My First JUNE FlightReacts 1V1 REACTION! w/ Jesser 

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JSR video Me & Jesser filmed: us-first.info/player/video/gtKtl2lol4x9npc.html&t

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Jun 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
LSK 8 months ago
Yoo guys hit me on IG @iamkrislondon what I should react to next!
Lodge YT
Lodge YT 3 months ago
@Arian Abu F*ck no
Lulu & Sof
Lulu & Sof 6 months ago
it hot in thre but brawadis is pllaying too
VERIFIED LEAKER. 8 months ago
Those ain’t curry those is Kobe
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality 8 months ago
React to flight vs mikey
roach tingz
roach tingz 8 months ago
Bright Lights
I wanna take flight
All abt Matrix
Flights lungs 🫁 are bad because he smokes a lot
All abt Matrix
If it doesn’t hit the rim your Opponent can go back up
Gabriel Nieves
Gabriel Nieves 2 days ago
Kris called brawadis shoes curry they kobe’s😂😂😂
SGT_Ant _Dk
SGT_Ant _Dk 10 days ago
The shoes brawadis is wearing are Kobe’s
Godzilla 11 days ago
I swear evey time lsk compliments flight he misses
brawadis squad unfollow them
That's Awesome
That's Awesome 2 months ago
7:24, Brawdis had 6 Flight had 1 a few seconds after the score got to 5-2 how does that make sense flight, flight just dosen't want to loose as bad
Miles Berry
Miles Berry 2 months ago
you didn’t just say the kobe’s are currys🤦🏽‍♂️
Eren Dırama
Eren Dırama 3 months ago
İ hate you
Its mastergamers
Its mastergamers 4 months ago
ni its not the knee no hte but flight is not to good
Bradleyx 4 months ago
When kris said i love how brawadis is wearing curry against flight i cringed boiiii those kobes...
Daniuska 4 months ago
where's the maskkkkkk too
Jeremy Garrett
Jeremy Garrett 5 months ago
Flight just week simple
MontJustReacted 5 months ago
Chtersdf 5 months ago
Nath 6 months ago
His shooting form tho
Ghost 6 months ago
*brawadis does some skills* nIcE mOvEs *flight dribbles* OHHHHHHH
CG Apollo
CG Apollo 8 months ago
Bro Jessie where’s that no homo cmon now😂
Mason Tyler
Mason Tyler 8 months ago
It was 6-1 FYI terrible editing by flight
Everett Lynn
Everett Lynn 8 months ago
“This what we want to see,” What there looking at: two shirtless men
Bumbo 8 months ago
Y’all really being sarcastic 😂
David.SoOfficial 8 months ago
It’s not a flight rule
Dre Day
Dre Day 8 months ago
He needs to work on his form an technique especially on the defensive end, I'm 6'4 and the size of a Offensive line man but can utilize my body better because of my craft learning from an NBA shooting guard when i was young.
Air23Mickey 8 months ago
That’s not currys that Kobe’s 😂
Eli BTB 8 months ago
It’s a street ball rule, the ball hits the rim take it back
SvperMan.69 8 months ago
I swear while I'm editing my clip these guyz randomly scream and make me fucking jump outta my chair ffs chill 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Gilmore
Kevin Gilmore 8 months ago
LSK " All jokes aside flight is def improving"Flight : Shoots AirballHe can never score back to back possession's or without fail airball's right after he scores cuz he thinks he has a jumper lmao
girldarken soul
girldarken soul 8 months ago
It was an ankle breaker he just doesn’t wanna act dumb
Ryan Prisco
Ryan Prisco 8 months ago
mikey vs Lsk
Mainini Boys
Mainini Boys 8 months ago
Flight: wears curry shorts 😂
raiders 2739
raiders 2739 8 months ago
900th comment
Karan Modhwadia
Karan Modhwadia 8 months ago
That was the only court open in there city Is not any of theres home court
Gesuele Tavella
Gesuele Tavella 8 months ago
“Flights Gatorade is blinking he’s just showing it” that’s too funny 😂
Chris Crabb
Chris Crabb 8 months ago
If flight was white they would be talking mad shit about him smh. He sucks
moe72m82 8 months ago
Dude Kris vs flight
Santi Diaz
Santi Diaz 8 months ago
Kris and Jesse should convince Mopi to have a rematch against JUNE flight
Jesus Serrano
Jesus Serrano 8 months ago
Flight sucks
Jesus Serrano
Jesus Serrano 8 months ago
He got no team
Seph Games
Seph Games 8 months ago
Watch Faze Rug Vs Flight Faze Rug Dominated Flight
Natasha Reacts
Natasha Reacts 8 months ago
Dude calls him “Barawdis”
Johnny Mendez
Johnny Mendez 8 months ago
I don’t know but they seem pretty bias ngl
Galaxia 8 months ago
That's not a Flight rule man, that's the rule in the hood. If it doesn't hit rim no take backs.
