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The future of Journey and PigNewton

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Apr 5, 2021




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Ladyfoxsfire THE AUDITTOR
Journey need some copper all goats do
Val Eaton
Val Eaton 8 days ago
Get a small goat that is nibbling on grass and leaves and maybe Journey will do the same . Also pick some bamboo leaves or other leaves and try to feed it to her while you are holding her. Journey needs an example like other baby goats do by copying other adult goats. Drinking only milk will make Journey constipated.
Mona Katz
Mona Katz 8 days ago
Lester, I have an 💡. Get a rubber thing, that is made for underneath furniture legs. Put on her shortest foot and it will serve as her foot, so it protects her sensitive side.
Janie Dressler
Janie Dressler 9 days ago
i hope Petunia dose not accidently lay on Journey just saying
Trellen Russey
Trellen Russey 9 days ago
I agree that Petunia isn't a real good issue...yes, she could trip over her and hurt her, and being deaf, wouldn't hear her...and she does need someone to play with, and Petunia doesn't play like that...No, you can't let her just be loose, car and truck issues, she's not going to be able to be around all the other littles...hmm it's a real problem...how about other places who rescue handicapped/disabeled babies, what do they do to provide a safe PLACE for someone like Journey?
Cocoa Boucher
Cocoa Boucher 11 days ago
So I watched a video with Jami staying all night in the nursery on journeys first night. It gave me a idea for possibly a short term or long term plan for her as an opinion/option... maybe journey can run the nursery with a constant flow of newborns. She seems to have a connection so far with newborns and feels safe. I know jami has been hatching eggs with Goldie alot recently, I just dont know if you guys can afford or are capable of having newborns by her side constantly.
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 11 days ago
I need HELP!! Lester or anyone in the Morrow family, I only have a small dog and the fleas are terrible, what do y’all do to keep fleas off your animals??
Gavin's Little Bit of Eveything
Lester some young grazing animals need the guidance of the others to learn what they should eat and how to eat it. I saw someone comment about a miniature goat being a good companion and I agree, Journey needs someone who can teach her how to be a goat.
WOW Pets
WOW Pets 11 days ago
My pig stays in the yard, she sleeps in the house by my bed...I got her fixed when she was a baby...
WOW Pets
WOW Pets 11 days ago
Animals are so special...I wonder how big your pig will get...my pet pig is 200 lb. Lol
Nother Toyou
Nother Toyou 12 days ago
A mini donkey or pony might be an idea. You wouldn't have to worry about parasites from another goat, but a donkey might provide protection for her.
tina allaway
tina allaway 12 days ago
Are you going to let z Journey grow her horns? Do they add weight to her little head?
Sharon Patrom
Sharon Patrom 12 days ago
Lester when you put journey with petunia that will be great . I want too ask what is going to stop her from getting in the pasture I love you guys I hope it will be a good thing
Margaret Kloppenburg
I think it would be good if you could get a female Pygmy goat to be a companion for Journey. Many others have suggested this. Just a thought!
Laura Amundson
Laura Amundson 13 days ago
It sounds like you're killing Newton by not feeding him fast enough in his opinion.
BELINDA WYMER 13 days ago
It's always good to plan ahead for your family, and I hope you include some "family planning " that includes having pig Newton neutered before introducing him into the pig herd! Or do you want to make him a breeding board hog?
Mary Torres
Mary Torres 13 days ago
I don't think it would be good to put them together in a way and another way it would so they both can together
Karen Walker
Karen Walker 13 days ago
Pleas ckan you doors a v ideeo ov the bols
Larissa True
Larissa True 13 days ago
I love listening to Pig Newton slurping his food. It’s so cute!!
Mim Allen
Mim Allen 13 days ago
What about a Border Collie to keep Journey company, at the same time her protector? It would be great for her immune system as well.
Jami Loy
Jami Loy 13 days ago
Aww I didn't know Petunia was blind and deaf. Bless her little heart. I think she's a pretty girl! 💘 Journey is a lot more curious and active than Petunia though. I know she has special needs but I think it would bore her so much if it was just her and Petunia for the most part. It would probably stress Petunia out if Journey was with her all the time too. I know you are much more knowledgeable about farm animals than me and I could be wrong but as a mom my intuition tells me that they are so different that it doesn't sit well I'm afraid. Journey loves interaction.
