My Cheap Headphone Starter Guide. 

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Apr 29, 2021




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Matthew Klepadlo
Matthew Klepadlo 10 hours ago
Who else honestly relates to DankPods during a conversation 😢
NaokiP 11 hours ago
Been watching this channel for months on AKG K72s wondering if Dank would think they're any good, and I feel pretty validated now seeing the 52s. My neighbors get loud so I'm happy to have closed backs on my PC right now. Would love to try some open backs sometime. Thanks mate.
Animesh Meshram
Animesh Meshram 13 hours ago
Dankpods hasnt heard through Blon 03s it seems.
Dimas Djamaris
Dimas Djamaris 17 hours ago
I just bought the K52 a few days ago and they are awesome!!, Thank you so much :3
Fariz Al Machdi
Fariz Al Machdi 20 hours ago
As an upgrade for KZ TFZ can be a nice option, im using TFZ MLE as an upgrade for the old KZ ZST and i think it's a nice upgrade
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Day ago
review the lyx pro has-15`s already! lol
和風盗賊 Day ago
is that green ipad thing real
Alex R
Alex R Day ago
Immediately went to listen to Toxic right after watching the video.
Vincent G
Vincent G Day ago
Comrade doesn´t need microphone, we only use microphone for gaming like real man!
Benny Anders
Benny Anders Day ago
The Phillips in my opinion are the best gaming headphones out there. "But they're not gaming headphones!" Well has you head ever hurt after a gaming session with other headphones. Try out the Phillips, they solve the problem like it should have never been an issue.
to whom it may concern
Have you done anything on wireless Noise canceling headphones like Bose quiet comfort or Sony wh1000xm3. At €300 they aren’t cheap but how do they stack up against audiophile stuff?
Hazel Day ago
You convinced me to buy the KZ ZSN PRO X. They should hire you for marketing.
Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman Day ago
True audiophiles only listen to frequency sweeps.
Just a Friend
The kph30i is a damn good headphone for the price koss really knows there stuff for a cheap entry headphone I accidentally sat on them and the headband broke 😪😪
Detective Olivaw
It says a lot about DankPods that I will continue to support him and his content even when I know he's invested in cryptocurrency. Break free, Wade! You have nothing to lose but your blockchains!!
David McKeitch
I do sound for film and I sometimes need a bunch of closed client headphones. The Sennhiser HD100s are my go to, half decent sound, foldable to save space in yer bag and can be grabbed for under £30 on Amazon!
Garfield Balloon
"Go to the moon already" *Goes to hell*
Panda Day ago
Cha ching
I didn't think that I needed new headphones until you brought up Massdrop because I've never heard of them. Now I'm waiting a few weeks for my HD 6XXs to arrive and I'm very excited! Thank you DankPods!
Jamie Vatarga
6XX are definitely worth the wait.
GearedLoop 319
The koss porta pros remind me of those classroom headphones and are somehow apparently also the same price as my audio technicas' (used on ebay) my dad passed on to me from the 80s (or 90s-- 70s? I dunno) that he had for what looks like forever. (At702 btw)
Adamator Day ago
Lol my speakers and my headphone jack aren't working so i'm like: _mm yes, that sounds good_
Kitija Vaskovska
hey can you review the jbl 400live bt
blank Day ago
Google the "KHP30i Ultra" mod for the ultimate under 40 headphone experience :-)
what kind of inception bullshit is this, listening to SR850s through SR850s
MI kid05
MI kid05 Day ago
I just bought the pixel buds 2 and now I'm about to buy a cheap pair of good headphones because of this man
Justin 2 days ago
I have PreSonus HD7's which do me well as reference headphones but honestly I'm looking for something that isn't really tuned for professional work to use for gaming and music and these all seem more geared to the reference side of things. I still feel like I don't know where to start tbh :/
Timothy McEachron
Me just casually checking out Sound Id.....
ProNerdy 2 days ago
Could you make a video on protecting your hearing?
