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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
yunglovekid 2 hours ago
If you pay attention to all the scenes with the black woman and the husband they have kind of an odd relationship I wonder if they were hinting that that was the real affair...?
trina pavur
trina pavur 4 hours ago
It's so strange, disturbing and just 🤢! From what I remember of the ending, it seemed like Grace left the mental facility dressed like what's her face. I'm just not going to stress, too much to unwind with this whole mess, going right in the trash!
Roj Gorritxa
Roj Gorritxa 5 hours ago
i just want to know where you got that top
Beck A
Beck A 5 hours ago
This movie would've been bad either way, but could they not do some color coding or something to distinguish between fantasy and reality? Like damn, there is a difference between vagueness so the audience can theorize and vagueness that just makes the audience confused.
Sarah Dorvil
Sarah Dorvil 6 hours ago
Even if they were trying to portray a "mommy dom/little girl" dynamic, they did it so absolutely horribly. That's not at all realistic, it's just watered-down pedo. Like, there are guidelines & rules & boundaries. They just pulled a 50 shades but for CGL
Phyrric Spirit
Phyrric Spirit 7 hours ago
Would have made way more sense if when they were talking about Mary’s mental issues, that grace never existed. But nope.
Phyrric Spirit
Phyrric Spirit 7 hours ago
I feel like they tried to take orphan and ramp it up but went about it the entirely wrong way.
Dreazy 12 hours ago
At this Mary not only sees Grace as a sort of daughter figure but also a sexual partner ANDDDD herself 🤨
sam singh
sam singh 18 hours ago
Kennie's eyeshadow and face in general, is immaculate
JahLeesa King
JahLeesa King 22 hours ago
I have got to watch this
Lalaso Day ago
you should revieww eartquake bird, i'll never stop asking for it, also the new japanese movie Ride or Die
_melanin bby_
This movie seems really disturbing and stupid.....I'm going to watch it
This video made me laugh so much. I'm glad I got to see the abbreviated version of the movie here and not have to actually sit through the whole thing - BECAUSE I WOULD - and I would regret it terribly
Shan non
Shan non Day ago
Lmaoooo Why are you not in test audiences b4 they release this crap /dead/
L W Day ago
Gross! 🤮 This reminded me of my suspect Mormon foster grandma lol she was a weird woman like that. Using her grandma-like persona to get closer to little kids. Now she has cancer, God is waiting for her.
Aneesah GIlbert
I was also grossed out because the actresses looked similar.
Angelica Sueiro
“I’m dead, what the fuck? I can’t read!!” 😂😂😂😂
madi5286 2 days ago
Mary doesnt have a second personality - the weord strut walk was bc it was grace in a wig! This movie thought enough twists might give the illusion of a plot Edit: confirmed by the ending - she killed mary and stole her clothes when mary visited so she could escape. She didnt have the wig this time so she wrapped her hair in a scarf.
Meshalab _
Meshalab _ 2 days ago
It really upsets me how they try to explain- characters crazyness- by them having DID (dissociative identity disorder). Which only further stigmitizes the disorder :| Like- people with DID don't have evil/killer alters, that isn't a thing. Some are maybe more aggressive then others but they aren't killers. Systems are some of the last people that would do anything like that! DID is formed from severe childhood trauma, they more often then not avoid situations like this. Oh my gOd, this actually pisses me off. It does get things correct, but it also severely gets things wrong and it's actually damaging to individuals with DID or other Disassociative disorders. Like can media please PLEASE stop painting people with DID or OOSD as crazy people with killer/phyco alters :| it's- terrible,
RoyalD 2 days ago
You are hilarious lol "tells black friend"
RoyalD 2 days ago
The film was totally garbage
NightTiger 20
NightTiger 20 2 days ago
Instead of being deadly illusions it should be lesbian illusions,🤣🤣🤣🤣
Krazy Banshee
Krazy Banshee 3 days ago
Gods you’re so pretty
E R 3 days ago
“I’m a different person when I write...” Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about this movie. And yeah, I love how she just hired a nanny and didn’t fill out a single piece of paperwork
Lucia! 3 days ago
Dang Charlotte rlly let herself go
Shiloh Lily
Shiloh Lily 3 days ago
Yessssss, thank you for making this! I watched that movie and as a pan girl, I was like "wait, the MOTHER is going to have a crush on the babysitter? That's such a neat twist compared to every other movie like this" then things just got really fucking weird. Especially the part in the gym where the mom is talking to her friend about how she could probably convince this girl to be her sex slave, like sure, take advantage of a young, lonely girl who sees you as family thats cool. HOWEVER, I want to commend them on the ending. The fact that Mary felt like she had a responsibility towards this girl, after everything that happened, and wanted to keep visiting her and checking up on her progress could be quite sweet as long as it has nothing to do with her "inexplicable grip" on mary.
