NASA’S Perseverance Rover’s First 360 View of Mars (Official) 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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This video shows the first 360-degree view of the landing site of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars, as captured by the rover’s color Navigation Cameras, or Navcams. The Navcams are on the remote sensing mast (or “head”) of the rover. Perseverance possesses the most cameras of any Mars rover to date, with 19 on the rover. Perseverance landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. These images were obtained on February 20, 2021.
A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.

Please note: Not all browsers support viewing 360 videos. US-first supports their playback on computers using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. For best experience on a mobile device, play this video in the US-first app.
For more information about Perseverance, visit mars.nasa.gov/perseverance

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Feb 22, 2021




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Jona Tanaka
Jona Tanaka 4 hours ago
That could've been awesome with a camera in real-time.
William Amodeo
William Amodeo 4 hours ago
Oh look, a little piece of ice......water..... life ?????? Under microscope... nope no life in it...now what? Go there and live in a small dome?. Boring. you'd become an alcoholic,run outside and die from radiation in 12 seconds.
Jona Tanaka
Jona Tanaka 4 hours ago
Cool, mais aucune échelle de comparaison... Rien en perspective... juste une horizon.
Que Zipple
Que Zipple 4 hours ago
Only 9 % of the entire bill of 1.9T goes to COVID.. ONLY 9 %. AMAZING.. IMPEACH BIDEN NOW
Al Kacper
Al Kacper 4 hours ago
Arizona looks amazing.
Emily Aguillon
Emily Aguillon 4 hours ago
2025 someone lands on mars
Mr PRUSHINSKI 4 hours ago
I’m literally on Mars
Elton Parks
Elton Parks 4 hours ago
Eyes on the ground of Mars. Incredible to see after 50 plus years of going there.
Joadilson Gomes
Joadilson Gomes 4 hours ago
It"s a very lier!!!
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis 4 hours ago
Not a 360° view.
M Dolinski
M Dolinski 4 hours ago
This is amazing. I've imagined Mars since I was a child. Imagine what a huge event it will be for our children when the first manned mission touches down.
Anyone else only getting 180°?
Micheal Mouse
Micheal Mouse 4 hours ago
CGIs getting better
Adele McKee
Adele McKee 4 hours ago
Randal Vela
Randal Vela 4 hours ago
Nevada looks great.
Vladimir 2020
Vladimir 2020 4 hours ago
Ghost FeaturizedXD
Ghost FeaturizedXD 4 hours ago
If you look closely you can see a figure standing infront of the rover
Claude Bylion
Claude Bylion 4 hours ago
Great place for a football pitch.
1NewMe 4 hours ago
Arizona looks nice this time of the year :-)
Big D
Big D 4 hours ago
Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science!
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Fake! Special effects!
tgstudio85 4 hours ago
Agree your account is fake, just as your miserable life.
Abou Mansour Niang
Abou Mansour Niang 4 hours ago
What a died planet ! I prefer the Earth planet.
Marcela Vergara
Marcela Vergara 4 hours ago
Ay que belleza es esto por Dios!!!!
Naiz Animations TV
Naiz Animations TV 4 hours ago
And what if in another universe the most advanced species is viruses. And they have been coming to the earth to explore n they do not even know that we exist. And they come to check if they can survive here they have to get inside our bodies to do their tests and pap spread and we get corona. They happily rejoice their new Mars is habitable... Lol. I will not be suprised if our concept of signs of life is all wrong coz we base our thinking on what is available on earth. Or may be alien ants from jupiter have been coming here on earth but they look for their look alikes. Does an ant really know a human being exists. Science is just fantastic.
Blazenko Jakovljevic
They live under surface
FLOOR GANG AOUGH 4 hours ago
Kinda whack
arekopo 4 hours ago
J Chappy
J Chappy 5 hours ago
And not a speck of dirt on it🤔
Antonio Jose Sanchez
Alguien se cree que eso es Marte? es mas. Alguien se cree que se ha podido llear alli?
pyramid 5 hours ago
muito legal parabens nasa
Ken Sekhwela
Ken Sekhwela 5 hours ago
This is absolutely mind blowing 🤯Well done NASA. literally on another Planet... Mars
Arnaldo Gonzalez
Arnaldo Gonzalez 5 hours ago
Fake it’s cgi
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Why does some parts of the ground look like brown mud, like it just rained?
