MQA-CD : New Hi-Res CDs from Japan 

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MQA-CD is a physical Hi-res music format, but while the discs are relatively affordable, playing them back can be anything but.
********** UPDATE (PLEASE READ)********
The sound quality difference I experienced between the MQA decoded CD and the standard CD audio is because rather than the CD being 16bit (as normal) - the patent says it's 13 bit with 3 bits used for the MQA data - however others now say it’s 15 bit with 1 bit going to the MQA. Apparently the MQA bit(s) get ignored as noise by a standard CD player. .
There are Loads of complaints about me saying that the "MQA version sounds better" - how could this be when Brothers in Arms can't ever sound any better than a CD as it was only mastered at CD quality originally". Well perhaps because that's not what was demonstrated in this video.
Angry Audiophiles - Just stop, take a breath - and read this paragraph....
I wasn't comparing the full bitrate CD version of the album vs the MQA version. I didn't play the standard CD version of Brothers In Arms at any point in this video.
The comparison was between the *compressed* version of the album (contained on the MQA CD) vs the MQA unfolded version (contained on the same CD).
So all I experienced in the video was the MQA version sounding better than the reduced bitrate version - which of course it would do.
So next question... Will an MQA version of an album that was only ever mastered in 44.1khz 16bit sound exactly the same as a normal (non MQA) CD version of the album? - Yes of course it would, if the album was only ever mastered in 44.1khz 16bit and that's the only version available it can only ever sound as good as that.
You can read up on MQA Audio here: www.mqa.co.uk
Universal Music Japan’s MQA-CD page (in Japanese) www.universal-music.co.jp/international/mqa-uhqcd/
This is a useful site for downloading Hi-res Audio test files (including MQA) www.2l.no/hires/
Clearing something up that seems to have caused confusion.
MQA existed before MQA-CDs in the form of Downloadable Files & Streaming. That's what all those USB decoders (including mine) are designed to decode. MQA-CDs are new(ish) and only available in JAPAN- however MQA downloadable Files & Streaming have been around for a while. These MQA-CDs are an adaption of the MQA format into a physical version that can be sold in Japanese stores.
All links are Affiliated where possible.
Useful Links below:
Amazon have the MQA-CD Samplers listed (AFFILIATED LINKS)
Rock & Pop amzn.to/2yGGP97
Jazz amzn.to/2IrjPKU
Classical amzn.to/2tw2YSy
Rock & Pop amzn.to/2tHjUVl
Jazz amzn.to/2lzauYl
Classical amzn.to/2KpGjkm
I bought my MQA-CDs from CD Japan www.cdjapan.co.jp/feature/Worlds_First_HiRes_CD_by_Universal_Music_Japan

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Jun 27, 2018




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Alberto Pascual Otero
MQA was designed with streaming in mind. In fact, there are several services like Tidal and Deezer where you can stream MQA FLAC music.
Larry Leguizamon
Larry Leguizamon 6 days ago
MQA is lossy like mp3 your really getting jerked....
Quaalude Charlie
Quaalude Charlie 7 days ago
Man , Someone is making a whole lot of Money , It could be any one of us , This could be a new wave for Gen X'ers , If they buy it to Hear the best true quality . IDK ? :\ QC
friki64 8 days ago
Matthew: MQA-CD has lossless compression. Me: ............................................________ ....................................,.-'"...................``~., .............................,.-"..................................."-., .........................,/...............................................":, .....................,?......................................................, .................../...........................................................,} ................./......................................................,:`^`..} .............../...................................................,:"........./ ..............?.....__.........................................:`.........../ ............./__.(....."~-,_..............................,:`........../ .........../(_...."~,_........"~,_....................,:`........_/ ..........{.._$;_......"=,_......."-,_.......,.-~-,},.~";/....} ...........((.....*~_......."=-._......";,,./`..../"............../ ...,,,___.`~,......"~.,....................`.....}............../ ............(....`=-,,.......`........................(......;_,,-" ............/.`~,......`-...................................../ .............`~.*-,.....................................|,./.....,__ ,,_..........}.>-._...................................|..............`=~-, .....`=~-,__......`,................................. ...................`=~-,,.,............................... ................................`:,,...........................`..............__ .....................................`=-,...................,%`>--==`` ........................................_..........._,-%.......` ...................................,
Eight Coins
Eight Coins 12 days ago
I honestly hate how its always only classic rock/dad rock that gets "audiophile" releases
TheVlasac 12 days ago
AFAIK Money For Nofhing was recorded digitally (one of first DDD albums), so it is unclear how they sampled analogue tape for MQA. Also different mastering is what makes difference in sound between MQA and PCM.
allan soria
allan soria 12 days ago
Nowadays MQA can be streamed via Tidal and some other hi res streaming company.