Katelyn Cox
Katelyn Cox 3 days ago
We rlly need straight men to stop writing anything tbh
Artistically 4 days ago
On top of this shoddy attempt at representation, can we also stop the clique of a horror/mystery movie protagonist being a horror/mystery author? I swear if I see one more protagonist author who is writing a book in the same genre of the movie, I'm going to throw myself out a window.
루 lou
루 lou 4 days ago
I think this movie has been misinterpreted. None of it is real. She's writing her novel. This is why at the end her family is happy and healthy, no signs of what had happened. It's all in her head. Grace isn't real, Margaret isn't real, Elaine isn't real. The one's who are experiencing the blurring of the lines between reality and fiction are the audience, us. I definitely think it could've been better with much better acting in some ways but it was quite interesting and I enjoy the idea.
Andreya Matthew
Andreya Matthew 4 days ago
This was a bad idea to watch this video... because I'm at work and I cannot bust out laughing like I need to🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Andreya Matthew
Andreya Matthew 4 days ago
para semear
para semear 4 days ago
I guess they were aiming to paedophiles, because the storyline is this, "a girl like woman" just because they can't use a child; a grown up who is attracted to a "child" who is a master seductress out of nothing " blaming of the younger one, at same time grooming her. This is about paedophilia, victim blaming, and exempting paedophiles. Normalizing paedophilia
yuna iona
yuna iona 4 days ago
This whole movie looks and sounds like an awkward lesbian mashup of The Crush and The Babysitter
sen sational
sen sational 4 days ago
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 4 days ago
Watch it recently and It was so bad that I had to Google some explanation to understand wtf I just watched 😅 Completely lost it when the husband said "sorry, she seduced me, I'm sorry, believe me" and the wife was just like "ok babe" and they actually stayed together 😭
RedDeadBandit000 4 days ago
Grace is Harvey Dent
fashionspeaks Ha
fashionspeaks Ha 5 days ago
Binging this on a Thursday after a stressful day at work lol let’s go
Wine Is For The Soul
"We're driving off the Grand Canyon, I have questions." 😂
sofiazv 5 days ago
how the actual hell did this movie manage to be offensive against people of color, lesbians, women AND people with DID at the same time???
Martina 5 days ago
And can we talk about how long i have taken to recognize the sex in the city lady? I was debating whit myself until like second act of the movie
Martina 5 days ago
I simply cannot deal whit all the "plots" of this movie because neither of them makes sense!!!!!!!!!! I hated so bad
Emily Anne
Emily Anne 5 days ago
I've been subscribed to Kennie for well over a year and I still get knocked over by her comedy chops every ten seconds, she's so good 👏
Deb Trethewey-TerVree
I think her friend plays the character Vee (not sure that's correct spelling) on the show Shameless.
Goky Nod
Goky Nod 5 days ago
the over sexualizing of the poor little girl also short skirts 🤡 disgusting
Sigrid Arnegaard
Sigrid Arnegaard 5 days ago
pastel strawberry
Dominique Does Life
I've been low key calling this movie “Desperate Illusions” in my head, throughout this entire video.
Somlin 5 days ago
I'm all for sexual liberation and breaking down the taboos of it, but sometimes,,,, i can't help but feel like every American movie HAS to have sex or like rely on it for an audience which sucks........
