My Pet Bass are Spawning! 

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My two pet bass are spawning in our backyard pond! Subscribe to see more backyard pond videos! bit.ly/Bama_Bass
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Apr 4, 2021




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BamaBass 18 days ago
Comment below what you think we should name the new baby turtle and crawfish!
Treyton Law
Treyton Law Day ago
I think the turtle should be named Tiny Tim from that little children song Tiny Tim the turtle what a funny name
Seth Brooks
Seth Brooks 2 days ago
Felony and Alibi
Legacy Unknown
Legacy Unknown 2 days ago
pearl and crunch
YesICan 6 days ago
Turtle: Quart(er) Crawfish: (under)Taker
LilDaMane Houston
Clip for crawfish and nip for turtle
Jonny209 raiders
Jonny209 raiders 27 minutes ago
The little turtle name could be buggy
Jonny209 raiders
Jonny209 raiders 36 minutes ago
Maybe Bonnie need some lingerie
Jonny209 raiders
Jonny209 raiders 36 minutes ago
Larry the Lobster like the casino slot machine for the Crawdad
Vinicius Paiva
Vinicius Paiva 6 hours ago
So, did they spawn?
Treyton Law
Treyton Law Day ago
Tiny Tim
W.S.S. Zack
W.S.S. Zack Day ago
Let the little girl name the turtle
100bgeagle 2 days ago
That's funny I am spawning also!!! But I eat my young!!!
rilluma 2 days ago
10:18 turtle yoga
TheFrogfeeder 2 days ago
You should get a peacock bass, now those are some aggressive fish! Had one in a 300g years ago, grew it up from 2 inches to 10lbs, then we put it in my buddy’s farm pond with some largemouth bass...
Charles Hou
Charles Hou 2 days ago
We want Moby!!!!!
Arpan Dey
Arpan Dey 2 days ago
Turtle: Dino..... Crawfish:Reggie
Youre literally Italian.
Gary turtle! Or diggy the crawdad
Gabe Bevins
Gabe Bevins 4 days ago
Name him Raphael
carol sandusky
carol sandusky 4 days ago
Turtle: jackal crawfish: hyde
Mark Thurston
Mark Thurston 4 days ago
Laurel and hardy
Mark Thurston
Mark Thurston 4 days ago
Jake and logan
Joey L
Joey L 4 days ago
What happened to that catfish you stocked in the first pond video?
Deena Stevens
Deena Stevens 4 days ago
Name the turtle crummy
Harrison Schlabach
how come bonnie and Clyde don't eat the other fish?
spruce badger
spruce badger 4 days ago
I feel like pincer and Dasher would be good names for the little critters
Name the craw fish Crawdaddy and the turtle clinger
Marcus Rushton
Marcus Rushton 5 days ago
We can’t name the turtle bro your daughter already named it after herself
Symple 6 days ago
Can you updates us on Moby? Please
Mike Bukowski
Mike Bukowski 6 days ago
Turtle : Slick ....... Crawfish : Earl
Mike Bukowski
Mike Bukowski 6 days ago
What a cute kid.. I remember them days... Good on yah man.
Jems Books
Jems Books 6 days ago
Late comment, but name them Doc and Marty
MinnesotaRadio 6 days ago
Turtle: Turner Crawfish: Hooch
LilDaMane Houston
Turtle name tuck Crawfish nip lol Nip and tuck
Drew4078 6 days ago
Dude! I am just absolutely in love with your channel! Ha ha ha, this is truly entertaining!!! I am a new subscriber and so glad that I found your videos. Great content my friend, keep up the good work work!
Jratk71 7 days ago
You gon go out there one day to find out Moby ate half that pond.
FISHAHOLIC 7 days ago
You guys aren’t tropical. You can’t have cane toads??? Right? If they aren’t cane toads then why are they toxic? Cane toads can only survive in far south Florida.
Nathan Out
Nathan Out 7 days ago
The turtle should be called bamboo
American Hostage
American Hostage 8 days ago
Thank you for letting the crawfish go... I had a friend who caught a turtle and put him in an aquarium. The poor turtle was full grown, he spent his days swimming from one side to the other, constantly for years, suffering for maybe 10 years. When I met the guy, I immediately started telling him to let the turtle go. After several months he finally did, I got to see him swim away into the creek up in Northern California. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. If the animals have ever known the wild, it’s like locking them into a prison. Bama Bass is a different story, he dug a pond in his back yard for these fish and turtles, and I’m sure their lives are even nicer than freedom, if there is such a thing. The crawfish that he found wandering in his back yard was not one for a cage, it thrills me to know he’ll get set free, although I wish we could see it, it’s ok, I trust Bama Bass will do what’s right.
American Hostage
American Hostage 8 days ago
Use some of the soil from your pond, cover those roots, give the old oak a fighting chance.... your tree experts are killers.
