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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


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Mar 25, 2021




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Comments 100   
Nathanboy98 4 hours ago
The tension he builds is just fantastic a true talent!
Sakiib Sarkar
Sakiib Sarkar 4 hours ago
CameronProductions 4 hours ago
jacob mcclure
jacob mcclure 4 hours ago
hell of a story
KING MAYHEM 5 hours ago
Incredible story telling skills. Thats why NF is a trail blazer...
Leah Komonash
Leah Komonash 5 hours ago
Jaw is dropped
shane and huevo
shane and huevo 5 hours ago
this is a master piece
Owen Graziano
Owen Graziano 5 hours ago
It’s amazing how much he’s able to get you to empathize with these characters in the span of five minutes. Amazing storytelling!
7 _
7 _ 5 hours ago
This music is always amazing it always amazes me on how he does this
niccosauruss 5 hours ago
Should i get the starbursts or the twix?
William Lauzon
William Lauzon 6 hours ago
he will tell the best bed time stories
William Lauzon
William Lauzon 6 hours ago
based on a true story....
Emma Harris
Emma Harris 6 hours ago
This is freaking awesome.
This username is already taken
This vid is just unreal bullshit
Irresponsible Ink
Irresponsible Ink 7 hours ago
The clock: *five minutes left* The ACT test administrator: 2:08
JohntehGman 7 hours ago
So the girl killed everyone LMAO
Just a useless human :/
One word: Damn.
tyson boxer
tyson boxer 8 hours ago
nf yep he is christen
Dalia Arroyo
Dalia Arroyo 10 hours ago
Arielle Jimera
Arielle Jimera 10 hours ago
London Rain
London Rain 10 hours ago
The girl is amazing.
Livia Davison
Livia Davison 11 hours ago
i feel like no one knows nate is christian
Green Banana
Green Banana 11 hours ago
Yeah I guess you can say it’s a bad day
iNutz 11 hours ago
*WHO'S THIS ON THE FLOOR? WHO'S THIS ON THE FLOOR?!* daaaamn goosebumps ngl. Im not the one right?
Conner 11 hours ago
NF make a song thats the NF version of the devil went down to Georgia! Like this so he sees it!
Romeo DeLeon
Romeo DeLeon 11 hours ago
I want to try and start a music career do you have any tips? I'm wondering because you're one of my inspirations
Katie Miller
Katie Miller 12 hours ago
I hope this makes it into a movie. You should make a movie where you’re the narrator, but instead of normally talking, just rap the whole story. That would be awesome. I would definitely watch.
BRIAN HATTERY 12 hours ago
When I listen to NF I sit through the whole ads because I know it gives him money so he can keep doing what he does.
Billy Newman
Billy Newman 12 hours ago
Emotionally fantastic!!!! Idk how many times I've seen this. But it's a shit ton.
『PiCKLE』๛ 12 hours ago
Its a goodnight song.
Chimmys Lover
Chimmys Lover 13 hours ago
First time watching this and I’m literally in study hall LMAO this song always puts me on the edge of my seat but ⟟ don’t want the other students to stare at me so I’m just vibin in my head
FZappaFan1 13 hours ago
Not dead today, but will be in twenty years from all of the unhealthy choices.
Killinklonez 13 hours ago
Make more of these pleaseeee
Fuerzaa. 13 hours ago
Lmao I didn't expect this song to be this intense my head is tilted and I forgot I'm about to drink my water the whole vid
ORYX 14 hours ago
Yes he is no swearing or cursed words he's a special person he is the best rapper Idc if he's Christian or anything all he wants to do is cure people and him self he's real he reminds me of the future me he is the 1 to cure he's not satanic or anything bad he's nate he has gone through alot all he's trying to say is that "don't end up like me I'm still fighting and I want to cure myself and others and yh I'm at war I need all you to be at home and stay safe".That's exactly what he is doing 😊😊😄😉
TSL Rhino
TSL Rhino 15 hours ago
He could be a good narrator
manon btl
manon btl 15 hours ago
Stepan 16 hours ago
Отличное описание видео с помощью слов. Напряженно! Сильно! Круто!
Hetecks 16 hours ago
Serously US-first, stop it I got a ad of this video after watching the video
Nebulia 16 hours ago
Damian Leavitt
Damian Leavitt 17 hours ago
Sorry bro but on the real this is the first song by you I didnt like still love your music just not this song
Damian Leavitt
Damian Leavitt 15 hours ago
@Struggling US-firstr problem is its levels lower than where he usually at 🤷‍♂️ no hate just bein real
Struggling Youtuber
Struggling Youtuber 15 hours ago
It's on another level
Miguel Macaya
Miguel Macaya 17 hours ago
he has to do more songs like this!!!!!!!!
