NFL Biggest Hits on Star Players 

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When a great player gets destroyed
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Feb 21, 2021




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Tiffany Gipson
Tiffany Gipson 14 hours ago
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez 16 hours ago
Favorite hits, the first clip and last one 😂
Seth Justice
Seth Justice Day ago
what about juju smith-schusters hit on berfict
Code: Retro
Code: Retro Day ago
NFL "Way off" moments, they have a receiver wide open but they just blow it
Alex K
Alex K Day ago
T.O. really said “WHAT HIT?”
I won’t watch 15 sec ads
Love to see it
Great Vibes
Great Vibes 2 days ago
Watch my channel if you need some motivation
Fish knuckle
Fish knuckle 2 days ago
Robert spelaine hit on derrick henry
Tina Dodge
Tina Dodge 2 days ago
Luke 4 ever
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 2 days ago
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American Football Nation
Love this video!
TrashPanda31 2 days ago
Clint Marquez
Clint Marquez 3 days ago
3:22 could’ve stole the football smh
CCE • 3 days ago
Do a how did he get back up moments
Pin Head
Pin Head 3 days ago
Stop putting football videos in my feed! I despise football...I won’t even date a guy who watches it!
More than Football
alot of them was like good hit tho
Benjamin Yue
Benjamin Yue 3 days ago
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Anthony Contreras
Do "you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk" moments
Akshat 3 days ago
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 3 days ago
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7he K1ng
7he K1ng 3 days ago
You should do NFL “Trick Play Fails” part 2
Dan H
Dan H 4 days ago
3:05 "Brady...In trouble. Here comes the rush and here's the hit. (Crunch) Oh! Man alive." - Gil Santos (RIP) He always had the best calls.
Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
leroy grizzle
leroy grizzle 4 days ago
That hit on gronk was such a small hit. Like the defender had all the momentum but gronk is just too big
Adahessler Hesser
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Mr SUPERSTRIKE 4 days ago
Ahh don’t u love watching your favorite player get demolished
Demi Tha God Official
That hit against Davante Adams was dirty
Caiden Warren
Caiden Warren 5 days ago
John Kensington
John Kensington 5 days ago
Imagine posturing over a player after damaging their neck/head.
BloodOrange 4 days ago
it feels good to kill someone
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 days ago
Chiefs have one, or maybe two years left before their old age and patty ices contract sinks them. Lol. And they just got whooped by a 43 year old man. Haha. Chiefs d is getting old fast and that 400 million dollar contract is going to sink them to mediocrity. Oh well lol. At least they got one ring.
Hey 5 days ago
missed Reggie Bush
Randy Case
Randy Case 5 days ago
Deshon Elliot dropping DH comes to mind
RandomGod 5 days ago
Mahomes seems to throw his boys the hospital ball quite a bit. its like he enjoys seeing his boys get trucked.
Jacob Eversole
Jacob Eversole 5 days ago
No jack tatum 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Juice Broussard
Juice Broussard 5 days ago
I love the videos ding keep doing your thing and maybe some advice for a wannabe upcoming US-firstr
Ghost Scopez
Ghost Scopez 6 days ago
Can you do a Tom Brady montage
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 6 days ago
2:17 YOU SAID WHO!!!????
Addison raee
Addison raee 6 days ago
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Bob Stone
Bob Stone 6 days ago
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YBO_henny 6 days ago
When girls play football
Dylixx 6 days ago
I swear the announcers said “whacked” a thousand times and it’s funny 😂😂
Andre Howe
Andre Howe 6 days ago
People suggest the dumbest shit for you to upload 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
nike shoe
nike shoe 6 days ago
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tmol 6 days ago
Was Eli Manning not in this because he's getting his own compilation? I've never seen any player get rocked as much as I've seen Eli get laid out
Moses Valle
Moses Valle 6 days ago
Best offensive linemen screens
NA 6 days ago
I love watching players get hurt
losttGaming 6 days ago
Good job on 1mill I been here since 100k
Evan Shanks
Evan Shanks 6 days ago
1:31 Mahomes hurt the dude that hit him 🤣
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 6 days ago
Humble up
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 6 days ago
Did you expect me to give you something for doing that 😂😂😂😂
DarkHorizon YT
DarkHorizon YT 6 days ago
Some of these aren’t big hits they are assassinations 😂
Randy Cobb
Randy Cobb 6 days ago
Patrick mahomes and Aaron Rodgers aren’t stars tho
fritzzyyy 7 days ago
3:08 can we get a rip for toms helmet lol
Sarek Mallareddy
Sarek Mallareddy 7 days ago
Congrats on a mil!
