NBA Funny Moments W/ Jesser 

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Feb 21, 2021




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Louise Baran
Louise Baran 2 days ago
I liked and subscribed with my eraser
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo 2 days ago
Still friends with this guy smh
jonika bowman
jonika bowman 3 days ago
Yes 👍🏼 😂🤣That’s funny as
xFizzo 5 days ago
1:00 is a funny moment because it was in the OT of that game
Vinay Kannan
Vinay Kannan 6 days ago
6:10 they didn’t show Harden slan the ball on the ground ;-;
Pranav Mahendru
Pranav Mahendru 6 days ago
did everyone forget curry's missed attempt at a dunk and an airball ?
Isaac AK
Isaac AK 6 days ago
the rockets lost cuz they didnt count it
NoLiimit Sasha
NoLiimit Sasha 6 days ago
They didn't call the Harden dunk and the spurs came back
JA Productions
JA Productions 7 days ago
React to Craziet ankle breakers of 2020 and 2021 by nitriongo nba
amoao hoopers
amoao hoopers 7 days ago
Look at moochie on thumbnail
Liam Gibson-Bourke
Love the reaction vids keep up the good work
David Tedford
David Tedford 7 days ago
React more
Jacob Rhodes
Jacob Rhodes 7 days ago
6:44 What did he saaaaaay?
Codyomatic 7 days ago
How mush subs can I get from this comment??? Current:13
Bryce Ferguson
Bryce Ferguson 7 days ago
Why are u using Jessie's office to do ur video
Sports Bros
Sports Bros 8 days ago
That ref has doge ball skills bro
Harry Sloan
Harry Sloan 8 days ago
Do this with nfl
Carter Lang
Carter Lang 8 days ago
Jesser has done this before 8:40
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow 8 days ago
I think Thompson did that cause they were teammates at one point
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow 8 days ago
The Nike jerseys were shit at first
Tyreese Price Jr
Tyreese Price Jr 9 days ago
MACHIAVELLI X 9 days ago
Jessie gone say that Tristan and Jae Crowder barely know each other... they played on the Cavs together 💀💀 wtf
Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith
Dude I’m so happy Mitchell shoved Embiid after that block. Embiid had it coming to him.
Emily Matt
Emily Matt 9 days ago
Why does Mitchell low key look like morgz I. The thumbnail
Jonathan Hardy
Jonathan Hardy 9 days ago
Mooching aye
Sylvia Gabriel
Sylvia Gabriel 9 days ago
thank you dane beck
Kaelan Crowder
Kaelan Crowder 9 days ago
My last name is Crowder but I am not related to Jae
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant 9 days ago
Yessssiiiirrrrr love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrrrr banger and bangers
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant 9 days ago
Yessssiiiirrrrr love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrrrr banger and bangers
Wondie Twin2
Wondie Twin2 9 days ago
Joel a flopper
Kole Sheffel
Kole Sheffel 9 days ago
Bro I thought this was young Mitchell When I saw his face in the thumbnail
Francesco Debiasi
Francesco Debiasi 10 days ago
moochie you should do some shaqtin a fool reactions. that would be good
Rambis 1215
Rambis 1215 10 days ago
It feels like Jesser’s video
wetpu 357
wetpu 357 10 days ago
I think Moochie and Jesser has the same set up?
Sean Hines
Sean Hines 10 days ago
Yooooo 321 comment
Is water wet 2.0 Reid
Moochie: right in his mouth. Me: what bro pause
Taidhg Ryan
Taidhg Ryan 10 days ago
do more of these plssss mmore nba reacts
J Gibb
J Gibb 10 days ago
Make more reaction videos
tbone55a 10 days ago
Do this but NFL
GARTV 10 days ago
React to NBA SUS moments
Hunter Kirwan
Hunter Kirwan 10 days ago
“Jeff sent me “ Insta @Hunterkirwan Good luck everyone ❤️
Nicki Sans7
Nicki Sans7 10 days ago
8:08 Tristan is too used to the Kardashians
Luke Forsberg
Luke Forsberg 10 days ago
Only if moochie could make a video without jesser it be watched way more
Luke Forsberg
Luke Forsberg 10 days ago
Only liked for moochie lol
Armanny Taveras
Armanny Taveras 10 days ago
They didn't count that and they lost by 1 because of it
Avi Smolarcik
Avi Smolarcik 10 days ago
Sub to zaxximus
Tofu 10 days ago
Mitchel shaved
Antwan A
Antwan A 10 days ago
react to kennys video reaction to jesse vs kenny to continue the zoom call
Josue Gomez
Josue Gomez 10 days ago
Jeff sent me in is KingSway150
All the stuff your saying about Embiid jesse is why he is my favorite NBA player and why I have his jersey.
