NFL Brutal Hits of the 2020 Season! 

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Sorry for stopping my biggest hits around week 5. I hope this makes up for it.
Fast and healthy recovery to everyone this year, had lots of injuries sadly 😓
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Jan 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Luke Rigsby
Luke Rigsby 3 months ago
Got to sub after these perfect edits and clip time, thanks for the quality content🙏
budleewiser 3 months ago
Thank you!!!! Glad you liked the video :)
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 10 hours ago
These hits are just hard nosed and aggressive and they are calling those penalties that’s bull
I'monit Day ago
To be honest I'm lovin all these Falcons penalties. Thomas had a nose for head hunters 😁
Samuel Hain
Samuel Hain 2 days ago
Hooray for CTE hits! Hooray for BRAIN DAMAGE!
MrDinFla1 2 days ago
Our brains are definitely not designed for this!! But man what a blast to play and watch! Brain damage on a weekly basis unfortunately...
Coy McCombs
Coy McCombs 2 days ago
So satisfying seeing Cam get put to sleep. Soo cocky, when he's sub par as a throwing QB.
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 5 days ago
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MCMCX 8 days ago
Help, whats the timestamp of Abrams hit on Mccaffery?
average gamer
average gamer 8 days ago
I will say this, Detroit will run your ass over🤣🤣
Scott Butler
Scott Butler 8 days ago
SB55 was an entire brutal hit reel.
Lawnmower16 2012
Lawnmower16 2012 10 days ago
Punt returners getting plowed always looks terrible lol
J G Mess
J G Mess 11 days ago
I hate those buffalo bills Go jets
a88304 15 days ago
Runner initiating contact with helmet Ref - “penalty on the defense”
Power5 18 days ago
Just give them flags in their belts because tackling is all but removed from the game. Or remove helmets from their equipment or make them old school leather. Watch some Rugby to see how hard the game can still be played with no armor on the players.
Mario Cadena
Mario Cadena 22 days ago
Are the done kneeling yet? Haven't seen a single game in 3 years or so.
sveaplutoner 24 days ago
i have play WR before i know this hits fucking hurt so bad 😅😅😅
Audit Recon
Audit Recon 25 days ago
Another reason I don’t watch NFL.
Gaven Knapp
Gaven Knapp 25 days ago
Some of these should not have been flagged. Great job on the video.
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn 25 days ago
90% of big hits are flags these days...damn I miss the 80’s and 90’s
William Cook
William Cook 26 days ago
What is so hard to remember about not leading with the helmet people?
sparx 216
sparx 216 28 days ago
After watching this its apparent that d. Watson leaves he recievers out to dry.
Chris DeCorte
Chris DeCorte Month ago
This was weak sauce....
Bradley Month ago
This sport is so lame there’s a flag damn near every hit
Tony V
Tony V Month ago
Newton didn't play for Carolina for 2020 - Cardinals fan
Bent Remy
Bent Remy Month ago
This should have been labeled 15 yard penalties of 2020
Cody Premo
Cody Premo Month ago
No goal line hit from Young on Burrow???
Andrew Scocozza
Andrew Scocozza Month ago
You just had to put corvette corvette first huh lol? I still love juju, especially now that we resigned him.
Landen Welch
Landen Welch Month ago
Most of these are helmet to helmet calls
Ron Abell
Ron Abell Month ago
Go back to leather me let's them will lean how to tackle
Ron Abell
Ron Abell Month ago
Have them stop wearing helmets that won't lead with it . Like a battering ram
Euronymus Mclovin
Mate as rugby player if someone shoulder barged me or one of those shitty nfl player tackles my fist would go straight through their helmets
kelechi Nwadigo
kelechi Nwadigo Month ago
You missed one!!! Elandon Robert’s vs some RB lol!
The Zodiac_132
The Zodiac_132 Month ago
3:16 Just listen to it 😂
atoelle_ official
I love testosterone
test channel
test channel Month ago
How is it brutal it’s suppose to be football not a ballet class
Awilda Kaci
Awilda Kaci Month ago
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Ethan Price
Ethan Price Month ago
Bengals get Fucking smoked all the time
pufferpolo Month ago
3:20 lmao what a champ
Geaux Tigers
Geaux Tigers Month ago
xx Pain
xx Pain Month ago
Why y’all put Derrick Henry stiff arm on here as a “brutal hit” 😭
Luke Breckenridge
NFL should just be flag football, every hit is a flag. So stupid.
Dementia Joe’s not my president
Good god the NFL is a joke lol every single hit FLAG! Lol
EchoAlex Month ago
That hit by Ramsey at 0:13 was the softest hard hit I have ever seen in my life.
Nick Evans
Nick Evans Month ago
these helmt to helmet collisions gotta be called, they dangerous asf
NC&C Reel Fishing
I like the part where he got hit
Brady Kines
Brady Kines Month ago
kam curl being included is appreciated
iam oneclicker
iam oneclicker Month ago
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C ROM Month ago
Can a ball carrier drop the head and go helmet to helmet on a defender?
