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Marty brings in a record haul; Margaret's extreme flight training leaves her out in the cold; Tom puts his master craftsmen skills to work; and Jake chases his next meal, in Season 7, Episode 6, "When the Going is Good." #MountainMen
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Winter is loosening its grip on the mountains of North America. But that doesn’t mean life here is getting any easier. As the thaw begins and rivers start to swell with raging runoff, new opportunities open up for the mountain men to stockpile supplies, grow their own food and fortify their homesteads. But this spring… They’re digging deep like never before. The mountain men and their families are masters of independence and living off the land. But even they are preparing for a changing world- one where the ultimate test may be who can brace for the worst in America’s wilderness.
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Feb 16, 2021




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HISTORY 24 days ago
Watch all new episodes of Mountain Men, Thursdays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at history.com/schedule.
sandyc6569 14 days ago
pitchfork peasant
pitchfork peasant 15 days ago
The female pilot is hot! Shame shes married☹️
CowGoes Moo
CowGoes Moo 13 days ago
Lol she might be single now, since these are pretty old episodes.
dukeofthedance 15 days ago
can anyone explain the reason for the tattoos under the girls eye and the other dude with weird 'dot' tattoos that makes him look like he's been wearing safety glasses permanently what does it mean. is it the classic body art stating; 'im native north american yay' even though genetically you're not and are as european as it gets do they think they're native americans with 1/164th percent blood. i honestly dont get it
Donnie Dickerson
Donnie Dickerson 17 days ago
Marty And Tom Are The Ones Who Could Teach Incredible Lessons , How Many I'd Like To know The Numbers Of How Many Watch And Fantasize About Wilderness Lifestyle , If I Had ToBet Good Money I'd Dare Bet The Number Would Be Extremely High For Those Wanting A Self Sustainable, Indepedent Life , It Something That So Many Dream About, Marty Has The Skills Of The Trappers In Frontier Era America ,Tom What Can ya Say Except Excellent , A Wealth of Skills And Knowledge That Has Been Lost In Time ,
Alan Senecal
Alan Senecal 17 days ago
Tom always makes me wish that in my late 20s I'd stuck with working with leather and hides. I do have a son that became quite good at tanning, making things from the hides and making bows and arrows. Still hunting though and love the backwoods life.
Milwaukee Tweed
Milwaukee Tweed 14 days ago
Tom didnt get into it himself until he was older. Never too late.
Pete Provvedi
Pete Provvedi 18 days ago
History channel is a lie pusher, why would we watch anything they produce?
Angela 18 days ago
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Dave Vann
Dave Vann 18 days ago
Marty's trap was a big double longspring , it may by good enough for a Beaver on a drowning line. He should have set a MB-550 with offset jaws with a short chain, double swivels with a shock spring with the trap attached to a t-bone cable stake . Never go on the cheap on Wolverine sets.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 18 days ago
Wonder if PETA is watching
holy roller
holy roller 18 days ago
Maggie Margaret O'Connell? Northern Exposure?
David Vincent
David Vincent 18 days ago
This show (and all 'reality shows') are total trash. The same kind of people who think that 'entertainment wrestling' is real (sports) wrestling are the same type of people who think that 'reality shows' are for real. In 'reality shows' a writer sits down and types out a script, the script is given to the actors, they memorize their lines and a director is on set to get the actors to say their lines a certain way. Please don't believe this show. Don't let the HC profit from ignorance.
Yomoni Yasha
Yomoni Yasha 18 days ago
pitchfork peasant
pitchfork peasant 15 days ago
Vegetables dont grow in winter. Good thing the climate is warming
Wizard Wilson 36
Wizard Wilson 36 18 days ago
I love these shows, it’s always entertaining to watch after a long day at work. I come home, kick back and vibe with a bud light 🍺 and let the history channel sing me to sleep 😴
curtis m
curtis m 18 days ago
That pilot is putting the moves on ole boy whose name I'll never remember's lady 😳. Remember: Alaska = A lot of men, very little women. 😂
Donnie Dickerson
Donnie Dickerson 17 days ago
Lol He's Probably wishing she'd go down on the lake LoL 😂😂😂
Damian Will
Damian Will 18 days ago
He said theres no one out here to help me if I slip and fall bruhhh there's literally a camera man right there recording u 😂
Ebay Addicts
Ebay Addicts 18 days ago
Nice work ✨🎆🌠
Terry Scalf
Terry Scalf 18 days ago
Out of sequence scenes! First snowmobile scene it has a perfect windshield. Next time it has a broken windshield and finally it has grown a new one! I want a machine like that lol 😄
Gabe M
Gabe M 19 days ago
Mature muley? You can have it ...🤮
Leighton Christenson
If you look at 15:20 you see martys snowmobile has a tall windshield then you look at it on the next clip a second later and it has a short one then a tall one in the next clip later
curtis m
curtis m 19 days ago
Mountain Men: Only Marty and Tom are legit. Everybody else is wants to be them when they grow up in 40 years.