Jim Carris
Jim Carris 5 hours ago
all i have is a still photo no video
Toxine Pogo
Toxine Pogo 5 hours ago
Superbe image 📷
Charles Parreiras de Souza
Sensational Picture!
Saturne Acre
Saturne Acre 5 hours ago
fake, this is fake, it's obvious...
Dan 5 hours ago
This is some nice hollywood green screen! Well done losers
Lucas De Vera
Lucas De Vera 5 hours ago
This is how sci-fi movies depicted what mars looked like. Not sure if the looks are just coincidence or scripted cgi.
shehla khan
shehla khan 5 hours ago
What happened to the Elon musk one and why is no one talking about it
AtomicCherry 5 hours ago
Mars is looking cool
trailbossdan1 5 hours ago
It’s out of this world
MAD T. 5 hours ago
Resmen evden Marsı izliyoruz...nasıl bir teknoloji gelecekte yaşıyoruz...
Teh Scope
Teh Scope 5 hours ago
Someone out there watching this and saying " see that round thing on the rover ? " Yes " I put that there " .
susan hill
susan hill 5 hours ago
Some conspiracy theorist will think it's the Nevada desert.
Axirds ツ
Axirds ツ 5 hours ago
AweSomo84 5 hours ago
Feels like a simulation
Allyson Mora
Allyson Mora 5 hours ago
I feel blessed to have witnessed such a momentous event in human history and to be alive during an age of such advanced technology and space exploration! The fact that I can see mars through my phone while laying in bed is just absolutely INCREDIBLE.👍✨
BuriedFlame 5 hours ago
_"I wanna rock! And that one...that one...oh, and that one..."_
Yogesh Jangale
Yogesh Jangale 5 hours ago
This is amazing 👏 . This is first time on you tube. Can anybody please elaborate how's this is possible?
PinkyPurpleGalaxy 5 hours ago
Lili Cruz Pobre
Lili Cruz Pobre 5 hours ago
This is just purely waste of tax money. There's no life on Mars period.
Primitive Spongebob
We are not searching for life on Mars, we are searching riverbeds which used to contain water for further advancements, also, only 1 cent per dollar goes to Science, 24 cents of that goes to the military, which is mostly useless and goes *whoosh* into the Military-Industrial Complex
Jon Rand
Jon Rand 5 hours ago
Unfortunately for humanity, Mars is a less hostile place to be right now than Earth.
Martinyi __
Martinyi __ 5 hours ago
It's hard to believe that this is from another planet 54.6 million km away at minimum from earth. Amazing
Free Devialet
Free Devialet 5 hours ago
Incroyable, c’est fou,Mars ♡
Marcus 5 hours ago
I would be more excited if NASA uploaded unedited images
Jouko Markula
Jouko Markula 5 hours ago
I cant wait to see, how that helicopter really works on mars, and watch real video of that flight. (i had doubts on that flight design at first)
Riley Dylan Alvendia
where the martians at though
Marcus 5 hours ago
edited out, or they just chose a safe image
Cheezy green
Cheezy green 5 hours ago
yo mars dosent look like anything i expepcted irs just dusty not even that red
Brrenda Baldwin
Brrenda Baldwin 5 hours ago
Wait till they start digging and scanning their gonna see mars was just like earth ,justsayn
Rokas Paula
Rokas Paula 5 hours ago
Its Amazing . Its Beutiful .
mrdefence speedjammer
Been active bases on mars for a long long time nothing exciting here at all just another smoke and mirrors routine.
Kater Karlo
Kater Karlo 5 hours ago
This is just mind blowing. Can't describe it.
James Stubbs
James Stubbs 5 hours ago
What astounds me is that whole planet does not contain even one microbe of life.
TheMightyOdin 5 hours ago
I know Mars well.
MickeyHP 5 hours ago
where did the carrier land/crash?
Alle Igi
Alle Igi 6 hours ago
Ecco dove ho lasciato le mie cuffie 🎧 Da un metro del Rover dove l’ombra compie un un 📐 In direzione della punta Che qualcuno me le riporti
Babassen Mohamed
Babassen Mohamed 6 hours ago
The Moroccan desert is beautiful
abbas alturcky
abbas alturcky 6 hours ago
is it just me or yalll saw it too. theres something far away. 0:32
{}}{ 6 hours ago
You can see boot imprints. That robot isn’t the only thing there 🤔
Primitive Spongebob
dude, those are tire prints and rocks, jesus christ man
{}}{ 5 hours ago
@Beth Maiers look around it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see them ;) I wish I could post a screenshot on here
Beth Maiers
Beth Maiers 5 hours ago
@{}}{ Which wheel exactly?
