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NBA "Is This The WWE?" MOMENTS showcases some of the most dirtiest plays and heated moments in recent NBA History. It includes players such as Russell Westbrook, Luka Doncic, Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard and many more NBA Superstars!
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Apr 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
KingSwish 25 days ago
If you could combine the skills of 2 NBA Players who would they be 🤔
Curtis McKenzie
Curry and Lebron op
Exposed Fruadstars
@KawhiLowry-Gaming shaq & wilt Chamberlain
Exposed Fruadstars
Curry Lerbron
Maurice Cruise
Maurice Cruise 5 days ago
Iverson and Kobe
Ian Mcsheridan
Ian Mcsheridan 5 days ago
AI and shaq i would be unstoppable
Zedrhyx 2 hours ago
The NBA really need some bigger ref to stop this fights lol how can they stop the fights and pull out the playera if they are half the size of the player
Vintage rustfilms tv
Jae crowder was the funniest thing 3 to push
Diana Rossenna
Diana Rossenna 11 hours ago
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無課金勢の光 23 hours ago
Romeo Maddam-ot
Romeo Maddam-ot 2 days ago
Dirtiest player is imbid
sèbastiano Yan
sèbastiano Yan 2 days ago
Embiid is the dirttest player in the nba , disgusted
Jon Hunter
Jon Hunter 2 days ago
Hiu Fung Leung
Hiu Fung Leung 2 days ago
Embiid is suck
That’s right METU!! You were just hanging it’s called gravity!! Good sportsmanship METU, some players are just not gonna go down without pride.
Shareen Luthufi
Shareen Luthufi 3 days ago
I hate Embid
IsmailiaSix 4 days ago
Bunch of bums acting
Hathspider 5 days ago
Lol wtf is that Grayson Allen dude. Looks like they played the water boy and has no idea what he is doing.
Shawn 186
Shawn 186 5 days ago
Nene screen was basketball....I do like that lavert kid...glad he is doing okay after the kidney cancer....hope the best for him!
Snakes In The Lane
God, Westbrook is just the worst.
Mitchell Gillum
Mitchell Gillum 6 days ago
What great role models these guys are.
Keng Her
Keng Her 6 days ago
Joel is dirty
MIKE H 7 days ago
Hinila Ni green Yung Braso Ni the claw di na dapat masaydo Ng alanganin nasa ere na eh. Marumi tlga maglaro Kaya nag champion. Spurs vs GSW
ಠ_ಠ 7 days ago
Exposed Fruadstars
Funniest part of this video is 2:05 Andrew Wiggins kicking a guy in the nuts and getting the foul😂😂🤣🤭
marmitero 31
marmitero 31 17 hours ago
Noah Luddington
Noah Luddington 7 days ago
Grayson Allen still looks 14
Jama-Jama Gaming
Jama-Jama Gaming 8 days ago
all i see is embiid's never gonna win a ring, even reach the finals
lucas gabriel
lucas gabriel 8 days ago
I do believe the most courage man aren't none of players but the ref in 4:35.....
Blasting Bias
Blasting Bias 8 days ago
Joel Embiid is the dirties player in the league to date....maybe ever. Throwing those elbows like that is going to get him met in the parking lot with a shotgun.
Pwimetime 8 days ago
6:27 NOT gonna get that ball from Henry Cavill (Man of Steel)
Travis Green
Travis Green 8 days ago
Wtf wrong with was used a million times through out this video
Antonio Giancaspro
Pretty low of you to put so many ads in a video when people are just trying to watch and enjoy
Alejandro Somoza
Alejandro Somoza 8 days ago
Embiid playing Prison Rules lmaoo
TheBestFighter 9 days ago
0:05 should've done worse Grayson Allen is a G!
Servant 9 days ago
5:32 Simmons you sly dog, we all know you want Dudley put down. No one was pushing you enough to get pushed slamming to the ground. He then pushed him down hard when they were all lying down.
