Motorboatin' Son Of A Bi**h - Check out the new boat S6:E20 

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I give you a tour of the new boat. Its a 1997 Hatteras 52 custom converted to 60ft LOA.
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Feb 19, 2021




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Paul Smith
Paul Smith 37 minutes ago
Dang... at 17 gallons an hour... doing a 240 mile passage will run over $1600 bucks in fuel assuming around $3 a gallon... Guessing the channel will soon be called Mooring Doodle.
R H 13 hours ago
Awesome. I'm curious of your ultimate opinion of motor yachting and can't wait to see underway videos.
Capt Larry Kaminski
Capt Larry Kaminski 17 hours ago
Damn, Bobby caught this one out of sequence. You have done a amazing job as far as knowledge of a power vessel plus smart and talented to do your own work. I am a retired NFL player who wears your style glasses for sun plus my regular glasses. Just saying..
uyngane 21 hour ago
Its funny. I like the boat but, everything about it is awkward and contrived. From the fact that it has two anchors rigged and ready, on undersized chain, to the "adventurous" dingy setup, this boat has serious limits to its usage. He's getting a new anchor, already replaced the fridge (through the window!) That fuel tank better be big to supply those engines and generators. Not too sure about that bigscreen TV though. Backup camera might be a big help. It hate to operate a vessel wheel without some steering, but if you're really good at handling a boat, this system should work! Big deal about the glasses. I wondered about them. But hey, what do I know. He'll be looking forward to his next sail. That's all I got to say about that.
tony midkiff
tony midkiff Day ago
Hey Bobby when you’re out at sea do you ever do any fishing? I bet you would enjoy some fresh fish.
david aharon
david aharon Day ago
Hi I'm looking for cheoy Lee ketch 45 to 53 project is okay to if you know any please let me know thanks 👍🙏....
Randy Hale
Randy Hale Day ago
I’m glad you’re doing this!! I am interested in both sides 😎
Stephen Slaton
Stephen Slaton 2 days ago
I'd fire your mechanic. Who leaves the oil cap off? Is he a rookie? :)
Claudio Pagan
Claudio Pagan 2 days ago
I'm a long-time sailor myself, but that is one cool boat, and wish you good luck with it. I never will understand why people bother to make negative comments, I suppose it's mainly jealousy...oh well! I like the fact that you keep wearing white sunglasses mainly to annoy the people that don't like them. I have a pair similar to yours only clear and I wear them for the same reason.
daniel bissett
daniel bissett 2 days ago
Well, it's different, I always thought you were a sailing dude, it's a shame as I know you love sailing, the videos are proof of that, active minds need active transport! Still good luck with your new project.
Rick McKnight
Rick McKnight 2 days ago
Beautiful boat...... check out SSL Rick Moore for his solar set up with lithium batteries, looks very capable..... fare seas....
Kenneth Doucette
Kenneth Doucette 2 days ago
Dude, people knocking the white sunglasses for real? Tough crowd. Do you explain anywhere why you chose to move from a sailboat to a motor boat?
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 2 days ago
Enjoy Bobby....I'm sure you needed a break and some time to enjoy the easier side of cruising the deep blue.
Ron Battiston
Ron Battiston 3 days ago
Bobby that is a fantastic video. At age 72 I have owned lots of boats the biggest being a 42 foot sailboat that I lived on before buying a house. You clearly are intelligent and experienced and it sure is nice to see you share this lifestyle with the public. In my days we simply did not have US-first available to share this info. Instead we attended yacht clubs and listened to people tell us about their experiences. Now we can just visit fellow sailors online. Yikes! Thanks!
Tony Koester
Tony Koester 3 days ago
Well, I at long last, becoming bored with you
tophat34653 4 days ago
Amazing ..... once the rag bagger has enough money for diesel..... they convert to a big power boat,,,, why because you don't sit for days on an angle listing from one side to the other..... you can watch tv without the spray in your face and can actually have a party for 15 or more people on board...a big bed that can hold 3 comfortably.. Bobby sold out ..... welcome to the real world of boating..... now you don't have to scream at the crew to tack, let out the lines and crank on the winches. You will miss having a sail in your vision at all times The cold beer cooler won't be sliding away from you when you wish for a beer.... The sound a sail boat makes is when it goes put put put when the wind leaves you stranded or when you need to dock up,,, So is a sail boat really a motor boat that hides under the sails? ?????