curtis m
curtis m 18 days ago
@c_Bo 528 haters gonna hate
c_Bo 528
c_Bo 528 18 days ago
O yeah,tom can hike like jake lmao.FALSE
john mcmanus
john mcmanus 18 days ago
idk Eustace is 59 years old...also the whole show is predicated on the book "The Last American Man" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Which is based on the life of Eustace Conway...but yes I am also a huge fan of Tom and Marty. Im just saying you should include Eustace amongst your original statement as also being legit. 😉
Damian Will
Damian Will 18 days ago
Exactly those are my favorite two
curtis m
curtis m 19 days ago
Talked about a door before a door flew open...😑. Dear Discovery: We're impressed enough, stop adding BS.
Cold Bison
Cold Bison 19 days ago
This channel sucks so bad. The ads are for the Gaia network lol
Funny City
Funny City 19 days ago
love the show,, thanks 👍
MrBakedDaily 19 days ago
Who else lives in the same Neiborhood as these guys?
Hick Billy
Hick Billy 18 days ago
I do. Not dumb enough to get filmed doin it though. 65 yrs in the mountains. This show is a disgrace.
White Demon
White Demon 19 days ago
So where is Margrets Mann ?
Alvin Curry
Alvin Curry 19 days ago
Wondering if this is a rerun, remembering Marty replaced the yellow snowmobile because the engine broke and he bought a new one..
LSJ Chavez
LSJ Chavez 18 days ago
Fixed it
Alonso Garcia
Alonso Garcia 19 days ago
Its not a rerun this time it was the belt...
Royan Hussey
Royan Hussey 19 days ago
Good looking out
Isaac Cooper
Isaac Cooper 19 days ago
I love this show!
HISTORY 17 days ago
Hi Isaac! Thanks for being a #MountainMen fan! Check out more from Mountain Men here - bit.ly/3k0hj2B - and subscribe for updates from Mountain Men and other History shows.
Angela 18 days ago
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Angela 18 days ago
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Betty Morgan
Betty Morgan 19 days ago
great show
HISTORY 17 days ago
Hi Betty! Thanks for watching #MountainMen on US-first! Check out more great Mountain Men clips here: bit.ly/37qacvs
Joshua Walton
Joshua Walton 19 days ago
Strapping a deer head to you back is asking to get shot🤷‍♂️.
pitchfork peasant
pitchfork peasant 15 days ago
Unless youre on a snowmobile at the time🤣🤣😶
Joshua Walton
Joshua Walton 19 days ago
@KEJ Adventures your case is rested on lies 😂🤣
Joshua Walton
Joshua Walton 19 days ago
@KEJ Adventures dude wtf. I made one comment and you replied.
KEJ Adventures
KEJ Adventures 19 days ago
@Joshua Walton so you just picked through that comment and only answered the one thing you knew how to answer huh? I rest my case.
Joshua Walton
Joshua Walton 19 days ago
@KEJ AdventuresI’m sure he doesn’t. He’s a paid actor with rides readily available and a full film crew with all essential necessities along with medical equipment on site.
Ethan Nolan
Ethan Nolan 19 days ago
Y’all need to make and post more woodsman videos
Kevin Clayton
Kevin Clayton 19 days ago
This is what being human is all about.
Not so average Joe Outdoors
Awesome show
HISTORY 17 days ago
Hi! Thanks for being a #MountainMen fan! You can see more Mountain Men clips here - bit.ly/3qyR7yC - and subscribe so you never miss a new clip!
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 19 days ago
Love it
HISTORY 17 days ago
HI Hunter! Thanks for watching #MountainMen on US-first! Check out more great Mountain Men clips here: bit.ly/3u4YUq5