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. 5 days ago
This is a great time 🤣🤣 'big budget lifetime movie' GEEEEZ
Orion Cornelius
Orion Cornelius 6 days ago
Who's watching the kids when both parents are kissing the nanny though
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Just like to inform you "Split personalities" is an extremely outdated term (30 years outdated) and isn't used anymore. The correct and official name is DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).
Maricela Sophia
Maricela Sophia 6 days ago
Why did the lady who played Grace remind me of the girl from Teeth? 🤣 this had me looking at her so many times that I still don’t know if these are different actors
TJ Jones
TJ Jones 6 days ago
But, did anybody make the song?? I need a "Killer Bitch," too.
Zacchea Torres
Zacchea Torres 6 days ago
i’m still waiting for the ‘killer bitch’ song 🙄
Disturbing Bliss
Disturbing Bliss 6 days ago
The brunette is one of my most hated actors she can't act
ivy maina
ivy maina 6 days ago
Please do THE OLD GUARD....it's a Charlize Therone movie...
kayla vibess
kayla vibess 6 days ago
This shit was trash 💀💀✌🏽✌🏽acting was about mediocre as hell, and at times, just plain *BAD* 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️...
lillian Mcmorre
lillian Mcmorre 6 days ago
14:23 omg it V
cassidy dao
cassidy dao 6 days ago
Love your weekly uploads. You should do a review on early 2000’s horror/suspense flick Swim Fan.
Aren Yeager
Aren Yeager 6 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Grace's "backstory" was actually based off of something that took place in real life and they just plopped it into there? Isn't that kinda disrespectful tho? Like I'm pretty it's traumatizing having your parents starve you and chain you onto beds and then to have somebody give a character that same backstory for no absolute reason is kinda weird. Am I wrong? I mean I never went through the experience but isn't it weird?
Moon Girl
Moon Girl 6 days ago
Ooohhh noo the husband is Dermot Mulroney what happenend to him that he ended up here?
mddskat 6 days ago
I should’ve have watched this at work I’m laughing so hard
Kamekukushi no Monogatari
Errr have you been bleaching your skin or is this the lighting??
Erica Whitney
Erica Whitney 7 days ago
Ok but why do they got so many people from shameless???
Gerg Guy
Gerg Guy 7 days ago
I just want to know real quick no one can like “seduce you“ either you were going to do some thing under the right circumstances or you weren’t going to do some thing like for instance I saw a guy at a club and I thought he was cute and I told myself yeah but I’m not gonna do anything with him because like he’s not my type he’s cute but like he’s not my type and he was like really nice and like he did everything right and like stillI ended up not going home that situation to some people might be like impossible to think of but like it can’t happen it’s just that people love to make excuses for their actions
Gerg Guy
Gerg Guy 7 days ago
Ahhh ... hearing vanillas talking about the lovely world of littles and M & D doms
Katelynn Sibert
Katelynn Sibert 7 days ago
In the end I thought it meant grace killed her and left the mental place as her cause I thought it was grace dressed up as her going to kill Elaine
Katelynn Sibert
Katelynn Sibert 7 days ago
her is Mary 🤣🤣
Caylee S. Kern
Caylee S. Kern 7 days ago
This movie honestly seems like a mommy-dom/little girl dynamic. Idk that's the vibe I'm getting but the way the movie does it, it's VERY predatorial and just...overall creepy lmao. Ig it's mostly the age gap and the fact that it's a boss/worker dynamic too. Like I'm in a ddlg relationship, but my bf and I are a year apart (I'm 17 he's 18) but still this whole relationship is weird
Rose Berry
Rose Berry 7 days ago
they really made a entire film based on mommy kink hm
Butter Bubbles 2.0
Let’s 👏🏻 stop 👏🏻 stigmatizing 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 mental 👏🏻 disorder 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 movie 👏🏻 industry 👏🏻 knows 👏🏻 fûck 👏🏻 all 👏🏻 about.