Captain Jimbowill1
Like like like!!!!!!
Bayard Taylor
Bayard Taylor 4 days ago
Wow now I know where all the money comes from 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Bobby. Makes 28 k a month and 336k. A year for his videos When I saw how much money he was spending on the Hatteras. I did some research, that’s 3. Times more what he was making as a pilot. Dammmmmmm son
Alex Mikhael
Alex Mikhael 4 days ago
did you check the fuel economy the RANGE at ''best cruze'' ???? how far can you go on that 1300 gal??
target Estimating Services
Bob am going trying make go at living aboard and watch lot people doing lot years ,ON bugs problem anything You buy that Box or can's that have paper glue on label or box that glue together THAT what Bugs are after ,Glue is made out animals fat and bone or corn ,,Like one person said from UK after shopping on cans remove label and wash can's off on deck outside and use marker tell what it is ,,Same if come in box that glue together take all out and put in Tupperware just remember all boxes are glued together --food to parts to dish soap
Fotoman one
Fotoman one 4 days ago
Nice boat, but I really like "Naughty Dog" Much better.
Dejan Jovanovic
Dejan Jovanovic 5 days ago
Hi, what's the approximate price of this used boat before you invest all extras to customize it for yourself?
White Cap
White Cap 5 days ago
Good luck. Don't stress. It's gonna work out fine. Your like a cat; you always land on you feet.
William Woodward
William Woodward 5 days ago
Oil cap mishap could of been a very bi cleaning bill lucky catch
Ed S.
Ed S. 6 days ago
Nice boat bobby! Look forward to more of your adventures.
John Dill
John Dill 6 days ago
Nice boat but just old enough to be a massive maintenance headache as things will continually break.
Scott Featherstone
I like the new boat, and the new girl!
I hope you changed out the coax to the radios, there is nothing like a x cross wind docking with twin screws. Very nice boat. I enjoyed the tour, Ed and Lynn sent me over. do you miss flying?
blewyd 6 days ago
We were looking to buy thst exact boat, but ended up buying another 52 in South Carolina. Even though the engines were JUST rebuilt (100 hours since) we now have to replace the port side engine because of a small crack in the block. Detroit is not looking to pay to remove or reinstall the engine, so there is lots of fighting and lawyers involved currently.
Derek Preston
Derek Preston 6 days ago
love the boat congrats!!
Sam Thacker
Sam Thacker 6 days ago
Love the white sunglasses. Where can i get a pair?
Andrew Hartig
Andrew Hartig 7 days ago
How exciting!! P.S. I can see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from my front yard!!
Dale Comer
Dale Comer 7 days ago
Nice frigg'n boat Bobby
Christopher Mooney
One idea for your stove top burners is not replace with another burner top but get a couple of portable cooktops: Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black 9100MC/BT-M20B or something similar. These are available online.
Todd L'Italien
Todd L'Italien 7 days ago
Bobby I'm back. Couldn't do the mono hull sailboat. I'm back in a big way for the Hatteras. Welcome to the dark side!
Don Peden
Don Peden 7 days ago
Love the new boat, it’s got some hattitude !
fast95yzf 7 days ago
Loving the new boat! Can't wait to see how it compares to sailing!
Charles Rainey
Charles Rainey 7 days ago
Looking forward to seeing your new adventure!
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 7 days ago
Oh yeah, oh yeah oh hell yeah you got your house back just on the water.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 7 days ago
Dude, great sled! The shades are you!!! the other people? It's called jealousy, get it, there sitting back in the office staring at four walls making the 29 grand a year dreaming listening to everybody in the office bitching and you are seeing the world,,,,,, F**k them and the horse they road in on. Now I'm going to watch the rest of video.
