Nikola Jokic SHOCKING Weight Loss & NBA Allowing Players To Sit Out Season Restart! 

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Nikola Jokic SHOCKING Weight Loss & NBA Allowing Players To Sit Out Season Restart! A faction of NBA players was concerned about the format and wanted the option to stay home without consequences. Players are expected to report in mid-July for a training camp.
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Jun 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
Pay me all that money and send me down there, knowing the science behind covid, I would be SO SO grateful!
williams ivy
williams ivy 7 months ago
It’s said that Jokic suffered the COVID-19.
YAAASolid 7 months ago
His head looks huge now LOL
Ric Edward Sampang
Ric Edward Sampang 7 months ago
its because he got covid
Jan Lemuel
Jan Lemuel 7 months ago
When you lost weight coz of 'RONA
Isaiah Clowney
Isaiah Clowney 7 months ago
Y’all think that a good think y’all dum the man look like he on drugs he y’all and skinny so it make no use of him being a center he just going be fast but he going get baxk down a lot
Xmw 007
Xmw 007 7 months ago
U know lebrons playing😂 wtf
Fathurzqi 7 months ago
Is that porzingis?lol
Zudo Abd
Zudo Abd 7 months ago
How can be true that with his fatigue, when he last year playing about 60min in playoff? Everybody thing that, cause his body, but it's not really true.
Chingdxg 7 months ago
If a country doesn't show up to fight they lose, fair an square
GIOWHY 7 months ago
Is zion still thick?
taengoo 9
taengoo 9 7 months ago
Let's be honest... Most of the teams/players don't want to play coz they know that only 4-5 teams has a legit shot at the championship for this season...
Louis HamanTalens
Louis HamanTalens 7 months ago
nuggets fans getting their hopes up and this man used a montage of the nuggets losing games to destroy that 💀💀
Nino !????
Nino !???? 7 months ago
NBA players need to stop being bitches they the most healthiest people on the planet they can fucking play so play
Dragan L
Dragan L 7 months ago
It is a risk to go against one`s nature. He was more than good as he was. A drastic change can be also for the worse, not only for the better. We will see.
Chiali Mouad
Chiali Mouad 7 months ago
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yayo4nasal 7 months ago
Why he get skinny!? lol he he needed mass and muscles. He looked flabby the past 3 years
Axcele Ax-man
Axcele Ax-man 7 months ago
Embiid owns him
MurphDazzle 7 months ago
When did Denver trade for porzingis???
A Morales
A Morales 7 months ago
Porzingis 2.0???? Cmon man. You’re implying that Porzingis is better than Jokic??? Idk bout that man.
Hoops Gamer
Hoops Gamer 7 months ago
crema depruta
crema depruta 7 months ago
covid survivor
Dalmatinac3 7 months ago
NBA players dont get to decide whether they wanna play or not, did they forget they are owned by the fans who pay tickets, expensive tickets. They better play. What is this bs, free speech abuse, now the athletes gonna abuse it.... better play, or all the fans gonna boycott the whole league, and u never gonna pay. We decide if u play or not.
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence 7 months ago
Jesus Christ loves us and died for Accept him before it’s to late! God bless Amen
Quarantine Gragas
Quarantine Gragas 7 months ago
Now he needs to gain weight again.
Bamboo 7 months ago
Jokic looks like he’s recovering from COVID hospitalization with his emaciated appearance.
Anas Asri
Anas Asri 7 months ago
Whi is Giannis talking on this video?
J.R Junior
J.R Junior 7 months ago
0:04, does anyone knows who that girl is in that photo. I'm tryna ask her out...😏
Zer0 Tolerance
Zer0 Tolerance 7 months ago
Can’t even see her Face 😂
JeanDylanKevin 7 months ago
Nigga they gotta change Denver nuggets to Denver salad
vince mcmahon
vince mcmahon 7 months ago
When will they find out that's porzingus
josh smith
josh smith 7 months ago
His body finally caught up to the 4OT game with Portland
Daniel 7 months ago
They clearly ps'd Jokic's head onto Porzingis' body. sarcasm, stop crying.
Jepperd 7 months ago
What? So if players decide to sit out then the chip don't count but if players get injured and don't play, then the chip does count? That don't make no sense bro. You still have to beat some damn good teams even if certain players sit out.
