My Dog Answers Fan Questions 

Tucker Budzyn
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My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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Oct 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Hrishita Raut
Hrishita Raut 2 hours ago
Hey! I'm 11 years old and absolutely LOVE your channel!! I don't have a dog and seeing Tucker makes me so happy 😁!
Egrool 2.0
Egrool 2.0 2 hours ago
Do you love your fans
Seth Young
Seth Young 2 hours ago
will tucker ever upload a video again
Rowan Murphy
Rowan Murphy 2 hours ago
Are u the cutest boyo
vanshikha Chaudhary
Does tucker love his subscribers?? Whom do you love most Linda or dad
Granth Sompura
Granth Sompura 2 hours ago
Tucker did you sniff butt of huscis
Mãe 2 hours ago
Question: Do you want a New girlfriend 😔
Madison Garnica
Madison Garnica 2 hours ago
The Fluffy Poodle
The Fluffy Poodle 2 hours ago
I have a video like this on my channel, check it out!
Gamer James
Gamer James 3 hours ago
Is the route bouger what is the last thing on the earth would you eat it
Chantha Ny
Chantha Ny 3 hours ago
Tucker did you fart at linda couch
Adrian Vlogs
Adrian Vlogs 3 hours ago
Do you like other dogs
Harlan Moore
Harlan Moore 3 hours ago
Roblox Dsquared
Roblox Dsquared 3 hours ago
Hey is Linda bad
Charul Bansal
Charul Bansal 3 hours ago
"You're mean" *Tucker clicks yes* Linda laughs Me:,😂
Gigi Studios
Gigi Studios 4 hours ago
This dog is smarter than I’ll ever be
Tirth P
Tirth P 4 hours ago
Do you like to wear sun glasses??
Jayden Kaylor
Jayden Kaylor 4 hours ago
ask if he is cheating on journee
Bonnie 4 hours ago
Is tucker best boi
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks 4 hours ago
Is pearl annoying
Mireya Rivera
Mireya Rivera 4 hours ago
Tucker, what do you like more chicken or bacon!?
S P 4 hours ago
S P 4 hours ago
Use D world channel . UDWC
Use D world channel . UDWC
Do u miss ur fathe
ava dog noes
ava dog noes 4 hours ago
Do you know what kind of dog do you have
Vedakalyan Pabbathi
can linda talk with dogs?
Raul Rivera
Raul Rivera 5 hours ago
I got q question do you fart a lot?
Aaron 5 hours ago
Do you like food?
Nadia Shah Qureshi
Nadia Shah Qureshi 5 hours ago
This dog has a higher IQ then me
shadow the demon
shadow the demon 5 hours ago
Dog smart as can be
Austin Rosenberger
Austin Rosenberger 5 hours ago
Do you likechicken
Keilan Evans
Keilan Evans 5 hours ago
do u like steak
Cesarain 5 hours ago
Question for tucker: do you like chicken wings?
Levi Madison
Levi Madison 5 hours ago
Tucker Will you eat the tree of doom for 6 pieces of treats and a squeaky toy
Hunter Hartleben
Hunter Hartleben 5 hours ago
Tucker how many times have you farted on Linda's pillow
Fatema Flora
Fatema Flora 5 hours ago
If Tucker never sees his wife again will he Mary again? Yes or No
Lisa Juracek
Lisa Juracek 5 hours ago
Does Tucker like kids
joan zapanta
joan zapanta 5 hours ago
I am a fan and do you love your owner?
Hareram Kamath
Hareram Kamath 5 hours ago
Anuja Naik Nimbalkar
Do you love linda
Shamimi Ramli
Shamimi Ramli 6 hours ago
icy clan icy
icy clan icy 6 hours ago
Hi Linda I'm your biggest fan I want to meet tucker
Gary Schamp
Gary Schamp 6 hours ago
Ar you thick yes or ctdvgfc
Jame Villacarlos
Jame Villacarlos 6 hours ago
Hi please shout me out
There is a high chance they will not see 👀the comment 💬
Mighty Legends _Official Music
My question is Tucker a dog
Veronica Abellon
Veronica Abellon 6 hours ago
Question for tucker: Is steak your favorite food?
Boop & Bee
Boop & Bee 6 hours ago
Bring pearl back
Namun Dutta
Namun Dutta 6 hours ago
Omg this is so adorable to watch!
Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz
I will not get pinned😈
Louis g Murray
Louis g Murray 7 hours ago
Do you like on aeroplane
• Little Star •
Question for tucker: do you have any dog enemies?
