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When a player does a great job at extending a play just for it to be a tiny gain, or when there is a game winner and the team messes up the next play.
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Feb 8, 2021




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Ryan Platt
Ryan Platt 3 hours ago
Thumbnail = 2021/22 - 'None of that for another Super Bowl win'
rk9sbpro83 4 hours ago
Everyone: "I've finally found it ... after 15 years. The scroll of truth!" The scroll: *Even if the Seahawks ran the ball, they still would have been stopped Everyone: "Nyehhh!"
Timothy McDaniel
Timothy McDaniel 7 hours ago
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Tech Supply 9 hours ago
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Clutch_Gainez -
Clutch_Gainez - 9 hours ago
Greatest ladderal plays?
Elite Releases
Elite Releases 10 hours ago
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Amber VanderGrinten
Amber VanderGrinten 16 hours ago
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Josh Guo
Josh Guo Day ago
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Voyager Playz
Famous last words,”Play clock at 5”
jack ford
jack ford Day ago
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Donald DAmato
Donald DAmato 2 days ago
Welcome to buffalo!!!! Nevermind
Evalynn Evelyna
Evalynn Evelyna 3 days ago
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Monafis5 3 days ago
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CallSignFart 3 days ago
Lemon doge man
Lemon doge man 3 days ago
Patrick Deserves MVP he was the only who looked like he should be 8n the super bowl
Lemon doge man
@Deadly Sensation his receivers dropped passes
Deadly Sensation
@Chiefs Kingdom the Bucs if they played again even after all the moves the chiefs made would still win still
Chiefs Kingdom
@Deadly Sensation no oline 19 dropped passes fake flags not saying we woulda won since I feel it was rigged for Brady like new team they host the super bowl grind comes back they win in a controversial game in all playoff games so yea
Deadly Sensation
His stat line said otherwise only 9pts with the “baby goat”
SKI 4 days ago
This it’s just Carson wentz every single play
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 4 days ago
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Shaun Gervase
Shaun Gervase 4 days ago
Got PTSD again thanks
Grace marrie
Grace marrie 4 days ago
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Slaymyface135 5 days ago
This couldve just been a pat mahines in the last superbowl highlight video
Teagon Miller
Teagon Miller 5 days ago
you could have just put the entire super bowl and that would work
xRAiiNMAN 5 days ago
I couldn’t continue watching after he threw the one yard short in there :,(
lipdoku putoqhol
lipdoku putoqhol 5 days ago
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HighlightKING 5 days ago
aww man, Mahomes needed help in the superbowl bro
平野愛実 5 days ago
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Riley Palmer
Riley Palmer 5 days ago
Josh Allen kind of underthrew that throw tbh
wompy_ king
wompy_ king 6 days ago
the second one hurts
Ricky Boby 96
Ricky Boby 96 6 days ago
bro mahomes entire career is this video lol
Christian Tortorice
Keep it up
1nf!nity 7 days ago
the mahomes plays were consecutive right?
Perry Conrad
Perry Conrad 7 days ago
Nice job by number by the dolphins defense especially number 30 he was closing in on him and forced him out of bounds
Perry Conrad
Perry Conrad 7 days ago
Rodgers one was a success
Gutbomber 7 days ago
Yeah in the beginning.. that clip.. I really do think this game was closer than the score reflected. 49ees could have got in.. first time in a long time Mahomes didn't do a single TD.
Juice_tyn 8 days ago
12:00 wwwOOOPP
Colton Gordon
Colton Gordon 8 days ago
Mahomes is Unreal
Riley Bromeland
Riley Bromeland 8 days ago
On that whoop he had suck a voice crack
JOJO Stone
JOJO Stone 8 days ago
Quarterback do their jobs Receivers doesn’t do it referees Bad call Super Bowl or playoffs rigged People like me: I see it all never gets old.
JEDI POODOO 907 8 days ago
As a seahawks fan I don't care if you disrespect my team but when you showed the super bowl interception I 😭
Boogie 9 days ago
6:02 as a bills fan I’m offended
Moaning Milk Daddy
Weird thing is I believe if the Bears win that Patriots game at the beginning I think they would’ve gotten a first round bye which means no double doink
yungstunna559 10 days ago
The BIlls OLine is LAZY af
Rocky Mountan
Rocky Mountan 10 days ago
Az Wuody hed sed 2 sammers agou: "Uat yu uer ekspecting?".... Fuls...😁😁😁😁😁
Devin Jones
Devin Jones 11 days ago
They paid him all that money for 1 ring. Mahomes will never win another super bowl
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 12 days ago
The Super Bowl was 2 miracle plays away from being way way closer. Mahomes gave it his all.
John Miller
John Miller 14 days ago
"That's a whole lot of work for... only 3 yards." Pretty much sums up the Eagles' 2020 offense.