T.D. M
T.D. M 9 days ago
Its trash like the WWE. Lowest ratings in the history of the league. Ratings lower than the wwe. What a joke. This what you get when you try to cheat the fans.
Ant Dollaz
Ant Dollaz 9 days ago
Dellavedova's life flashed before his eyes 😂
DAckert 1081
DAckert 1081 9 days ago
Jared Dudley is a teammate first type of player
Sprting Eteb
Sprting Eteb 10 days ago
3:10 my fav
bernard curtis
bernard curtis 10 days ago
This was how they tried to stop Jordan every night
Wayne Claremont
Wayne Claremont 10 days ago
Players have to eat chinese food before every game, and are required to read a book on Maoism.
Jaqwan Fitzpatrick
Jaqwan Fitzpatrick 10 days ago
9:38 my exact reaction to the whole vid
Jon 10 days ago
All those elbows to the side of the head from bigs are on purpose.
Ramel 11 days ago
NBA is trash now. Nothing even close to what it was in the 90s'.
K_ BAKIN 11 days ago
Anyone else notice how Westbrook literally trips himself , gets mad and pushes homie over? LMAO 2:42
Trevor Sin
Trevor Sin 11 days ago
Not even close. The NBA is so soft compared to the 80s and early 90s, teams and players.
Lonely_Ghost 11 days ago
4:40 ooh man you can hear that even XD
jacob 11 days ago
4:37 "u bitch as ni*** , fuck wrong witchu" 😂if i hadda nickle
George L
George L 11 days ago
players of today are starting to get rough.
g d6
g d6 12 days ago
Westbrook is so dirty
Surbhit Jain
Surbhit Jain 12 days ago
1:14 😳😳😳😳
KINGFL3X809 12 days ago
Embiid is dangerous and reckless
Kwasi Kumah
Kwasi Kumah 12 days ago
Bad intentions
Larz 12 days ago
I now have absolutely no respect for Isiah Thomas, he should've never been able to play basketball again for any team SMH.
Robby Abs
Robby Abs 12 days ago
If you want to fight, fight in the ring. Dont you destroyed the Sportsmanship. We want beautiful game and skill. Not a fight. Got damned you all destroy the sacred game in basketball.
M.A.B. 12 days ago
The only thing I could ever interpret from any clip was “fuck wrong witchu?”
Cagaleche D
Cagaleche D 12 days ago
Never apologize when your intentionally trying to commit a foul.
Cagaleche D
Cagaleche D 12 days ago
I hate when you start the fight and you let your friends do the fighting....
John S
John S 12 days ago
WWE gets better TV Ratings than the NBA
Neil the Great
Neil the Great 12 days ago
What happens 1:54 ?
glad lawson
glad lawson 12 days ago
Big ups to derozan for taking that elbow on the chin
Mario Nixon
Mario Nixon 12 days ago
These NBA players are the soft
Kloudy Gang Entertainment
Ramses Alarcon
Ramses Alarcon 12 days ago
Show business
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 12 days ago
Donovan Mitchell always doing suspects ish like seriously 😒
Brayzon Lyles
Brayzon Lyles 12 days ago
Ferguson damn near kicked the rim
Gulles Daniel
Gulles Daniel 12 days ago
1:05 that jump tho.
[LOTTA CHIPS] 12 days ago
4:42 full blown swing
[LOTTA CHIPS] 12 days ago
1:58 💀
memo Ordonez
memo Ordonez 13 days ago
Lol this has more contact than the wwe
Shaik Khalid
Shaik Khalid 13 days ago
Embiid and towns are most injured idiots but acting tough
UberAV 13 days ago
Solid assortment of violent eruptions. Thank you.
