Najee Harris: Road to the Pros Episode 1 

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Najee Harris overcomes extreme obstacles at a young age before molding himself into the No. 1 recruit in the country and joining Nick Saban's 2017 class at Alabama. Introducing Episode 1 of AL.com's documentary series "Najee Harris: Road to the Pros". (Wesley Sinor / wsinor@al.com)
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Episode 1 April 12
Episode 2 April 19
Episode 3 April 26
Episode 4 May 3


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Apr 12, 2021




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Hugh Jaass
Hugh Jaass Day ago
So glad you came to Bama. Amazing story. Roll Tide!!
Sandra norman
If Bama had given him the ball in 2019 Natty, maybe Clemson would not have won.
Timages Phx
Timages Phx Day ago
The more I learn about this young man the happier I am he's a Pittsburgh Steeler. My hometown team. His ability and his character are both first round quality. Right on, Najee. Welcome to the Burgh. Let's get a ring, bruh.
jorge casado
jorge casado 2 days ago
Steelers fan here didn't like the pick now I do!!!
fafpeho requmli
fafpeho requmli 2 days ago
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Sno Man
Sno Man 2 days ago
Stay focused brother.dont let the money and fame change you.Stay up💪
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 3 days ago
Love Najee. He really seems like a cool person. Liked how he had a party for the homeless after he got drafted. I also like how close he is to his mom. And he showed how much of a team player he is when he shared the goodies from his college recruiting trips with his teammates. Once again, kudos to his mom and his mentors for stressing the importance of sharing. This was another great video. Best wishes to Najee Harris throughout his NFL career.
Anthony Burton
Anthony Burton 3 days ago
Is there anyway to watch this with spanish subtitles? My dads fiances son is a teen who just moved in with his mom after living in pr his whole life he doesnt speak english yet but understands some and has been trying to learn by watching videos in english with subs but also doesnt feel like he fits in and has some problems to work through and I know if he saw something like this he could relate and he keeps saying he wants to play basketball but hasn't tried because hes afraid to fail and I think this series would be something that could push him that last little bit because it wont be his mom or step dad or 30 yr old step brother telling him itll be a stranger with a tougher story than his own but who is also closer to his age and who he can relate to in many more aspects
Craig Wadding
Craig Wadding 4 days ago
high school highlights, looking like little kids chasing a grown man, such a great story , looking forward to watching him have a successful pro career, love to see him and his family enjoy the ride. I wish the best for this guy. Go Steelers
Jayme Gallo
Jayme Gallo 4 days ago
He had a tuff upbringing but look at him now! Lot of respect
DGMG Neco 4 days ago
De'lovontae Sanders
Rainier Beach South Seattle 🤞🏾 #Townbizz Shoutout Najee Harris AMAZING STORY
Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 4 days ago
Dang hard to not like this guy 😂 funny as crap just no ravens ain’t going easy on you 😈
jbadams56 5 days ago
Mama pretty as hell high key
David Lukas
David Lukas 5 days ago
I’m going really enjoy watching this dude run the ball for my Steelers.we in Pittsburgh are gonna luv the way this kid plays!!
Caleb Rule
Caleb Rule 5 days ago
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Caleb Rule 5 days ago
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Lil Boat
Lil Boat 6 days ago
Give this boy his contract!
Spencer Sparks
Spencer Sparks 6 days ago
As a proud Buckeye fan, he is one of the most impressive players ive seen. Not only that, but his attitude and work ethic off the field just make me like him more. he'll be a superstar
david robbins
david robbins 7 days ago
I lived in Martinez and played QB for Alhambra High school way back in 1978 and also lived in San Ramon 1976 and played QB against John Elway from Pleasanton High and when I saw Harris back in 2017 at Antioch our rivals from Martinez I started following this kid and knew he was as Good and a possible Bo Jackson impact type player, and being a 49er fan hoped SF & Shanahan would pull the trigger to get Harris with that high pick but Pittsburgh snapped him up. Good luck to you Najee and Pittsburgh.
R E 8 days ago
Being from the bay and hearing him say "hella" brings me joy. IYKYK
J Bo
J Bo 8 days ago
Ok when do we hold women accountable for having all these kids and knowing they're not in position to take care of the kids she already have. These women put a lot of young men in a position to have to do something about they're living situation. Yet we praise these women for being single mother and missing the fact that most of these kids are screwed up because they're mothers reckless decisions to bring them in this world without anything to start they're lives with. 5 kids and keep getting evicted should be shamed in our community.
Gavin S.
Gavin S. 9 days ago
Lev Rosenbaum and Madden 21 Mobile
i love najee
Josh Procacina-Mohr
Proud of you. Antioch couldn't be more proud
yourDaddy 9 days ago
Guess what na, you playing vs trash Nixon now twice a year.
yourDaddy 9 days ago
Rags to riches
PCP L3NO 10 days ago
as soon as you make it everybody that wasnt fwy gonna appear out of no where
Lala Meeh
Lala Meeh 10 days ago
Luv u Tiana....u did that and Najee congrats
TheModer8ter 10 days ago
Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.
