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Feb 18, 2021




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TheZeppelin14 5 days ago
White liberals are the biggest threat to the black community.
Chad Constable
Chad Constable 21 hour ago
@Nimuae Gore who is ya'll? Bet you voted for Biden who just said black and Latinos can't figure out the internet lmao
Nimuae Gore
Nimuae Gore 21 hour ago
@Chad Constable yes. He was. Y'all are all racists because I know damn well if any of your family dated someone who was black you'd throw a fit.
Chad Constable
Chad Constable 21 hour ago
@Nimuae Gore was Malcolm X wrong?
Sheeshi Up
Sheeshi Up 22 hours ago
@Connor Baxter I’m black and I’m not ok with any or everybody saying to me. I’m ok with you saying it in music but ain’t no nigga walking up to me in regular conversation saying that to me unless he black. I don’t give my white homies no pass they my Niggas tho but that’s just how I’m coming out of respect for myself and my elders. I don’t even say it around older black folks as well as cuss. That’s just how I’m raised. I respect you and how you raised too tho. You just had a different black experience then me. I just want to let ppl who not black know there’s is no universal Nigga pass no matter if you say it with a or Er. Everybody not your black homie that let you say it around them you might end up in grave danger with the wrong ppl
Bree Free
Bree Free 22 hours ago
Luke Combs says he does not ever want to be associated with anything that causes people so much pain? If he has not noticed everybody bitching about this stuff now find racism and White Supremacist everywhere. He might as well disavow the American flag. It is Southern Pride Symbol in our lifetime and Luke Combs knows it. He should have stood on that hill and died on it because liberals didn’t stop at canceling the Confederate flag. Look where we are at now. Please get word out to run numbers up on views of Outlaw video. Thanks!
Robert Stultz
Robert Stultz Minute ago
Don't blame you for standing your ground on the flag!!! But you butchered Simple man and can I get an Outlaw!!!! Rap has know place in country!!!! If you are who your standing there saying how good and country you are you surely got enough common sense to realize that son!!!!! Don't double standard me!!! Been around more COUNTRY artists than you have!!!!!
Forrest Fox
Forrest Fox 3 minutes ago
Preach it brother, you’re a role model and an inspiration to me. Keep it real man
monica fronterhouse
monica fronterhouse 7 minutes ago
Love it!!!!!!
J. Wilson
J. Wilson 9 minutes ago
I don't listen to your music, it's not really my style, but I FULLY agree with you. Excellent video.
james warrick
james warrick 22 minutes ago
Hahahahaha your a bad ass! Truer words have never been spoken..... dig it!
lloyd_ Xmas-_-
lloyd_ Xmas-_- 27 minutes ago
Upchurch is a real one... But seriously bro, stop calling urself a country singer. U rap to country music lol
Luke Wittmann
Luke Wittmann 37 minutes ago
Keeping it real bro love it real talk keep it that way Fuck the victims man I’m so over everyone being a victim when really they are the criminals
Colton Hale
Colton Hale Hour ago
Me waiting for you, earl dibbles jr, and granger smith to collab
Book Lover
Book Lover Hour ago
Apologies mean very little. Action speaks louder than words.
k h
k h Hour ago
Hell yea Upchurch is the best out there rn
Joel Juarez
Joel Juarez Hour ago
That fucken “see y’all later baby” made me gay for a min lol
Amanda Ahumada
I don't buy Combs' BS!!!! He's o ly saying this to protect his label and popularity!!! What a f'n traitor! RHEC for life Skin!!!!! Much love and respect Upchurch!!!
Matt musser
Matt musser Hour ago
Yes yes you are church your the only one of your kind fam.
Ke Fh
Ke Fh Hour ago
This is the time when hank and all the old bad ass country singers should be alive.
Perry Coldwell
Got a subscriber bud
James Schnurbusch
Preach it brother 🙌!!!
Tim Hour ago
man i am proud of where i come from and i will never bow to these idiot trying to white shame me for being from the south. keep it up and stay true man, they are trying to erase history. oh yea ... those dixie classic shirts are the shit!!!!!
Bob Merrick
Bob Merrick Hour ago
Upchurch is the most honest, truthful, and straight up dude in the industry. I love you man!!!!
MP Styles
MP Styles Hour ago
Ezekiel brown
Ezekiel brown 2 hours ago
Never heard of this guy, but where are.his pupils?? Why does he have that gravely, sleepy sounding voice? My brother used to look and sound like this. Just an honest and innocent observation. Peace.
