“My 3 Month Old Grandson Was Murdered; Who is To Blame?” 

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Elke and Steven are grieving the devastating loss of their 3-month-old son, Lucas, who died tragically in May of last year. As if living through the unbearable loss is not enough, the circumstances of Lucas’ death are still a mystery. Steven says he’s now under investigation but is innocent and would never hurt his child, and his girlfriend, Elke, believes him. His mother, Melissa, wrote to Dr. Phil desperate for help because she says she suspects Elke is responsible for her grandson’s death. Elke says she would never hurt her child, and she’s still in shock at the loss of her infant son. 19115
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Apr 29, 2021




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Jenn Marx
Jenn Marx 4 days ago
These 2 don't no nothing do they? I don't no...I don't remember...how much did he eat? Uhm...I don't no, I think like 8oz? Like how u not no how much ur son eats in a bottle..? Nothing about them seems right...
Jenn Marx
Jenn Marx 4 days ago
I took him to the hospital like me and Steven discussed..? They have this planned out or something?? Wtf
Jenn Marx
Jenn Marx 4 days ago
How can NEITHER OF THEM remember what they said after it happened at the hospital..? It just doesn't seem right...I am starting to feel like they both are guilty...
Bethany Tomassetti
The mother looks guilty. She's got deer in the headlights look, lack of emotion, swallowing like crazy when dr Phil asked them if they suspect the other did it. Her behavior is strange to me. Even in the pics of holding her new baby she didn't seem excited at all. I hate to be judgemental but this chick should not have another baby. She more than likely killed Lucas. 💔 Lucas is safe in heaven, someone needs to care for Elkes next child before he/she prematurely meets Lucas.
As a therapist, there are times when you're faced with evil and you just know it. There's a different kind of human being in front of you that cannot be reached. I fear that's what we have here.
Clearly the baby's Mom has something very wrong going on. Her eyes are flat and her stare is that of a psychopath. She doesn't feel the need to even fake emotions. I wish Dr. Phil asked her why she stares and conveys ZERO emotion.
Angela Ferraro
Angela Ferraro 7 days ago
When will there be an update on this story?
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 7 days ago
The boy killed the baby for the mom. And the mom knows he will go to prison for her. Why? because he is probably madly in love with her and has never had another relationship. So he will of literally what ever I takes to keep her! The look in her eyes are clearly detached from the whole situation and fear of the consequences. She is probly the mastermind!
karis mitchell
karis mitchell 7 days ago
I am wondering how anyone slept while their baby was making weird sounds. I'd be watching them all night!!!!
Adam Kendall
Adam Kendall 8 days ago
Hate to burst people's bubbles but it is absolutely possible that this is from natural causes. Over 40% of babies are born with subdural hematomas. They can spontaneously rebleed. Vaccines can also produce shaken baby symptoms. The baby could also have experienced seizures. How do I know this? Because my wife is going through this exact situation right now. She was watching my cousins baby and she (the baby) was a ticking time bomb. Only after the fact did we find out that the baby had a list of issues a mile long including evidence of an old subdural hematoma. You'll never guess where the new subdural hematoma was. Exactly in the same spot as the old one. Before you start accusing people based on their looks, know that not a single solitary study or experiment has shown that a person can shake a baby hard enough to cause retinal hemorrhages or subdural hematomas. Even using machines to shake monkeys, pigs and sheeps at levels many magnitudes beyond human capabilities they couldn't produce a single brain injury. Even Dr. Guthkelch, the Dr. who you could say pioneered the whole SBS hysteria started to defend people accused of shaking a baby and has successfully overturned convictions. Stop putting people in prison based on feelings and start looking at the facts.
Devin M
Devin M 8 days ago
I wonder if the reason she is not blinking and eyes wide open to seem alert. Or hide the fact she knows the truth.
Devin M
Devin M 8 days ago
Her eyes tell it all. No emotion. Just staring into space. And she smiles when it comes to her attention the grandma thinks shes done this. And she gets joy out of knowing that. You can tell it all over her face. Thats the only emotion i see. She needs a lie detector test done.