Lee Khắc Nguyên
Lee Khắc Nguyên 17 hours ago
wow, the first time i hear a song like that. I can say i love it ♥
Banjo Patterson
Banjo Patterson 19 hours ago
If I was to go back a few years and share wisdom with myself, I would tell ‘me’ to listen to this tune... I wouldn’t have any problems with pimples, they would have popped themselves if this song existed!
Nurul Shanilza
Nurul Shanilza 20 hours ago
Why I'm crying? Nate.. you're just.. REAL ❤️
KAYZ 1 21 hour ago
Love nf but sorry 😢 brother this not the one
Yashdeep Singh
Yashdeep Singh 21 hour ago
Welcome to America kids🙂🙂
hearsay 21 hour ago
this is sooooooooooooo good
PUBG 21 hour ago
NF is faster than eminem
Darkaltrax smile
Darkaltrax smile 22 hours ago
When I realized the 2nd robber was the boyfriend that dabbled in realastate I was actually scared.
Connager 22 hours ago
Oh lord I wish I lived in a world where everybody raps when they talk
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 22 hours ago
1:40 I started listening to Clouds like yesterday or the day before, and got so impressed by the album. Especially this song that it's instense, and storytelling at it's finest.
Bintang Alkahfi
Bintang Alkahfi 23 hours ago
biggest plot twist ever.
jeremy Manning
jeremy Manning 23 hours ago
HOLY F*** .I was not ready for that.
Joel Marshall
Joel Marshall 23 hours ago
NF if you see this my fav song was Know. And now its this song you tell the story so well
Angel B
Angel B Day ago
I listened to this about 60 times allready
Anderson Le
Anderson Le Day ago
Getting chills when the robber pulls a gun, then I realize its NF
no one
no one Day ago
this is un real
Brittany Gale
Amazing. Just plain amazing.
fatma saggaf
fatma saggaf Day ago
And this is what we call a masterpiece
Shyrah Griffin
Yes 👍🏽
Nightly Reset
Is this a true story?
wølfire amabilia
this song and the video are both so emotional i love this so much
L K Day ago
PsychoC Toxify
Amazing story!
Suraj Pandiyan
Can we appreciate her lip sync at the end of the video on phone?
bloof hunder
bloof hunder Day ago
fucking amazing keep this shit up
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes Day ago
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes Day ago
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes Day ago
Aglicam aşırı mükemmel
Navad Apologetiks
The Letter o
The Letter o Day ago
I'm waiting for NF & Emienem to collab
NoCause Day ago
I don't think the two girls roommate relationship is going to survive after this.
Matthew Chandler
Welcome To War
Deb Henry
Deb Henry Day ago
how is there nearly 4 k dislikes on this masterpice
Andrew Baldwin
Is it me or she boyle"s ex wife from brooklyn nine nie
Clayton Ellington
Yo I got a felling that the 2nd robber is the boyfriend that was a realastate agent
Mike Sisson
Mike Sisson Day ago
Is it a true story
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I went to NF when he was at the Fillmore auditorium and then again at red rocks
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
I like the older stuff better, hope he doesn’t go mainstream...but the story telling was superb
Eminem did this 20 years ago. Nf is hardly breaking new ground. In fact, this "story" is extremely elementary.
@Nikki how would you possibly know how I look. Use your brain next time.
Nikki Day ago
Get out of here with your nonsense 😂 You look salty
kaan kaan
kaan kaan Day ago
Athea Appolus
Best song so clean
Michael Rodriguez
Keith Reeves
Keith Reeves Day ago
Holy f××k bro. Intense real as f××k. Thank you for the story.
Jonah Taylor
Jonah Taylor Day ago
She is the best acter
raSt Day ago
TüRkLeR kEnDiNi BeLlİ EtSiN aS bAyrAkLaRı qwe
Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross Day ago
Literally a masterpiece
David46 Day ago
"I got work to do i cant die today"
Macaiah Wendt
Producer: how much effort do you want to put into the video? Nf: sounds great ill take that one!
Irish dog
Irish dog Day ago
How did the other robber not question that they knew each other
lmSicKPaL Official
NF is so talented..... mans is a storyteller
lmSicKPaL Official
Moral of the story: Don’t buy cigarettes
Ryan Bidwell
Ryan Bidwell Day ago
I just realized she is at the far end of the far left isle before she starts crawling, then later she hits the can of soup and is at the same isle. Hmmm... where was she crawling then?
Mcmorp lol
Mcmorp lol Day ago
Jasper Dover
Jasper Dover Day ago
This song has always brought the emotions in me, what an amazing song and now seeing the video it just makes it that much better. Good job bro you're the goat!!
Kripa C.