Gavin Singhvi
Gavin Singhvi 7 days ago
How is joe mixon a star player?
Wooden Kiyoko
Wooden Kiyoko 7 days ago
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Tanasia Cochran
Tanasia Cochran 7 days ago
We got my boy to 1 mil
Tanasia Cochran
Tanasia Cochran 7 days ago
Bad Brad
Bad Brad 7 days ago
you should do nfl "what are you aiming at" where the qb throws way off target or makes a horrible throw
Kaiser Pottle
Kaiser Pottle 7 days ago
The mahomes one is the browns the 49ers one was ok but it was the browns
joshua 7 days ago
Props to this guy for showin even dirty hits
Millennial Football
Brady popped right back up 🔥🔥
Salmon GAMEZ
Salmon GAMEZ 7 days ago
Trent South
Trent South 7 days ago
I can watch hill get tuned up on repeat.
JFortnite 2
JFortnite 2 7 days ago
Kyle Hansen
Kyle Hansen 7 days ago
I love that the Josey Jewell hit on Derrick Henry got some love
TYE 7 days ago
How is Nate Clements hit not the one for Brady? Brady has literally never scrambled past the LOS again cause of that hit lol
Champagne Cove
Champagne Cove 7 days ago
I would’ve hit Brady Harder than that .19s ain’t even see him coming his helmet would’ve been gone
Xentrra 7 days ago
i honestly have no care for illegal hits. i only care if its a legal hit
Xentrra 2 days ago
@BloodOrange not really
BloodOrange 4 days ago
those are the best ones though
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 7 days ago
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Benjamin Carlins
Benjamin Carlins 7 days ago
is or was RG3 ever a star in the NFL though? like besides collage.
Miles Silber
Miles Silber 7 days ago
The Metcalf one was acctually a great tackle
Trey Wall
Trey Wall 7 days ago
When half of these are star players hitting star players
Kamen_da_goat 7 days ago
Brady got ultra YEETED
coned 7 days ago
mike evans flying it to smash lattimore is a clip i always loved. i'm sure evans turned around and just saw some dude pushing his QB and said "nope" and took off. it's what a guy should do. THAT'S MY QUARTERBACK!
killer beans's burner account
This ten year deal really gonna get felt if Patrick Mahomes keeps getting hit like this
Congrats on 1 million!!
Mobil nation
Mobil nation 7 days ago
You should do NFL “biggest comeback moments”
Wouqs 7 days ago
Wyatt Cox
Wyatt Cox 8 days ago
Burfict to Brown???
Nyte Stryker
Nyte Stryker 8 days ago
Think it would be nice to see "successful broken plays" live the vids Ding.
Reginald 8 days ago
That hit by trevathan wasn’t dirty
Salsa531 8 days ago
Congratulations on 1 mil
Linkin Carter
Linkin Carter 8 days ago
What about the colts hit on Derrick Henry
Geerbox85 8 days ago
Congrats on 1mil ding
Cody McElroy
Cody McElroy 8 days ago
Who was that CB Brees popped? Was he really famous? I didn't catch his name.
Jolley Sports Vids
Kendall Sheffield
Cody McElroy
Cody McElroy 8 days ago
"Hero to zero moments"
Fika Jui
Fika Jui 8 days ago
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Fortnite Legends and football legend
Congratulations for hitting 1mill
Matt Falting
Matt Falting 8 days ago
That trevathan hit on Adams was so dirty damn
Munheezy 8 days ago
When the majority of this list are hits by Denver
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 8 days ago
Calvin Johnson got lucky he wasn’t dropped by Brian Urlacher
Ángel3lizondo 8 days ago
Dexter Negreanu
Dexter Negreanu 8 days ago
"Why American Football Shouldn't Exist"
Ahmad X
Ahmad X 6 days ago
Being on the offensive is suicide lol put me on defense any day
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich 8 days ago
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Irina Rybitskaya
Irina Rybitskaya 8 days ago
How much you spend but there’s aiming at Tom brickyard
lo1bo2 8 days ago
I remember very late in Jerry Rice's career he took a dangerous hit and required treatment on the field.
Cesar 8 days ago
Ding Prod. always 🔥 🔥
Franky Broadcast
Franky Broadcast 8 days ago
I actually felt for Mahomes on that first hit during the Superbowl. He took it like a champ.
Teddy Johnson
Teddy Johnson 8 days ago
the clip of patrick mahomes getting crunched is incredibly satisfying
Darth_Doomguy_of_Rivia 117
And people say Brady doesn't get hit hard
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