Arias Jewelers
Arias Jewelers 8 days ago
I think those glasses a cool and perfect for the summer time
IceLanderve 8 days ago
Can you please talk about fuel economy and planning for trips and that kind of thing?
nocoolname32 8 days ago
100% i put up with the sailboats to get the boating lifestyle vlogs but i have NO interest in ever owning one. i want a motor yacht when i retire. this is a breath of fresh air!!!
pipedreamz66 8 days ago
Hey Bobby, got a question.....I know you and I had a stroke. We both now, thank God, are back to normal, well maybe not totally but my question is this! I was told I can no longer fly single engine or SCUBA dive again. Am I missing something, such as my Doctor may be wrong??? I have watched you fly SE, non pressurized and saw you SCUBA, fess up my Brother and tell me, are you just being ballsy or should I file a flight plan to Cayman Brac for some dive time??? I miss both of these activities a bunch!
Glenn G
Glenn G 8 days ago
Beautiful boat bobby, Hatteras builds an awesome boat you will enjoy it. Where did you get those sun glasses due, I have to get me a few pairs! They look awesome. I am jealous over the bow thrusters. And welcome to the dark side, I have been a power boater since 1969, 20ft boats to 64ft boats here in the Chesapeake bay down the ice and back. Enjoy!
lam sam
lam sam 8 days ago
Perfect but Laura please comeback lol
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy 8 days ago
Ohhh this looks longterm.....so it will be Motoring Doodles
Stuart Simmons
Stuart Simmons 8 days ago
Wow. Awesome boat and this will keep the channel fresh
Ruben Denish
Ruben Denish 8 days ago
awesome sunglass bobby.. 😁
Casey Lawless
Casey Lawless 8 days ago
I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOBBY!!!! And I like the sunglasses!!!
Stephen Cross
Stephen Cross 8 days ago
Did you buy this boat that you are doing so much work on it? I thought it was a charter
Christian Bouwer
Christian Bouwer 8 days ago
Love the boat and keep the shades!
seadude4869 8 days ago
It's interesting how many suckers fell for these type of I broke my toy, please help me pay for it scam!
Frank K
Frank K 7 days ago
Amen to that!
saxonsoldier67 8 days ago
I wonder if a semi-truck APU will work to provide electricity and Cool/Heat. Those APU's run on about a liter of diesel an hour.
Paul Varrieur
Paul Varrieur 8 days ago
I like the white sunglasses
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez 8 days ago
Awesome boat!!!!!
Kefoo 8 days ago
-- Bobby, so you're creating a floating resort?
Art Corsai
Art Corsai 8 days ago
maybe you can get one of those parasail kite units to pull it along.
Brian Vanderzanden
10 to 10.5 knots at 15gph? Yuck. So for your 1300 gallons of fuel you're going less than 900 miles? That's why sailboat.
Brian Vanderzanden
Maybe look at a 4 zone mini-split AC/Heat Pump. Super efficient.
derrick clemons
derrick clemons 8 days ago
Awesome, congrats...
Brian Vanderzanden
You need a backup camera!
T Mike
T Mike 8 days ago
GREAT CHOICE, Great Change! It will go well for you. Edit: I've always thought your white sunglasses were you branding. To be effective it has to be different and memorable. Check and check. Again, great choice.
Craig Merchant
Craig Merchant 8 days ago
Awesome looking boat! Lots of horsepower. Myself, being the engineer that I am would ask if it were more fuel efficient to use one engine at time for reduced speed economy cruising? Maybe the added drag from the rudder would negate any single engine gain. It would be an interesting experiment to run :)
Gary Pylant
Gary Pylant 8 days ago
Bobby I like to advertise... Capt. Gary... Pilot inskytechnologiesllc... commmmmm
Soccer-22 8 days ago
Congrats, enjoy the new toy
D_Rock 9 days ago
I hit like for the sunglasses comment.
Marcal Souto
Marcal Souto 9 days ago
Had to unsubscribe, not into power boats, what’s next submarines?