BigDaddyCool42 13 days ago
These WNBA players are soft
diego armando
diego armando 13 days ago
jeffrey mallari
jeffrey mallari 13 days ago
joel embid his the master of dirty play he have a bad intention for the player
Darjush XD
Darjush XD 13 days ago
embid fcking trash , u win 0 u trash , totally 0 moron
Victor 14 days ago
Only videos from the last 2-3 years
14 days ago
why there isnt ibaka punched kawaii
Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor 14 days ago
Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor 14 days ago
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 14 days ago
Ben Simmons is in like 10 different fights and every time acts like he has no idea how he got there. Might just be a symptom of playing next to embiid.
Gerard Listhrop
Gerard Listhrop 14 days ago
Casual nba fans: "today's player's r charmin SaWf" Lol there's also about 2mil in fines combined in this video 😅 lol yall got your priorities mixed up
John Swain
John Swain 8 days ago
@Gerard Listhrop Did you watch the NBA in the '90s? I'm surprised that you wouldn't at least object to the ridiculous numbers of commercials the NBA has now. I can't even watch the games when I record them with a DVR, because I get tired of fast-forwarding through so many commercials. I love basketball and want to see the best of the best compete, but imho, the NBA sucks. The refs these days are so bad that it's hard to understand how they can be that bad, unless they're doing it on purpose.
Gerard Listhrop
Gerard Listhrop 12 days ago
@John Swain lol it was sillier to me watching a wrestling match when immature players can't handle competition. Today's game is better as a basketball purist. The only thing I hate are the flops which have declined since last few seasons (especially when Harden & CP3 were throwing themselves into players lol) and the overly entitled refs (gotta start selling their jerseys since they can win/ lose a game lol)
John Swain
John Swain 12 days ago
Maybe, but some of these would not have been ejections in the 80s and 90s. It was just a different game - it's frustrating for me to watch today, because it's almost just a 3 point shooting contest every game, which gets really boring.
Malik Dove
Malik Dove 14 days ago
That was 80s playoff basketball. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Raisin 14 days ago
4:48 grayson allen has such a punchable face
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 14 days ago
LeBron James is the face of racism in America in 2021
Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry 14 days ago
Joel Embiid is trash 🗑
impact zone
impact zone 15 days ago
More like is this Nhl?
PlayaPozition 15 days ago
Letsssa get readyyyyyy to rummmbbllleeeee!!!!
Karl 745
Karl 745 15 days ago
Cousin is the most useless center
ItsMe Stape
ItsMe Stape 15 days ago
Westbrook literally tripped over his own shoe
Pain Gang 93
Pain Gang 93 15 days ago
After ferguson fell ref said take ya time 🤣🤣🤣
Djarvis Issac
Djarvis Issac 15 days ago
Wat the hell
Disc_Golf_Wisco 15 days ago
This is how some people’s careers are ended. Pure stupidity at its finest.
Guitarisforgrins 12 days ago
Yep, when you realize what is at stake, all those plays are garbage.
guruofMW2 15 days ago
1:46 still cant believe they tried to call that an offensive foul
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey 15 days ago
Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research .....
Ian Arcangel
Ian Arcangel 15 days ago
i saw many people's elbow hahaha
Purpill 15 days ago
The first one gay as hell
Japhet Castro
Japhet Castro 15 days ago
That karate chop by IT. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Jesús Rodríguez
Jesús Rodríguez 15 days ago
Embiid is shiit
# GRO 15 days ago
U got a technical for uploading this🏀
Nick Bradford Sr.
Nick Bradford Sr. 16 days ago
Embiid puttin the smack down on the NBA
Mr Jack
Mr Jack 16 days ago
Philly in most of the clips LOL
cjavier gutierrez
cjavier gutierrez 16 days ago
Love..real basketball momentum..fu(k!n soft league
Christian Lanach
Christian Lanach 16 days ago
UFC 6:25
Eratic_Bhavior 16 days ago
5:30 announcer: Dudley... and SIMMONS Ben Simmons: what.. me? No no no (as he gets caught in the brawl Jimmy butler: they’ll never know
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