Rob Bolen
Rob Bolen Month ago
I watch rugby highlights and its amazing how much harder they hit and with no helmets and they seem to have less injuries. Maybe its because if you violate their tackle rules once your team plays a man down for 10 min. If the violation is severe enough or you do it a second time your ejected and they are a man down the rest of the game. It seems the penalty for infractions are so minor the players in football just don't care.
Jordan Luers
Jordan Luers Month ago
They really call anything “brutal” these days huh?
Daniel Zaharchuk
where is KJ Wright's huge hit on Kyle Juszczyk??
Josh Roake
Josh Roake Month ago
Hardest hit may have been guy on the bears 23 and he didn’t even lead with his head.
Josh Roake
Josh Roake Month ago
Best ones were the dline just stuffing folks.
Josh Roake
Josh Roake Month ago
This is what happens when you are placed in quarantine,
Aiden Spears
Aiden Spears Month ago
When Tom Brady runs gets hit and Jalen Ramsey pushes him on the ground
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes Month ago
I CANNOT BELIEVE! My Dallas Cowboys O-Line just watched that happen to Andy Dalton. Like backup your QB
Andrew Sanson
Andrew Sanson Month ago
how is chase youngs hit on burrow at the goaline not on this
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks Month ago
That thumbnail makes Dalton look like he's in the Yamcha pose lol
Bobby O
Bobby O Month ago
Of course 90 percent of these hits got flagged 🙄
CrazySteph Month ago
The Josh Jacobs truck for a RB was insane O.O
Rodney Hamilton
Rodney Hamilton Month ago
Too many flags. This is a contact sport not flag football.
Ryne Johnson
Ryne Johnson Month ago
Rookie QBs got bullied this year
Ethan Leon
Ethan Leon Month ago
damn its kinda sad to see that no one defended dalton when he got hit.
Humble nightz humble nightz
you forgot about daks injury
Joey Draetta
Joey Draetta Month ago
Gotta love how every damn hit has 50 flags coming out
Raymond Solis Jr.
This video should be called Cheapshots of 2020
Samuel Enkh-amar
Not a fan of watching hits that are penalties.
Aaron Garlitch
Aaron Garlitch Month ago
90% are flagged. What has the NFL come to
Stoney Matt
Stoney Matt Month ago
I love how there is a flag after every hit ... football has become trash now
Devin Jerry: Freedom Is Free
it’s flag football pretty much
mal vas
mal vas Month ago
1:26 is the dirtiest one
Brandon Month ago
No need to watch the video. There weren’t any, this league is softer than a new born baby!
Jack Mahomes
Jack Mahomes Month ago
The bad NFC teams just giving each other CTE to try to get 7 wins lmao
iMack10 Month ago
What a stupid sport.
Javier Arroyo
Javier Arroyo Month ago
I like how joe burrow was on here as much as Kyle fuller
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen Month ago
3:20 Brandin Cooks- FOOK YOU
Steele Steele
Steele Steele Month ago
Chase young on joe burrow should be in here. That was brutal.
Cam Seals
Cam Seals Month ago
with that last one i wouldve had to fight Derek Henry, im sorry
Joey Huynh
Joey Huynh Month ago
i never see helmet to helmet calls against offense when i see them lower their head or shoudlers
Emanuel Santillan
Nice video man and for next time look at Jonathan Abram, he’s a saftey for the raiders and he hits HARD
Aroneazy Month ago
Most of these penalties are a load of bollocks
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Month ago
$hervi Month ago
Dalton has his wedding ring on in the game are you kidding me man 😁 ?
Jonathan Piker
Jonathan Piker Month ago
what about prescott???
Pussy football...it's why The NFL is losing viewers
maccxoph Month ago
0:51 , 1:28 & 2:02
Joseph G
Joseph G Month ago
how you gonna omit the clip of Johnathan Abram showing Tyreek "child beatin' " Hill a taste of his own medicine
B0Lt Clan
B0Lt Clan Month ago
Was the white one on Carr legal
Aliens In my bum
bro this is nothin compared to australia nrl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuck all hits they are soft 😂😂
JimBob McDougal
JimBob McDougal Month ago
Logan Thomas should be here but this was most enjoyable
Jean Pachon
Jean Pachon Month ago
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Nof Guitar
Nof Guitar Month ago
Hit on Stafford looked clean he just couldn’t make a decision lol
Jaden Pena
Jaden Pena Month ago
6:06 I bet that hurt
Jaden Pena
Jaden Pena Month ago
5:22 KO!!!!
BloodOrange Month ago
How tf are you supposed to tackle at full speed without the helmet being angled downward? It's Kafkaesque lunacy these penalties being called on the defense
BloodOrange Month ago
Best part of football
Shabberplasm 32
Shabberplasm 32 Month ago
You should've named this title helmet to helmet hits of the 2020 season.
BloodOrange Month ago
Barely any were head-to-head but nice try
Ernst Schmid
Ernst Schmid Month ago
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Noah K
Noah K Month ago
Best hit of the year 10:04 no question
Francisco H.
Francisco H. Month ago
These clips show a good reason to pay these guys hundreds of thousands of dollars...their bodies must be going through car-wreck type of impacts.
Drake Hosking
Drake Hosking Month ago
Who is the man that absolutely leveled Derek Henry. I need to know his name. It takes a big big man to level Derek Henry like that