hours ago
If you know the Predator movie why not make one of those. I think itd be fun! And everyone can be solders and be like the actually movie.
reeteach 15 hours ago
soccer mod
Aaron Arocha
Aaron Arocha 15 hours ago
can you do vome
Jamison Castle
Jamison Castle 15 hours ago
SSUNDEE SAID "HELL". go to time 1:56
Alvin Berg
Alvin Berg 16 hours ago
A Phoenix mod
Chad the guy that needed help Stuff
Hitting the kicking like button A young kid:I broke my iPad:( because I kicked it Me: BLUE
fergerge 16 hours ago
where are ur shoes mam
mericel raganas
mericel raganas 16 hours ago
Hello u4
Chad Gamer
Chad Gamer 16 hours ago
It's a mod
Justick 16 hours ago
1:31 Girl Scream 101
Toilsome Actor
Toilsome Actor 16 hours ago
:new idea zombie role they r undead and have to pretend to be a crew mate and they can eat the brains of the members they can transform they can put them into a grave :ssundee want to get this role?
Girlgamer 96
Girlgamer 96 17 hours ago
I used my FOOT(pronounced FUT) to toe the like button
Sid Weston
Sid Weston 18 hours ago
Mod idea you turn into a giant chicken and shoot eggs at each over
J.i.G Garden
J.i.G Garden 20 hours ago
spider mode
Dominic Zarella
Dominic Zarella 21 hour ago
do an illuminati role
ItzAngiieex UωU
ItzAngiieex UωU 21 hour ago
This foot is footrastic
Layton Roberts
Layton Roberts 21 hour ago
In the olden days I bet there was flying cars and in the 2021s its all foots
Danial Ahmed Mallick
I have an idea and that is: The imposters can turn into a bald eagle. They can fly, garb people, and eat them. The eagle can also scream and everyone will be blind and they can't move Please like it so Ssundee can see
Faye Canillo
Faye Canillo Day ago
Can you try a wherewolve mod please
Sniper_SS08 Day ago
This was on my birthday.
Semple Family
A daddy mod
Semple Family
*mod father
Semple Family
Semple Family
Semple Family
Yes Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
RyderA Day ago
Foot and foot
Roy Elopre
Roy Elopre Day ago
How about the redd imposter the supreme imposter
Alisha Allen
Alisha Allen Day ago
AlvinRay Alcazarin
I like that mode
AlvinRay Alcazarin
Wow tha foot is rily amazing
The Fun Brothers
I literally kicked the like button on accident
Angela Catlos
I’m pretty sure you can’t get to 70,000👍 with kicking the like button
SirenHead MarioMovieVideos
tornado mod
Masie is my kitten
you should do a cat role or horse role cat role: tail smushing biting meowing super load and killes ppl cat eyes to freeze ppl for a few seconds with them awwing and still be able to kill horse role: biting steping on bucking putting a character on ur back and rearing throwing them off to kill them pls do these mods i rlly want u to do them 🥺🥺🥺
mrtreki Day ago
make a ghostbuster mod NOW
joe garza
joe garza Day ago
Phoenix Bender
This is ridiculous also foot!
Julia Serafine
Gabby-G=Addy hewo
Yamila Gonzalez Cruz
the soinc mooooooddde
Daniel Contreras
A demon mod
Dre Font
Dre Font Day ago
yeeeeeeet the foot
Dre Font
Dre Font Day ago
ssundee is a foot
shadow wolf
shadow wolf Day ago
Hayden’s Country
I actually kicked the like button
Holly Rapps
Holly Rapps Day ago
All the same
Logan Jones
Logan Jones Day ago
I type this with My foot
Chill Cheese
Chill Cheese Day ago
The sacred foot
jean mckenzie
Olivia Chenard
A hand mod might be a good mod Idea????
Sha Rash
Sha Rash Day ago
your food was great 😊 Hi can I have a good day
crazy genola
crazy genola Day ago
Have a good day
Amir Francis Duran
I what the dad mod they can hit with the belt help them
Sandrine D
Sandrine D Day ago
the chef and the others are servants but the chef can give servants some poison
Zachariah Jung
Alex Klumpp
Alex Klumpp Day ago
ssundee said kick the like button, me:puts computer on the floor, 🦶💻
Lizzy Cloete
Lizzy Cloete Day ago
krokeldiel mod maby or godzila.
Krin9le Day ago
no more
Katherine Pollock
When Henwy was putting together that Ian was the foot, I was laughing so hard 😂
Ruddy Lejosne
Grand rue Charles 4 Rthvya.
Yashraj Singh
Hahahahanahah i love you so much you're the best imposter and crewmate :D!
Name Unless
Name Unless Day ago
Uh oh someone is stealing the foots for kills
Samuel Wilson
i think you should do the distract dance
Mihail Shishenkov
bahahaha an impostor cat moddddd plsplspls
Lynda Luttrell
Venom rolplay as venom
SmithBall Day ago
Peely from fortnite
0 0
0 0 Day ago
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