DroneXFun 13 days ago
New cars don't come with cd players anymore and I really miss it. CD's are so much easier for me to change and find songs without taking my eyes off the road and getting rid of knob and buttons in favor of touch screens and flush mounted buttons don't help.
J Williams
J Williams 14 days ago
"Money for nothin" couldn't be written today without protests everywhere. How sad, such a great song.
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp 14 days ago
Another failure for the Macintosh
Mark Haury
Mark Haury 17 days ago
Trusting two formats in the same package to be mastered the same when there is an obvious conflict of interest is not wise. They're obviously going to make the old format sound bad by deliberately mastering it with different EQ, balance, panning etc. to make the new format they're trying to make happen seem better. If you're going to compare formats, use a high quality copy of the old format from a different source (or at least previous to the announcement of the new format) that would not be subject to the same conflict of interest.
Abel Billy Alvarez
Abel Billy Alvarez 18 days ago
Dire straits Brothers in Arms was one of the first albums recorded on a Sony 24-track digital tape machine in 1984. While the other albums were recorded in Analog.
Tim Hull
Tim Hull 18 days ago
Maybe the Japanese have made some cheap MQA players..
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 19 days ago
Oh dear. I read your "update", but honestly, you'd of done better being more humble and admitting your mistake. If you want to make a review/guide, you need to be absolutely clear, and you failed at that. I think we all could have guessed MQA would sound better than a gimped CD......
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen 19 days ago
MQA is a lossy format. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_Quality_Authenticated?wprov=sfla1
John Coxtolstoy
John Coxtolstoy 21 day ago
trying to enjoy the information while avoiding looking at tm's nails 😅
Gerald 22 days ago
So it's a bit like a zip folder?
Jun Acebedo
Jun Acebedo 23 days ago
Brothers in ARMS by Dire Straits was strangely recorded. All instruments were recorded DIGITALLY except the Drums (analog)
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott 25 days ago
Tempting, but most music isn't mastered at a high-enough quality for this to matter. MQA-CD would only be useful for certain albums that were recorded on exceptionally-high-quality analog equipment.
J Chow
J Chow 25 days ago
That’s very true. Even SACD’s made from high res digital studio masters just sound pretty much like normal CD. But when mastered from analogue recordings often sound a bit better.
ManWithBeard1990 26 days ago
If real CD audio wasn't sampled at the sampling rate and bit depth that it is, this would make sense. But as it stands I don't think anyone should be able to hear the difference. Also, your other PC may have an equalizer of some kind enabled, which probably garbles the least significant bits.
Schwurbel 26 days ago
Are you sure the MQA version wasn't just louder on the dire straits disc? Louder commonly sounds better...
kjlovescoffee 26 days ago
This thing is dripping in snake oil... Especially the in-line decoder part. Even if there's some steonography voodoo going on to encode 24 bits into 16 bit audio on the regular CD, how does it make 300+ kHz resolution from 44.1? I think the clue is in the name "Master Quality Authenticated" - Authenticated... Given that this seems to have come into being as the technology used by the Tidal streaming service. Most likely the supposed better quality is just a way to sell the public on a new DRM system.
darfmanfragen 26 days ago
All this effort for nothing. MQA is a scam. The Dire Straits album was recorded completely digital, probably in standard CD quality. The only way it can sound better is because of better remastering.
Deeman 28 days ago
Sounds like marketing BS to me.
Stephen Little
Stephen Little 28 days ago
It's nice to see people are still making quality upgrades to music files / cds. All that would gave been great to head on mt surround sound system. But it's all lot it me now. As I have lost the hearing in my left ear and it pisses me off. I even can't tell were an aircraft is coming from now either. 😢😢😢😢😣😣
T.B.Photo 29 days ago
01:21 Oh…my dad would cringe if he saw that in this context, he worked in a HiFI store in the late 70s up until the late 90s and every “audiophile” demanded to test the showroom setup with “Money for Nothing” since if it was good gear you would hear a specific “overtone-guitar-harmonic” in the intro riff to that song.
