NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes 

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Feb 22, 2021




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E 33 minutes ago
Until someone figures out how to evolve defense to counteract all this offensive power. Most defenses still only have particular roles or putting particular guys against certain guys. Offense has no position but defense still does. Until it becomes natural for big men to switch onto point guards on the perimeter and for 6'3-6'4 guards to protect the paint. What would you expect defenses to do? There's new moves coming out on the regular and its ridiculous. Entirely new offensive schemes are built every year to accommodate a teams top players style of play. The roles in Denver's system aren't the Roles in LAL's system and they aren't the same as Boston's system or San Antonio's system. Meanwhile, most defenses still play with the same general philosophy, with Utah being the only team really suited to playing that basic philosophy well. No free layups, no wide open 3s. It's rare for teams to build their defensive philosophy around the guys they have, and its why most defenses don't even come close to attempting to stop teams from scoring.
Jay Ayers
Jay Ayers Hour ago
6:10 Dude I could've told yall that Steph Curry was the reason for the offensive explosion. After the 2nd championship teams became privy to his style of play (shoot em up 3s). They began studying how to increase the percentage to not only make those shots but considered the odds of a 3 first offensive winning games. Watching the NBA now and you can see that the game has totally changed from 10 years ago.
munkhammar 2 hours ago
That is why MJ is the GOAT 🐐
Timothy Tapales
Timothy Tapales 2 hours ago
Joe Ingles pun got me. I almost spit out my breakfast cereal. 😭
kingbanksss 2 hours ago
You forgot to mention the main fact tho. PLAYING DEFENSE IS A FOUL NOW
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 2 hours ago
I had no clue how much the game changed until you showed that Jason Terry shot the most threes on average with 2.2
Mohammed Jahan
Mohammed Jahan 3 hours ago
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David Tardy
David Tardy 3 hours ago
I’ve been saying this for the past couple years
john john
john john 3 hours ago
That is such a dumb comparison. If you think Tony Parker of all people would average 25 ur dead ass wrong. Comparing guards of that era and saying that tony Parker would average as many points as the fourth highest scoring guard tells me that this man should never talk analytics. There is so much to compare than just simply the positions of guards. For example, in the era of tony, big man and bigger forwards were considered to be the best scoring options. The reason being there was much more talented big men than there were guards. Now it’s the complete opposite. The talent level of guards is miles higher than the big man position. If you seriously think the Parker’s talent is near the level of Westbrook’s, young’s or walker, then ur simply wrong. How do I know this? Well, if he did he would have revolutionized the game earlier than curry. The fact that curry is the first person for a three point specialist to be a primary option in a championship caliber team already speaks volumes. This guy needs to know how to properly compare between two controls.
Joe Bacho
Joe Bacho 3 hours ago
Let's be real, Pop ain't letting Tony Parker shoot that many threes
senni bgon
senni bgon 2 hours ago
To hell with defence now a today. Points more points. Change the rules for more points
Paul Cogliano
Paul Cogliano 3 hours ago
Pistol might of been great in this era remember he shot it from 30 when it was worth 2. He was career 67% from 3pt range but they only had 3's his last season.
Paul Cogliano
Paul Cogliano 3 hours ago
You are an idiot Tony Parker retired less than 2 years ago he could not shoot he was super selective on this threes that's why the % was high.
Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner 3 hours ago
no defense anymo
Sosa Brito
Sosa Brito 3 hours ago
Malcolm Carter
Malcolm Carter 4 hours ago
Just got to change the rules back to help defense, but nobody really wants to see that, do they?
shabazz360 4 hours ago
Well here’s the thing. The scoring boom hasn’t extended to the playoffs, they call it more physically in the playoffs.