Wanda Wolfe
Wanda Wolfe 13 days ago
What kind of chicken Goldie ? If so one can tell me she’s so beautiful ☺️ thanks 😊 have a safely blessed day 👍🏻♥️❤️🐓
Karen Evans
Karen Evans 13 days ago
Ss so many others I am afraid Petunia would accidently hurt Journey.
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 14 days ago
Anyone else seen Newton eating the paint off the step
Debbie Lane
Debbie Lane 14 days ago
Where are the baby goats that were in the nursery with journey and Newton and the feathers, did I miss a video about that?
Cocoa Boucher
Cocoa Boucher 14 days ago
I dont think that would give her the best life she could have. I think she needs more interaction with animals or a companion for herself. Petunia isn't active at all and offers no social life for journey. Hopefully all of us who watch can think of a solution, I have faith we can.
Angie's Pantry
Angie's Pantry 14 days ago
Lisa Livori
Lisa Livori 14 days ago
Another baby goat would be good for Journey maybe.
Pbtheangel 14 days ago
Have you find the steve or adam other girlfriend
Elizabeth Kieffer
Elizabeth Kieffer 15 days ago
How wonderful a space you have made for Journey.
oat TYLER 15 days ago
Hey curious I know putting journey in the big pasture would be a no no but I live in New York my aunt has these micro goats if you looked for a bit I bet a runt doe would be a little gentler and possibly a perfect friend forever
voncile Johnson
voncile Johnson 15 days ago
I see her little horns coming through 🥰
Diane Spiva Herlihy
Lester I thought you were going to stop Journey’s horns from growing? NO! please rethink that! don’t put her with Trudy... for one Trudy will be boring she doesn’t move plus she is too big and she will hurt Journey if she lays on her etc. Journey would be better off with the Chickens at least they move around and wouldn’t hurt her. Sorry to say Lester but you and LE are wrong about this💜 Diane from California
Gary Strankman
Gary Strankman 15 days ago
As much a Journey needs to live her best life, pig Newton need to live his also, and that means wallowing and being with the other littles and having more space to roam
Joy Harmon
Joy Harmon 15 days ago
I like the idea for Journey's new home. Also, I think it's good that LE has his own podcast (can we still call it that? ). He has a different audience and a different viewpoint, so the sanctuary gets more exposure. I like to check in on it once in a while, too, just to see what he's doing around the farm.
KellyS1218 15 days ago
Journey needs a baby Pygmy goat friend that can grow up with her
irlena laurie
irlena laurie 15 days ago
Sorry, I think she might get trampled by Petunia. If possible, pair her with another goat. She needs stimulation-run around and play like goats do.
Jamma Beanz
Jamma Beanz 15 days ago
Lester, perhaps Journey needs to be shown how to 'goat'. Are there any small kids around she can hang out with to learn? Maybe open a daddy day care lol!
Linda Pollard
Linda Pollard 15 days ago
Erin S
Erin S 15 days ago
Just my opinion, if you put her with Petunia, it would be like a disabled kid being put with an old deaf and blind adult. To me that is not a quality life for her, that is more QUANTITY than QUALITY. I think she would get more enjoyment out of kids of any species of her age or younger. My opinion is rooted in my own life, I have an adult disabled daughter with mental and physical disabilities and she really enjoys company, I think she likes kids more because they are not really scared of her, but we know we could never place her in a long term facility with older people, it would literally kill her because lack of social interaction. Yes we know there are facilities for her age out there but they are far and few between. I say this from a caregiver prospective and healthcare professional (both me, my husband and her twin brother are nurses) so we see and know the reality of those places. This is just my 2 cents worth. I know Journey is an animal and not human, I am just very compassionate person and try to think or feel what they might be thinking. I love what you do and enjoy your videos even though some make me cry, lol ❤❤❤
DianaLWalker 15 days ago
My heart breaks for that little goat, she needs physical and mental stimulation and now her time will be spent with a lethargic pig who hates anything around her but food. I think she will get hurt by the pig unintentionally stepping on her or biting her over food. Isn’t there another solution to any of this? I hope I hear that you have changed your mind and come to a better solution for her sake.
