NBA Is Back With Confirmed Return For July After Approved Format To Finish Season! 

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NBA Is Back With Confirmed Return For July After Approved Format To Finish Season! The NBA board of governors voted Thursday to approve a 22-team format to restart the 2019-20 season July 31 in Orlando, Florida, the league announced. Sources told ESPN that the vote was 29-1, with the Portland Trail Blazers voting against the proposal.
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Jun 4, 2020




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Ryon Truesdale
Ryon Truesdale 7 months ago
Did this nigga just say July 31??? Why not make it July 1st
Billyshead133 7 months ago
July is white history month so next month should be awesome
Prime_TymeXXL 7 months ago
Celtics are going to win it all!
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes 7 months ago
Y'all better sign up for DIsney Plus now lol
RRQ LEMON 7 months ago
Lebron need seven rings
Just Saying
Just Saying 7 months ago
2m rule from the refs. . . No D boysss
Internet Thug
Internet Thug 7 months ago
This is dangerous. Why force start the season. Players are going to get injured. You cannot go from 0-100 real quick! We will look at this comment later and I will say that I told you so! Like this comment if I am right!
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 7 months ago
Let's call it what it is. If you are the Champion of this season it comes with an *.
ak2goated 7 months ago
Yall sleepin on my boy james harden and the rockets
k1ngzesrel Santiago
k1ngzesrel Santiago 7 months ago
The NBA must have the audio of the clapping fans and shouting
Paranormal Gambler
Paranormal Gambler 7 months ago
Memphis going all the way in the playoffs
lucas Hutba
lucas Hutba 7 months ago
Who cares 😂
Issac Daniel
Issac Daniel 7 months ago
Keep doing your thing CliveNBAParody, you’re the best at explaining the topic of your videos briefly in a very short amount of time!
Vector 7 months ago
Are the warriors now behind so they not on the top teams?
Faheem Mohamed
Faheem Mohamed 7 months ago
Nobody wanna watch that watered down bullshit and Lakers ain’t winning shit
James Charles
James Charles 7 months ago
bruh when r ur balls gonna drop. wtf is wrong with ur voice
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 7 months ago
Without fans wont be the same, i get that they don’t wanna lose the money but wouldn’t be better to null and void the competition? This game is for the fans not for the media.
ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ xᴠɪ
I can't really wait to july 31 to see the NBA return back again. The thing is NBA won't be the same without the crowd. At least they should be allowing the family and the friends of the players to come over the games besides the cameras and the reporters.
Baby Ward The 4th
Baby Ward The 4th 7 months ago
Fasho Lil homie... Mayneee fasshooo
Ian tru
Ian tru 7 months ago
Corona over shadow kobe death .suppose to be. Laker year honoring kobe
Pauly the Crook
Pauly the Crook 7 months ago
Theres only one ball, the rockets are a sleeper
Yung Blood
Yung Blood 7 months ago
Clive what do u think of the idea of Nba transforming into 3 Conferences League instead of 2? West, Central and East, 10 teams each, top 5 advance Playoffs. Then simply have 1 lucky looser (15+1) to form those 16 for seeding brackets.
Karan Chopra
Karan Chopra 7 months ago
Will the playoffs still be conducted through conference system? Meaning western conference teams competing against beach other the first three rounds and Eastern teams competing against other easter teams? And finals will be Eastern team vs western teams?
Chin Keat Yein Jewelx
Wow great I'm so glad that NBA is coming back & I am so excited for my favourite team LA Lakers because can watch them playing again, the way the Lakers' chemistry is really fun to watch 👍🏻
Dr Grim
Dr Grim 7 months ago
How bout the warriors?
Zachary mg
Zachary mg 7 months ago
2KtEddY BAYETA 7 months ago
clive all day🔥
R R 7 months ago
I can't wait for Kawhi and the LA Clippers to win the Championship
Juan Juan
Juan Juan 7 months ago
Finally... I can get my refund 😅
Thanos will snap
Thanos will snap 7 months ago
This year sucks no cap
GalaxyTraveler 7 months ago
then the "next wave" will come from herd immunity being compromised and shit will lock down for another year 🤣
Joe Pannu
Joe Pannu 7 months ago
I'm not a Dallas fan but watch out they are going to win it all this year!
J.R Bam Curry
J.R Bam Curry 7 months ago
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice 7 months ago
Covid end at the month of july
C J 7 months ago
I don't know about this yet lol... according ta James there needs ta be practice drills, workouts etc. What a joke just let the games begin hopefully
Ramayomama 7 months ago
I wouldnt sleep on the heat.