Kripa C. Day ago
Unicorn 16
Unicorn 16 Day ago
LYRICS: Woke up in a bad place Should probably get up so I'm not late Stared at my phone for the past eight Minutes at nothing, my head aches Bottle's empty by the lampshade I'm out of Excedrin again, great Too early to tell, but at this rate I'm thinkin' this might be a bad day I walk out the bedroom, my roommate's Asleep on the couch with her two-faced Boyfriend who lives here, but don't pay A penny for rent, but he still stays She says he's broke, I'm like, "No way" Probably sells drugs, but she won't say Tell me he dabbles in real estate I mean I don't believe it, but okay Okay, pull out the driveway Notice my gas tank's on E again Well, of course it is Guess I probably should stop at the gas station So I take a right, pull up to the pump While it's pumpin', I look at my ashtray Then remember I need to get cigarettes (cigarettes) Anything that help my mindstate So, I park and walk inside, wait I should probably get somethin' to drink and eat, I guess So I find and grab a couple bags of chips Where's the candy aisle? Oh, yeah, here it is Which one should I get? Should I grab the Starburst or Change it up maybe grab the Twix? Mm, grab the Starburst and I started walkin' As I passed the garbage and I reach the fridge I hear someone yellin' at the front of the store Probably just a homeless guy getting bored Probably just a customer whose card didn't work And now he wants to start a war Man, I can't afford to Keep buyin' energy drinks every day, I shut the door Then turn around and as I'm headin' towards the counter With my drink, I hear, "Hey, open up the drawer" Crouching on the floor Peek around the aisle, gun is on the forehead Of the man that's behind the counter Now my heart is poundin' and I'm prayin' to the Lord I don't die today, I can't die today I got things to do, tryin' not to shake Plottin' my escape, where's my cellphone at? Left it in my car, icing on the cake I start crawling, I can hear him yellin' "I want every penny, I want every dime" (yeah) "Once you finish with the cash Open up the bag, throw some cigarettes inside" (yeah) "Which ones do you want? Which ones do you want?" "I'm not picky, give me any kind Give me all of 'em, yeah, just toss 'em in Keep it movin' though, I'm runnin' low on time And I'd advise you to move a little quicker Trust me, I don't wanna have to pull the trigger I done it before, it's not a pretty picture What, you don't believe me? I'm just playin' with you Well, no I'm not, no I'm not Just do what I say 'cause if you even think Of tryna pull a fast one on me, promise you'll be sorry Oh, my driver's callin', I can't miss my pickup" That's when I did somethin' stupid And my jacket knocked over a can of soup and then It got quiet, did he hear me movin'? Shh Hold my breath, he must've heard me do it, huh? I'm assumin' the noise must've made him turn his head enough To let the guy that was at gunpoint grab his own gun Now they both got weapons, maybe I should help him Sneak up, slow and deck him Time to go, time to go, time to go It's gon' be a bloody miracle Now or never, God, if I had any blessings Coming in my future, could you send 'em to my present? Peek around the edge, and I start runnin' at him He don't see me comin', does he? Steppin' closer Grab his neck and hold him, squeezin' on his throat I'm tryna choke him, then his elbow hits my nose and Think he broke it, I think he broke it My blood is leaking all over my clothes, I try Not to let go, but my hands begin to slip and bullets start to fly Can't see out my eyes Cashier still alive? I can't tell, I'm tryna crawl away, here comes another guy He runs inside, like, "Where's the money? Did you get the money? Where's the bag you brought?" (Ayy) "I don't know, I think it's still behind the counter Probably by the cashier I just shot" (ayy) "Who's this on the floor? Who's this on the floor? "I don't know, " "Well, did they call the cops?" He runs up to me, then he grabs my shoulder As he flips me over, then my jaw, it drops 'cause I thought his voice sounded real familiar He's got a mask on, but the shirt he's wearing Is the same one he had on this morning Staring in my eyes, I know he knows I know Embarrassed, he stands above me and says, "Sorry Aaron, but I don't have a choice", He holds the barrel up To my head, I scream, "You can't be serious" He shakes his head and says, "I'm sorry, " then the gun Cashier yells to ask if I'm okay, he's dialing 9-1-1 I run over to him, grab his phone and try to help him up "9-1-1, what's your emergency?" "There's been a robbery, the cashier was shot, he needs an ambulance He looks kinda pale, I think he might've lost a lot of blood" "Okay, help is on the way, anybody else been injured?" "Yeah, the robbers, there were two of 'em" "Can you tell me their condition? Are they still alive?" "Well, I'm not really sure, but they don't look so good I'm pretty sure they're dead Yeah, I think they're dead" "Alright, take a deep breath Everything's gonna be okay, you're gonna be alright"
ILUSI Music Day ago
Im serious rn, fucking had a goosebumb