Keiko 2 days ago
I got the superlux thanks to this video
Tense 2 days ago
Amazing video! :D y'know you should put a mic next to head sets that bleed.
Sollow Patrickson
"Sennheiser HD 58X. Cool cool, Drop has them for a quite good price. Let me just check them out and...there's a shipping cost of like 50-70 bucks to the EU since Drop doesn't t have a European store" FUCK!
Nuttychooky 2 days ago
after exclusively using gaming headsets and shitty speakers all of my life i bought the Superlux HD681s and am learning that there are tambourines in my songs
Gertjan 2 days ago
I bought the KZs and the KBear because of this video and they're actually crazy good for that kind of money. Thanks Dankpods.
GAM3R 8 HOST 3 days ago
He’s like the one teacher that had all sorts of stuff hanging around the room but is so enthusiastic about his subject
Bob Sally
Bob Sally 3 days ago
How do sennheiser hd599s compare to these? Is it worth trying any of these?
Christopher Vitale
Where are the cheap Senny balance cables he mentions?
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 3 days ago
Have you ever tried the Panasonic RT-HT161M headphones? They're cheap as hell but sound good once the driver's break in. They're an open back design.
Martin P
Martin P 3 days ago
Need a guide like this for wireless headphones
Haresh Vijayan
Haresh Vijayan 3 days ago
The fact that I am judging the sound quality of these headphones from my phone speakers is hilarious.
Gabrish-spud 3 days ago
Who is watching this with the kz zsn pro x
Brandon Lim
Brandon Lim 3 days ago
The paw s1 is better imo than the btr 5
Molexol 3 days ago
I bought The Superlux HD681 because I needed some good budget Headphones and I couldn't find some Samsons for less than 70 euros. I've been using them for some time and I LOVE them. I come friome those glossy black Sony MDRZX110 you mentioned loong time ago and the difference is EXTREME. they feel so wide that I fear they don't fit in my room, compared to the sonys. looking forward for 1-upping from here. I just want to say thank you DankPods for showing me the way of the audiophile world. Love from Italy
Tai Dee
Tai Dee 3 days ago
I can really agree with you DP on how great to have these tiny Bluetooth DAC/Amps, these things are really powerful, battery is long lasting and enable all your wired headphones/iems to be wireless. I have the Qudelix 5k, it’s amazing and it’s software is amazing.
serifpersia 3 days ago
I have the Superlux HD681s. Love the sound really balanced just tiny harsh top end. Ear cups are really bad after some use, I made diy ones and that helped but the sound is amazing for that price.
milkymoose 3 days ago
wer r ma huh duh 800s eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Niek Speekhout
Niek Speekhout 3 days ago
and here i am, listening to the audio samples sounding all the same through my dollar store earbuds.
P. 3 days ago
I own that first pair, same headset from a completely different brand, must be OEM pieces of crap. I did however only spend $3 not $19.
Gunnar Shanafelt
Gunnar Shanafelt 4 days ago
Looks like dank pods won’t be paying his student loans anytime soon :(
Spider 1246
Spider 1246 4 days ago
I was gonna get the superluxes with my 40 freedom eagles on amazon and i fiund them for 30 freedom eagles except 40 eagle shipping i am now depressed
Alakamer 4 days ago
This video is very motivational.
Deleterr 4 days ago
Once again, I ask you, review the Jaba Elite Active 65T Earbuds. I have them and think they are very good. Only issue is that you can’t use the left earbud in its own. You need to use the right one simultaneously. I believe this is fixed in the 75t and 85t models. The 65’s don’t have active Noise Cancelling but they block a lot of sound from there shale and fit in the ear. I believe the issue with the left earbud may be fixed with the 75’s and 85’. Anyways, if you happen to see this, you probably won’t, chuck me a shoutout if you review them. There new RRP just dropped to $150 and they are on sale at JB Hi Fi for $129. Thanks.