Laura maple
Laura maple 8 days ago
She literally does not blink 👀
Laura maple
Laura maple 8 days ago
She said they found out about the brain injury 🤔 you mean they found a brain injury ... I dont know that was just worded oddly to me ... she seems very unattached to reality in general. Her smiling could be a reaction of sadness or anxiety alot of ppl smile dowsnt necessary mean shes happy or laughing.
Kaitlyn Wilson
Kaitlyn Wilson 8 days ago
You can tell in her face and her voice that she did it. A mother who cares about her child would respond to his questions in a second and remember everything because her child's so important to them but she doesn't show empathy, the dads the only one answering the questions, she keeps changing up her story, and is staring off into space like shes not listening to anything hes saying and doesn't care to listen. You can tell by her face that she knows she did it and doesn't want to be answering his questions.
Lala Ortiz
Lala Ortiz 8 days ago
Something is wrong with that girl
Iris Misch
Iris Misch 8 days ago
Well, they're all very disturbing.
Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore 8 days ago
Have these people been given lie detector tests
dpmjole 8 days ago
i think the most dishonest person here is dr.Phil... he dis not care the least about truth or his guests-only thing that interests him is controversy and show's ratings 😏
Nicole Cottrell
Nicole Cottrell 8 days ago
Lie detector. It’s not that hard.
Louisa Irving
Louisa Irving 8 days ago
She keeps swallowing when feeling caught. She 100% murdered the baby.
aleece4 8 days ago
I’m not saying the mother isn’t guilty, she definitely has a bit of a “crazy eyes” thing going on. But she doesn’t give me “cold blooded murderer” vibes. I know postpartum depression can make some women do some pretty dark things, and I wonder if that’s what happened here. If she shook him, she still should pay the consequences and isn’t at ALL absolved of responsibility, but her zombie-like behavior makes me think she’s not ok and needs some psychiatric help, if for no other reason than to protect her baby she’s pregnant with now. ☹️
Nazmeera Mujahid Saleem
Definitely the mother did murder the baby!At the last moments you want to hold your baby and one will cry!The mother is heartless she has been so cold to her own baby!My deepest sympathy to the family🌹🙏Precious Baby💙🌹🌹
Bella Mdluli
Bella Mdluli 8 days ago
Then she said his diaper wasn’t wet Then she says she changed diaper and fed him at nite
cori coles
cori coles 8 days ago
a 3 month old eating 8 ounces at a time?!?
Lala Ortiz
Lala Ortiz 8 days ago
My 1 1/2 year old doesn’t even drink 8 ounces at once 😳
Cole H
Cole H 8 days ago
Wouldn’t let my baby grunt for 5 minutes like that without considering hospice
untapdtreasure 8 days ago
Where is the show they aired the next day? Anyone have a link?
The Mama Lounge
The Mama Lounge 8 days ago
8oz for a 3 month old?? Wow...my 4 month old won’t even do that. 🤷‍♀️
Holli G
Holli G 8 days ago
anyone else think it is a little weird she cannot recall her baby's oz intake? I'm sure some 3 mo babies eat 8 oz (?), but usually they are eating 4-5 every 2-3 hours. Additionally, her child was pretty small for the kind of feeding she claimed he was doing. I could be reading too much into this, but being a mama this sounds a little off to me. Poor baby. Poor family.
Natalie C.
Natalie C. 8 days ago
I am really not trying to be mean or rude, BUT the mother’s eyes and grin are so creepy. It was so hard to look at her, I ended up having to just listen to the video because seeing that blank stare and grin of hers sent chills down my spine.
Skye-Anne Collwell-Smith
The mother looks scared
Hope Soosai
Hope Soosai 8 days ago
why does that lady feel so highly about herself..yet so low of somebody's baby that died everything she is saying is against Luka and everything she is saying about herself is how great and normal of a person she is.. yet the baby got sick spontaneously as if someone drugged him, obviously not his parents as you can see how they have to communicate the situation. . .