Max Brandt
Max Brandt Month ago
It's 2020 but I'd still like to get these new CDs. The nice thing about physical media is that you never have to update the software and no one can go in and just start removing your beloved songs at random for reason only known to them.
Dave Spagnol
Dave Spagnol Month ago
I have to wonder if the difference in sound quality when it switches between the two formats on the Dire Straits disc, is caused by a problem with the recording itself, the same problem that makes it drop out of MQA - i.e., a faulty disc?
rust blade
rust blade Month ago
MQA is just another bullshit attempt by the industry to produce cds with embedded DRM, thinly veiled as "higher quality"
kevoice Month ago
I'll bet 0's and 1's sound way better with squared edges :)
Koloidna Srebrna Voda 15 ppm
Just to clarify: Audacity is from Linux family. Android OS is Linux. SM Player (die beste) is also from Linux family.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Month ago
The MQA one sounded miles better than the CD one. So far so impressive. Only trouble is, I'm listening on 20-20k headphones through a mobile phone that only has a 48khz DAC. So whatever is causing the perceived improvement, it can't be anything to do with high resolution audio.
Scott Hullinger
Scott Hullinger Month ago
Similar claims are made in digital photography, where some cameras are capable of 12 bit and 14 bit RAW files. But just how huge a print do you need to see the difference? Or how big or how high a resolution computer monitor would you need in order to actually see the dfference between the two? JPG's are a different story. Hey, but even with JPG you can still get fabulous results. The only occasional failure would be a lack of dynamic range in some sorts of images, such as a white wedding dress. Then print it. Uh, but do you notice the difference in a photographic print? Even photographic paper has its limits.
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent Month ago
Nice video. I think if you look for it you will find "Presence" along the same lines.
Uwe Baganz
Uwe Baganz Month ago
I love CDs and lately bought a new Onkyo CD player
Brundle_Fly_ Month ago
Why am I just seeing this now?
Gerard Bakker
Gerard Bakker Month ago
Yep, Snake oil. In the world of digital a signal is either a 1 or 0. Rounded or square pit edges make no difference. Fold compression. Perhaps they confused the meaning of a ratio. Like 3 fold compression.. ;) Probably recommend monster cable connectors as well.
SeanFromPVD Month ago
Over two years later and MQA still hasn't gotten normal adoption. Most hardware companies aren't interested in it and customers just don't seem to care.
DJ L33
DJ L33 Month ago
I want The Beach Boys ones, Pet Sounds, Endless Summer etc. Do you have them?
Bass Soldier
Bass Soldier Month ago
Why not just buy a proper vinyl and no problems struggling with finding a compatible decoder or need to pay thousands of money to get a good one
Mister Problematic
MQA = bad compression + DRM. Avoid.
audguy Month ago
I know this is a little late, but you can get an iFi Zen DAC for US$130 from amazon that will play MQA over USB
When I first heard about how MQA works, I immediately thought of the dbx system used with tape recording. It would encode a signal to be recorded on tape and then decode it upon playback. Of course, the sound was only as good as the source, and back then, we were recording vinyl LPs and radio broadcasts--that was the highest fidelity we could get our hands on.
pomonabill220 Month ago
I know this is old, but you could always use the headphone output to your stereo's line input with an adapter. May be a little clunky but it would work.
Alvaro Sundfeld
Alvaro Sundfeld Month ago
Great video, as always, but i just didnt't understand why the Brothers in Arms MQA-CD booklet says the album was transferred from the original *analogue* master tapes, if that album was recorded digitally. Also, i think there's a little of snake oil there, because that Dire Straits album was recorded at CD quality (16 bit, 44.1 khz), so a high res file, or in that case, an MQA-CD, should sound exactly like a normal Compact Disc. I would say that the MQA encoding is just louder than the CD version.
William Diaz
William Diaz Month ago
Unfortunately physical media is pretty much dead. Aside from this with Blu-ray already being dominant now, why not just make recordable bluray for home video, the players already play music and may as well be dead for doing so anyway.
Jay Time
Jay Time Month ago
alot of the DVD audios i listen to sounded great but they were mixd like sht after that format I gave up on high bitrate
swillm3ister Month ago
It better have DSOTM...
Andrea Woodvine
Andrea Woodvine Month ago
It sounds a bit like the concept behind anamorphic video
rockey rocket
rockey rocket Month ago
Shame about getting old with compromised hearing. I suppose it's a bit like finally having the funds for the 1000 dollar an hour hooker and discovering your willy has gone a bit soft with age.