Clyde Marshall
Clyde Marshall 4 days ago
I now save these episodes for when I eat Buffalo wings
Bentai 4 days ago
Got a pair of kz zsn pro x’s from this videos recommendation and they’re super great
Aryan Kohli
Aryan Kohli 4 days ago
Why you didn't include audio technica m50x
Harith Muzzamil
Harith Muzzamil 3 days ago
Because it's not cheap.
Mr. Vybson
Mr. Vybson 4 days ago
Any chance you'd take a look at the Superlux HD 681 Evo? To me, it just seems better in every way compared to the original.
Mr. Vybson
Mr. Vybson 4 days ago
Maybe make a comparison between all of the 681 models? Hell, could as well compare every Superlux headphone. Compared to the SR850/K240, whatever, I'm just giving ideas idk
Illford Official
Illford Official 4 days ago
Why are the KZ's cheaper in black on amazon UK
Monica Pierson
Monica Pierson 4 days ago
pro tip! if you love the porta pro look, get the version from massdrop. they’re 12$ cheaper and built way better, especially in the cable
Phizzy 4 days ago
I had AKG K92 (K52's big sister) since 2016, they were the most I'd ever spent on headphones at £46. They've served me well, but I've just replaced them with the K712. Still keeping them on my desk for recording vocals though, can't have that big bleed.
Rattango 4 days ago
What is this wizardry!
Lucas171993 4 days ago
i got influenced and bought the akg k52s for 28€ free shipping. watching the video with them now and they are even comfier than my old beats which i thought were amazing already. first overears for me and the sound is weird at first but good.
Sebastian Stroissnigg
I love my AKG K702s, but they usually break after 6-12 Months (e.g. one ear gets quieter, or starts distorting or some shit...). Seems like AKG has a bit of a QC issue with their china based products. As an Austrian it pains me to see this company die, but at least there's Austrian Audio as a "replacement"
Sebbo1298 4 days ago
I'd suggest people looking at this video also consider the Soundmagic E10C or the Grado SR 60 or SR 80!
Chance Toler
Chance Toler 5 days ago
Can you please talk about the LG phone dacs
IcyDev 5 days ago
the ceo of old memes
A. Kus
A. Kus 5 days ago
Its only right we get a DT 770 review next
ohnoanotherputz 5 days ago
I've never had a ton of money, and I've had a hard time justifying dropping a ton of money on a pair of headphones. You convinced me to get AKG k52s. These are easily the nicest sounding headphones I've ever own.
BreadyBogus 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice the wall on the left when he was playing the sound from the headphones? It looks like a duck
Raven3one 5 days ago
currently listening to toxic... holy shit i never noticed this. listening with sennheiser 4.40bt
ninja 1064
ninja 1064 5 days ago
I like the HD58X more
TACKLEATTACKo 5 days ago
i love the sr 850s wearing them right now
Matching User
Matching User 5 days ago
The tests sound like KZ ZSN Pro Xs... Hmmm I wonder why
saket naik
saket naik 5 days ago
Nice vid! How would you recommend the Hifiman 4XXs from drop?
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 5 days ago
Go for the Hifiman 400SE instead. It's newer and cheaper. I have the 4XX and it sounds great, but the headband is prone to breaking. The 400SE is very similar (more bass which is good considering the 4XX is a bit lacking there), and more durable while only costing $150
Lego Vlogger
Lego Vlogger 5 days ago
*Now we need a video about Skullcandy Crushers*
Catscough 5 days ago
RIP Senny
Thobinski 6 days ago
If you buy the Superlux you should consider also buying the velour earpad for around 5€. They make them a lot more comfortable.
William Campbell
William Campbell 6 days ago
POV: you left youtube autoplay on and youtube keeps queuing this video over and over :)
Louis Antonio
Louis Antonio 6 days ago
Speaking of which, my lecturer in university recommended me to get BTR3s instead of BTR5s. He said that it's warmer and more fun to listen to because the BTR5s are more neutral. I suppose that depends on the genre of music because they are a bit of a bass head, but can anyone attest to that idea?
