NBA In DANGER Of Not Returning & Players Still Excited For Season Return! 

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NBA In DANGER Of Not Returning & Players Still Excited For Season Return! NBA players ‘excited,’ expected to approve resumption of season. “This, from what everybody that I talked to, right now is too big to fail. The overwhelming majority of players are excited. They want to be there,” said Windhorst. “From what I understand, Hannah, it is going to happen.”
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Jun 22, 2020




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Tidjiane thiam
Tidjiane thiam 6 months ago
Sean Andrei • 5 years ago
Bro the defence be like 1 meters away from each others...... cuz we need to do social distancing
Trey Sommer
Trey Sommer 6 months ago
Thanks dummies who don't wear masks🤗
Antonio Johnson
Antonio Johnson 6 months ago
Weird how the protests went on, and the so called "virus" was forgotten about 😑.....that should tell you right there that the government is trying to keep people in fear so they can get these vaccines going. 😐 Don't take that vaccine!!!!
Jay Wav Music
Jay Wav Music 6 months ago
I mean they can always call on the G League for more players............
B E L I E F 6 months ago
Fl cases are rising a lot
Ken Tyler
Ken Tyler 6 months ago
Desperate LBJ to win ring hahaha his provoke by MJ last dance hahahaha pathetic
Anthony1life2live e
Anthony1life2live e 6 months ago
All these facilities and cant find one?
Juan Sinag
Juan Sinag 6 months ago
How meaningful would that ring be though? 🤔
Andrey Cloud
Andrey Cloud 7 months ago
I think they should just move it to New York or something, where they have locked down the corona virus numbers and know how to deal with it better
Hakeem Davis
Hakeem Davis 7 months ago
Lol lebron getting old he want that last ring b4 he retires. That is why lebron wants to play cause the squad he got he have a 50/50 chance of winning this year
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander 7 months ago
Why are people being so thirsty too get out and do stuff like the pandemic has ended SMFH yall crazy
Idea 86
Idea 86 7 months ago
Lakers losing in the first round 4sure
eligiboor phillips
eligiboor phillips 7 months ago
Check out this satisfying video us-first.info/player/video/pMlmp2eDipuKdp8.html
Edwin Dulay
Edwin Dulay 7 months ago
The coronavirus ended the world of Sports damn virus !!!
Great killz-_
Great killz-_ 7 months ago
NBA should just start next year no need to rush things like damn selfish
live big
live big 7 months ago
Should be fine as long as all staff and players locked in. would like to see lebron get a ring this year
Diskubre Channel PH
Diskubre Channel PH 7 months ago
Theyll gonna put asterisk on it after so why theyre pushing the return?!! Just becoz Bron is pressuring the NBA Execs?!! damn!!
black out
black out 7 months ago
nobody clowning lebron for wanting this lame ass ring he so excited smh
Basketball Stuff
Basketball Stuff 7 months ago
Why do you buy sub?
Jared T
Jared T 7 months ago
That Davis line gets me everytime 💀😭
Kevin Neely
Kevin Neely 7 months ago
You're so dumb man. Lol
BeezeKillerBee 7 months ago
What is a ring when you are dead. What is the point. What is wrong with these people.
Colt On
Colt On 7 months ago
I know it sucks for those who want the nba to comeback but at this point wouldn’t it be better to just wait for the next season?
Crossover_Shawn 7 months ago
Bruh jokic got the virus
schoolblitz 7 months ago
Kyrie tries to protect the country from covid19. Lebron tries to get the Nba trophy. Who is more selfish? The latter. The entire North American people matter more than Nba related people.
schoolblitz 7 months ago
Ridiculous to resume the season. Kyrie is right. Mma should resume only. Covid19>>military>>>>>>>>nba
Skyy Orlando
Skyy Orlando 7 months ago
Smh can’t wait to play games !!!
jake mitchell
jake mitchell 7 months ago
Florida: opens everything up amidst pandemic Corona virus: *spikes* Florida: surprised pikachu face
Gucci Blanco
Gucci Blanco 7 months ago
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 7 months ago
Corona deadass tryna be the NBA’s season Champ, on God Never seen such dedication in some time
Edgardo Noble
Edgardo Noble 7 months ago
People are more interested in being entertained than having a healthier life to live... 🤔🤔🤣🤣
Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla 7 months ago
Really shows how soft some players are.