Bella Altema
Bella Altema 7 hours ago
for tucker** Do you really like chickmen???? or do you like da tree of doommmmm! (jk on da last won)
Trenton Sage
Trenton Sage 7 hours ago
With journey gone what do want to
Purnima Koul
Purnima Koul 7 hours ago
When tucker says hurt muh feelings Well it actual does
Trenton Sage
Trenton Sage 7 hours ago
Do you like girl's
Mel Dall
Mel Dall 7 hours ago
Are you going to do a meet and greet with Tucker sometime in the future? Would be so cool!!!
Kaitxena Pawprint
Kaitxena Pawprint 7 hours ago
Do you hate puppies? Are they to playful for you?
Ansh Uchiha
Ansh Uchiha 8 hours ago
Mam i have a question Can Golden Retriever withstand weather condition like 40 to 50 degree Celsius ??? please answer
Oliver Cardoso
Oliver Cardoso 8 hours ago
I got one: Who is the one who makes the texts as to make like Tucker is speaking?
Cameron Dela cruz
Cameron Dela cruz 8 hours ago
Permelia Hill
Permelia Hill 8 hours ago
Tucker: Would you run away from Linda and would you go back to her if you did?
VERKNET 57 8 hours ago
For tucker: would you like another puppy sleepover
Night Shadow
Night Shadow 8 hours ago
Do u chase birds
banjame david
banjame david 8 hours ago
Is yours dog smart
Sewkee 8 hours ago
For Tucker: Will tucker get a baby puppy as his child dog?
Nutty and blossom Piggies
Oh heckkk
terri murray
terri murray 8 hours ago
Do u want a brother
Ree Raa
Ree Raa 9 hours ago
Tucker, are u floofball
Tathya Singh 2020
Tathya Singh 2020 9 hours ago
Sarah Radwan
Sarah Radwan 9 hours ago
Tucker is handsome like my cat
Kelly Gowland
Kelly Gowland 9 hours ago
What is better? Chimkin, treatos or journee
Kelly Gowland
Kelly Gowland 9 hours ago
Tucker Budzyn would you ever eat a veggie cake if it was disguised as a treato?
Sadhana.M 8-C
Sadhana.M 8-C 9 hours ago
My question for you do tucker bite
Johan Clyde Yap
Johan Clyde Yap 9 hours ago
Do u miss Mayapolarbear/ex girlfriend
_RadoTV 9 hours ago
How do you train your dog to not bite you??… And how do you train Tucker to speak, stay… etc
Youtube Videos
Youtube Videos 10 hours ago
You know he doesn't understand right? Its trained to press those things
Kleshh 10 hours ago
(Tucker) Do you ever wanna have puppies?
Crackernut J
Crackernut J 10 hours ago
is eggplant your fav toy? or jornee
Kleshh 10 hours ago
(Tucker) Do you like Flutter as a friend?
Kleshh 10 hours ago
(Tucker) Do you luv your fans?
Kleshh 10 hours ago
(Tucker) Do you steal Linda’s food when she is not looking?
Kleshh 10 hours ago
(For the king himself named tucker) Do you pee on Linda’s shoe?
Sunderika puppy Lover
What is the name of your wife ?
Sunderika puppy Lover
Do you like Pizza 🍕 ?
SummerAmi Roblox
SummerAmi Roblox 10 hours ago
Does Tucker love his parent?
Sean Gorrie
Sean Gorrie 10 hours ago
Are you fluffy
Brent Lumabi
Brent Lumabi 10 hours ago
I love tucker
nutyymadhop 10 hours ago
do you take care of linda
Lina Martinsson
Lina Martinsson 11 hours ago
Linda: So the second quastion is Tucker:absolutely
ARMY Cat 11 hours ago
That chest fluff is murdering me....
shamel vlogs
shamel vlogs 11 hours ago
Did tucker wants a sister or brother
Jamie Haukelidsaeter
Do you like you tube
Carly Luxton
Carly Luxton 11 hours ago
Do you have a wife
Eamon Nixon
Eamon Nixon 11 hours ago
Do you like to drink toilet water
Megi Gjoni
Megi Gjoni 12 hours ago
I love Linda!
Jaydon Pham
Jaydon Pham 12 hours ago
Uzair Safwan
Uzair Safwan 12 hours ago
Fiertra C.
Fiertra C. 12 hours ago
Do you miss your best frieds
Fiertra C.
Fiertra C. 12 hours ago
Do you love dad & linda
• Cattii •
• Cattii • 12 hours ago
Question: Is cuddling with dad better than with Linda?