Debbie Edwards
Debbie Edwards 15 days ago
I thought you said Journey couldn't be with the other animals because of immune system.
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown 16 days ago
I’m reading all the comments about Petunia laying on Journey. Journey is not blind and I feel is quick enough to move away. Also pigs usually spend time prepping their beds. Petunia could be the Journey. Prayers and Love to Team JP. Can’t wait to see the J&P Palace.
Mirja Wahlberg
Mirja Wahlberg 16 days ago
Journey needs to see other goats eat so she can learn 😊😊
Teresa Doty
Teresa Doty 16 days ago
Question is, I know Petunia wouldn't mean to, but what if they become snuggle buddies and Petunia plops down on Journey? I am sure you have already thought of this, I just had to ask.
Glam Goat
Glam Goat 16 days ago
Dont worry goat daddy. I've raised a lot of goats. Some of them just aren't ready for solid food until later. That stuff everyone tells you is more of a guide lines. Im sure your human kids didn't do everything at the same time. Neither do they goat kids. Goats do instinctively like to reach up to eat. If you can rig something you could put alfalfa in that she cant get caught in...
heart broken
heart broken 16 days ago
She might just be delayed in her feeding. Could you get her supplements? Maybe different fruits like a smoothie or something? They are so sweet. It will all work out guys. God always brings us what we need and He will provide a companion for Journey.
Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth Gomez 16 days ago
I just love them all ❤❤
Susan Hulett
Susan Hulett 16 days ago
Can you give her colostrum when you have new babies?
Mia Shipcott
Mia Shipcott 16 days ago
Lester, why not place Journey with a baby goat, and hopefully she can think like a goat? I like the porch idea, but of course you would need a baby gate so she does not fall down the steps. I think Petunia may be too startled and too aggressive to her. I know you’ll try it to see if it works out and be right there incase there’s an incident. You said you want to place Pig Newton with Pig Trudy. Will Pig Newton & Peggy Pig remember each other i wonder? It will be interesting to see!
Stephanie Sarli
Stephanie Sarli 16 days ago
Maybe adopt another special needs goat?
Jean Beyers
Jean Beyers 16 days ago
is Pig Newton eating paint?
Shsron Hill
Shsron Hill 16 days ago
I have done some research for you and goats if given vitamin D3 and zinc (same as humans) enhances their immune system. This might be part of an answer for Journey. Your can look it up also.
MamaEagleBear 16 days ago
I think when the other goats have there kids you need to put journey with them so they will be used to her! So they won't hurt her or get use to her!
Beverly Weaver
Beverly Weaver 16 days ago
I hope the rocks are not too rough on Journey. Those babies are so sweet and spoiled. Id put the food in a bowl before I go outside.
Wee Marie
Wee Marie 16 days ago
You can get large puppy pens that can be placed anywhere so in good weather days you could put it in the middle of the littles area, she could happily watch everyone then you will soon see who wants to be near and interact with her, let nature guide you 💓
Darlene Wilkins
Darlene Wilkins 16 days ago
Keep them together 😭😭😭😭
Cheryl Biss
Cheryl Biss 16 days ago
That is great For journey and pig Newton likes it to. I love how different animals bond.
Billie H
Billie H 16 days ago
Petunia loves Her beauty rest! 😆 Do you think making one of the new soon to be born baby goats Journey’s companion, be hard on Her? Pebbles and the others would indeed be too rough. If the baby grew up with Journey, would it be gentle with Her? I know you will make the best decision for Journey, She is well loved and taken care of. ❤️
lex johnson
lex johnson 16 days ago
Aren’t there lots of baby goats to be due soon? When they’re born she will probably be strong enough to join with them. I really do thing it would be better to find her a third buddy for when Pig Newton and her separate.
Howie 16 days ago
Clare 16 days ago
Journey is walking around so good, she has wooed my heart....xxx
Nicky S
Nicky S 16 days ago
Lester did Dr. Presley, say her digestive system can handle grass, scrubs and grains because of all her issues?