Da’ud Son Of Mother Earth
It’s sad to hear these indigenous American Indians tell their stories when United States citizens come here and prosper and they don’t speak American English. It’s clear that the mistreatment of the Americans by by The United States corpse is intentionally. “They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation; Let the name of Israel be remembered no more.” For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant-” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭83:4-5‬ ‭AMP‬‬
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner 11 days ago
His mother is so strong
Calvin Nguyen
Calvin Nguyen 11 days ago
I like how real Najee is. Just earned himself a fan.
God Bless you young man. Cant wait to see you in Black and yellow. You now have a life long fan. Your mother is an amazing person. All the best Najee!!!!!
Gordon Ingram
Gordon Ingram 11 days ago
Nothing but the best for you Young man.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 11 days ago
Steeler nation
Self Made Bullyz
Self Made Bullyz 11 days ago
This needs to be a movie. #BESTOFLUCK to this young man🤟🏾
MRKJ408 11 days ago
He straight had the POLY guaidance Bruh that’s not even fair!!!
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter 11 days ago
I like this guy. Always been a fan. But “hella” is the most California thing ever. Go ducks!
A. Rosas
A. Rosas 11 days ago
Your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm happy for you and your family. Stay blessed
Solo1 11 days ago
LOL... "Testing my toes out in the snow" Hahahahahaha so cool
Diana Rossenna
Diana Rossenna 11 days ago
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Kimberly Hall
Kimberly Hall 11 days ago
Iam a ravens fan but this guy is incredible!!! It’s gonna suck playing against him twice a year, but he has a very bright future in the NFL!
Jonah Mosher
Jonah Mosher 12 days ago
Pittsburgh is going to lean him up a little and he will be even more dangerous. They did that with Bell and Snell. Its just a guess.
Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel 12 days ago
M&M what about Mixon
Larsen William
Larsen William 12 days ago
And then this whole interview is disengenuous... like he's smiling cuz he's proud of it. LET ME TELL NAJA....
Larsen William
Larsen William 12 days ago
And then you subtly try to justify Mixon's domestic... F YOU. And your hood isn't s***.
Larsen William
Larsen William 12 days ago
No offense but......
Darius Jones
Darius Jones 12 days ago
He was always a chill dude in middle school
TimDroz 12 days ago
What kind of salty a*hole dislikes a video like this?
Malone Hardick
Malone Hardick 12 days ago
It's crazy how Najee Harris and Josh Jacobs have the same identical story .. Homeless.. Sign with Bama as running back wins National Championship... First round draft pick to the NFL team with colors Black n Silver to Black n Gold
Lawrence M Drake II
Remember that Mom made some choices about the men she wanted to be with.....or not. Women are often single and the children’s father’s not being available is not necessarily a reflection of Father’s not being supportive or available to their children. There are many occasions where Mom’s decide they no longer want a relationship of the men who fathered these children
Tommy Sherer
Tommy Sherer 12 days ago
One of the most PERFECT picks a team could get- might not be the bus, but he's an UPS truck- he bringing the mail!this is a bad man!
83017 !
83017 ! 12 days ago
That tua and najee clip in the airport as youngsters . Gem.
83017 !
83017 ! 12 days ago
Bruh 11:39 filthy. All him, 3 didn’t help at all😭😭
PJ 12 days ago
He seems like a grounded, tough young man. Wish him much luck with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Rg4127 12 days ago
There’s not a better place for him. No lie, he will be a beast for the Steelers
Connor Hunter
Connor Hunter 12 days ago
Najee is a role model
Creighton Dennis
Creighton Dennis 13 days ago
Love this young man! makes the bay and Antioch proud!
Cory H
Cory H 13 days ago
Dude is gonna tear up the league! There is a different mentality when you come from that kind of struggle. He can reach down deeper than most when times get tough 💯
SaVon Shagnastee
SaVon Shagnastee 13 days ago
I'm a COWBOYS fan, but I'm ROOTING for this kid!!!!!!
Neubian Sosa
Neubian Sosa 13 days ago
Imagine being Joe Mixon and realizing now you're gonna see this guy twice a year
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 13 days ago
Gameplay reminds me of TO beast
djbenzo 13 days ago
I hate Bama. But you iiight.............
Janell ALLISON 13 days ago
Best pick of the draft as far as I’m concerned. Channel @alvinkamara and his financial path too I hope. ♥️♥️🖤💛
Elijah Jackson
Elijah Jackson 13 days ago
Future Hall of Famer
Sue Siino
Sue Siino 13 days ago
Good comes to the good
Daily Duo
Daily Duo 13 days ago
This keeps me motivated to keep my head up and push harder and don’t let anything bring me down.🙏🏽
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 13 days ago
Najee will always be famous for that post game press conference after the Ohio state game. “Wym they was tearing my ass up out there” Lmaooooo true Cali kid 😂 and he kept saying “Bruuuhhh” 😂 gotta love it.