Quaker Smacker
Quaker Smacker 9 days ago
Batman and robin you chose who is who
vuchaser99 9 days ago
Nazanin Williams
Nazanin Williams 9 days ago
Turtle: Bama steve craw: Bama larry
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes 9 days ago
Name the crawfish that escaped Moby's jaws of death "Houdini" And the small crawfish you found name it "Cassidy" as in Butch Cassidy to go with the lawman and outlaw theme in your pond
Apple Valley Shredz
Zig and zag
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis 9 days ago
Turtle: Speedy Crawfish: River
H:B Pokémon
H:B Pokémon 9 days ago
Sarah and vector
Mom Joe
Mom Joe 10 days ago
Crawl fish - Larry. turtle - Dave
Rebecca Millner
Rebecca Millner 10 days ago
Turtle: clover because he is a lucky turtle I can tell
ccmpin god
ccmpin god 10 days ago
i think that you should name the turtle flash and the crawfish sneaky hopefully i will win never won any thing from you tube
Brayden’s Outdoor videos
Turtle: Henry crawfish: danger
Madox Miller
Madox Miller 10 days ago
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown 10 days ago
is the turtle a female or male females have flat under shells and longer front nails so if it is a female turtle I think her name would be "Mazy" because she is quick and adventourus and if its a male i think "Markler"🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Trey Philllips
Trey Philllips 11 days ago
Hen pie
Hen pie 11 days ago
Turtle: Dom. (cause of how fast he is) Crawfish: Brain ( young but tons of potential)
Luis Landeros
Luis Landeros 11 days ago
Chomps and clips
James k
James k 11 days ago
splinter and geo
Monty 11 days ago
turtle: Leonardo Crawfish: Snappy
Brodie Wall
Brodie Wall 11 days ago
The turtle should be Franklin and the little crawfish should be Larry like Larry the lobster
Trevor Wall
Trevor Wall 11 days ago
Name the turtle 🐢 Carlos and the crawfish 🦞 Cletus
Proteus Xavier
Proteus Xavier 11 days ago
Turtle: Zippy Craw: Snippy 😂
Bass Logic
Bass Logic 11 days ago
Very fun video BamaBass. How about Boris for the turtle and Natasha for the Crawdad ?
Creative Mind
Creative Mind 11 days ago
I have a pet crawfish. He is very interesting.
Owen 06
Owen 06 11 days ago
Turtle name is owen
Dank Jankings
Dank Jankings 11 days ago
🥇🥇🥇🥇Bebop and Rocksteady
Memeznfishing 12 days ago
I’d say moby should step up to the plate. Bonnies babies are gonna get the good genes from him😂
William Destroyer
William Destroyer 12 days ago
Name the turtle snap
Andrew Bauer
Andrew Bauer 12 days ago
Crawfish: Carl
Andrew Bauer
Andrew Bauer 12 days ago
Turtle: leonardo
Sprint Fishing
Sprint Fishing 12 days ago
@bamabass. Name the turtle “Chester”. And the crawfish “rusty” cause of his colors
Joe Brewer
Joe Brewer 12 days ago
Simone and pumba
Mythical Shrimp
Mythical Shrimp 12 days ago
Name the turtle rango
David The g
David The g 12 days ago
What happened to the specked trout
Mello Flkx
Mello Flkx 12 days ago
Name the turtle skippy
Landon Dixon
Landon Dixon 12 days ago
tim the turtle and craig the crawfish
Grady Couch
Grady Couch 12 days ago
The turtle Tiny the craw fish Craston
Jared Ramos
Jared Ramos 12 days ago
Tim and Tina
Beginner Fisher
Beginner Fisher 12 days ago
name one batman and one robin
Sploofy OG
Sploofy OG 12 days ago
Name the Craw fish Leroy, and Name the Turtle Rafael
Mr.Jay_TheProphet 12 days ago
Fish really be just vibing
Ric Rinehart
Ric Rinehart 12 days ago
That was actually quite cool and entertaining and I raised my kids that same way
Robert Worrells
Robert Worrells 13 days ago
name the turtle Sneaker and the crawfish Slash
Jon Britton
Jon Britton 13 days ago
Moby is a beast love watching him eat! Had oscars same thing.
5 Youngs
5 Youngs 13 days ago
name the turtle dixie
Bimmie Boys
Bimmie Boys 13 days ago
You should name the crawfish larry
Wilson Hodges
Wilson Hodges 13 days ago
Turtle should be Ezekiel, from the bible and the crawfish should be Sabin, ROLLTIDE
JGLNYC 13 days ago
Name the turtle ‘George’.
Devin Streitz
Devin Streitz 13 days ago
Name the turtle Frodo after Frodo Baggins from lord of the rings
Robert Wesker
Robert Wesker 13 days ago
How long did it take to build that backyard pond and how much did it cost? Rough estimate
Sawyer Cheff
Sawyer Cheff 13 days ago
Turtle:Finneas Crawfish: Ferb
Spender Tender
Spender Tender 13 days ago
Pls name the turtle tippy
Cooper Trout
Cooper Trout 13 days ago
The crayfish should be named mudbug
Thomas Bledsoe
Thomas Bledsoe 13 days ago
Name the turtle and crawfish butch cassidy and the crawfish the Sundance kid or timon and pumba
Clayton Colston
Clayton Colston 13 days ago
Name the turtle Jeff
Rodolfo Maldonado
Rodolfo Maldonado 13 days ago
Name the baby turtle "tokka" and the crawfish "rahzar" to stick with the ninja turtle theme.
andry serayu
andry serayu 13 days ago
Juniior 13 days ago
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver 13 days ago
I was always told crappie are bad for bass because they destroy their nest.. is that faults?
Renee Massingham
Renee Massingham 13 days ago
Turtle name stumper and crawfish name little pinch because he so small and you should measure all your fish
Bryson Myers
Bryson Myers 13 days ago
You got a new subscriber 🤙🏼
dont cut the oak down. let it continue its life
Louisiana outdoors TV
Name the turtle “bama”
Jason Neff
Jason Neff 14 days ago
Name the turtle micheal Angelo and the cray fish bruno:-)