Robert Parlette
Robert Parlette 16 days ago
Lester instead of making the hole in the fence. why not add a fenced in area beside the backyard , giving the pig and Journey room to roam safely . so the area where the pig lives make the fence attach to the main fence but further down to the grass area. so if your having a lot of people over she would not be in the way. also if your walking around in bear feet then you wont have a higher chance of stepping into goat droppings.
Donna Furr
Donna Furr 16 days ago
I would worry that petunia would not get along with journey. She wouldn't know her situation. Possibly crush her.
Rachel LaPlante
Rachel LaPlante 16 days ago
Was pig Newton eating pain off the stairs?
Rachel LaPlante
Rachel LaPlante 16 days ago
Lester, I think Journey needs a smaller companion animal. Small area outside for Journey and pig Newton needs to be with his own kind. The sooner the better. It is going to be hard to separate them, but I’m sure Journey will adjust. She is just so sweet. I wish I had a suggestion but just worry about her. A handicap little goat is so sad, but you guys have done a marvelous job helping her live her best life. ❤️❤️ I’m sure whatever you decide to do will work fine.
TAMMI HARVEY 16 days ago
What a pair!! So cute. 💗🐐🐗💗 It will be quite an adjustment for Journey. I would be worried about sweet Petunia accidentally laying on Journey, and I wonder if there would be enough stimulation between the two of them to keep poor little Journey happy? Good luck with your decision and can't wait to see how it all works out.
Joey Brennan
Joey Brennan 16 days ago
I dont think Journey would live her best life with Petunia. She needs a companion, yes. However, she needs a goat or a fluffy buddy for socialization. Sorry Petunia isnt it.
Debbie Buxton
Debbie Buxton 16 days ago
A different direction but have you thought about de-budding her? It might affect her ability balance when she is trying to regain balance or what if she gets stuck in fence like Shirley used too. Really love all y'all's channels. Keep up your good work.
Jodie Young
Jodie Young 16 days ago
What about prosthetic hooves for her back legs, may give her the chance to be with the other littles. Been done with a number of other animals. See stories for Edgar's Mission in Australia
Rita Hubschen
Rita Hubschen 16 days ago
OMG is it that bad everyday ? That's crazy making, they are not that hungry they're all very chubby and are very well fed. It seems that Journey also has a strange goat sound ,that must also be part of her disability.
donna anstey
donna anstey 16 days ago
Journey is growing so fast 💖💗
Kim 16 days ago
It looks like Newton keeps eating paint chips. I hope I'm wrong but I've seen him picking at the bricks and now the stairs. It's toxic so please be careful. Hopefully Petunia will tolerate Journey. 😬 Hopefully it works out! Oh, and I was wondering if maybe Journey doesn't know to eat the greens? She hasn't been around other goats or get momma to learn from them. Wonder if that makes a difference.
Janey C
Janey C 16 days ago
I absolutely love the idea of Journey and Petunia together & the idea of opening up the side area of the pool so she can mix with you & the kids etc. I know a lot of people said to put her with the newly born goats, but that won't last forever, & personally, I feel she would become attached then they would go off again, but with Petunia, it would be a stable environment for her & one she would enjoy as she would be able to see everything going on. (Just my opinion)
Cheri Pickrell
Cheri Pickrell 16 days ago
It would be really nice if she could have a goat friend so they could help her be a goat. I know her immune system is not good. I just feels she needs friend closer to her type of animal
Sandi Smith
Sandi Smith 16 days ago
Oh Lester, I don't know about putting her with Petunia. You said Petunia can leave the area she's in but mostly chooses to stay where she is. Some of us gals just enjoy being alone. I know lil Journey needs a friend though. You guys are so wonderful💕
Peachy Life 420
Peachy Life 420 16 days ago
Can you get milk from a new momma for Journey ? Who ever the next goat to pop is. 🤜🤛🤟
Peachy Life 420
Peachy Life 420 16 days ago
Newton eating paint on the steps ? 🤟
Framma Zuleger
Framma Zuleger 16 days ago
Newton is eating paint :O
Mindy Cantrell
Mindy Cantrell 16 days ago
You can try blending up some hay and grain to mix with her milk. It's just a thought. They used to make bottles that were made for mixing foods with formula, but that was a long time ago.
Shelly Currier
Shelly Currier 16 days ago
Why not keep one of the baby goats to be her friend? Wouldn’t that be better?