Midorima Shintaro
Midorima Shintaro 7 months ago
Just delay the 20-21 season not restarting the 19-20 because that’s bullshit
Lekcin TV
Lekcin TV 7 months ago
Clive cursing in the end of video -tangnamo- 😂
Ishaan rajpal
Ishaan rajpal 7 months ago
bruh they should come to australia we are good here only around 3000 cases
Frank 7 months ago
Can Someone explain to me why all the teams are not gonna play in there original states and why Florida
Andrizzle 7 months ago
Coronavirus was already proven to be not deadly, I thought we’ were ignoring it at this point
Jonathan Houser
Jonathan Houser 7 months ago
Planet Jigobot TV
Planet Jigobot TV 7 months ago
Covid-19 is going to be the 2020 NBA Regular Season & Finals MVP🏀🏆
Lord NU
Lord NU 7 months ago
Cyclic 7 months ago
Honestly dunno why I’m stilled subbed you do these cringe nba news hours after other people post about them. Just go back to posting parodies lmao
Kolby Thompson
Kolby Thompson 7 months ago
We want more 2k20 parodies
Derek Boyt
Derek Boyt 7 months ago
Cancel the season! There is no way it ends fairly based on the stoppage and the incomplete schedule. And I don’t know why Labron feels so sure he will win, his term didn’t have the best regular season record.
FredoNJ_ 7 months ago
CJ So Cool subscribes to you
incipidsigninsetup 7 months ago
It shouldn't return. I've said this since the very first whispers that there would be a return.
Erik W
Erik W 7 months ago
Adryel Gomez
Adryel Gomez 7 months ago
Why do u talk like that
Goat Stature
Goat Stature 7 months ago
Once the players are quarantined tested and then put in the bubble they will be safe! We need to stop acting like everybody in the world isn't going to catch this virus at one point it's going to happen and those who don't are very lucky just because new cases are popping up doesn't mean that it's not safe it just means they're doing more testing
BOA 823
BOA 823 7 months ago
I also feel that it's very dangerous why would you risk lives. LeBron wants a ring let him go by himself a ring, It wouldn't mean anything anyways with all these players sitting out.
BOA 823
BOA 823 7 months ago
Doesn't that tell you something cancel the NBA season, Florida's not the place to be, doesn't that tell you something in the NBA cancel the season Covid is very high in Florida. It's only a basketball game why would you risk lives that is so stupid.
Dubby U
Dubby U 7 months ago
Nikola Jokic and four players tested positive
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama 7 months ago
I love the NBA AND BASKETBALL but for me safety is the utmost priority.
Andre Diaz
Andre Diaz 7 months ago
This needs to be the year without sports. It's not worth it. Let Labron play by himself.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 7 months ago
He got a good point
Martina Martinez
Martina Martinez 7 months ago
Kyrie Irving is the real 2020 nba finals mvp period
James Knochen
James Knochen 7 months ago
Therefore the bubble
PhiLL Rock
PhiLL Rock 7 months ago
Well i guess this is what's going to happen when theirs no social distancing 😅✌️
Jim Deal
Jim Deal 7 months ago
The virus is coming back? According to who? The same people that said we could see 2 million deaths from this bug. The same group that has been repeatedly wrong about the benefits of wearing a mask and have been spiking the number on covid deaths. Nah, not listening to those bozos. Bring on the NBA!
Mauriceochol 7 months ago
Naaaa let them play
HARRIS LAM 7 months ago
OUR ENTERTAINMENT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY. also the economy and money and income and stuff.
504gamer 7 months ago
Corona: wow I won my first ring without playing a single game *lebron leaves chat*
ThunderHoopsGT 7 months ago
Yeah, vancouver barley got any cases
T Z 7 months ago
Honestly I would love to see all sports come back for I think the safety of players are just more important at this moment.
Carlos emilio Sosa
Carlos emilio Sosa 7 months ago
Here in New York they have not yet put the rings to play, they are already going to the third phase of the opening and nothing. the virus ruined this sport.
Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem
What do I think? I think NBA players today are a bunch of pussy ass overpaid mother fuckers
Miljan Djukanovic
Miljan Djukanovic 7 months ago
I am a big LBJ fan but this has to stop.
jeffrey woodruff
jeffrey woodruff 7 months ago
Tennis is the most socially distanced sport in the world. Currently, Professional Tennis is experimenting with exhibition Tournaments. Yesterday the worlds #1 tennis player "Novak Djokovic" was reported to have gotten Covid-19, along with several other Professional Tennis Players and that Tournament Tour was cancelled because of it. So.......It"s a wrap for Professional Sports in 2020.
