"NFL 2021" - A Bad Lip Reading 

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Feb 9, 2021




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Benij Is my name
Benij Is my name 9 hours ago
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 9 hours ago
Matt Ryan and Brady are always crowd pleasers! Lol.
Rebecca Pekrul
Rebecca Pekrul 9 hours ago
My favorite part of football season.. Y'all never disappoint
Studio 137
Studio 137 11 hours ago
Kole knoscopy, go ahead. My favorite one
barbara davidson
barbara davidson 13 hours ago
heres an idea: bad lip read old silent films ;)
MommyMonkers 16 hours ago
I didn’t want it to end. So good.
Melissa Faircloth
Melissa Faircloth 16 hours ago
The one yet!!!!
Mr Snowman
Mr Snowman 17 hours ago
1:07-1:12 and 1:40 to 1:43 lol
Everett Staley
Everett Staley 22 hours ago
Disappointed to see only one referee clip. Those are my favorite.
Strum 23 hours ago
6:49 I just realized how much Daniel Jones looks like Ash from Evil Dead. Very Bruce Campbell-esque.
"What are humans? We don't know." ...My understanding of other people in a nutshell.
Tony C
Tony C Day ago
They didn't do any player introductions on SNF this year.
anthony sulli
“Lost a quarter in my forskin” lol 😂 i
Wyatt Steinberger
Some of these seem like they are actually saying that and others are just rando
anagennao Day ago
Everyday I don't, is another day I didn't.
Jake Hennett
Jake Hennett Day ago
Jazz fingers
The Eradicator
“Heartbreak is like...ice on your naughty naughty.” I’m dead.
Captain Mad-Dog
6:32 You're welcome my friends.
At some points in the video I thought this was real
Penny and Louise
Street cat! Sponge clump! Glands! Bean money! Enema! Wooden shoelace! Tralalalala!
Sizzsoul Day ago
u can feel the wind man THE WIIIIIND
JC King
JC King Day ago
Just when I think BLR can't get any funnier...
D Money
D Money Day ago
6:09 the wrong side of mcyt twitter
The Bolt
The Bolt Day ago
"On a sc-" "Twelve, easy."
William Warren
Always enjoy the in huddle and sideline commentary. Song was a bonus! Gotta say did not enjoy the key and peele rip off :(
Ryan MmmThatsGoodChicken
“Obviously she was carrying assorted tools” 😂😂😂
Fred Weasley
Fred Weasley Day ago
You have to do Harry Potter
Heather Passariello
The NFL is the best!
Dë pøtãtø Përśøñ
The song like what the heck😂🤣
SamTheMan2 2 days ago
Lost a quarter in my foreskin
SamTheMan2 2 days ago
Brady the GOAT
Jason Nevel
Jason Nevel 2 days ago
Bryan P
Bryan P 2 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks these aren’t funny?
John79g 2 days ago
this is weird man
Chris Batt
Chris Batt 2 days ago
“Jazz Fingers” 😂😂😂
Millie Tant
Millie Tant 2 days ago
Crypted 2 days ago
"I collect exotic metals" - Drew Brees 2021
Steve O
Steve O 2 days ago
Fantastic! Lmfao
Noah Quesnelle
Noah Quesnelle 2 days ago
1:35 OMG LMAO😂😂😂😂😂
TheCymbalProject 2 days ago
This one was REALLY good.
"Lost a quarter in my foreskin." luls!
Jacob Frost
Jacob Frost 2 days ago
Josh Allen actually said that. Then he trucked some linebacker.
Sheeple Slayer
Sheeple Slayer 2 days ago
More biden gaffes please!
M 2 days ago
These never get old.
efont81 2 days ago
Eh I think my favorite part is EGG TODD ????
efont81 2 days ago
efont81 2 days ago
efont81 2 days ago
Evan Stein
Evan Stein 2 days ago
2:39 Lost a quarter in my foreskin LMAO
Jennifer Medeiros
"I collect exotic men", I'm dead!
Joren Combs
Joren Combs 2 days ago
2:44 - Remember last year, the Broncos were looking for a player with bat sense? Turned out the Patriots got him first... (NFL 2020 2:35)
Wonkyflonker 2 days ago
When are you going to do Bidens inauguration
sizlax 2 days ago
These dudes should totally do the editing for dubs, or video game cutscenes. A lot of the people that do those things for a living, can't seem to do them right. It makes no sense when it comes to video game cutscenes.. How do you not make the voices match the lips, when the dudes that do BLR, can put words in people's mouths that they weren't even speaking.
alexia duchesne
alexia duchesne 2 days ago
They need to make a whole song of it and put it on spotify lol
Riley Lockhart
Riley Lockhart 2 days ago
The wind the winddddddd
Steve Nash
Steve Nash 3 days ago
‘Lost a quarter in my Foreskin’ 😂😂
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia 3 days ago
More brilliance!