Laurie Darrow
Laurie Darrow 16 days ago
Tara Mooy
Tara Mooy 16 days ago
Do you think that would still be close to the other goats with her immune system low?
sweetness697 16 days ago
Could you get a fake leg for journey? I have seen it happen, would be awesome!
Cecelia Deem
Cecelia Deem 16 days ago
How can I ever believe I would know better than You how to care for them! No advise only love!
Paul Hellewell
Paul Hellewell 16 days ago
Both rabbits and Petunia, good ideas. Petunia has a keen sense of smell and I'm pretty sure when she becomes aware of Journey and her needs, will be smart enough to compensate, she is a pig after all, and she might benefit with a gentle companion. I'm thinking once they get use to each other, they'll both make considerations for one another, both are smart.
jinjin0135 16 days ago
I love these babies so much. Journey's voice and Pig Newton's hollering make me laugh so much! I do need to see Pig Trudy more tho! She needs to be a part of everything! Has she met Pig Newton yet?
Jamilah Munkayilar
Jamilah Munkayilar 16 days ago
aww tow sweet baby 😘😘
Jamilah Munkayilar
Jamilah Munkayilar 16 days ago
Tammie Beal
Tammie Beal 16 days ago
Those two are so sweet together. I love when true friendships come together no matter the differences. People need to learn from animals. 💕
Sandra Ridley
Sandra Ridley 16 days ago
I think putting Journey in with Petunia is a GREAT idea for both of them. Thanks for loving them so much.
Chris Colorado
Chris Colorado 16 days ago
Ok I been keepn quiet but nows the time to speak up and be an advocate for Journeys well being. This second class citizen stuff were ur housing her with Putuna will end up with her being used as a pillow or she will eat her for a snack. Move Journey inside. LEs room is perfect. He will be fine if he loves her. She also needs a full time therapist. She also needs another newborn pig to replace Newton and a replacement every other month when they get to big. The littles are going to have to move to some other pasture because Journey needs that one. Its also time for a Full time vet for anything that may arise. You and Jaime should consider working part time so that you can spend more time with her. She looks to be a little depressed so I would look unto what meds she will need. You should hire an architect now to build her a new House/Barn with ramps and exersize eguiptment and entertainment room/spa asap. I hear amazing things about acupuncture please look into it. She will need some time off also. Like vacations. The swiss alps or a cruise. Mabe Italy. You get the idea. Nothing is to much for her. Im just kidding. Lol
Linda Moore
Linda Moore 16 days ago
I don't think that Petunia would be a good companion for an active little goat. All Petunia does is sleep and eat. She is very protective with her food too. Journey needs someone who eats the grain and grass/leaves/plants. Another small goat or big rabbits. Get a couple of big female rabbits. I know some breeds get nice size. We had California's for our daughter. So sweet. Please do some more thinking and talk to the vet as well for her opinion
Lori Pasqualino
Lori Pasqualino 16 days ago
Petunia might give her a parasite
Kim Mccanless
Kim Mccanless 16 days ago
Thank you Lester for being a great animal lover. You care so much for all of your babies. I enjoy watching all of your videos. I feel that Petunia isnt going to be such a great companion considering she is not that active. Petunia likes being alone and sleeps fo the most part of the day. Journey needs someone to interact with. Run, jump and play with. Please rethink this Lester. Im sure in the end y'all will do whats best. Love y'all so much 🌹💯😎
Lori Pasqualino
Lori Pasqualino 16 days ago
Aren't pugs germy?
Margaret LeBoeuf
Margaret LeBoeuf 16 days ago
My concern about Petunia is that she may not provide much socialization for Journey, may not be able to tolerate, or unintentionally hurt her. The ideas about considering rabbits 🐇, a small goat,
Margaret LeBoeuf
Margaret LeBoeuf 16 days ago
Oops... didn't get to finish... another small goat 🐐 sound like better options.
Karen Hall
Karen Hall 16 days ago
Yea that sounds like a real good ideal ,petunia needs someone to. I love that ideal hope it works for them ,wow journey is growing like a weed.shes still so cute.keep up the great work y'all are doing for all the animal's.
The Twin Tornados
The Twin Tornados 16 days ago