Noah Beck Opens Up About His Surgery - UNFILTERED #77 

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Welcome Beck to Zane and Heath Unfiltered! Fully recovered from last weeks high, we're back down to earth and coming in hot this week...so, what better guest to join us than Noah Beck?! From kickin soccer balls, to kickin it with the biggest names in the game, hear how Noah sacrificed his passion and future for opportunity. He's a jack of all trades and some serious GOALS. Enjoy one of our purest guest on the show, and have a great week!
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Apr 27, 2021




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Comments 99   
Reinamplify 7 hours ago
That's why I like pizza so much 🤣😂
Shmag_ Bagz
Shmag_ Bagz 7 hours ago
I don’t know if this has been said yet but proof is double the alcohol content so if you have Everclear Alcohol, also known as alcohol poisoning, at 180 proof the alcohol content is 90%
Cherry liz
Cherry liz 8 hours ago
Yes I love the idea of coming in as a group first and later having like a feature come in like in a song. Love your podcasts!! I listen to them omw to the gym
Christina Japs
Christina Japs 13 hours ago
Proof divided by two is percent ABV (alcohol by volume) so if something is 50 proof then it’s 25% AVB.
Edgarrr Grr
Edgarrr Grr 14 hours ago
I had to stop hearing cause y’all were low key acting like 16 year old fan girls
A 15 hours ago
Pat on the back for Noah for handling the disrespect
Gabbie Elizabeth
Gabbie Elizabeth 17 hours ago
When heath was quoting white chicks and noah didn’t understand 😂😅
Trin 17 hours ago
you Should put Dixie on the podcast
Marina Morgan
Marina Morgan 18 hours ago
Why do I picture Noah as the bad guy Veck from Mall Cop where he pretends to be nice and then takes his jacket off and has full sleeve of tattoos 😂😂
Nevaeh glisson
Nevaeh glisson 19 hours ago
did anybody else’s jaw drop when they put the picture of beck next to matt and they look the exact same
kealy ray houle
kealy ray houle 20 hours ago
Matt is totally me in a friendship they always asking me questions like I know all the answers 😂
Courtney 20 hours ago
Matt is literally how my brain lol just so all over the place and random lol
Kara mae
Kara mae 21 hour ago
i missed how they used to be now they just click up with people who aren’t even funny just for views
Madison Streetman
Madison Streetman 23 hours ago
Matt wanting a Noah’s Ark date party, that boy missed college someone take him back
Teanna Jakee
Teanna Jakee 23 hours ago
Radiologist I believe have to look at the image. Ultrasound techs can't say anything and neither can x-ray techs. They have to have it looked over by radiology I believe.
Alexis Strother
Heath: “He was trying to get the other half of your weight” 😂😭😂😂😂
adhwja Day ago
He kinda sounds like shawn mendes
Makara Berry
Makara Berry Day ago
Proof literally is just 2 times the alcohol percentage. So if it's 40% alcohol it's 80 proof. Anything above 100 proof is called a proof spirit, like Bacardi 151.
Jordan O'Pry
Jordan O'Pry Day ago
I like that they say “coffee time” but they have the claws lol
Molly Lala
Molly Lala Day ago
You mean to tell me, you’ve been drinking since eleven teen 😅 & you don’t know what the difference off 100 proof and reg beer is 😂😂😂 my guyyyy hahaha
Kelis Johnson
After this podcast I have a LOT of respect for Noah Beck
Emmanuel Dawson
Can we vote Matt off the podcast 🙄😂
matt Day ago
This podcast hella funny 😂 the little jokes fucken kill me
WTF IS 12:05 matt impressed that zane knew the heath impressed then UPDATE ON THE TESTICAL IM DIEING I FELT TWENTY EMOTIONS AT ONCE
Dino Dragon
Dino Dragon Day ago
Hes super genuine, I loved this one 😊
vanessa m
vanessa m Day ago
Did anyone else get the white chicks reference where Heath said “it’s a holster” 😂😂
Alexis T
Alexis T Day ago
Please try to get Jack black🤞🙏🤞
xnes8 Day ago
Here’s my 2 cents that no one asked for - please stop with the young tiktokers - your prime audience is probably closer to your ages (like me) and I literally could not watch this or Addisons episode because nothing they say interest me. Let’s stick to people over 21. A bunch of almost 30 year olds can’t relate to these teenagers and the young kids that want to watch them can find them on a million other podcasts.