Jamie Privett
Jamie Privett 13 days ago
Etienne is way better then this bust
Jamie Privett
Jamie Privett 13 days ago
Hugeeeee Busttt
Troy Gabrielson
Troy Gabrielson 13 days ago
As a California man growing up in the Bay area and being a life long Bill's fan I'm happy your a Buffalo Bill welcome to the Mafia
XimenaSu 2 days ago
Bro what
Taba Allday
Taba Allday 13 days ago
Even tho, you didn’t choose Hawaii we still love you, bro. Because you came full circle! You’re a Steeler now! Haha! Chee hoo! Go steelers! Let’s get it! Show all them other teams on what they missed out on! Let’s go! #najee #superbowlbound
Mr. Hicks
Mr. Hicks 13 days ago
The MOST HIGH truly looked over this family! HUGE HUGE Respect for this Mom for keeping things together! Truly. No words. A great woman!! Slavery has naturally made our people strong. The devil keeps attacking and we keep countering. Big respect for you brother Najee! Don't let your guardian angels down my young brother!
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez 13 days ago
Welcome to the Burgh dude!
TD Gaskins
TD Gaskins 14 days ago
hey finna be vicious in football and life... big ups to the young bruva
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 14 days ago
You and your mom give me hope Najae!
Hambo Gumble
Hambo Gumble 14 days ago
I live in London and have a vague, passing interest in Gridiron. I happened to chance on a news piece about him having a draft party at a shelter/refuge he went to as a child. Out of curiosity I went to see a couple of his athletic prowess in his chosen field. Blimey. He’s got presence. Further down the internet wormhole I’ve found myself here commenting on this fella. What an inspiration. I reckon he’s destined for something great. Good luck to him. As an aside, I’m a fan of the Arsenal. Many years ago, when the Arsenal had a competitive team, they had a wonderfully balletic, French forward named Thierry Henry. Najee Harris glides on the turf like him with similar devastating output. I’ll be following his career from here on in....
john gorena
john gorena 14 days ago
Najee don't forget where you come from
A G 14 days ago
🤟🤟 congrats najee
Steve Green
Steve Green 14 days ago
How about the homeless families that don't have kids that are going to be professional athletes 🤔
Zac Boyd
Zac Boyd 14 days ago
Childish gambino vibes
Bobby’s World
Bobby’s World 14 days ago
7th Lombardi coming to the 412 area in the 2021 season via this young man right here!
MariusG 14 days ago
Sooooo happy my steelers pulled the trigger! Lets goooo Najee! :)
Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey 14 days ago
Proud to call him a Steeler, he really seems like an incredible human.
Yesmam Nosir
Yesmam Nosir 2 days ago
@Jonathan William also Roll Tide!
Yesmam Nosir
Yesmam Nosir 2 days ago
@Jonathan William i as well always thought he was better or when he wasn’t playing too often fresh/soph year would at least one day be better.
Jonathan William
Jonathan William 2 days ago
@Yesmam Nosir yeah I may be bias being a bama fan but the whole time he was at bama I said he was better than Travis and people called me crazy last year
Yesmam Nosir
Yesmam Nosir 11 days ago
I followed his recruiting very closely and scouts said as well as being a 5 star RB (he was the #1 player overall in his 2018 class) he would’ve been a 5 star WR. I haven’t a clue how anyone debated who was the better RB for the NFL Najee or Travis Et. It’s 100% gonna be Najee.
Keifus 14 days ago
This dude is a true free spirit. He showed up at Bama w/ nothing.
Jacob Lapoint
Jacob Lapoint 14 days ago
What an awesome mother he has. I'd never make it if someone dropped my as$ off in Cali with 5 kids. Guy stayed out of trouble with all that madness going on around him, with no dad to teach him how to be a man. I love stories like this.
Jacob Lapoint
Jacob Lapoint 14 days ago
Let me clarify that I don't love that people have to grow up in that way, but it really makes you proud of the ones who get out and make it despite the hardship. And sympathize for the ones who don't
Brycen Ehrich
Brycen Ehrich 14 days ago
Michigan fans punching air rn
Go Dice
Go Dice 14 days ago
His story is so inspiring for anyone who wants to achieve greatness in their life. A man that came from nothing.
EXTRABLK 14 days ago
I'm a diehard steeler as it is, and this is just awesome..now I'm gonna get his jersey for sure💯
Hec Santi
Hec Santi 15 days ago
#BlackStallionArmy #NajeeHarris #PS4L
Greek Lordz
Greek Lordz 15 days ago
He’s so cool😂
Andre Darby
Andre Darby 15 days ago
Moms did what she had to do... Life is not cheap to live in the Bayarea.
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis 15 days ago
How could you dislike this video?
14 days ago
Think about it. Ravens fans browns fans bengals fans dolphins fans jets fans Cardinals fans
Terrence Gibbons33
Terrence Gibbons33 15 days ago
Black fathers need to step up and be a man.
Rudy V
Rudy V 15 days ago
The grace, mercy, unconditional love, and providence of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST! Romans 8:28!!! And Luke 1:37!!! Glory...
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
You were trick by the Braided Long French they were always the canibles
Roddy Stevens
Roddy Stevens 15 days ago
Welcome to Pittsburgh Najee
Nari Lar
Nari Lar 15 days ago
Congratulations king u deserve it