NBA Allowing Players To Replace Name On Jerseys With Social Justice Statement! 

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NBA Allowing Players To Replace Last Name On Jerseys With Social Justice Statement!
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Jun 28, 2020




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Keej Vaj
Keej Vaj Month ago
Politics in sports just ruin all the pro and college games for me. I am not spending money on any merchandise and tickets anymore. I am protesting against these players also by not wasting my time watching them play. I just don't care about the games anymore, because now these athletes are making the games to be about politics. I am done with them forever.
Jeff Barton
Jeff Barton 4 months ago
Most of them don’t know who their dad’s are anyway...
MoneyBagg Mo
MoneyBagg Mo Month ago
You call yourself a Christian, and yet you’re being racist? You people are such hypocrites.
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds 5 months ago
Why don’t you tell us about yourself like loves dogs or hates hotdogs on your jersey so we know more about you instead of what you’re about because political messages at my business where I work I would get fired
King Delamuela
King Delamuela 5 months ago
Steve C
Steve C 5 months ago
To hell with all sports. All these owners and commissioners should be embarrassed. Let sports live with sports. Keep the politics out of it. Clown show.
Eris Ibrahmi
Eris Ibrahmi 5 months ago
Do you guys think that these Jersey will be able to cop?
Grant Chow
Grant Chow 5 months ago
This virtuous signalling white guilt pandering and placating orgy is getting tiresome. Don’t need to be lectured and preached too on how to conduct my life and treat people by millionaires who play a game for a living. Apparently the world was fine before George Floyd for Pro Sports. Integrity is a matter of convenience and not principle in Woke America.
mikeca98 5 months ago
Melanin good, white bad. Not a sound business move.
Tyler Zerbee
Tyler Zerbee 5 months ago
Ignorance af
Stephen Antonio
Stephen Antonio 6 months ago
Commentating the new NBA-- Social justice dribbles at the top of the key, he goes left, crosses over right, penetrates the defense, kicks the ball out to Antifa who uses his quick first step to drive to the hole, he double clutches and dumps it off to BLM, who goes up for the DUNK-- wait out know where, WHITE CONSERVATIVE BLOCKS THE DUNK BY BLM, NO FOUL NO FOUL CALLED BY A WHITE REFEREE!! BLM IS LIVID, AND IS CALLED FOR A TECHNICAL FOUL. After the game BLM protests, the NBA commissioner XI Jinping, I mean Adam silver hands down a ruling-- the white referee is fired, the player white conservative is suspended for the season and the player BLM is given reperations!! NBA, you just got BANNED!!
Live Life
Live Life 6 months ago
N B A - No Basketball After politicizing the sport
George Cruz
George Cruz 6 months ago
NBA are dead to me. More overpaid Dumbass idiots that just don't get. It's funny how people say that athletes are roll models, in actuality their mere followers and are broke within 5 years after leaving the league. Just do what you get paid to do.
Big Boy
Big Boy 6 months ago
How bout we put like free Hong Kong or something
C N 6 months ago
How about a statement abolishing sweatshop use in China while making their $200 sneakers? They bend over backward for China in every other way. Garbage-ass hypocrites.
Michael John
Michael John 6 months ago
“Free Hong Kong” should also be a choice for players to wear on their jerseys. If the NBA supports the Hong Kong protesters then I will gladly watch basketball again. ❤️
Political Incorrect
Political Incorrect 6 months ago
Never like basketball. It’s worse then soccer. Now this? Haha. Glad I don’t like this crap
guido072 6 months ago
Stoked for nba to come back so I can not give a shit and watch something more entertaining
paul mcclaren
paul mcclaren 6 months ago
Good news! This decadent yankee nation is destroying itself like Rome from within.
iluvdissheet 6 months ago
Is this really true? 🤯
Gregor Slana
Gregor Slana 6 months ago
they waited for NBA to gain huge influence and now they will abuse that influence to spread ideology. This will backfire in the long run
Daddi Blu
Daddi Blu 6 months ago
Bet there won't be a free Hong Kong jersey
Jarrod Wardle
Jarrod Wardle 6 months ago
Bryan Seay
Bryan Seay 6 months ago
Lebrons new Name on back of Jersey: *Chinese Communist Party*
Irish Ron
Irish Ron 6 months ago
Should be “M.J’s Bitch”
Marc Ray
Marc Ray 6 months ago
JR Smith: RIP *Rest In Playoffs*
Latoria Bishop
Latoria Bishop 6 months ago
Winston Sol
Winston Sol 6 months ago
Lebron should thank the Chinese for their communist money, made on the backs of abused citizens by a dictatorship. But sure, promote Marxism, too. Maybe what Lebron needs is an education.