Gage Alexander
Gage Alexander 6 days ago
The MINIDSP thing might be interesting to mess around with for re-amping.
v1rus2012 6 days ago
When are you going to mention the Philips SHP9500's? For the price they sound great! Keep up the great work! Awesome vids!
v1rus2012 6 days ago
ooops, lol, commented too early in the video!
Justa Viewer
Justa Viewer 6 days ago
Love it when he explains balance cables it's literally the same words every time
Michał Ostrowski
You've made me listen to Britney Spears... you monster
Michał Ostrowski
and yea, the cymbal's pretty cool, nice touch indeed
with.joe.90 6 days ago
KZ ES4's for me..... should have sprung for the Pro's but I can wear these for hours watching films without any discomfort
Dantido 6 days ago
I can't really hear a difference between the Porta Pros and Kph30i. In fact, the kph mightsound a bit warmer for me.
Rik Koningen
Rik Koningen 6 days ago
I find it interesting that you say that headphones are hard to power without an amp and such. Theoretically it should be true. But also, I can plug my beyerdynamics 1770 pro's into my phone and they'll work fine. Relatively quiet but totally useable. Not that I'd ever use that heavy a pair of headphones on the go but still, it technically does work. Those are 250ohm
ihasarax 6 days ago
With the 58x it sounds like you just kept the 600 in
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 6 days ago
Well, it went to the moon already
Maarten 22
Maarten 22 6 days ago
i love the zoom in when the drums do the little jazz fill!
Berg, The Mighty
Berg, The Mighty 6 days ago
please make a video about wireless headphones
UwU OwO 6 days ago
I love music but mc music teacher is the biggest asshole
Amy Franklin
Amy Franklin 6 days ago
Got Grados, love them
Tanmay Panadi
Tanmay Panadi 6 days ago
I am gonna say this again you are the reason kbears and Kz are out of stock or over priced in india.😭 waiting for 3 months to get them back in stock.
alhughes101 6 days ago
Old fellows question, can the Fiio amp and headphone setup be connected to an Ipod Classic? If yes what bits and pieces would i need?
Carl Lindgren
Carl Lindgren 6 days ago
My dad bought me a pair of jbl 750btnc for my birthday and I really like them. :)
Nick Null
Nick Null 6 days ago
Followed your suggestion and bought a pair of the KBear KS1! The first time I've actually bought something recommended by a youtube video. I absolutely love them! However, do you have a suggestion for replacement cables for them? The included one is a bit short, and the ear loops fit on my weird ass head a bit funny. Otherwise, they're absolutely stellar! I can't believe how inexpensive they were. Thank you for the education! A marvelous video as always.
そら 6 days ago
Wait what kz zsn pro is $20 Australian dollar right not USD because that thing only like $11-15 USD if you wanna do $20 on kz earphone pick the kz dq6
Kyveh Volvadan
Kyveh Volvadan 6 days ago
SHP9500S are amazing for the price, I think. They're built into SonarWorks as well 😉
Kyle McDowell
Kyle McDowell 6 days ago
15:09 but what if you actually tried to transmit audio through a literal coathanger wire
Mr M
Mr M 6 days ago
Bought the AKG K52s because of you
thermigga 7 days ago
Can anyone recommend a intro magnetic planar headphone around $50 if they even have any at that price bracket and if a magnetic planar headphone will be any better than a dynamic for that
thermigga 7 days ago
@Jamie Vatarga i know I didn't think it would be just wanted to try them
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 7 days ago
@thermigga and planars aren't automatically better anyway. DT 880's rock
thermigga 7 days ago
@Jamie Vatarga yea i had a feeling it would be expensive but I've already got a pair of dt 880s so $150 ain't worth my curiosity
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 7 days ago
Cheapest good planar would be something like the hifiman HE400SE. And that's still around $150
AWZtheMusical 7 days ago
9:50 You can't spell ears without making an anagram of arse.