Marcus Burgess
Marcus Burgess 14 days ago
You should make a video about all of the time’s someone made a juggled catch
buskidittles 14 days ago
You should do best play made by a QB
Lane Apel
Lane Apel 15 days ago
From just the super bowl mahomes should have the entire video
00ChillVibes00 00
00ChillVibes00 00 16 days ago
Was this the bucs and chiefs Super Bowl
Văn định Lê
Văn định Lê 16 days ago
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 17 days ago
6 3
6 3 17 days ago
Mahomes is such a human video game that he even gets fucked over by rubberband AI.
Shikira Cretella
Shikira Cretella 18 days ago
This is just horrible. But the worst one, was the saints and jaguars game
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 18 days ago
1:55 damn that clip is super old Davante doesn’t have any hair
Hide 20 days ago
Is mahomes woulda mossed Neal I woulda lost it
endorphinz 20 days ago
The Bills clip at 5:40 ...what was the "all that for nothing" moment? EDIT: oh wait, the rest of the clip right after it made the TD worthless lol...got it.
Van Le
Van Le 20 days ago
Vi Lô
Vi Lô 21 day ago
The Gaming King
The Gaming King 22 days ago
All of that for nothing was basically the chiefs vs buccs super bowl
Nathan Vanek
Nathan Vanek 22 days ago
5:50, that was AWFUL! I felt sooo bad for the Bills but sooo happy for the Cardinals.
MNC Mxte
MNC Mxte 22 days ago
Mahomes tryed to a wr to cool
David Amuka
David Amuka 23 days ago
Repent Jesus loves u
Football Dude
Football Dude 23 days ago
In honor of Patrick Mahomes carrying his whole team lets give a moment of silence
Scott Young
Scott Young 23 days ago
You should of added steelers vs dolphins when the steelers ladder the ball to antonio brown and he stepped out of bounds
Lil Yeaaye
Lil Yeaaye 25 days ago
2:35 thats a typical falcons choke
Vi Lô
Vi Lô 25 days ago
Hunter Probst
Hunter Probst 26 days ago
The super bowl, the Chiefs O-Line sucked!
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 26 days ago
Mahomes has is more talented than Brady
Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins 26 days ago
3:53 “and the jets win” first time I’ve ever heard that
Mitch Graham
Mitch Graham 26 days ago
Alternate title: "In which Patrick Mahomes runs for his life for 13 minutes and 27 seconds"
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 28 days ago
My God I forgot how nasty McGee was. Proof 40 times mean nothing, 4.57 and you couldn't touch him
William Baumert
William Baumert 28 days ago
I really think teams should utilise lateral passes in normal situations, it opens so much room
jake Paul223
jake Paul223 28 days ago
Love your videos
Xx Von
Xx Von 29 days ago
rodgers and pat really different breeds
Shiloh Jenkins
Shiloh Jenkins 29 days ago
0:15 mahomes a god
BigFatKittyKat11 29 days ago
Andre Burns
Andre Burns 29 days ago
Me: 70 Yard Run Next play Qb: Throws a pick six
TH3G4M3R23 Month ago
awesome video but still think tuck rule shouldve been here
hasan furkan dinçer
kobewrld 999
kobewrld 999 Month ago
coulda jus showed every chiefs play in superbowl
Will Brewster
Will Brewster Month ago
you already know what plays gonna be on here ... yep first clip
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Month ago
you shoukd do ref interference
Mbeast ✔︎
Mbeast ✔︎ Month ago
sportsmanship? 0:48
RetroJetz Month ago
Will never forget that New Orleans vs Jacksonville ending. Definition of all for nothing @4:37
Jay jay
Jay jay Month ago
Let's go Bucs
geometric art
geometric art Month ago
8:47 #77 defensive tackle running like freight train. I felt bad for him after he crash and burns at 8:47. Gotta give him an A+ for effort. Sorry was there an actual play I was suppose to watch there? hahahaha 9:17 My man Hurts! He's one of the best rookies in the NFL
geometric art
geometric art Month ago
4:35 guess after the penalty call to repeat 3rd down he's thinking uh wait give me that ball back son! 5:18 even though he missed the punt the previous play was the kind everyone dreams about haha pure comedy.7:28 is the kind of call that just makes you sick to your stomach. ugh
geometric art
geometric art Month ago
1:05 Derek Bolles dude is known for this athleticism and one of the best left tackles anywhere.
Andy1_pro Games
Andy1_pro Games Month ago
Chase Month ago
You had no content to make you just wanted to use the Super Bowl clips
TheOfficialRO Month ago
That Hawks SuperBowl Moment still haunts us to this day...
Uncle Jacq
Uncle Jacq Month ago
Mahomes arm is a cheat code
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Month ago
You could have just shown nothing but Mahomes in the Super Bowl. :)
Lionheart GG
Lionheart GG Month ago
RIP Steve McNair
Yo Go
Yo Go Month ago
Damn All That For Nothing.
Steve Swanson
Steve Swanson Month ago
Do the most nooby booby
Christopher Jordan
11:49 - That wasn't for nothing, you got excellent field position out of that. Unless they turned the ball over somehow on a following play.
Carter Tor
Carter Tor Month ago
Cooper Athletics
These plays are cringe worthy
Ole Tlale
Ole Tlale Month ago
If he caught that, I believe that was the start of another amazing comeback
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