Geeyoh 6 months ago
fk blm
John Re
John Re 6 months ago
The thumbnail on the picture shouldnt be BLM for lebron. It should be BUM.
Irish Ron
Irish Ron 6 months ago
LeBum lol
Uriel Rahmanov
Uriel Rahmanov 6 months ago
I probably will stop watch NBA, it's going bad with the politic shit. I think all African American players should speak out on public to stop fucking riots! They all doing a lot of money in USA. They not grateful at all to what they got. Shame on NBA and all players. I'm disappointed from this organization, and will stop watch this politician NBA. sport shouldn't be mix with dirty politics.
HELIOS 6 months ago
Skin of their color, let’s gooo 😂
Cheer Whiner
Cheer Whiner 6 months ago
Free HK...? 🤔
MrDonsanus 6 months ago
MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! that's what nba is about, i can see it at the allstar game it became so crap, and the contracts are ridiculous the amount are insane!!!!
R.L Savedra
R.L Savedra 6 months ago
Stupid idea keep propelling hate. . And division. I have a good idea let them play ball and let the police handle their policing." Dah
Steven Delgado
Steven Delgado 6 months ago
But they ban Head bans ( BTW 100% for BLM) it’s just weird that the things they don’t allow.
ToToy Biboy
ToToy Biboy 6 months ago
Balck loothes matter
Preach the Word Ministries
Not watching.
intimissimi88 6 months ago
which player will make the statement "FREE HONGKONG" ???
Chris Tice
Chris Tice 6 months ago
Keep politics out of sports keep sports pure
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams 6 months ago
Dude this video is stupid and states lies in it terrible and I love your shit but the fact is the all these police shootings you talk about if you can show me a serious number that's actually truly terrible I'll buy it but I understand this shit happens and it wrong yes but it's a way lower number then you just made it out to be I am sorry facts are facts
Aj_ flexing
Aj_ flexing 6 months ago
Yea man the skin of their color😂
TabibMaster 6 months ago
Media only shows the bad things of the protests and police. Lots of amazing things police have done and lots of amazing and beautiful protesting! Media brainwashes
TabibMaster 6 months ago
Most cops 99.99% are good and 99%+ of police missions / traffic stops are successful
TabibMaster 6 months ago
Most cops 99.99% are good and 99%+ of police missions / traffic stops are successful
Treezy Inc
Treezy Inc 6 months ago
Skin of their color ✅🤎
Unknown ?
Unknown ? 6 months ago
“ Skin of their color “ this man tweaking 😂
BS_Flakex _
BS_Flakex _ 6 months ago
No hate but he always has like 2minute videos
DMONEYTHE BEAST15 6 months ago
I remember when Lebron had king James on his back of his jersey
Andreas Dengler
Andreas Dengler 6 months ago
I want sports with no politics. It's an escape. They can speak out on their own time.
Stirling Street Machines
screw the NBA this chit is ridiculous and is nothing but marxist propaganda. All because orange man bad. The people pushing this chit are scumbags.
Why so do many people have a problem with “black lives matter” if all lives matter as you say? People always hate when something isn’t made yo benefit them huh🤣🤣
YxngJay i don’t give a fuck about the movement leaders plans. Me screaming black lives matter and actually meaning black lives matter shouldn’t be a worry for you.If i paint a street saying “black lives matter” why are you so concerned about a fucking street? And whats wrong with democratic party influences? All you trump supporters always say “It gOeS To tHe dEmOcRaTiC PaRtY” ok why should i care? My concern is on black lives mattering so all lives can.
Shockked 6 months ago
Read BLM manifesto and their website. Instead of giving money to black communities they scan them and give them to the Democratic Party..
Sean Ammon
Sean Ammon 6 months ago
Well Kyrie Irving is kind of an idiot
yccmzimmy 6 months ago
Freedom of speach is a good thing that should be honored, but that does not mean that we have to try to be disrespective to other people when expressing our thoughts with freedom. It is a freedom of content, that should be done in respectful forms
yccmzimmy 6 months ago
To have the chance to express a respectful protest is a good thing! Exaggerated protests or unrespectful should be avoided. An honorable respectful person should not even ask for...
Jim Wiles
Jim Wiles 6 months ago
This is horsecrap. Won’t watch nba ever again. Lost fan.
Team OpenMid
Team OpenMid 6 months ago
Soccer does it. I don't see why not.