Jerry Cole
Jerry Cole 4 hours ago
Players are on average more skilled today than in previous years, thats just it, there's a higher ceiling offensively than there is defensively
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Harden started it
Stetson 4 hours ago
No one plays defense in todays game at all...the few teams that do....ESPN and all the media is bashing them for it....they have a commis in Adam Silver who has did everything he can think of to make it almost impossible to play defense by making the game a total finesse game instead of a physical game......its a league today like Pro Wrestling...it all looks fake...and the constant flopping is pathetic....its a joke.....the marque player in the league Lebron also has spent his career being the biggest cry baby and biggest flopper in league history and Adam Silver has embraced the flop and he has embraced everything that punishes players who play defense at all. The game sucks today...its not a sport like it was when I was younger......its an embarrassment to the players of the 1950's through the 1990's....and you kids will never known because you wasnt born when things were real and not rigged.......what a bunch of idiots in todays game......they also make far more money like I mean its crazy and yet they cry and talk about living in poverty like slaves.....they are all a joke....nothing about todays game is an improvement.....get an education on the history of the sport and why it became popular to begin with....all your doing is supporting a joke in Adam Silver who destroyed the league with his rule changes and made it a laughing stock that it is.....your just a kid by your voice who doesnt know.....but you can learn and then you will know why the ratings are down...its not just politics that dont belong in sports being there it is because the league sucks today compared to anytime ever in the past
RTz fusion
RTz fusion 5 hours ago
That giannis clip 😂😂
da ra
da ra 5 hours ago
Who would of thought that if you make rules to take defensive out of the game the offense would go up
Wong Joman
Wong Joman 5 hours ago
Yeah...steph made 3s the new "dunking"......but MJ can do 3s too.... 😅 #mj #GOAT #mjgoat
idan liberman
idan liberman 5 hours ago
11:23 דני אבדיה אינעל העולם
A_BruhMan 5 hours ago
The NBA don’t like defense anymore, everything is a foul. I honestly hate
Daniel Oceans
Daniel Oceans 6 hours ago
To hell with defence now a today. Points more points. Change the rules for more points
Ryujin Kin
Ryujin Kin 6 hours ago
Mario Colosimo
Mario Colosimo 6 hours ago
mj could have averaged at least 30 a game maybe even 35
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas 4 hours ago
He averaged 37 in his best season. I bet he could put 40-45 today if he wanted, but would probably avergae something like 39 PPG 11 RPG 11 APG
Anyelo Lopez
Anyelo Lopez 7 hours ago
Scoring is very important but in an era where everyone can score at a high level, defense sets the good teams apart from the bad teams
Jad Mallouhi
Jad Mallouhi 7 hours ago
What would happen if MJ existed in todays nba
Anyelo Lopez
Anyelo Lopez 7 hours ago
The Miami Heat actually started positionless basketball
TheGonzo 7 hours ago
Jordan and Kobe would be averaging 45+. Shoot, Kobe averaged 35 PPG in a time when defense was crazy good and not many 3s were taken. Thank you for this video. I'm only in my 20s but I've been watching the NBA since 1998 or so. I preferred the style from back then. The numbers that players put up these days just aren't as impressive as they look on paper because defense is virtually non-existent. It kind of sucks seeing more 3s than 2s chucked up.
THAT'S A BAR 7 hours ago
You forgot to mention one key factor. 14 second shot clock reset rule
2021 : cant get your 3P to fall?.....NP!! just kick your leg out
Gunnar Carlson
Gunnar Carlson 8 hours ago
Imagine adjusting Jordan’s year where he averaged 37 ppg to today’s era😳
Vincent Gasparri
Vincent Gasparri 8 hours ago
I believe that guys like Kobe AI Vince and Tmac could average 40 in today’s game. They were so much more skilled than players today. Nobody plays defense anymore now.
AlexPotatoBaker 8 hours ago
darragh O
darragh O 8 hours ago
So how come the offensive rating has only gone up by 4 in the last 15 years yet pace has taken more than a 10% increase in that time. Given that analytics has teams taking more threes I believe that can alot for the increase in offensive rating so therefore the increase in scoring must be due to the increase in pace of play right???
acortez25 8 hours ago
Great video, super in depth. I do think the foul calling/reffing plays a much larger role in this evolution of the game and scoring. It would be good to see the average Free throw attempts from players in previous era to now and how that factors into the scoring increase.
Aw hell yea brother
You have a good point. The amount of Isos and post ups you used to see from no name players in the 90s was astounding. Nowadays you don't do that unless you're Kawhi, Durant, Embiid or Jokic
Aw hell yea brother
space, physicality, pace, in that order
akira ._.