Daniel Cordell
Daniel Cordell Month ago
Or bring out a triple CD deck Normal, SACD and MQA 3 in 1 for a price of just a normal hifi hardware part.
hi resolution 2 analog
I'd rather put on a clean "audiophile " record! You get "pure" hi resolution analog sound without going through all the hoops!
SuperOtterBoy Month ago
Selling a consumer audio device of any sort for 10s of thousands is nothing short of blind profiteering. I believe there is a whole movment of extreme audiophiles in Japan who will pay insane amounts of money for the highest quality of audio/HiFi tech; perhaps the insane price point is to capitalize on that consumer base. Either way, insane.
cyrilio Month ago
Love how a glitch helped us.
Joe DiGiovanni IV
Just download and unpack proper FLAC files on a capable system
Steven Mann
Steven Mann Month ago
I suspect that the MQA is being sweetened at the mastering phase. Red book standard is as good as digital audio needs to be so I am sceptical that they are actually capturing 'more' audio information'. Also Brothers in Arms is a 16 bit digital recording on a Sony 3324 (48). No matter what MQA is doing it CANNOT extract any more information from the original recording.
Damien2000 Month ago
I know this isn’t entirely related to the topic at hand, but I just love this channel, I’ve only been subscribed for two or so years, and still it gives me this nostalgic feeling, just having the tech and the format explained by someone who’s really fascinated by it, and the sort of quaint feel the channel has to it, it’s really comforting in a way. So, sorry to ramble, but, thank you Techmoan, this channel is wonderful, and, so are you.
Thomas Fay
Thomas Fay Month ago
It's no longer a Japan-exclusive format. According to Discogs, the 50th anniversary editions of The Doors' "Waiting for the Sun" and "Soft Parade" are MQA worldwide.
Voice Of Resistance
Voice Of Resistance 2 months ago
The most important part of a high fi system are the speakers. You can have a standard quality machine and if you have great speakers the music will sound great. So if you’re testing this system on mid range priced speakers it’s not going to get the best sound even if the player is high quality. Upgrade your speakers if you haven’t already.
M B 2 months ago
Cds are the only physical media worth having.
Manuel Camacho
Manuel Camacho 2 months ago
To be an audiophile, how many music formats do I need to have from DSOTM? The absurd takes over my ears
George Lynch
George Lynch 2 months ago
sounds more like a signal boost more than anything like a preamp V no pre amp.
I H 2 months ago
The fact that you can 'hear' the difference between the MQA and non-MQA in the Dire Straits (over youtube) tells me that it is a different mix and that it's not (necessarily) the improved resolution you're hearing. For a fair comparison, the two should sound virtually identical when downsampled.
himselfe 2 months ago
MQA might not be snake oil, but it certainly is a racket judging by the criticisms of it cited on Wikipedia.
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway 2 months ago
Lots of work that you did techoman.👍 That said it all only proves that Philips and Sony got Redbook CD right, way back in the early 80's. The format was perfect sound forever. The only thing that may make a CD sound bad is lousy, lazy engineering. The damned loudness wars only greased the rails. In my vinyl LP and CD collections both going back to the 80's when I do an A/B real time comparison the CD almost always sounds better. Sometimes the two are very close and good. But none are the LP sounded better that the CD. Different? Yes, enjoyable? Yes. But you especially can tell the difference when the LP gets to the inner grooves. Physics is physics, the best Lacquer engineering cannot make inner groove areas sound as good as the outer grooves. The CD suffers none of this problem. I have dozens of hifi magazine going back to the late 70's into the 80's. When the CD came out virtually everyone and anyone in the hifi industry lauded it. This was the case more or less until the late 90's when vinyl LPs nostalgia brought out the anti CD crowd. I even drank some of that anti CD stuff as I began to pour lots of money into a never ending chase for vinyl LP playback setup. But I began to rethink and learn details of digital audio and the Redbook CD. Turning away from the subjective emotions of vinyl LP and being more critical in listening the CD's I have come to see how the CD is better and essentially perfect sound forever. My oldest CD was bought in June 1984, Andrew Powell and the Philharmonia Orchestra plays the Best of Alan Parsons Project. That CD is in impeccable condition and plays as well today as it did the first time I played in in 1984.🤔
Dan Huby
Dan Huby 2 months ago
I really like these videos but was disappointed with this one, because I was reading up on MQA at the same time as watching it so spotted several issues. Firstly, it's a lossy format, not lossless. Secondly an MQA CD played in a normal player is 13 bit, so worse than a normal CD and rendering the later comparison void (when the MQA conversion was dropping out). I had suspicions anyway as a CD already captures everything the human ear can hear. MQA is 100% snake oil.