Marty Curtis
Marty Curtis 6 months ago
why is he talking about Kyrie and watching L.A. vs Memphis? C'mon man.....I thought we were gonna watch Kyrie talking or interview or something.
fafa suluape
fafa suluape 6 months ago
Caruso gonna put... BLM. BALD LIVES MATTER
Yung Magneno
Yung Magneno 6 months ago
“The skin of their color” can work both ways though. Even though we all know what he meant to say😭😭
Eric Entertains
Eric Entertains 6 months ago
Skin of their colour
View Film
View Film 6 months ago
Slogans are for people who don't want to do anything but feel like they did something
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 6 months ago
People are acting like black Americans can speak or write in proper English. "Skill of their colour" is part of their broken English vocabulary
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 6 months ago
If Tristan Thompson is allowed to get paid whilst only being a dad to the kid from a white woman I am not taking the NBA seriously ... SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE.
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 6 months ago
ALL LIVES MATTER. Police brutality is not a black mans trouble but is a problem across the world.
David C.
David C. 6 months ago
why do people act like its so hard to just ignore the back of their jersey plus its a good cause anyone who thinks this is a stain to the nba because sports is a time to get away are the same sheep that are saying blue lives and all lives matter just stfu 🤣
T 6 months ago
This is nonsense. These guys got famous playing basketball, not because of their activism or their take on politics. If it were only about their politics or activism we wouldn’t know who any of these guys are and wouldn’t value their opinions one bit.
George Washington
George Washington 6 months ago
Mine would say: UTI, PMS, or BBC, because I had it and it was painful, I hate women when they have it, and because i was in Jail...
Dawson 6 months ago
What did the Bible have to do with anything
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez 6 months ago
look i’m with all these progressive movements but this is just dumb
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar 6 months ago
social justice.. sounds very american, very scripted.
Boom boom Pow
Boom boom Pow 6 months ago
I’m not black, can I watch nba?? Do mine and my family’s life matter? I don’t think it does.. an entire life laker fan, I’m out.
Dennis Esguerra
Dennis Esguerra 6 months ago
I’m not black too and the nba is the only sport they’re obessessed with in the Philippines.
CJ Fitzpatrick
CJ Fitzpatrick 6 months ago
These people need to shut up and play basketball. Right, there’s systemic racism when all these black folks get paid millions of dollars and we have famous black actors. When Morgan Freeman was asked how we need to combat racism, he replied, “Stop talking about it.” All of this is creating a victim mentality in the black community and is going to create actual racism. And if you don’t like it here, go to the Middle East where slavery is actually practiced.
Xavier Mayfield
Xavier Mayfield 6 months ago
Jesus looking out for me on my jersery
anti 6 months ago
0:25 "Simply because the skin of their colour"
nrjk yu
nrjk yu 6 months ago
I disagree with it because sports should be a distraction. No matter how good the cause hearing about it 24/7 has to lead to alot of stress and depression.
Ctrl1u 6 months ago
My would be MOB “Money Over Bitches”
Ctrl1u 6 months ago
Lebron Jersey...”BLMO”...BLaMe Others
plank3000 6 months ago
What the fuck is this, the XFL? He hate me..
Yifan Liu
Yifan Liu 6 months ago
One of the worst ideas.... it would be a mess
Harrison Songolo
Harrison Songolo 6 months ago
Not anymore because of this virus spike
EthanGalapong10 6 months ago
*Ja Morant is Savage*
W A T E R 6 months ago
I hope an nba player gets to replace there last name with FTC
Eddie B
Eddie B 6 months ago
SALTY_ EYEZ 6 months ago
And I’m out
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas 6 months ago
L36ron gonna put “Qing” on da back of his. 🤣😂🤣
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 6 months ago
honestly, I don't really like this idea. Isn't it supposed to be a professional league? I don't care about what social justice impacts on the nba court. We hear about it in the news, on every social media platform. Jersey Sponsorship was already bad enough, now they want to give players the choice to be controversial just because they should be able to "express their opinion". They've been doing it for years on social media. Its never been a problem, therefore, that's where the controversial shit can stay.