akira ._. 9 hours ago
the league has to adjust the rules to make defense more physical, it's impossible to defend highly skilled players without touching them
Stefan Friesen
Stefan Friesen 9 hours ago
Tautology galore
Jake Hendricks
Jake Hendricks 10 hours ago
I’ll save you 20 minutes. You can’t touch anyone on defense and half the league doesn’t play defense
MarkOchoa 10 hours ago
Love the content but I don’t watch the NBA anymore or hoop anymore too many ball hogs these days
Sham God
Sham God 10 hours ago
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TP3HQ 10 hours ago
The pace is insane, most teams shoot under 7 seconds each possession and the NBA has completely changed the rules in the past 20 years. It’s an offensive game now, made almost impossible to play defense
TP3HQ 10 hours ago
And the defensive effort is horrible, even if the skill level has gone up the mental IQ has definitely dropped severely if you watch a Game you’ll see the same pick and roll be successful three times in a row with no defensive change
Tom Custis
Tom Custis 10 hours ago
Gd offence = shooting 3s now, players are better at that but any skill in the post or from midrange is gone from the league
JROB447 10 hours ago
The answer is PACE, look at the numbers in the 60s and 70s
G. Zeigler
G. Zeigler 11 hours ago
Defense is terrible due in part to players don’t the chances of their egos getting hurt, humiliated or posted all over SOCIAL MEDIA. Basically a lack of effort on the defensive side.
Aidan Bruns
Aidan Bruns 11 hours ago
i will not take the giannis slander jimmy
Walker Borba
Walker Borba 11 hours ago
And Lebrons been there for it all
S P 11 hours ago
Even as a kid, I wondered why teams didn't play the way they do today. Also, I felt like every player should take atleast one 3-pointer, especially if they were left wide open, because there would be so many possessions to go around.
Dontia Vang
Dontia Vang 11 hours ago
! Athletics right now are far more superior than yesterday's, no knocks on anyone but so too will tomorrow's be on today! The range the moves the ability to step behind the three point line, 7 footers aren't limited to the paint areas anymore! When the 5 guys out on the floors can shoot from just about anywhere, what options don't you have? Bigger badder faster basket-ballers! Any ball you put in the basket is worth thousands of dollars, try putting a defense on that! The game has evolved is the bottom line!
Richard Collins
Richard Collins 12 hours ago
Dal-m-Bear = Dalembert
THANKSALOT 12 hours ago
So basically steph curry changed the game of Basketball forever
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye 12 hours ago
Great video, makes it harder to compare players from different eras now
Cole World
Cole World 12 hours ago
Facts. Kobe and T-Mac were dropping 40 when the final score was 80-90 something. Crazy.
PhatStackZ 12 hours ago
Defense is so soft nowadays
Jon Gottenbos
Jon Gottenbos 12 hours ago
“Offence is far ahead of defence” So basically players focus on offence more than defence. This translates into defence is weaker now than the 80s/90s/ Early 2000s
Logan B
Logan B 12 hours ago
Kind of weird to compare Steve Nash to to a bunch of centers and forwards
bic 12 hours ago
Michael Jordan was the player that changed everything. The guard position wasn’t cool until he stepped on the scene. And the players who grew watching him had a more guard dominant and skill heavy playing style. That was the domino effect that make the players so skilled today. I would probably say that the reason why players average more today is because of a faster paced offense and more threes, It’s a different game today.
Crystal Myth
Crystal Myth 13 hours ago
You made me like basketball.
Q45 Television
Q45 Television 14 hours ago
tmac eating regardless no matter the era 🛸
Robert Kealiher
Robert Kealiher 14 hours ago
I have no idea what was more goated. the amount of 130+ point performances teams have been putting up these last few seasons. Or the way Jxmy presented it.
FREE 4554
FREE 4554 15 hours ago
US-firstr: *shows leaders in nba statistic from the last 10 years* lebron_james.png: :DDDDDD
French Destroyer
French Destroyer 15 hours ago
Nba has become a joke . It's sad to watch such trash defenses Euroleague is miles ahead just all the players get stolen by the nba
Mecha JOSH
Mecha JOSH 15 hours ago
Ray Allen would be unstoppable in 3 right now he can average 30+ points in today nba and even curry can't beat his record.
Gabriel Rojas
Gabriel Rojas 15 hours ago
3:45 song?
Tidal 16 hours ago
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 15 hours ago
Man, I would've LOVED to see Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf play in this era.
Roni 16 hours ago
The NBA today is unwatchable, I don't remember the last time I saw 4 offensive possessions in a row without stopping the game, the game game stopped every 10 seconds because everything is a foul. European ball is much more fun to watch, and although the best players are still in the NBA some of the best teams in the euroleague could defiantly beat multipole NBA teams.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 15 hours ago
Nah it’s definitely Joe Ingles
fennisdembo34 16 hours ago
defense is dead and we're still wondering how this is happening?..