Natalie Raygoza
Natalie Raygoza 2 days ago
Noah’s arc 💀💀💀💀
lexi lex
lexi lex 2 days ago
mo fuku
mo fuku 2 days ago
lowkey missed the ad read
Merrick Aguero
Merrick Aguero 2 days ago
Freakin Mariah cracks me up 😂😂😂
Jo Escobar
Jo Escobar 2 days ago
me: not really knowing who noah is matt: when’s your birthday?? noah: may 4th me: *gasp* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (it’s may 4th when i’m watching this)
Harley Lee
Harley Lee 2 days ago
Of course not that Mariah isn’t already funny, but she shined this episode so much it was great
Syriah Harris
Syriah Harris 2 days ago
watching this on his birthday, such a genuine guy.
Ensa 2 days ago
bring hidaya back PLEASE
Natasha Lalwani
Natasha Lalwani 2 days ago
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller 2 days ago
My sister does that as a job and she may know what she sees (cancer, pregnancy, etc.) but they’re not allowed to tell you until the head or the department or a doctor confirms. So the technician may have known what she was seeing but wasn’t legally allowed to tell you :(
Jo Escobar
Jo Escobar 2 days ago
raphael was named after raphael (raffaello sanzio da urbino) the italian renaissance painter
Jo Escobar
Jo Escobar 2 days ago
In the US, alcohol proof is twice the ABV. So if you find a vodka that’s 100 proof then it’s ABV is 50%.
Maddie Genzer
Maddie Genzer 2 days ago
Went to Yosemite right after all got back and WOW I can agree it is GORGEOUS
Alayni DeLuca
Alayni DeLuca 2 days ago
So Noah is pretty academically smart ... got it. Who knew..?
Katelyn Gallamore
Katelyn Gallamore
Mireya Fuentes
Mireya Fuentes 2 days ago
Matt would be a great teacher. He’s giving me Ms. Frizzle vibes!!
Angelina Casares
Angelina Casares 2 days ago
You should do an episode with the dad wiggies
Marilyn Blanco
Marilyn Blanco 2 days ago
This is why people need to stop judging these guys so hard lmao this dude is a sweet heart, i like him a lot now
Corie Gibbs-Cronce
Whiiiite just white lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m crying
Ashley B
Ashley B 2 days ago
I saw someone else say it, but pleassseeeee bring Kian and JC on!!
buttercup's the hot one
1:06:05 Matt was debating whether or not he should drop the fun fact about the house lol
Hannah Esparza
Hannah Esparza 2 days ago
Use this as a Petition for Brittany Broski back on the show!!!!
buttercup's the hot one
Fuck it, i thought I'd never fall for these tiktok people but Noah is just so adorable
buttercup's the hot one
1:00:47 Zane fell in love HARD
Ryan Peña
Ryan Peña 2 days ago
I don’t think Noah caught the “that so noah” that’s so raven reference because he’s so young Lmaoo
Amberly de la Cruz
I love Noah so much, he’s so humble
Sofia Perez
Sofia Perez 2 days ago
OMG he turned around... 🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole 2 days ago
I stopped eating Wendy’s cause of that lady. Literally it’s been over 15 years
Hannah Voss
Hannah Voss 2 days ago
Joy Singleton
Joy Singleton 2 days ago
how do yall drink buzz balls they are NASTY ASF
Angelie Janae
Angelie Janae 3 days ago
size 2!?
Hayat Hussein
Hayat Hussein 3 days ago
heath: there’s paint thinner in cereal me raising a spoon of cereal into my mouth as he says it: 😀
Waed Alhayek
Waed Alhayek 3 days ago
Day one of me asking that yall have Dr Mike as a guest so he can help you guys and answer all medical-related topics you have ever discussed especially Zane. Also so we can truly learn more about him in a funny and unfiltered way.
Shaan Kapoor
Shaan Kapoor 3 days ago
17:28 Funniest moment hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
Mercedez Roberge
Mercedez Roberge 3 days ago
Best podcast yet!