Dennis Esguerra
Dennis Esguerra 6 months ago
It’s a classless move and a slap in face to the fans. Everyone should boycott watching nba games when they restart the season.
iluvdissheet 6 months ago
@Adam The Turtle ok, my bad for being unclear: 1) when I said facemasks, I meant because of COVID, not bball injuries 2) I get your point but I'm still unclear about what disaster could come. You know the teams and the league are not going to allow offensive speech, or controversy on the jersey. It's only the name plate, not much room there. Of course anyone can be offended by anything but within reason, whats the worse that could happen? Also NBA players already have the opportunity to make deals/endorsements with companies that have nothing to do with basketball. Curry puts bible verses on his sneakers. But I highly doubt players are going to destroy their brand for a fast buck. That is the easiest way to get cut from the league entirely. It's not a requirement and I imagine not all players will change their name. Are you concerned about the fans? Or are you really concerned the players put Black Lives Matter or actual names like: George Floyd, Rashad Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Botham Jean, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and many others or I cant BREATHE on the jersey? If you dont understand why players would do this, it's the exact reason they would. If you dont agree, that's fine too. You dont have to watch. Let's be honest, the NBA is only doing this for the TV contracts, IMO. Given the current state of Florida with rising cases of COVID, it's more likely there won't be a restart than a controversy. Just my $0.02
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 6 months ago
iluvdissheet but anything you stated there is irrelevant. Facemasks protects the players facial injuries to a high degree that allows them to play where they otherwise wouldn’t. This benefits in and outside of the NBA. Restarting the NBA is very much the same thing, whatever happens, there are good benefits either way (also risks but that isn’t the topic here). What benefit is there to change your jersey name on the back to something that is otherwise irrelevant to do with the NBA but everything to do with something that is highly opinionated, and/or can be brought to a player to buy their support? Its just like advertising. “Please, support this and we will give you a small piece of the pie”. And if it ain’t money, there are a hundred different things you can use to get a supporter from one of the top basketball players in the world. Its a disaster waiting to happen. You can sit there and say whatever you want about “they won’t ever do that” except some players don’t actually get paid 10/15million a year. Thats all the reason they need to earn a little side cash. It happens in the real world believe it or not, and allowing players to support something opens up a LOT of opportunity to buy someones support. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but its not like it hasn’t ever been done before.
iluvdissheet 6 months ago
I guess I missed that part that freedom of speech was granted to all citizens except athletes. I understand "you dont care about what social justice impacts on the nba court" and you're tired of hearing the conversation. You have the choice to not watch and voice your opinion, agree to disagree. I disagree with the NBA restarting the season. I'm not going to say they dont have the right to restart. I disagree with people refusing to wear face masks. But they have the right to be (as you put it) "controversial just because they should be able to express their opinion".
hp090407 6 months ago
I agree! That shit is non sense
Javi 6 months ago
Just because you don't see good cops not stopping the bad cops does not mean they aren't good. Good cops have lost their careers and retirement pensions for doing the right thing. It's a brotherhood mentality in the cop world.
Steven Becker
Steven Becker 6 months ago
They’re there to play basketball not to take part in politics or movements
Xemil Ø
Xemil Ø 6 months ago
“I eat ass” on my jersey
FUGGETABOUTIT 6 months ago
0:26 you just ended racism 😂
Toné 2glocks
Toné 2glocks 6 months ago
No mames
Jaylen Higgs
Jaylen Higgs 6 months ago
0:25 he said “the skin of their color”🤦🏾‍♂️
RDGTrap 6 months ago
"Skin of there color" are you high 😂😂
Tuck - The Wonder Pet
Fuck that. Why we gotta turn everything political. Just tryna see some gifts of nature throw a ball in a hoop
JH 6 months ago
What about the higher probability of white suspects being shot by cops? Apparently facts dont matter.
Kim Groenewald
Kim Groenewald 6 months ago
*skin of their colour* did anyone notice
Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural 6 months ago
I’m guessing they won’t include statements on the incarceration of thousands of Uygur Muslims, decades of forced sterilization, child labor, human organ harvesting and the countless other human rights violations China has enacted?
The Other Side
The Other Side 6 months ago
Black men aren't getting shot because of their skin color. If you actually believe that it shows how easily manipulated you are. Stop pandering & virtue signaling.
nani brsko
nani brsko 6 months ago
Politics and Religion should have nothing to do with Sport !
Trust Bro
Trust Bro 6 months ago
@iluvdissheet none of us where alive for that dumb ass
Irish Ron
Irish Ron 6 months ago
No not even close to being political. Quite prejudice in nature though. Kind of like assuming all whites don’t like blacks, as Lebron did on Instagram a few weeks back.
iluvdissheet 6 months ago
Really? I guess you forgot about that time when sports was segregated....because that wasn't political at all, right?
B Kay
B Kay 6 months ago
Social Justice is super gay.
L W 6 months ago
Not in support of this. Can we pls keep sports and cultural issues separate! Pls!