Margo Reid
Margo Reid 8 days ago
This women gives me lifeless robot vibes
Erin Zeigler
Erin Zeigler 8 days ago
But vaccines have been known to cause subdural hematoma too
Junior Aldana
Junior Aldana 8 days ago
Can’t believe I used to work with her when this happened!!! A week later she came back to work and she seemed like NOTHING HAPPENED!!!
Jude Dude
Jude Dude 8 days ago
Watch her react at 21:50 when they talk about him not seeming to be in pain from the rib fracture. She gulps and is clearly very uneasy.
Shiane Malipising
Either way that child was killed. Because of one of those mothers. Dr phill will get to the bottom of it He’ll make sure whoever killed that child if he was killed the person gets the right care they need to recover. He’s really really make sure that baby gets to rest easy. Weather he died at hands of someone or if he just got sick. He’ll see that this baby will rest peacefully.
Shiane Malipising
I noticed this mother changed her story kinda. Mind you when you go through these things parents cannot remember things. I can’t believe they charged the father. Surely when people smile and laugh meanwhile the father gets arrested from murder. I’d know right away that isn’t right. So I’d arrest her right away. When I watch this video she is smiling in that video so she is a psychopath or just someone who can’t afford to look after children. Sometimes parents kill their children because they can never afford to look after that child. So I understand completely. But to kill that child why not just give it to someone that can’t have children. He could have had a great home but he didn’t get that chance. Instead that baby was killed.
Shiane Malipising
Sometimes these people are on Dr Phil the tell stories. I can see why people would be on his show so I know Dr Phil will get to the bottom of this. If anyone is lying he’ll tell that person What a psychopath they are. He’ll have them in jail pretty quick
Chanda Bitsilly
Chanda Bitsilly 8 days ago
She has the eyes of an insane sociopath no remorse what's so ever that smile of satan tells it all 🙄 you can see her heart pounding out of her chest you can see how guilty she is with every questions being throwing at her and she can't answer them directly...
Matthew Van tendeloo
She probably accidentally bumped the soft spot, than started to panic, so now she's stuck and can't cry untill she admits , i do think she wants to but just don't dare to afraid of the consequences
Aeris Carter
Aeris Carter 8 days ago
She's obviously responsible. Its written all over her face and she sounds like a robot reading a book in class and could barely even get her words right and then on top of that shows no emotion and has a smirk on her face.
Barbara 8 days ago
Steralization is the word that comes to mind
Bmac805 8 days ago
She doesn’t blink at all
HelloSunshine 8 days ago
There’s something off with her.
Juice Wrld 999
Juice Wrld 999 8 days ago
Bro she kiled the boy
Christy Kennedy
Christy Kennedy 8 days ago
She didnt wake him up bc she was trying to pin this on him
Jinxy Kinz
Jinxy Kinz 8 days ago
I think he did it and they are just saying she didn't wake him up. I think she's covering for him.
Tanya James
Tanya James 9 days ago
This is quite similar to jeongin's case. Its just terrifying.
Shelby Burnette
Shelby Burnette 9 days ago
I do not trust her. He shouldn’t cover for her either, they are both to blame. He needs to wake up. She shouldn’t be allowed to have children.
chrissa williams
chrissa williams 9 days ago
Just how he body actions are and when she explained the story she actually had a smirk smile so I do believe she had something to do with it. Just sickening and yup being pregnant again just upsets me and makes me so angry with stories like this.
Zalland Kasi
Zalland Kasi 9 days ago
I think the mother did it, and the husband knows this, however, did not say anything to the police since he didn't want her to Face prison charges, and didn't do anything later since she is pregnant with their other child. After that, when the coroner suspects the husband, He becomes anxious, doesn't know how to clear his name, without losing his wife, and therefore, asks to come on Dr.Phil
tanya summers
tanya summers 9 days ago
Oh god .. she is bug eyed and emotionless!!! She killed her baby
Jessica SmokeyMcPot
She seems very out of it and her eyes make it look like she is on a medication or other drug. You could see that she was trying to stop herself from smiling a few times, which is weird. I would be an absolute wreck if something happened to my child. Grief is a very personal thing and everyone copes with it differently but I can't see how someone wouldn't be torn to pieces from the death of their child, unless they had something to do with it of course.