Enrique Curiel
Enrique Curiel 10 days ago
Crowder and tristan thompson are ex teamates
Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker 10 days ago
Yay!! 600k!! Congrats!!
cbass farms
cbass farms 10 days ago
cooper maj
cooper maj 10 days ago
markelle had a rare shoulder injury that's more common with baseball players, that why his shot form was all messed up
GetSniped 10 days ago
This is the funniest video all time
Noah Schafer
Noah Schafer 10 days ago
they got quiet once Lebron missed anything lol
Maddox H
Maddox H 10 days ago
Make a reaction channel mooch bro come on
Chanelle Ndayishimiye
ayo i recommend that vid lets go baby yt newbolt
Channing Jackson
Channing Jackson 10 days ago
6hundro k congratulations moochie
Austin Baker
Austin Baker 10 days ago
anyone else notice that jesse is wearing the fake merch
Abdul Bourhan
Abdul Bourhan 10 days ago
6:40 dis man messer said the n word
Abdul Bourhan
Abdul Bourhan 10 days ago
I mean jesser
Ace_Jarvis69 10 days ago
We love the jesser x moochie collab
Twistify 10 days ago
I be Vibin
I be Vibin 10 days ago
7:49 I was at that game
tuckertheGOAT 11 days ago
congrats on 600k
Jesus 11 days ago
600k 🙌
joseph moore
joseph moore 11 days ago
Wonder who /jesser is
dominic gonzalez
dominic gonzalez 11 days ago
the Harden dunk didnt count
THE _ G.O.A.T 11 days ago
Mitchell lookin fresh af
Staci Weiner
Staci Weiner 11 days ago
"It is gonna take a bull to knock Embid down." Next clip Donovan Mitchell barely pushes him and he falls down . LOL
Bryan Jone
Bryan Jone 11 days ago
React to djmeechymeech
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen 11 days ago
Crowder and thompson are former teammates
Gavin Harris
Gavin Harris 11 days ago
nba funny moments main channel vid
Evan Fitzhugh
Evan Fitzhugh 11 days ago
Jordin Frank
Jordin Frank 11 days ago
Plz do morrrrrrre
Michael Read
Michael Read 11 days ago
Who’s the new editor of these? So bad.
Squat On The Comet
Squat On The Comet 11 days ago
It would be sick if Mitchell would make solo videos
Jack Piccione
Jack Piccione 11 days ago
The James harden one didn’t actually count and then they lost by one
Joey Artone
Joey Artone 11 days ago
6:12 think you missed the clip...
Chandrappa Raja
Chandrappa Raja 11 days ago
Joel embiid is also known as crying baby😂
Tyler Strong
Tyler Strong 11 days ago
Moochie congrats on 600k
DillyyDillyy 11 days ago
Moochie to a Milly!!!
Goran Gligoric
Goran Gligoric 11 days ago
Congrats on 600k
Effendi Chua
Effendi Chua 11 days ago
Nah lowry was tryna explain what he was doin
FrostyBoi 11 days ago
We need more of this
Nate Productions
Nate Productions 11 days ago
jae crowder and tristan thompson were boys because they played together in Cleveland for a few years during the championship runs.
Chase Ownsby
Chase Ownsby 11 days ago
The one with Siakam looks like jesser when he made that miny hoop and he flopped
Hoku Dias
Hoku Dias 11 days ago
They didn’t count hardens dunk, pretty sure the refs got fined for it too.
Tracy McSwain
Tracy McSwain 11 days ago
That is a good funny video to do in life that day right know okay.
AssaultineCrakka Boiii
Jesse really doesn’t know shit about the nba lol dude is a fake basketball fan.
Arianah Moore
Arianah Moore 11 days ago
Congratulations on 600K!!
Carson White
Carson White 11 days ago
On the Harden dunk they actually didn’t count it and the rockets ended up losing by 1
Dylan Faydo
Dylan Faydo 11 days ago
only support this guy in 2hype and cash a little. the rest are bums
Kaeden Phillips
Kaeden Phillips 11 days ago
2:25 ayo
Rifle Guts
Rifle Guts 11 days ago
Cortland Holmes
Cortland Holmes 11 days ago
Is it just me or are the vida with Mitchell and headed are just superior
Tre K
Tre K 11 days ago
I tend to like every comment i see and i don’t know why😂
Morgan Alford
Morgan Alford 11 days ago
yeah dat was funny
Bubba 11 days ago
Moochie looks so different.
Bradley Drake
Bradley Drake 11 days ago
Embiid is the furthest thing from a king lol
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