Cameron Pro8
Cameron Pro8 7 months ago
I live in florida and in some places there are cops ordering people to wear masks
Mista _Mask
Mista _Mask 7 months ago
All because these assholes in Florida keep going to beaches and dont stay home.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 7 months ago
This virus is fake AF and we all know already that only like 0.2% of people are dying so wtf are we even talking about just start the fucking season and finish it
Gudbiy 7 months ago
They canceled sports during World War 2 . Why not cancel it now?
Cliffton Johns
Cliffton Johns 7 months ago
Might have to do the rest of the season via xbox🤣
Slushy the Soldier
Slushy the Soldier 7 months ago
So here’s what’s going on. Four players so far are sitting out. 1) Dwight Howard’s sitting out due to political reasons 2) Trevor Ariza’s sitting out due to the birth of his newborn son. 3) Davis Bertans is sitting out in order to prevent injury in what could be an import free agency period for him this offseason. 4) Cousins will not sign with any NBA team and play the rest of the season or potential post season in order to rehab a nagging injury and to get ready for free agency next season.
Laiyemo Boys
Laiyemo Boys 7 months ago
As long as the nba returns im good
Slight Design ツ
Slight Design ツ 7 months ago
These are because of trump holding rally in a lot of states and people don’t even bother to wear mask at it
NBN Hoops
NBN Hoops 7 months ago
This guy has the most annoying voice on US-first
Auroz Squad
Auroz Squad 7 months ago
LeBron just want the ring but y’all gonna have to shoot 3s
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson 7 months ago
Too many niggaz to keep quarantined for bout two months.
Eli Mashni
Eli Mashni 7 months ago
Corona virus is bullish
Corey Moore
Corey Moore 7 months ago
Try all you want...God is not going to allow it. The gladiator games are done
Harry S. Keith
Harry S. Keith 7 months ago
no X in especially, yo!
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor 7 months ago
Why are u disrespecting my ears by mentioning anyone on the Wizards?
Jeffrey Pajarillo
Jeffrey Pajarillo 7 months ago
The NBA should cancel this 2019-20 NBA as we need to prioritize the health and safety of everybody from the players, teams staff and the fans. We should wait for another 10 years and re-start the new NBA Season by yeat 2030. By the time then, there will be no more COVID-19 and everybody is safe and healthy. Rest assured, Lebron James is surely still a very strong force to reckon in the NBA! 😆😆😆😂😂🤣🤣👍👍💪💪
CHEF_CurryNation 7 months ago
They need to stop testing in Florida
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson 7 months ago
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Ritchy Morin
Ritchy Morin 7 months ago
LBJ trying to dead for that championship😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Buck N
Buck N 7 months ago
you're such a Lebro
Damon Tillotson
Damon Tillotson 7 months ago
In Florida...where there's Orlando. Yeah that's how Florida works.
Jerry Giese
Jerry Giese 7 months ago
Who cares if LeBron wins another title?
Ilaisa Koaneti
Ilaisa Koaneti 7 months ago
Yes the NBA is back baby 👌
Adam 7 months ago
Kobe's death was an occult sacrifice signifying the end of sports . :(
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T 7 months ago
Chelsea Augustus
Chelsea Augustus 7 months ago
These are dangerous times. Those who push for a Ring may get a Cross instead.
Paul 7 months ago
Why didn't you guys just buy a basketball island? Dana white ahead of all of you.
Jaylyn Sacrez
Jaylyn Sacrez 7 months ago
This is going to be even more boringgggggggggggggg¡!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡
ananda badudu
ananda badudu 7 months ago
Yow you sound like kendrick lamar
JamSessionInMyMind 7 months ago
You know what the virus would do to a bunch of young healthy basketball players? Absolutely nothing!
Gabe Huang
Gabe Huang 7 months ago
Exactly bro as long as everybody follows the rules and they all quarantine for a couple of weeks before they go home no one should get hurr
BBBlackBean 7 months ago
Bruh end the season lmao if they go on with this NBA will forever be at weird times gonna risk players getting a virus that killed people for 1 season lmao NBA lost so much money they willing to do anything
Night Watcher
Night Watcher 7 months ago
myrobloxusernameis Cold_Prototype
This is where nba who posterize dunks on the opponents
MARQUISE X ELLIS 7 months ago
I want to see lebron play but TOO DANGEROUS
MaCeo Millions
MaCeo Millions 7 months ago
Until some players of significance sit out, the NBA return should be straight. Nothing to see here.
Alchie Tagapan
Alchie Tagapan 7 months ago
Bring NBA in Canada.
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj 7 months ago
Or Africa, u welcome lol