Jessica Stoviak
Jessica Stoviak 3 days ago
Omg the song 🤣👏🏽
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk 3 days ago
"Johnny Marvelous" sounds like a stripper name.
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 3 days ago
I have a feeling some of those names are gonna be fantasy football names next year
notsogood atgames
The best one so far
notsogood atgames
This is just beyond fire
notsogood atgames
This is just beyond fire
Doug 3 days ago
“Why’s there no rake up in here when I need it?” 🤣 You guys did it again! This was amazing.
Poweroose 87
Poweroose 87 3 days ago
Love the song at the end!!
Sɘth L
Sɘth L 3 days ago
Lost a quarter in my foreskin 👀
Saundra 777
Saundra 777 3 days ago
The guy who does this should get an Oscar. I laugh my ass off every damn time. You are really good at this please don't ever quit making these :-)
cnsobottka 3 days ago
More like, Buccaneers bad lip reading...
Espo 718
Espo 718 3 days ago
I don't know how you predicted NFL 2021 since it hasn't happened yet. These were all from the NFL 2020 season.
MatildaEatsBirds 3 days ago
Plot twist: They actually said these things
ParloTroppo - Francesca
Nobody: Katniss in Catching Fire: 4:18
Froggyonaloggy 3 days ago
Zekes “I’ll do anything you’re asking” lmfao
Slopoke 3 days ago
The wind, its the wind, the wwwinnd....lol
OxyKotic 2k
OxyKotic 2k 3 days ago
Jada Bear
Jada Bear 3 days ago
Do the magicians, it would be the perfect show for bad lip reading.
CupidStuntqq 3 days ago
"I lost a quarter in my foreskin" 2:39
Mark Strow
Mark Strow 3 days ago
5 out of 5. Will recommend!!
Luis Zavala
Luis Zavala 3 days ago
Governor Gucci😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well I guess we now know what Brady and Tyran were bitching about🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 3 days ago
0:27 *looks at my wrists* me too mate, me too.
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 3 days ago
Tom Brady is the only one who they use actual audio sound bytes from 😂
Brux 3 days ago
Lol what's with like 90% of NFL players looking uglier then sin xD
kobe O'Brien
kobe O'Brien 3 days ago
Eh-eh-e-e-e. Sorry I was Talking to a Bat. He's gone be Ohkay. 🤣🤣🤣💀
Tien1million 3 days ago
More people tuned in for this than the actual NFL.
Phillip Collins
Phillip Collins 3 days ago
That's guya are excellent 👏
justyn reid
justyn reid 4 days ago
Diagon2k 4 days ago
Tyrann Mathieu: "What does he do in the bathtub?" Got me 😂😂😂
pourspelang 4 days ago
1:00 - 1:03
Melissa Cottrell
Melissa Cottrell 4 days ago
I’ve seen all of these 8 times, and “how did Frank get the frittatas” is possibly the best like I’ve ever heard
Inked GearHead
Inked GearHead 4 days ago
Shy Lamar Slemps lmfao
Apple Jakks
Apple Jakks 4 days ago
These never disappoint me
U.S. Army Veteran
Honest rep of the soys playing these day. Not worth watching.
Courtney Sorrento
The Patrick Mahomes scream they show like 100 times tears me up as a Bills fan as it was the death knell of the AFC Championship game :(......
Garrison Klatt
Garrison Klatt 4 days ago
That song. That was great
IRL37 4 days ago
You guys outdone yourselves again! Amazing job
Anurag M
Anurag M 4 days ago
Risk is really risky.
TheCoffee fish5000
Egg todd egg todd it was you your going back to your home
Ryan Eglinton
Ryan Eglinton 4 days ago
How soft as charmin do you have to be to thumbs down this?
Ryan Eglinton
Ryan Eglinton 4 days ago
Tumor Stuff.... lmaoooooo
Got him 00
Got him 00 4 days ago
Love the song
Anthony Tadeo
Anthony Tadeo 4 days ago
I look forward to the nfl videos every year. Your best content for sure but I honestly hated that you added music to it this time. I guess that's just me though.
William Odle
William Odle 4 days ago
"I am one of those guys who all you have to do is laugh and I'll do whatever you want me to do."
William Odle
William Odle 4 days ago
Why would someone dislike the video?
lozzymagoo 4 days ago
4:19 "I have to survaave. Guess what? I'm pregneeent. I have to survaave!" 😂
Illuminate Music
Illuminate Music 4 days ago
The first Cam Newton Clip at 0:33 is probably what he actually said lmfao
Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards 4 days ago
But.....how DID Frank get a frittata? I must know!
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