Allstar Fan
Allstar Fan 8 months ago
Bruh moment
Rigved .S
Rigved .S 8 months ago
Yo they’re Kobe’s man not curry’s 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lance Hubert
Lance Hubert 8 months ago
If you don’t hit rim the other player takes it back to the free throw line other than that it’s at the 3
Charles Frith
Charles Frith 8 months ago
i just wanna say mikey is 2 inches shorter than flight
_ Cruz
_ Cruz 8 months ago
reeses mopi vs june flight
Xzy Jam
Xzy Jam 8 months ago
I wanna see recces mopi vs June flight
Rzr_ luck
Rzr_ luck 8 months ago
No flight it was a ankle breaker
ludwig koling
ludwig koling 8 months ago
Bruh flight cheated 5-2 it`s 6-2
Alice Gazazyan
Alice Gazazyan 8 months ago
I didn’t realize flight changed the score till now
FlyeKites Swerve
FlyeKites Swerve 8 months ago
Recess’s mopi vs June flight
Reem Tesfamichael
Reem Tesfamichael 8 months ago
What?? Brawadis is wearing Kobes Nd flight is wearing kyires
Mike James
Mike James 8 months ago
Mikey is 15 turns 16 at the end of the month. Can’t wait to see his progression
LOGANS Wallisch
LOGANS Wallisch 8 months ago
Dang he changed his name on here
Melvin Collins
Melvin Collins 8 months ago
Their acutely 15 😂😂 witch makes it even better
Liliana Quiriarte
Liliana Quiriarte 8 months ago
Brawadis is way better than flight
The Takuache
The Takuache 8 months ago
Lsk react to flight vs faze rug
Josiah Ball
Josiah Ball 8 months ago
Don’t need masks in June
Andres Meza
Andres Meza 8 months ago
Brandon is wearing Kobe’s not currys
Bosss mendoza24
Bosss mendoza24 8 months ago
Brawadis is top 5 wym
Jonathan Jimenez
Jonathan Jimenez 8 months ago
Brawadis isn’t wearing currys he’s wearing Kobe’s
Tanner _142
Tanner _142 8 months ago
Y’all making excuses for flight saying he’s form is ok yeah tf right his form rash asf
Salvi 24
Salvi 24 8 months ago
Flight is still azz
Cheater Xyon
Cheater Xyon 8 months ago
E Z brawadis is way to good bro and he got humiliated humiliated in rug bro E Z
Freshboy Jay
Freshboy Jay 8 months ago
Do you not listen to cash he smokes to much Weed
Cris Mazz
Cris Mazz 8 months ago
Kris really said brawadis is wearing currys
8ll94 8 months ago
look at curry man
Darxie 8 months ago
Stop being bias just admit brawadis is better than flight
Iplay fortnite
Iplay fortnite 8 months ago
Faze rug beat June flight
Dave Lowstetter
Dave Lowstetter 8 months ago
hungry for views
Jhansi Hobbs
Jhansi Hobbs 8 months ago
Lol “I’ve seen little clips on sports center”
Jack Burr
Jack Burr 8 months ago
Jahs rankings 📉
Dylan Tan
Dylan Tan 8 months ago
He still needs to work on his jumpshot man
Jayce Reynolds
Jayce Reynolds 8 months ago
Lsk called Brandon’s Kobe’s currys😂
blerton dedinca
blerton dedinca 8 months ago
React flaight vs faze rug
Lebag 8 months ago
The description says orginal video just fyi
Sharvu Blongers
Sharvu Blongers 8 months ago
Yo LSK react to flight vs faze rug that was the best one
WooBeKillinn 8 months ago
React and flight vs Rug😂🧐
BlessedKid Tae
BlessedKid Tae 8 months ago
I don’t think Jah can beat y’all
Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez 8 months ago
He only got close cuz bread is was messing around
Zay Wright410
Zay Wright410 8 months ago
18:49 😂😂😂
Rayman Thandi
Rayman Thandi 8 months ago
flight needs to stop smoking
Beastfang56 8 months ago
16:36 no context
Dallas M
Dallas M 8 months ago
The thing is kris, brawadis is wearing Kobe’s not Curry’s...
Mikel Miell
Mikel Miell 8 months ago
The way kris says Brawadas's name
Sean O’Hearn
Sean O’Hearn 8 months ago
I wanna see Reese’s Mopi Vs June Flight
roach tingz
roach tingz 8 months ago
16:34 *P A U S E*
Antonio Marquez 07
Antonio Marquez 07 8 months ago
Kris vs. Ali (brawadis friend)
CamIsSuper 8 months ago
How you gonna be a 7ft upcoming athlete and get sauced by flight smh. I get that he bullied but come on man.
Rbn Jrz
Rbn Jrz 8 months ago
Flight is 100% garbage. Just garbage 🤦🏻‍♂️
Toaster Toad
Toaster Toad 8 months ago
They riding flight
Kk D
Kk D 8 months ago
I’m pretty sure that brawadis was wearing Kobe’s
The Coder
The Coder 8 months ago
Lmao guy don't know nothing. You're talking about his team. Maybe you Shoulda been there 😉
M P 8 months ago
mop vs flight
Brian Coughlan
Brian Coughlan 8 months ago
7 foot kid is sick backing down the 5’7 150 pound dude
Julius Escobar
Julius Escobar 8 months ago
Tyler Herro
delgado swag
delgado swag 8 months ago
6:18 voice crack check
White Men CAN Jump!