Jason W
Jason W 7 months ago
Who ever wins the finals will have an asterisk next to them
BBBlackBean 7 months ago
Who cares you would have a ring regardless 😂😂😂
Alex Tarpinian
Alex Tarpinian 7 months ago
Isaiah Rojas
Isaiah Rojas 7 months ago
I get to watch my Nets again BOISSS
ZayTM 7 months ago
Why are Lebrons so expensive? Like growing up poor I get why he’d want to make as much money as possible but also you would think him growing up poor would put more of an incentive to make them a bit more affordable so kids could look fly on the court and being as popular as he is making his shoe around the 100$ mark so that the less fortunate can afford them would be amazing and that’s why I respect Shaq way way way more than I’ll ever respect lebron because after a while money becomes nothin to you once you’ve made a ton of it so why not get a bit of good karma while making your money Idk just a thought
Big Chunky Chungas69
We all know who will win the finals... The Knicks
BigBall 7 months ago
The Hornets
Late Night Blunt
Late Night Blunt 7 months ago
Who’s going to flop the most?
D One
D One 7 months ago
This video made me realize how stiff Lebron moves. The man not smooth at all.
Keith Howard
Keith Howard 7 months ago
And you have idiots that compare him to MJ smh
Razzlexg 7 months ago
When the nba comes back itd gonna look like a wnba game
n o
n o 7 months ago
Rehana Nabi
Rehana Nabi 7 months ago
First time clive didn’t say and I’m out at the end of the video
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 7 months ago
Lets go
Jay Mamba Jr
Jay Mamba Jr 7 months ago
It's Going To Suck Without The Golden State Warriors
rob feld
rob feld 7 months ago
Athletes r extreme Left and the crooked plan is to keep us little people 6 feet apart forever so they can use the chip/vaccine and the 5g towers THAT NOBODY IS TALKING (WHY?? We advertize new flavors of bubblegum) ABOUT can only see individuals on surveillance if we are no closer than 5 feet apart otherwisw we look like a blob!! Military's been useing this rule for 20 years!! So they want all big companies and no ma and pa businesses. SCREW THEM AND SCREW LEFRAUD JAMES!! If they want to play the FAKE COVID CARD than the rich, 40 million per year athletes should go broke with the rest of us
MJ 7 months ago
Nets vs Rockets NBA Finals 2020 🚀🚀
Stefania Mores
Stefania Mores 7 months ago
Dude the Heat need to go to the finals
305 Atul Mudgal
305 Atul Mudgal 7 months ago
What if both kyrie and kd make the playoffs and win the finals. U never know it’s still 2 months till the tipoff
Fabiano Diniz
Fabiano Diniz 7 months ago
Y dafuck u using lebron to a NBA annoucement?
saz19s8 7 months ago
Orlando Magic flexing that Disney sponsorship
E T 7 months ago
The most stupid decision in sport history......
Nate Eastern
Nate Eastern 7 months ago
Boltz 7 months ago
Bro I live in Orlando so this is a dub I pretty get to see almost every nba player that are my favorites
Boltz 7 months ago
Correct me if I’m wrong will they play an nba game at Disney or in Orlando but in a certain area
bender rodriguez
bender rodriguez 7 months ago
Tacko is da gwoat ewwybody no tacko da gwout. James hwoardin
John wept
John wept 7 months ago
Bucks man, Giannis deserves that
Common Ian
Common Ian 7 months ago
Flight and curry boutta be unstoppable!
Doug 7 months ago
I feel bad for those nurses who are gonna have to treat these nba players after they get covid19. smh the nba should not be returning
TacticalPower88 7 months ago
Random Plot Twist: Booker channels his inner Kobe to steal the 8th seed and go on a tear to win the NBA finals. 😂😂😂
Victor Uchiha
Victor Uchiha 7 months ago
So the bulls season is over?
Joe L
Joe L 7 months ago
Lebron need a ring this year
LeBron isn't the only player trying to win dog this isn't about him
justLuck 7 months ago
Giannis does, also when is Giannis finally going to get his 2nd MVP?
Igor Rocha
Igor Rocha 7 months ago
So JJ Redick still gonna keep his streak?
JB Capalot
JB Capalot 7 months ago
What happens with the Draft?
fried IT
fried IT 7 months ago
Lebron pressured the NBA so much to restart the season so Kawhi wins.
Jasir Muhammad
Jasir Muhammad 7 months ago
what happened to the 2k vids
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 7 months ago
Does anyone know the background music?
Barrie Quinn
Barrie Quinn 7 months ago
1000% that the 76ers will be in the finals this year !!! For Kobe!!! But Lakers will win in fact Lakers will go on to win a three peet
Mr Bro
Mr Bro 7 months ago
Keep sleeping on the Raptors
504gamer 7 months ago
The 2020 nba champions The san Antonio spurs
Killer Prod.
Killer Prod. 7 months ago
Rifty gang??
nick T
nick T 7 months ago
Yall think kd will come back?
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 7 months ago
They are not thinking about covid-19
NeEYaH 7 months ago
there is no point of the teams trying to get in the playoffs since they are obviously not going to beat the first seed
JG 7 months ago
Thank God !