Joe doherty Doherty
Brother you're bad ass church I follow you on tictok RHEC for life
MEliSSa D Lescalleet
help. man i stay with has your clothes and phones etc and is impersonating upchurch and others. I am in Reno still, waiting for my friends and family. 💚〽️
Hana B
Hana B 2 hours ago
everybody needs to see this!!!!!
Thackery Somnis
Thackery Somnis 2 hours ago
Jeez I love you.. you keep it real fuck what other people think
Turbo Monkey
Turbo Monkey 2 hours ago
I always thought the confederate flag was one of the coolest flags ever made and am part black and from the south. So seeing how I like the confederate flag dose that make me Racist if so to hell with it my wife is white and my kids are mixed you all can kiss my ass.You just keep doing you Ryan love you brother
sons of liberty
sons of liberty 2 hours ago
Rebel flag as in rebellion against the man. Not the black man, the actual man- the government.
its gaxin V2
its gaxin V2 2 hours ago
10:00 my favorite part!
DoomSoft LLC
DoomSoft LLC 2 hours ago
Hell yeah more celebs need to be like this stop apologizing for being white and stop treating black folks like they are victims and too dumb to know when to be upset let them speak for themselves ffs. Upchurch for the win.
Shannon Bacon
Shannon Bacon 2 hours ago
Ryan Upchurch....going against the grain since day 1 and becoming more and more successful because of it. Take notes libs. You can't cancel people who refuse to be cancelled!
Dylan James
Dylan James 2 hours ago
I knew you were about to call everyone out when i clicked on this video lmao😂 thank you upchurch for saying what needs to be said
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 2 hours ago
Yo I'm gonna go watch that video again and hit the like button this time got to pump up them numbers
MEliSSa D Lescalleet
MEliSSa D Lescalleet
man I stay with is lying and pretending to be me and talking to you!! He is hurting us and trying to take my music loves, friends and ones that love me away! please do Not trust what he is saying!
Swamp Shovel Detecting
Ryan this is the best youve done.. Im hell raisin country man from Chas SC MY flag flys daily for my heritage
Aaron Slaven
Aaron Slaven 3 hours ago
Damn haven't seen church in a while, same old shit I see.....
soap on a rope
soap on a rope 3 hours ago
Love you man you should run for president 🇺🇸
Swamp Shovel Detecting
Sorry for what??????
Stape812 3 hours ago
I sent you two links so FUGGIN WATCH EM
Stape812 3 hours ago
Stape812 3 hours ago
TheArcfil 3 hours ago
Fuckin Kancel Kulture Karens
Anthony garcia
Anthony garcia 3 hours ago
protect this man because the elites don't like his thinking because they can't control him keep it up brother
RON BARDWELL 3 hours ago
Not problematic until a problem ⁉️😳🤦🏻‍♂️🤔🙄🥴 WTF dude REALLY ⁉️😂
Beans Mcdonough
Beans Mcdonough 2 hours ago
That's all you got from this? Smh
Regular Guy Fixes
Regular Guy Fixes 3 hours ago
The show The Bachelor suspended their long time host Chris Harrison because he defended a mixed raced girl who is on the show dating a mixed raced man because she was wearing a Southern Bell dress,. Antebellum in some photos years ago. Yes folks a dress is now racist. Anything tied to southern culture is now deemed racist... The girl Apologized but Chris was fired for him defending it.
Joseph Richey
Joseph Richey 3 hours ago
Well said...you just described the way every true southern boy or girl feels about the flag...
Kori Watson
Kori Watson 3 hours ago
You're not wrong, but I think your music is a disgrace to country... Just my two cents.
misplacedangler 3 hours ago
Things I associate with the Confederate flag: Jacked up 4x4's....muddy ones...Chevy's and Fords and such A truck winch...one that has actually been unspooled KC Lights on your headache rack Cowboy hats Boots...especially old beat up ones Fried Chicken Biscuits and Gravy Cheap domestic beer Rock gut whiskey Snuff Surviving thru summer with no A/C Sweet tea at every sit down restaurant Splitting firewood so you can heat your home in winter Hank Sr. Hank Jr. Cattle Farms Chicken Farms Killing or raising nearly all the meat you consume Growing nearly all the veggies you consume Trot lines Big ugly smelly nasty delicious catfish Country music where you can still hear a damned stringed instrument in the forefront Canning your own veggies for the winter Fixing your own vehicle when the shit breaks down Hands calloused from work or building/creating your own shit People who eat all the previously mentioned unhealthy shit because they work their ass off and can Firearms....lots and lots of firearms. Big ones.....small ones....rifles and shotguns. If you can't hang out with me or talk to me because you associate the confederate flag with racism when we could talk about 10,000 other things we have in common or things we don't have in common but aren't butt hurt about........well.....bye.
