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I now have surround sound 24/7 everywhere I go. Who's laughing now?
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Apr 7, 2021




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PlainrockVlogs 13 days ago
R.I.P. Airpods Flexing
Dylan Rice
Dylan Rice 4 days ago
Kira Yoshikage's Soul
Five nights at Pandas
Iz this taken 0
Iz this taken 0 12 days ago
The Youtube Kid
The Youtube Kid 12 days ago
Rip a airpods users broke
uwuDeadPool 2 hours ago
they dont look bad idk what people are seeing that im not
まつり林 2 hours ago
He do be handsome
Camsters_Cool 3 hours ago
No god no bring the old ones back please
Cheshire Bunnie
Cheshire Bunnie 5 hours ago
Bold of you to assume that I was subscribed in the first place. *clicks the button*
mattie wynn
mattie wynn 8 hours ago
i think they look good idk what everyone’s talking about
idumvanz 1221
idumvanz 1221 8 hours ago
What model is it?
XDMemesYT 11 hours ago
Good bye AIRPODS R.I.P 😢
Spongi 13 hours ago
this is plagiarism.
CerealBowl 13 hours ago
U dont actually sound like this irl
Ryven Vince Salcedo
Ryven Vince Salcedo 14 hours ago
rani jha
rani jha 15 hours ago
When the video was ending suddenly Ice fell out from the sky it gave me bad luck
LythorusVlogs 17 hours ago
Now u can sell your pods.
Spiros Damalas
Spiros Damalas 17 hours ago
vintage mac ep 5
Ham Two
Ham Two 18 hours ago
Pause here 0:26
Maximus Gabriel
Maximus Gabriel 23 hours ago
PLAINROCK! If you point a lazer at a smart locks unlocks the door
Cherry Day ago
do you like baby ears? 👂
Plainrock124's Mom
hey yea king let me see your new glasses
Blackylackie Day ago
"Hey guys" -plainrock124 2021
Wrong intro 💀
Koi Flynn
Koi Flynn Day ago
woah woah woah that’s a iphone 12 u got a new phone and didn’t do a moving on video 😡
Antho42 Day ago
Why did I think these are good on u?
Zoran Milenkovic
(the unsub button is down below) Me: thanks
Randomyoutubeuser 3
Get apple AR glasses
Crisp Bread69
Your face scares me
sk Day ago
"Hold on guys, I have to update my glasses" lmao
This doesn't proof the earth is round tall are stupid
majormastrsss 4 hours ago
When the hell did he say the earth is round and tall?
majormastrsss 4 hours ago
@jamesenglish08 of what???????
jamesenglish08 4 hours ago
it is not proof
majormastrsss 4 hours ago
you've gotta be joking right? because that is the dumbest thing I've heard all day
Mr.Catzat Day ago
four eyes
Inspector TQ
Inspector TQ 2 days ago
Dogdillon 2 days ago
Aka plainrock wearing glasses in a video when he only needs it outside of videos in something he will barely
Game Play Boy
Game Play Boy 2 days ago
Chuck The frog
Chuck The frog 2 days ago
Pretty cool.
Shane Svensdotter
Personally I like them.
Megan Parry Jones
U know ur nintendo well i have a DARE FOR U IF there still proto types left of the nintendo PlayStation I DARE U TOO FIND THE NINTENDO PLAYSTATION ITS REALLY RARE AND LOT OF MONEY PROBALY I DARE U
Luckybuck 2010
Luckybuck 2010 2 days ago
Idc i like your glasses
Em Roman
Em Roman 2 days ago
I still sub this video
TheRealGemmell 2 days ago
More Plainrock toys!
aka7play 2 days ago
plainrock 124 thers a super mario jenga in sweden
Tariq Naseem
Tariq Naseem 2 days ago
Colby-Jak Gears Brooks
Weren't subbed any way 🙂
Bird Pods
Bird Pods 3 days ago
Bored Smashing: My Glasses
MokeyMokey 6000
MokeyMokey 6000 3 days ago
Hey Plain :D i just wanted to say how about no?
Harry Wilhelm
Harry Wilhelm 3 days ago
btw u not ugly when u wear your new glasses you look like an og when you wear your new glasses
A9 H2O Ψ
A9 H2O Ψ 3 days ago
yt Applecations
yt Applecations 3 days ago
Where’s the moving on video of that new iPhone 12 mini 👀
Cheap Gadgets
Cheap Gadgets 3 days ago
I like that he doesn’t like bts
K Jayanth
K Jayanth 3 days ago
Yes you are the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💐💐💐💐💐Make more related videos
Melo 3 days ago
Hey King you like technology and the apple brand but have you ever tried windows?