Kristen xo
Kristen xo 9 days ago
u see her GULP when he mentioned the healing fractured ribs
Reed Phelps
Reed Phelps 9 days ago
Poor baby when they described him as "not looking normal/not eating and only grunting" it sent shivers up my spine and is sickening to my soul. Poor little buddy. Life is sick sometimes. :(
Laura B
Laura B 9 days ago
I personally don’t see how any parent could talk about their child “gurgling” and making “small grunting noises” with such a straight face. Nothing about this couple seems right to me.
Sophia R.
Sophia R. 9 days ago
Maybe she did something in the car before bringing him back. And that’s why it looks like he did it. I don’t understand how they can’t figure out how much he’s eating. They should be making bottles every 4 hours and through the night. It’s important information they aren’t getting right.
Jude Dude
Jude Dude 8 days ago
And she said he eats 8 ounces each feeding at 3 months old... my 10 month old just barely started drinking that much at a time 🤔
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler 9 days ago
Angie J
Angie J 9 days ago
She has mad crazy eyes.
Egla Lindo
Egla Lindo 9 days ago
canary 002
canary 002 9 days ago
She looks possest. Somthing verh wrong with that woman. And the man to be honest but the woman looks freaking possest
Three little birds
Ok something is very off with both of them. Please watch from 25.23 to 26.11 and listen to the mothers change of story and then watch the fathers reaction to this new information. If I were in the father’s shoes, my jaw would be dropped to the ground! My feeling is that the mother did it, the father knows and is covering for her.
Stephanie Howe
Stephanie Howe 9 days ago
What she reports that the babe is eating? Is high, yet the babe had "failure to thrive"?
Aaysha Wilson
Aaysha Wilson 9 days ago
The father said he put Lucas to sleep at 7:00 p.m.. Then his girlfriend came home 7:30 p.m. The doctors terminated death took place between 4-8 p.m.. So she was there during the time frame when he was shaken to death.
R 9 days ago
I have a 5 month old and she eats 5-6 ounces a few times a day along with her normal 4.5 ounces every 3-4 hours (with 5/6 hours in between at night). Is it normal for a 3 month old to be eating 8 ounces? Especially if they are still feeding at every 3/4 hours???? And if so, there’s no way that baby was eating that much and was a “failure to thrive”. Unless they weren’t feeding him often enough.
Jude Dude
Jude Dude 8 days ago
My ten month old just barely started drinking 8 ounces at a time. Maybe she’s just not so bright and thinks she can say whatever and people won’t notice the inconsistencies.
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia 9 days ago
Elka is giving me some creepy vibes! She looks like she is dead inside. No emotions, so disconnected its erie!! I feel like she's trying to keep her facial expressions uncontrol cause she knows Dr. Phil will read her!! She is a complete liar! She already twisted her words! Smh guilty, guilty, guilty!!
alden lees
alden lees 9 days ago
I think it was dr phil for sure
Live Grow Rescue
Live Grow Rescue 9 days ago
How are they not crying? I know it happened awhile ago but just talking about him and his death should cause tears! I still cry about my dog who died 10 years ago!
Ryan Shelby
Ryan Shelby 9 days ago
I think Steven is desperate
Dr.Phil and Team thank u so much for making these episodes available on US-first, can y'all put older episodes on here so we can rewatch or see episodes we haven't seen before? Pretty plz! Oh and can u do a update video on Truthfully Trisha? Who's on US-first still, and she's been spreading lies about u and ur show & staff!!
Narcissism Exposed 101
She smiling! Why on mothers day would you not take the baby to see grandma for mother's day.