Johnny Reyes
Johnny Reyes 7 months ago
He looks like a crackhead joker lol
BG303 7 months ago
Meh...not that surprising. He one of those people who can gain it fast and lose it fast when it comes to weight. Question is that is he gonna stay that way?! Hopefully
DONT PLAY. who wants to be trapped in a bubble until October with no pusea?
The o.g.
The o.g. 7 months ago
It's good he lost weight. He would've torn his Achilles real soon
Carlos Concepcion-Taylor
Damn you’re gonna make his arms blush
Tayina P
Tayina P 7 months ago
He still won't be able to stop anybody but his speed and lift will improve for sure.🏀
mr brownstone
mr brownstone 7 months ago
lebron will cry i hope the 2020 season will not restart
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 7 months ago
He finna goin to get some major hops
Lornz 7 months ago
You sure that aint porzingis??
Google Jealous
Google Jealous 7 months ago
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slick Rick
slick Rick 7 months ago
So you pay these professional athletes ridiculous amounts of money but now they don't want to come back and play ball well I can take their ass home and get them a nine-to-five job like the rest of us go on Big Boy make that damn $15 an hour and see where it gets you
PR /Puerto Rico\ Movie wax
Go joker 👍👍👍🙏
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 7 months ago
All that money the players make. They can't go out and suck it up for the fans/country one time. Especially now we need them more than ever. To lift our spirits. Give us something to take us out this reality for a couple hours a day. Also most players really just don't want the see LeBron get a ring Lakers were and are going to bring it home.
Zeko F
Zeko F 7 months ago
Some players forget that this is their job.
LTMS Bandz
LTMS Bandz 7 months ago
My man ain’t been eating
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis 7 months ago
It’s literally their job to play nba players are soft
Orlando Productions
Orlando Productions 7 months ago
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J Adams
J Adams 7 months ago
AX DEE 7 months ago
Ur blog is garbage rat..
Aaron Tamukiuri
Aaron Tamukiuri 7 months ago
Holy smokes you did more than lose weight godamm my man looks like porzingis he’s actually gonna be able to dunk now
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 7 months ago
Nuggets in the offseason: Jamal Murray is the real MVP Nikola Jokic is slenderman
Paparuto 7 months ago
If they keep NOT playing Michael porter Jr this weight loss don’t mean shit for the team success, keep starting Michael Craig and these no names over him and they not doing nothing they’re shooting themselves in the foot 🤷🏾‍♀️
Grabe Shark
Grabe Shark 7 months ago
He got poisoned like Baki Hanma
Louie Tzepher
Louie Tzepher 7 months ago
The players are simply complaining because they wont be able to have sex during that time due to the restrictions, no side chicks, no nothing, that is what these clowns are really complaining about.
SugarRay2 7 months ago
The point is you’re dealing with adversity and it employs many people. Not everyone is on movie star rates. Most people need to work to survive and you do it if it’s viable.
Ryuk 7 months ago
He needs to develop muscles or else he'll be much worse than Porzingis under the basket. We got a 7'0'' guy here locally same thing happen to him and now he's getting pushed even around small guys.
Johnny 7 months ago
What a nightmare.. getting paid millions to live at disney for a couple months and play in NBA tourny playoffs 😂 who ever chooses not to play should trade their position for the millions of players that only dream of being where they’re at.
Bronny's Plug
Bronny's Plug 7 months ago
Quarantine got players looking different like look a James harden
Yo Go
Yo Go 7 months ago
He was starving at home didn’t go out to get food😂
Supreme30 7 months ago
He should be a power forward now
Soul Power
Soul Power 7 months ago
I thought it was tingus pingus In the thumbnail.
thomasw78 7 months ago
Since when was fatigue his biggest enemy? He played like 65 minutes in a game last year against Portland in that game that went to 4 overtimes and never really looked fatigued. This is just BS that people who assume because he's big he fatigues easily.