IceValks? 3 days ago
Lol I thought u we’re gonna get the AirPods max lolol
Lego Greedo
Lego Greedo 3 days ago
I just watched the finale destination 5 clip that he talked about and now i dont want lasic( i do wear glasses)
FLC_GAM1NG 3 days ago
how did you grow your hair so fast
KTYewTube 3 days ago
You are a comedy genius. Hilarious video.
Aqsa Ummz xo
Aqsa Ummz xo 3 days ago
KaSatoshi12 4 days ago
people hate on him because he dose not lie or fake videos he not Logan paul
Pepp Ino
Pepp Ino 4 days ago
Airpod flexing what???
Pokeball Magearna
Hey nerd, I'm gonna steal your glasses!!
Michael Truong
Michael Truong 4 days ago
You are so cool
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 4 days ago
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 4 days ago
Bahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahaha 💩
Shepherd Wolf
Shepherd Wolf 4 days ago
They don't look too bad ngl
Marshall Jones
Marshall Jones 4 days ago
When you didn't even know he changed glasses
poop 4 days ago
wait you watch dankpods
Adrien martinez
Adrien martinez 4 days ago
Jokes on you I was never subscribed
Nguyễn Thị Hong thuy
I love you glasses
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 days ago
“My AirPods have been sitting in a drawer, collecting dust.” Along with his temporary Motorola Rokr phone
Pepp Ino
Pepp Ino 4 days ago
Wow i like your new glasses
Christopher Allen
Ingliston stores that you want to do Animal Crossing amiibos can you try and look for the Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo can you get to 1 to send it to me and one to come with you
ranjit sharma
ranjit sharma 4 days ago
Vary nice ...
ranjit sharma
ranjit sharma 4 days ago
Mr. One
Mr. One 5 days ago
I hope it wasn’t the Johnson and Johnson shot.
Zeppie 5 days ago
amazing vid as always
Sai Patel
Sai Patel 5 days ago
Get the iPad Air four
When the impostor is SUS • 69 years ago
You lost 350k subs R.I.P
Elson L.
Elson L. 5 days ago
Esiayo Alegbe
Esiayo Alegbe 5 days ago
0:18 My mom: what about PlainrockToyz? Me: I- It’s complicated.
Pico A
Pico A 5 days ago
Plainrock:The unsub button is down bellow Me:uh okay unsubing day!?
Marquise Smith
Marquise Smith 5 days ago
I like the new glasses
Swallux 5 days ago
fly to israel to the nintendo shop there
Ahlan Ammar
Ahlan Ammar 5 days ago
Abhi Raavi
Abhi Raavi 5 days ago
Borna Vurnek
Borna Vurnek 5 days ago
I saw them in media world a store like Best Buy
Al Azg
Al Azg 5 days ago
0.39 stop vidio for this second ok lol
Som PANHASITH 5H 5 days ago
Painerock:The unsub button is down below . Me:NAH
Profas Maklofas
Profas Maklofas 5 days ago
Im dont like you anymore
Kourtney Holliman
I still live in Marion.
Krisiscool 5 days ago
Tier list of mario characters please.
Reza Raditya
Reza Raditya 5 days ago
Turkey Murkey
Turkey Murkey 6 days ago
bro is now🤓
No 6 days ago
I forgot that he was bald
Foxcynical 6 days ago
0:25 *becomes sid from ice age*
Super LoneStar Bros
Now we need a bored smashing glasses
Isaiah Z #2 / Toxicity
If you pause it at one point in 0:26 he looks so funny
Super LoneStar Bros
ultimate ninja kai Zain
ThunderToast 6 days ago
Next vid: How to flex your COVID vaccine
Arnav Nim
Arnav Nim 6 days ago
Nice, you have the covid-19 vaccination how cool
Arnav Nim
Arnav Nim 6 days ago
You no like BTS, I also hate bts, green day is better than bts
Arnav Nim
Arnav Nim 6 days ago
Are you using the iPhone 11 Pro as your camera since you have the 5g iphone 12
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 6 days ago
Nice he got a iPhone 12 blue
Jujhar Singh
Jujhar Singh 6 days ago
Noob glasses
ThatFrogPerson 6 days ago
hi king i have been watching you since 2018 have a good day
Fadia Shabo
Fadia Shabo 6 days ago
I watch dankpods
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