Laicey Latsnic
Laicey Latsnic 3 days ago
Eileen Nevarez
Eileen Nevarez 3 days ago
Eileen Nevarez
Eileen Nevarez 3 days ago
Eileen Nevarez
Eileen Nevarez 3 days ago
Eileen Nevarez
Eileen Nevarez 3 days ago
Eileen Nevarez
Eileen Nevarez 3 days ago
LJ Olivarez
LJ Olivarez 3 days ago
Me and Noah both have two older sisters, me and Noah went/ go to a small private Catholic college. Noah’s hot, I’m not, he got famous, I have ONE tik tok that blew up. Damn. We are also both 19 gonna be 20 this year
YURI 3 days ago
it blows my mind how unpopular football/soccer is in America...the kid had to ask if they knew what MLS was 😭😭😭 also cringed everytime they said SoCcEr lol
Darryl Wag
Darryl Wag 3 days ago
“We smoked weed for the first time.” Bro you’re not fooling anybody😂 The way they all describe it, sounds like a scene out of fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Jaden DeSilva
Jaden DeSilva 3 days ago
POV:your name also happens to be Jaden and you have this playing in the background not really paying attention until suddenly everyone in the podcast is screaming your name from across the room👁👄👁
Kynser Newlon
Kynser Newlon 3 days ago
Y’all should have Christine snaps as a guest!!!!!
Nicola M
Nicola M 3 days ago
Fun fact: white claws in Canada and the US are different. In the US they’re malt liquor and in Canada they’re vodka ✨the more you know✨
Taylor Sharitt
Taylor Sharitt 3 days ago
This is gonna sound so bad but I’ve got to say it . It was actually really nice to get to know Noah without Dixie beside him looking either mad or sad 😅 like I had no idea he was into soccer like he was bc every time I see Noah on the internet Dixie kinda makes it all about her ..
Taylor Sharitt
Taylor Sharitt 2 days ago
@Nana Darko yeah I can see that a little too sometimes
Nana Darko
Nana Darko 3 days ago
No she doesn’t make it about her, Noah makes it about her lol
Rebecca C
Rebecca C 3 days ago
Pleaseee have Sam and Colby on as guests!!
Yara 3 days ago
When zane was talking about the whole health thing all I could think of is thank you to the NHS. No money to be paid and people who care 😭
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s 3 days ago
Lol after watching this I’ve realized I’m good at one thing drinking lol 😝
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s 3 days ago
Lmao me to I’m watching this and thinking wow I really did absolutely shit as a kid lmao I went to a lot of parties developed a smoking addiction a alcohol problem and a Xanax issue lmao had 3 kids and have been sober 13 years lol 😆 dam what a life haha
Taylor Wade
Taylor Wade 3 days ago
please get kian lawley on this channel
Rabia Subhani
Rabia Subhani 3 days ago
I actually am like matt "of course you did" n secretly judging myself of how much i didn't do in my life....😂😂😂😂
A D 3 days ago
The fake laughing is so cringe
sara_xo 3 days ago
My sisters birthday is may 4th
Victoria Nusman
Victoria Nusman 3 days ago
Mariah is the glue to the podcast. She is always helping people out with their jokes and getting their message across. Love her
Abigail 3 days ago
Idk why the way he said comfortable was so hilarious 12:42
BRUHHGIRLS 3 days ago
matt killed me when he was like "Snapchat filters on his balls"
Jayla 3 days ago
At 49:34 it is hilarious to hear Zane say "you put it in your a**." LOL! I am dead!!
nadia edwards
nadia edwards 3 days ago
Put Kian Lawley next!
kfashion 3 days ago
“That’s so Noahhhh” 😂 i cant i love y’all so much
Simran Sharma
Simran Sharma 3 days ago
i love this pod. but i literally do not care about tiktok kids :/
Just_Jordan Z
Just_Jordan Z 3 days ago
Noah seems like he got bullied in school but then had a glow up.
Winona Hattinger
Winona Hattinger 3 days ago
okay i guess i like noah beck now
Amy Haataja
Amy Haataja 3 days ago
you'r a true gift to the people in your life 😀😍😀😄😀
Hiral Joshi
Hiral Joshi 3 days ago
I lost it when they started singing in the end 🤣❣
Licorné 3 days ago
Someone needs to make gif or memes of Matt faces omgggg
haley !!!!!!!!!!
haley !!!!!!!!!! 3 days ago
Maybe you should’ve asked Noah why he still is best friends with James Charles and continues to have his back.
kfashion 3 days ago
Okay but the whole Nissan thing, honestly is respect. HUMBLE IS KEY & buying mom a car! AND NOT DRINKING. This kid is on the right path bro 💀😂 love that for him