Naivasha Williams
She did something to that baby . Smh rip
AntandLou Cerowski
I'm blinking for her 😬🤗
AntandLou Cerowski
I dunno why you would want to go to hospital on your own with your child. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lynde Mora
Lynde Mora 9 days ago
Elca did it. Feel it in my gut just from hearing the story in here.
Milo Marcet
Milo Marcet 9 days ago
Okay but what about PPD? Not all women are happy after. It takes time. 🤦🏼‍♀️
AlexX Lowe
AlexX Lowe 9 days ago
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ 🚀🚀🚀
Savanna Iozzo
Savanna Iozzo 9 days ago
she looks guilty
Kayla Michelle
Kayla Michelle 9 days ago
She looks so scary!
Hunnybear Gensheer
I live here. I know some of the people involved. I know Steven's older child's family. I KNOW that if his older son's Mother didn't 100% trust Steven with their child, he wouldn't see him. Period. She is a fantastic Mother. I have also, recently, lost a child myself. He was 18. It doesn't matter if you have 18 minutes, 18 days, 18 months or 18 years, losing a child leaves a scar that will always cause pain. I can barely speak or think about my son without crying, Elke smiles and laughs...
Samantha Conn
Samantha Conn 9 days ago
USUALLY not a fan of Elke hunting. This time, I'm a huge fan of that idea. Kill a child and people go Elke hunting. See what I did there 😉 she deserves every bit of everything that's a-comin' 😀👍
Alicia Hanna
Alicia Hanna 9 days ago
We can’t blame the mom . We don’t know what happened that day . We don’t know if she did it or not we can’t judge her that’s what the court room are for.
Music Mad
Music Mad 9 days ago
She’s clearly a sociopath.
Ashley Sarah
Ashley Sarah 9 days ago
Gotta be honest, I not only struggle to show emotion in front of others (like in front of millions on TV) but I wouldn't wake my hubs to take a kid to a hospital either. I'd let him sleep and send a message on his phone so he could see it when he woke up. Unless it was close to when he needed to leave for work then I'd let him know and run out. But I wouldn't have made sure he heard me. I grieve differently as well. I'd need medication to function at all. Could be why she's acting gf way she is😬🤷‍♀️ hard to say. I hope the truth is found whatever it is. Prayers for their loss
shane oldham
shane oldham 9 days ago
the mother is off she did something and note she kept swallowing during this interview lumps in her throat no tears
crystal Home video s enjoy
I think the mother had a big part of the baby
Mary Maunsell
Mary Maunsell 9 days ago
Yes the mother did it
Brooklyn Hoff
Brooklyn Hoff 9 days ago
she probably got tired of it screaming and crying and shook it to death and then realized what’ she had done
violetgrace302 9 days ago
The way she stares at him is super creepy like her eyes pieced my soul in a bad way
shaniaaaR 9 days ago
I have a 5 month old baby. Why did I click on this Video 😢 my heart can’t handle it 💔 innocent precious little baby, RIP baby Lucas 👼🏼❤️ no baby should have to go through this, every baby deserves unconditional love and caring.
Low key Me
Low key Me 9 days ago
I’m I the only one who Sensed something dark from baby mama? Like something is off about her seriously
The Ninja called Basilisk
What the heck is wrong with the mother? She is not at all grieving. I know some women shut down rather than break down in tears, but this lady is not that.
chy 9 days ago
She straight up smiled when she said his mom thinks I killed him.
RCA Scott
RCA Scott 9 days ago
How can she smile
vztr 9 days ago
26:27 the way she said that 💀
E Lawless
E Lawless 9 days ago
Her big gulps can be seen in her throat. My stomach is so unsettled
E Lawless
E Lawless 9 days ago
Her big gulps can be seen in her throat. My stomach is so unsettled
T L 10 days ago
Robin is gonna give herself whiplash with all that over the top nodding, and shaking of her head! Actually started to get annoying haha.
LiLi Lovee
LiLi Lovee 10 days ago
Is there another part to this episode????
Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis 10 days ago
Elka: If he goes to prison I'm worried about being a single mom Elka"s face while saying that:🤡🤡🤡
Views 243K
Views 243K