Otto Birss
Otto Birss 7 months ago
Don't count out the rockets, mavs, and raptors
23chase 7 months ago
Yo Check put my nba playoffs trailer it’s hype asf us-first.info/player/video/hZqZgWt_pKushoU.html
dz k
dz k 7 months ago
Raptors are the defending champs , don't care if Leonard is gone . You can't just act like they don't exist anymore. They can still win the East
poopz 7 months ago
its bout to be lit
Johan Zacharias
Johan Zacharias 7 months ago
Expired Gaming76
Expired Gaming76 7 months ago
Hell nah no warriors rockets 🚀 to the finals confirmed
Much with a Mouth Dogepool
The warriors already F'd up right at the start of the season.
Anthony Chan
Anthony Chan 7 months ago
legend Of good
legend Of good 7 months ago
Where my knicks at
Random Uploads
Random Uploads 7 months ago
Same place my Cavs are at
Darcell McDade
Darcell McDade 7 months ago
It’s going to be hard watching with no fans
Edgar Ross
Edgar Ross 7 months ago
If Kawhi wins with the Clippers this man will be the only frontman type player to win 3 rings with 3 different squads
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri 7 months ago
DRVP GVNG 7 months ago
I’m pumped to see the pelicans post season with this extra added rest. Pumped to see suns and kings too. Rockets could make a run but I think it’s bucks or lakers/clippers winning this year
Supernova Cmen
Supernova Cmen 7 months ago
Tshiowa B
Tshiowa B 7 months ago
you're highkey sleeping on the raptorsss
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 7 months ago
When they was voting Portland was like: nah bro we ain't doin it
Pistons Talk
Pistons Talk 7 months ago
Anyone else excited the NBA is back?
Pistons Talk
Pistons Talk 7 months ago
Hp forthewin same haha
Official Tyler
Official Tyler 7 months ago
BOLD PERDITION: Bucks and Lakers to the finals
zType 7 months ago
@Mr.E You sound like a hater.
Mr.E 7 months ago
I bet bucks choke again and somehow let a different eastern team get to the finals
KING JOE 7 months ago
im ready!
ClawSinger 7 months ago
I feel like the scores are going to look like college basketball scores since most teams haven't practiced in a while 🤣
NAGA Tribe
NAGA Tribe 7 months ago
A.j A.j
A.j A.j 7 months ago
Yo can we get more 2k skits?
scuppo 7 months ago
Lebitch just wants to chase a ring and that alien 👽 silver is pushing for him to get it. If he’s the greatest why not wait till next season when everyone’s healthy?
J D 7 months ago
You the bitch hatin ass nigga. You already know he’s guna win it. They weren’t guna be healthy for this season anyway so quit complaining.
AL reacts
AL reacts 7 months ago
U do know LeBron isn't getting any younger
T8VIN 7 months ago
If we get a 8th seed pelicans vs a 1st seed lakers 😮
Johan Zacharias
Johan Zacharias 7 months ago
R G lakers about to choke
R G 7 months ago
Pelicans finna sweep
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
I would feel bad for the pelicans
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 7 months ago
I can't wait im lit
Fear 7 months ago
Corna gonna hit 1mil deaths 😞
Sir Truth Hunter
Sir Truth Hunter 7 months ago
Stop bring a p🍑
adam Vega
adam Vega 7 months ago
How does 22 teams fit in one stadium
Johan Zacharias
Johan Zacharias 7 months ago
5000 subscribers for free pizza challenge obviously 😂
Low Budget Justin Y.
you gotta be joking right?
Mark Guerrero
Mark Guerrero 7 months ago
Men the nba gonna be hard look at the playoffs ranking brooklyn nets vs lakers in first round omg kyrie and kd vs lebron and ad this first round gonna be nba final look alike😂
F A R 7 months ago
@Mark Guerrero that would be fun then
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
@Mark Guerrero cap
Mark Guerrero
Mark Guerrero 7 months ago
@BLACK PANTHER but bro the nets gm said kd can go back at the playoffs and also kyrie
Mark Guerrero
Mark Guerrero 7 months ago
@BLACK PANTHER but bro the nets gm said kd can go back at the playoffs and also kyrie
BLACK PANTHER 7 months ago
Well kd is still injured and kyrie was injured too before the season ended but he might be ok im not sure about hin
To3sted 24
To3sted 24 7 months ago
At 0:26 I really thought he was finna spit some bars or sum 🤣🤣☠️
23chase 7 months ago
Yo Check put my nba playoffs trailer it’s hype asf us-first.info/player/video/hZqZgWt_pKushoU.html
Lucky W
Lucky W 7 months ago
He gotta pretty good voice for rapping
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 7 months ago
Set it to ×2 lol
The Distance11
The Distance11 7 months ago
Mumble rhymes
Making Batteries
Making Batteries