{}}{ 5 hours ago
@MrCreebert look next to the wheels, you an clearly see foot prints.
MrCreebert 5 hours ago
Where? I don't see any.
Nia Dan Faisal
Nia Dan Faisal 6 hours ago
Negara lain sibuk ke mars lah indo warganya malah sibuk conkel cip di ktp
Coolidge Owens
Coolidge Owens 6 hours ago
Now the question is where are the Prothean ruins?
Ahmet Naci Küçükoğlu
La bı dağ daşta ne işiz var dünya neyize yetmi
eNeVe Family
eNeVe Family 6 hours ago
I would love to take the Rover for a spin.
Karim Houdaf
Karim Houdaf 6 hours ago
الرحامنة ؟
MHDumah88 6 hours ago
Someone break out the duster
Malcolm Fitzpatrick
Not as red as I thought. More like....copper?
Erik Berg
Erik Berg 6 hours ago
I wonder why the starconstallations in all directions viewed from earth hasn't changed a singel bit since decades, centuries, not a single bit.....things that makes you go..hmm....
trailbossdan1 5 hours ago
Well you Google it and then you won’t have to be ignorant
JanTheMan 6 hours ago
Because stars are lightyears away and light takes a long time to travel from the source to our eyes. The light from our own sun takes approximately 8 minutes to travel and reach earth. If the sun was to suddenly get extinguished completely, it would take us 8 minutes later to notice the effect.
fake democracy with more pedos than greek mythology
you forgot to put tire's tracks print in the sand and some dirt on the machine 🤣
trailbossdan1 5 hours ago
Pretty sure it hasn’t moved yet, probably still testing systems
D B 6 hours ago
Yikes. Someone didnt do their research.
D B 6 hours ago
You're joking right?
iconxHD 6 hours ago
omg NASA captures the FIRST SOUND FROM MARS us-first.info/player/video/r9GmdaJiqWqffXE.html&ab_channel=NASAJetPropulsionLaboratory
Михаил Н
Михаил Н 6 hours ago
D C 6 hours ago
Thats a sad and depressing sight. can't see anyone in the video not even an alien.
Helder Silva
Helder Silva 6 hours ago
Why cant we see skyline? :o
D B 6 hours ago
@Helder Silva probably in the later exploration when it started moving. This is the first video from when it landed remember.
Helder Silva
Helder Silva 6 hours ago
@D B No, but people have screenshots of this with the skyline, what gives?!
D B 6 hours ago
Oh its because the camera doesnt look up
Marco Ehab
Marco Ehab 6 hours ago
omg woooooow
miauw 6 hours ago
And we cant see whats above ha 🤔
D B 6 hours ago
Because the camera doesnt look up genius
Acer 6 hours ago
its time to nuke
محمد تميم
محمد تميم 6 hours ago
In texas ha ha ha 😂😂😂
11xpander 6 hours ago
we have levitation object
Baltazar _
Baltazar _ 6 hours ago
XD el video no es nada
Hafeez Bin Amir
Hafeez Bin Amir 6 hours ago
Green patches appear where water exists found near rivers so I guess there is or there was water once
Mostafa EL
Mostafa EL 6 hours ago
Wonderful performance. But i don’t understand How this picture was taken. Question : Where is instaled the camera on percy ? The picture seems to be taken above the rover. No physical link betwen the camera and the rover. Please, explaine to me. THKS.
D B 4 hours ago
@Mostafa EL yes its kind of weird looking
Mostafa EL
Mostafa EL 5 hours ago
@D B Thank you for your answer. I can’t see the little stick. It looks like the camera is floating without any physical contact with the Rover.
D B 6 hours ago
Look at the model it's a little stick
Mr. Mulky
Mr. Mulky 6 hours ago
This photo is outta this world! Litterally!
Emanuele Sabo
Emanuele Sabo 6 hours ago
jamsha motoride
jamsha motoride 6 hours ago
Dyllan Smith
Dyllan Smith 6 hours ago
Looks like a lame world from no mans sky
Lord Dakshinamurthy
feels so emtehh :/
نواف العتيبي
ماكو شي ماكو شي كلها فتره و بتنتهي ماكوشي
Naim Ibrahimi
Naim Ibrahimi 6 hours ago
We want to see SUN ☀️ from Mars, why they don’t try to show it !
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