Sebastian Mares
Sebastian Mares Month ago
Just wanted to point out this, but thankfully came across your post. Also, since MQA is supposed to be backwards compatible with standard audio CDs, it means that one can simply rip the audio CD using any lossless encoder and the MQA information is preserved. It would then be easy to do A/B test using the proper software and most importantly, using a normalized volume level as louder is always perceived as being better, thus the loudness war. Beside that however, I doubt anyone would ever hear a difference between 16 bit and 24 bit or between 44.1 KHz and 96 KHz, let alone 352 KHz - unless you play music to dogs or bats or whatever. Also, imagine the kind of DAC and amp you need and THD to really make use of that extra data.
Jari 2 months ago
So this is like dBx for cd ?
Roger Szmodis
Roger Szmodis 2 months ago
Who would pay that kind of money for an obsolete format with so called sound improvements that Humans can’t even perceive anyway? The MQA was louder but that’s about it. Also couldn’t you get a CD player with USB?
István Nagy
István Nagy 2 months ago
I think it failed/glitched out with most of your devices, because you haven't maximized the volume in the source device/software player. Reducing the volume in software (or doing any kind of DSP, even playing an OS jingle while audio is playing) alters the PCM samples, destroying the extra data the decoder is looking for. MQA stores it's additional data the same way as HDCD: in the PCM stream using in-banding signaling, sacrificing some bits of the base band audio. So if you don't own a decoder, you basically get a worse copy of the album when playing these CDs back in a regular player, than simply having a normal CD version, because you hear the MQA digital data as added noise.
no name
no name 2 months ago
Im not a fan of MQA. I dont like all the japanese writing, its ugly green discs, and having to import them. It is lossy compression. Seems like definite 'snake oil' - only kept alive by Tidal For me it is disappointing Blu-ray audio (aka High Fidelity Pure Audio) did not catch on to replace standard CDs, as I feel the possibilities there would have been incredible
ngantnier 2 months ago
Proprietary tech sucks.
Jorge E Fierro G
Jorge E Fierro G 3 months ago
I haven't check personally but I heard brother in arms was recorded digitally and mastered in 16bit/48khz directly for CD quality so its has never been high resolution, I kind of know this as I once bought a copy of this album from HDtracks in 24bit/96khz, later was recalled by the company, they gave me a refund with an apology for the mistake.
Mgrsdgfsd Afsdgrsdgfsdg
You could take an audiophile, sit them in a room blindfolded and have a live band play in front of them and they would still tell you their set-up sounds better!
stephen mcdonald
stephen mcdonald 3 months ago
Another fascinating video. I could sense the frustration at trying to get this to work. Naughty Project selling a crippled product!
djpaul146 3 months ago
Another very informative video wow 556 dislikes well I suppose you can't please everyone
sayanchx 3 months ago
Looks like Tidal Masters service has partnered with MQA to provide master quality streaming service: support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000397069-TIDAL-MASTERS
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori 3 months ago
This video's comments have insanely in depth explanations and lots of good information (that one could verify with sources). It's a shame you can't cherry-pick comments to save and make "playlists" out of them.
Paolo Volante
Paolo Volante 3 months ago
I've read about a key feature of MQA format that wasn't mentioned and it can change things: the MQA format guarantees a reliability between what it was recorded in studio down to your MQA file or CD. This means that you are "assured" (too be verified on field) that you are hearing the same sound that the audio engineer was listening in his studio. If true after investigation and test, this make a sense for this "new" MQA format in both liquid and solid format.
Ryu Mascorro
Ryu Mascorro 3 months ago
The only difference I heard was volume, it's almost guaranteed to be pure marketing, seriously, that frequency is just absurd, we can't hear that
Jakob Moscow
Jakob Moscow 4 months ago
This was entirely too much effort!
Brook Gerard
Brook Gerard 4 months ago
not playing no matter what I do
Hugo Sauerstein
Hugo Sauerstein 4 months ago
Yet another music format with ridiccilus esotherical prices... nobody need that....
nabeelr 4 months ago
Shannon Nyquist theorem says that anything higher than 44.1khz would not provide any benefit and could only reduce audio quality by adding super sonic interference. The only way to improve audio quality would be to increase bit depth from 16 up to something like 24 bits, but upping the sample size per second does nothing.