Megan Blevins
Megan Blevins 7 days ago
my husband has DID and we are both so tired of the ~it was my evil personality all along~ trope, when will it end 😭
Ms Nkosi
Ms Nkosi 7 days ago
Just saw said black friend and immediately thought of shameless
rawr 7 days ago
i honestly thought it was flat out bad lmao
Linda Zantsi
Linda Zantsi 7 days ago
Omg I've missed this Chanel likr when last were you recommended to me☺️🖤
Seoulsista 7 days ago
I’m so glad u watched this. I was about to recommend it to you!!
aj 7 days ago
Netflix loves giving their money to lackluster productions. this movie was so bad. I was waiting for it to pick up but an hour into the 1hr30m movie there was still nothing to reveal. and then the conclusion made no sense! I don't even pay for Netflix but I want my money back.
Sarah medouni
Sarah medouni 7 days ago
came in and gave a like straight way because i've been fooled into watching half this movie
Ruby 7 days ago
This film could have been barable if it wasn't for the second half of it
Mel H
Mel H 7 days ago
For being the babysitter it sure seems Grace spent a lot of time alone with one of the parents 🤔 is the TV watching the baby??
Justcallmeandy 7 days ago
I hate it when sapphic women are portrayed as predatory in the media. It can happen irl but yikes
Justcallmeandy 7 days ago
@bea likes lasagna Right!!!
bea likes lasagna
this. why cant wlw relationships be portrayed similar to regular heterosexual relationships? its always related to predators, horror or they’re just straight up psychopaths
Justcallmeandy 7 days ago
Watching the movie w popcorn:
Justcallmeandy 7 days ago
"Disclamer: Ew" 😭
Michelle M
Michelle M 7 days ago
this plot is so overdone
flora 8 days ago
I thought this movie would be interesting by reading the plot, but I was so disappointed. Such a bad movie, sadly.
April Pineda
April Pineda 8 days ago
its 2021 and we are still romanticizing predatory behavior uh ???
hope kook
hope kook 8 days ago
i dont think its mary leaving the hospital but grace.
Finah D.
Finah D. 8 days ago
You look so pretty 😍
hey nae!
hey nae! 8 days ago
20:18 Why does that feel less "seductive and scandalous" and more "nightmare a mother has about her child who is leeching off of her and refuses to go to college"?
Micah Guillemette
One of my friends is schizophrenic and she can only be Like slightly dangerous when she gets angry i think. The only time i was made aware of it happening while i've known her(for like 8 years or something) was when a teacher said something super homophobic and offensive so she punched him. I congratulated her lmao. Otherwise she's a bit odd at times but not dangerous at all. Movies seriously need to stop thinking everyone with a mental condition is dangerous.(its not an illness because you cant cure it, fuck off)
bitume 8 days ago
This shit is horrible. This is just like the move "split", so disrespectful to people with dissociative personality disorder...
Cherub 8 days ago
What was the motive?
Yas 8 days ago
It’s kind a like Netflix takes these ideas and does the complete opposite when they make the movies like they represented this dynamic so terribly it only fuels stereotypes and its awful! They did the same for cuties, the fact that they came out with a disgustingly over sexualized movie poster promoting it as the exact OPPOSITE of what the director was trying to portray.
miss thang
miss thang 8 days ago
ZimboCapetonian 8 days ago
Sis said gold paint on a turd👀
idk lmao
idk lmao 8 days ago
funny video but ps split personality (DID) isn't hereditary
sher Ly
sher Ly 8 days ago
It was boring and weird i didn't finish it
Mini Mew
Mini Mew 8 days ago
Alexandria Heitzenroeder
I feel like when using mental illnesses generally, there should be a balance. Like they all have it or, they show the person getting better, maybe use not so negative ways to explain or demonstrate the disorder. Just some ideas
Karina R
Karina R 8 days ago
ur beautiful, i love ur makeup, and ur take on things
Merci 8 days ago
Girl I had to put the bell on because I haven’t had your videos recommended in a while and I just noticed that the hole in my life was missing you 😭 love you bestie 💕
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