Brian Parker
Brian Parker 3 hours ago
💯 truth??
Allison Watson
Allison Watson 3 hours ago
We need more people like him.
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 3 hours ago
You called yourself a country singer 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Melton
Robert Melton 3 hours ago
Church is a self made man. Ol combs just lost his fanbase. I like his music but I don't respect him.
Kevin Richter
Kevin Richter 3 hours ago
Luke Combs is a sellout. Maybe it’s time to re-do “Can I get an Outlaw” without him? Maybe Tom MacDonald, Kid Rock, Forgiato Blow, Bryson Gray, Colt Ford? 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Persimmon 3 hours ago
So many cowards out there today - In all genres, in all industries. You gotta respect a man this real.
Teresa Nanci
Teresa Nanci 3 hours ago
Stay real!!!
Teresa Nanci
Teresa Nanci 3 hours ago
Stay real!!!
TheMusketeer 3 hours ago
Yes. Yes you are
Gen J
Gen J 3 hours ago
they want white people to apologize for being white now. crazy times
Cara Hubbell
Cara Hubbell 3 hours ago
PREACH. I’m sick of seeing all these fake apologies.
Matt Mangrum
Matt Mangrum 3 hours ago
Fuck yeah bro
southpaw 3 hours ago
Finally !! A country artist who speaks the truth and won't bow to the agenda of others. Welcome sight for sure.
Trenton Obrien
Trenton Obrien 3 hours ago
Don’t take no shit Upchurch
country girl
country girl 4 hours ago
Yes love you Upchurch you are a good person, thank you for standing up for you and country music 🎶
CATS Careers Schools
Love you Upchurch and "Can I get an Outlaw" song. I agree that the ones complaining are city folks, we are country folks. I listen to country music because I enjoy it and don't care what others think. I grew up in the hills of Kentucky, hunting, fishing and felt your song was real and that is why I enjoy your music. Never apologize for being you. I bought my 16 year old little brother a Rebel Flag t-shirt and thought nothing about it. Country music is great and don't let the city folks ruin it for the rest of us.
CATS Careers Schools
The critiques aren't buying your music anyway, so why care about what they say.
Mark Hall
Mark Hall 4 hours ago
Lmfao bruh I was like NO effing way he apologizes. Glad to say I was right for once.
Chris E
Chris E 4 hours ago
You rock man! Well said. I’m a new fan!
Burgandy Oasis
Burgandy Oasis 4 hours ago
Bro, you are gonna be a legend! Keep speaking truth and spreading the love!
Kristy Burnett
Kristy Burnett 4 hours ago
It's amazing to see someone in the spotlight calling others out!! Preach!!!!! Keep doing what your doing! Thats why fans love you!! We need you!
Amanda Moe
Amanda Moe 4 hours ago
Wow! YES! I am SO tired of the media pitting all of us against each other, and I am SO sick of all the white guilt! Jeeze get a life!! Loving this video. I am buying a Ryan Upchurch CD today!! I was SO disappointed in Luke Combs snowflake response:(
Congratulations, Ryan, for being so far ahead of the curve on promoting unity. People will expect you to be a conversation leader in addressing issues of racism in American culture.
Jesse Allen
Jesse Allen 4 hours ago
This world is too soft... People need to stop kneeling and grow a backbone
Tyler DiCioccio
Tyler DiCioccio 4 hours ago
Hank Williams Jr. said the same thing back in the day! Funny how history comes around again.