Zed Lopez
Zed Lopez 7 months ago
Danm i thought it was porzingris
kingbreather2014 7 months ago
He might be sick
Russ Bell
Russ Bell 7 months ago
Naaah he will getting bully in the paint because that weight he has now
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 7 months ago
He looks like he's on that shit
Wow Factor
Wow Factor 7 months ago
That is not a good thing
Dom Hopkins
Dom Hopkins 7 months ago
For some reason I don’t think he lost that much weight in 2 months from working out bro only a person on drugs lose weight that fast js
Ribbit Productions
Ribbit Productions 7 months ago
Nobody Clive: He is trying to say good stuff about Nuggets Also Clive: Shows clips of the Nuggets losing Me: Lol 😂 😆 😝
Goddess Athena
Goddess Athena 7 months ago
and for the ones who ain’t hear it in the back !.. “ GIANNIS IS BUILT TOTALLY DIFFERENT FRON JOKIC , OH AND HOWS THAT YOU MAY ASK?, BC GIANNIS IS LEANNN, MUSCULARR N RIPPED FROM HEAD TO TOE . So once again for those who are acting out ab this jokic transformation.. jokic can add muscle but he will NOT b like or get like GIANNIS . thx you .
Rings of Jupiter
Rings of Jupiter 7 months ago
Porzingis 2.0? So, he's gonna be less effective than old Jokić?
Lilshogun007 7 months ago
Now he just needs to build muscle I reckon
Matej Colakoski VIII1
Let's bring somebody from the G League to replace LeBron. Nice one.
QAnon 7 months ago
He is in ketosis
James Wilson
James Wilson 7 months ago
Asuma Ishikawa
Asuma Ishikawa 7 months ago
I think he did try intermittent fasting. He just ate one meal a day without working out. You truly lost that muscle mass
JTP24 7 months ago
It's just gonna be people who don't get to play who stay home
NIKA - I very love s*x
it's something )))
kemalangan Channel
kemalangan Channel 7 months ago
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Cyclonus 7 months ago
That was Kristaps Porzingis!!!
eliaslol 7 months ago
Isn't it funny how the highlights that clive put was the nuggets losing to the worst teams
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz 7 months ago
Trip333s 7 months ago
Woooooah... he’s gunna shock the league
Rael Stiffler
Rael Stiffler 7 months ago
that's a downgrade if you became Porzingis
360Hyp3rDunk 7 months ago
Yea someone from the gleague to replace Lebron 😂
BON jouring
BON jouring 7 months ago
Too thin
Nick 7 months ago
This league is nothing but a bunch of little SJW bitches. Players have way too much control now, the league should of canceled the season months ago.
Denis Lesha
Denis Lesha 7 months ago
These nba players who dont wanna restart are a bunch of bums who cant restrict theirselves for a couple of months earning millions of dollars ..... imagine if they werent supreme athletes and had to work everyday jobs their ass wouldnt complain this much
joshua e
joshua e 7 months ago
No it wouldn't
GaGe NeWsOm
GaGe NeWsOm 7 months ago
I love how he plays nuggets lowlights
brett robbins
brett robbins 7 months ago
So on the thumb nail and reading the title I was thinking the reporter called Kristaps Jokic and this was a parody video of it. But that man actually now looks like Porzingis XD. Oh God he's gonna be even more of a baller
JTD472 7 months ago
Man if he could actually get some muscle in his arms that would be great. Love Jokic
Neff-lv 7 months ago
I wasn’t listening I was watching my warriors beat them
Damarcus Glover
Damarcus Glover 7 months ago
If he Improves his footwork and get a gas tank denvercgonna be a problem
Joseph Good
Joseph Good 7 months ago
Just so you know it was NEVER going to restart the season.. it's continuing the season which is an entirely different thing.. Your info is both old and you're representing it falsely. They never tried restarting anything. just continuing. Also no big players at all have said they won't play... this is over 50 days from now when the start would take place.. I want to subscribe but my info was better 3 days before this was posted. why would i subscribe?
Joseph Good
Joseph Good 7 months ago
Porzingis 2.0???? you seem behind my friend. If you're talking weight loss alone you're still off. Porzingis can't compare with stats or ability. He exceeds in athleticism... Which is great until you get on the court with Jokic. Him being readily in shape from working out with murray all quarantine is amazing. If he can be even more of himself as games go on that's absurd... compare him to embiid and towns all you want. Porzingis is insulting.
Elijah Porter
Elijah Porter 7 months ago
Oh shit, alright. Denver got a chance if Murray steps up.