Yohra 16 hours ago
Imagine a healthy TMac. Would average 40 no cap.
Tyler Kushuba
Tyler Kushuba 16 hours ago
Wow that video was crazy, so well done. Long story short Tony Parker is better than kyrie 😂😂
theman2k7 17 hours ago
Man you make the nba feel like algebra but I like it
Aireal Armour
Aireal Armour 17 hours ago
Its no defense being played because you're almost not allowed to play defense. This era is all stats and it shows in the product, its kinda hard watching with how UNcompetitive it is
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 18 hours ago
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Felix’s Flix
Felix’s Flix 19 hours ago
Yo the suspense on that last graph had me so fucking hyped !!!
John Rouguine
John Rouguine 19 hours ago
Marcus Sims
Marcus Sims 19 hours ago
I been saying for years everything Nash said in this clip
Lennart Gernand
Lennart Gernand 20 hours ago
What if you dont count the absolute scoring of a player, but the percentage of a player scoring against the total of a team. So 25 points in a 90 point game would give the player a 27,7%. And 25 points in a 130 point game would give you 20%. That would tell you more about the scoring ability of a player!
redskullz124 20 hours ago
This is a pretty long video to just discuss three points. 1. The Three-Point Revolution and the death of the inefficient mid-range shot. 2. Flopping and foul-hunting. 3. The NBA shortening the second-possession shot-clock to 14 seconds instead of 24. It really is that simple. Teams are running more and scoring more.
Mario Souvaliotis
Mario Souvaliotis 20 hours ago
I mean the Nba just likes a faster pace game due to it being more exciting to American fans
vihockeyguy1 21 hour ago
I’d love to see a video with old greats’ numbers adjusted for today’s offensive play style and pace
complaint yt
complaint yt 21 hour ago
Nah it’s definitely Joe Ingles
Trill Bill
Trill Bill 21 hour ago
Man, I would've LOVED to see Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf play in this era.
Trill Bill
Trill Bill 20 hours ago
@thelegendsqb1 Facts
thelegendsqb1 21 hour ago
Steph Curry before Steph Curry
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 22 hours ago
Looks like the 2020-21 NBA is gonna be the BEST season so far so many great games lol
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 19 hours ago
@UCaF9I7RY9C0Q-ZoCV-vP5og stop spamming
Jack s. kicking
Jack s. kicking 22 hours ago
I respect opposing opinions, but I think the nba of now just isn't the entertaining product that it was a decade ago. Purely for the reason this video discusses... defence and offence were closer in importance.
amw406 22 hours ago
bro can we can a lebron video
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 23 hours ago
Having heard all of these facts, just imagine MJ or Kobe in this league
Roberto D. Barros
Roberto D. Barros 23 hours ago
That's why I prefer college basketball. Looks more genuine.
DubCmusicTV 23 hours ago
Detlef Schrempf
angelmono123 23 hours ago
Maaaan Jimmy didn’t even mention the shot clock change which is the biggest reason for the explosion! Disappointing
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 23 hours ago
I know he used to be good, but I can't get over Magic Gilbert Arenas.
carlos karg
carlos karg 23 hours ago
I’m not Colin sexton fan or anything but I don’t thought he deserves the slander in this video. He’s growing into a legitimate all star. If u watch him play his offensive skills are incredible. He’s a real talent not fake stats guy like the others in the video.
Christian Eidref Abesamis
Please make a single video of College Basketball like Gonzaga University (24-0), Baylor University (18-1), and the upcoming March Madness🙏
lythea 23 hours ago
this is the best sports channel and it's not even close
Ricardo Oliveira
Nah, the rule changed to favor offense
naz reid stan
great video but why’d you have to dog on Sexton :(
Playboi Carti's sock
Nah players are just far more talented nowadays
PG 13
PG 13 Day ago
Then you look at draymond.
ronald williams
I agree with you about the overall lack of defensive effort but there is a reason for that. The current rules prohibit the players from doing the things that they were allowed to do defensively in the past. One prime example is not being able to hand check. Having that circle under the basket really just gives the defense a reason not to try and contest it when a player drives to the basket. There was also no such thing as a flagrant foul in the 90’s. Back then fouls that were considered just normal would get you suspended for 10 games now.
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