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson 4 months ago
I bet the cheaper models sell the most not everyone but 17,000 to here better CD
sebulbathx 4 months ago
Great video!
bba935 4 months ago
This is the most snake oil thing I've seen in years.
Lance Hall
Lance Hall 4 months ago
The mention of DSD I think means it's just the single-bit SACD format instead of the redbook 44.1 WAV. DSD sampling supposedly better captures the waveform than 44.1khz 16-bit WAV but the format ultimately flopped on SACDs. Unless you have a super high end system and/or perfect hearing you probably can't tell the difference anyways.
Sincerely Yours
Sincerely Yours 4 months ago
One question: Shouldn't you compare CD to MQA using separate machines side-by-side rather than by way of your defective MQA track so as to eliminate the possibility that you're actually listening to "compressed" audio and not true "CD" audio when the MQA track cuts out?
Sincerely Yours
Sincerely Yours 4 months ago
So, do I spend $10,000+ for a new flash-in-the-pan super-duper hi-fi format to see what I've been "missing" or do I continue to satisfy my old ears with the formats they grew up with, namely CDs and vinyl? After they removed the pops and hisses from vinyl I lost the ability to tell the difference, so it's a no-brainer for me, but thanks for the review.
Just Imagine
Just Imagine 4 months ago
What about DVD audio or Blu Ray Audio? Like an 8k tv, at some point... what is the point. Spending a couple of hours getting set up to get a 3% increase in audio quality... meh. I will say, CD's DO sound better than youtube audio and you really can hear the richness going back to plain CD's vs. MP3 players etc. And, I can own it forever rather than cloud music which can (and does) disappear when the server goes down or the internet goes off.
T C 4 months ago
Hi, Techmoan, Hope this comment will get your attention. I have a 2010 U.S. version of Acura TSX. I think it's called Honda Accord in some part of Europe. The car comes with a 6-disc changer which is capable of playing DVD-Audio disc. I managed to burn a handful of DVD-Audio discs with tools that I can find on the web and play them in the car. Are you interested in making a video on this rare or nearly dead format but with ubiquitous players that is mechanically and electronically capable of playing HD music with it?
Stefan Weilhartner
Stefan Weilhartner 4 months ago
192kHz/24bit Flac on a data CD sould be good enough
Jc Denton
Jc Denton 4 months ago
They just do overcomplicated things to achieve similar results with WavPack - 1 main stream (that can be played by standart players) and a 2nd correction stream to achieve better quality, both packed in one file. WavPack uses 2 files for that and completely lossless while MQA is still lossy. Edit: as it turns out, not only WavPack can do it, but several others too, including HD-AAC: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/eb/Mpeg4sls.svg , all without buzzwords like "Music Origami".
Rune Pedersen
Rune Pedersen 4 months ago
Still sounds like: "Maybe get a pistol on your little finger" at 14:25 😂
Louis Carliner
Louis Carliner 4 months ago
I found the typical CD’s to sound congested shallow and shrill on its rendition of the choral movement of Beethoven 9th symphony.
Halid Islamovič
Halid Islamovič 4 months ago
I prefer ripping mp3s from youtube and record via aux onto a cheap cassette in my $8 shoebox cassette recorder, then listen to it while driving my shitbox 1993 Cavalier with factory speakers and tapedeck to work
doctorwatson1000 4 months ago
you cannot have a one that sounds better than any other one or a zero that sounds better than any other zero
Langam 4 months ago
To word it simply: There's physically not much more "quality" one could put on a CD than the normal 44.1khz/16bit. There's videos all about it on US-first, explained easily enough for even children and audiophiles to understand it. I'll just stay at non-phyiscal digital media as it's literally just the same thing without the clumsy plastic disc. And it allows me to have thousands of songs without wasting a single shelf!
Paul Henner
Paul Henner 4 months ago
I have looked into MQA CDs...………….and carried out A-B comparisons. Its NOT snake oil as some comments on here appear to suggest. MQA sound about the same as SACDs Off course MQA's are only two channel whereas SACD can be multi channel. However many audiophiles prefer two channel stereo as I do specially on classical music. Oh and please don't go on about them being louder...…….use your ears !
Thomas Dix
Thomas Dix 4 months ago
Dolby Digital is where should be aiming if we’re going past CD. What a waste of opportunity!