Justen Whitsel
Justen Whitsel 4 hours ago
Much respect for you Upchurch, keep on keeping it real brother 💯
FATT TARR JR. 4 hours ago
Preach it my man church 🤘💪🏻
dnwalldoll84 4 hours ago
No matter the genre, almost every last musician who "hit it big" ends up miserable. Think bout it for real, they all loved a difficult life and eventually found demise before they should have!......... CENSORSHIP KILLS! If we give away our right to stand & live in our individual integrity, we're certainly going to continue surviving our internal turmoil vs living with a strong ass foundation of INTEGRITY! 💜💜💜
Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips 4 hours ago
Your heritage
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown 4 hours ago
You da man....Luke went woke....
brock willenborg
brock willenborg 4 hours ago
My soul was made by sweat and blood. It aint ever gonna be for sale. The problem with nashville is who gets record deals and auto tune.
Baby Cap
Baby Cap 4 hours ago
doesn’t want to be an egotistical asshole and than becomes exactly that
Chad Bamat
Chad Bamat 4 hours ago
Liberals are the problem, The media is the problem, The media won’t show the truth they will do whatever it takes to fix the narrative.
Mark G
Mark G 5 hours ago
Someone wanna tell country music that you can’t please everyone?
cheesegyoza 5 hours ago
This is color revolution modified in America. Just look at Mao Zedong The communist leader in China where those that were dissenters were shamed in public standing on a chair bending over with a sign saying they’re sorry in order to get back into the good graces of society.
Lydia B
Lydia B 5 hours ago
It's because the world is upside down, nothing is right. Nobody had shit to say all these years until now. People are just entitled, offended little bitches now. If it doesn't affect your daily life...don't worry about it!!!
Travis Sutton
Travis Sutton 5 hours ago
Dude I wished I could give this video 2 thumbs up. 🙌
John Colcord
John Colcord 5 hours ago
The fact that you have more subscribers than fluke combs says it all
Mark G
Mark G 5 hours ago
Upchurch is what we need more of. He’s speaking truth. Fuck off snowflakes.
Casey Lovelace
Casey Lovelace 5 hours ago
Keep up the hard work ryan lot of my family lives up there love your music also can't believe like combs went soft and started bowing down lmao liked his music till I seen him apologized lmao love u ryan man your songs always kick ass an have me being proud of being from the south
Spencer Poole
Spencer Poole 5 hours ago
Bro...thank you sooooo much for not being a pussy!!!! Love you bro!!!
pcbuck08 5 hours ago
Fuck em! Keep turning out good content!
Zee The Prophet
Zee The Prophet 5 hours ago
lol anybody who considers upchurch a rapper doesn’t listen to rap. They listen to country ... but okay
pinky Splawn
pinky Splawn 5 hours ago
"YOU MAKE REAL COUNTRY MUSIC"YOU MAKE REAL RAP MUSIC"LUKE COMBS IS RAN BY A RECORD LABEL....HOW IS THE CONFEDERATE FLAG "Hurtful" if people dont like it n then dont look at it period...that simple...never apologize for the confederate flag...this is our heritage..we are from the south..my husband of 9years has a confederate flag of his arm n people say all kinds od things to him n he keeps walking😂upchurch n him could make music for sure🙏anyhow...we discovered upchurch on video...bout taking Rebel flag out of Walmart n we were literally hooked
JB Burger
JB Burger 5 hours ago
Respect bro, from a Jersey white dude
rjuzwiak71 5 hours ago
Why this dude look like ellen never heard of him
rjuzwiak71 Hour ago
@Beans Mcdonough am I lying
Beans Mcdonough
You came here to trash him and that's all you have? Pathetic
heavyduty187 5 hours ago
😂 🤣😂🤣 country artists lmfao. You had ONE shot song 5 years ago accidentally make the billboard. You haven’t done shit since then. Your garbage 🗑
Shawndi Prest
Shawndi Prest 5 hours ago
So true Upchurch! Keep making your music and don't ever fucking apologize!
Franky's World
Franky's World 5 hours ago
I'll admit I'm a Tom MacDonald fan and I wouldn't call myself a country boy, heck I'm not even American, but I don't mind popping you on my boombox and crack open a bottle of Jameson on the porch for the sheer principle of calling a spade a spade just to piss my neighbours off - cause how fucked up are people who confuse race with garden tools? Damn son, I might have to get out and get myself one of those t-shirts :) Consider yourself winning an Irish fan and subscriber :)
Resident Alien Productions
The confederate flag was a sign of defiance against being told they couldnt have slaves lol
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 5 hours ago
Ryan and Morgan need to get together on a Fuck it remix!
Al 5 hours ago
Mr. Upchurch. Thank you for speaking truth. Fk all this racism BS! My friends are all colors. I’m a new Upchurch fan!
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