Jeffery Nicholson
Well , looks like you got a good first mate for MOTERBOATING !!!!!
blue sky
blue sky 9 days ago
That is quite an intro. Superb. Looking forward ...
AZ DONALD 9 days ago
Soooo, how much did this beast cost???
HobbyRob 9 days ago
sorry but I am very jealous of you! beautiful surroundings nice weather Beautiful boats Not much of a Corona hassle beautiful people to work with maybe a lot of money too? Man Man Man Man .... Healthy and Friendly Greetings from the Netherlands! Rob
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 9 days ago
Pity it’s not a sailing boat , if u ever get a sailing boat again I’ll follow u again, but not while your in this, 👋
ICUSteal 9 days ago
You need to have either a special episode, or a separate channel called "Bobby's Beauties" because you always seem to be surrounded by beautiful women. God bless you!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 9 days ago
Ah,um,ah,um,ah,um. Really?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 9 days ago
Bobbie, with all that space, you may want to consider opening a brothel and casino.
Grant Peachey
Grant Peachey 9 days ago
awesome and welcome to the stinkpot world you are going to love it the only thing to hoist is the yellow flag, yes the glasses look good were can i get them
Jamie Weyndling
Jamie Weyndling 10 days ago
Bobby, I got to ask, did you get a big inheritance?😂. That boat looks expensive. Then 15 gallons an hour is about $50 an hour to get anywhere! It is going to add up! Very comfortable though.
Frank K
Frank K 9 days ago
His inheritance was people paying to watch his “disaster” video of his sailboat. He collected the money, did not fix the boat, sold it to some poor sucker and went on renting catamarans and spending over 200k for this motorboat. Wake up people, he’s hustling us!
je g
je g 10 days ago
What cost differences are you seeing?
Jill Palermo
Jill Palermo 10 days ago
Great looking boat! Great looking glasses! Great looking guy! Keep up the great work Bobby! Cant wait to watch your next adventures!🤩💞
Franklin Jackson
Franklin Jackson 10 days ago
Are you going to fill the whole thousand gallons of fuel up? Just once?
Frank K
Frank K 9 days ago
@Franklin Jackson lots of suckers out there!
Franklin Jackson
Franklin Jackson 10 days ago
Lol. He gets ten grand a month from you tube. Don't be a dick
Frank K
Frank K 10 days ago
Without his Patrons and the girls, he couldn't afford to fuel up his bicycle! LOL
FEDERICO 10 days ago
If do you want pasta go in ITALY not in the son of a bitch boat! Ciao🇮🇹⛵
Richard Olsen
Richard Olsen 10 days ago
Love the “Dark Side” especially since it and your sunglasses are white.
Ian Laurenson
Ian Laurenson 8 days ago
Tyler Benson
Tyler Benson 10 days ago
So excited to see you do some motor boating! I personally love my motor boat. (Speed boat) but wish to by a 50ft motor yacht and travel with. So this is exactly what I wish to do. Can’t wait to see what adventures come. Ps. Great choice on the boat! 👍
Richard Lubbers
Richard Lubbers 10 days ago
Just to annoy you 😄
Daniel Burke
Daniel Burke 10 days ago
Can’t wait to see your excursions in the MV Darkside.
Bojangles 10 days ago
This is much more my idea of easy living if you can afford it.
B-Rad maga
B-Rad maga 10 days ago
glasses are dope bro, F them haters
Canuk Spyder
Canuk Spyder 10 days ago
Very cool.... something different from Sailing Doodles. I retired from boating a few years ago. I can live vicariously through this.
Richard Ells
Richard Ells 10 days ago
Welcome to the dark side. First boat as an adolescent was a sunfish, then a couple of motor boats. In my 40's I rented a 23' Pearson and then finally bought a 23" Grady White. Seen both worlds and enjoy them both. Cool shades BTW!
Purple Speckled Apple Eater
Nice boat. Yacht fit for a king!
Buck Moody
Buck Moody 10 days ago
If they have any RV dealers in Puerto Rico then they may have access to the fisher peakell dishwasher they are about 18"
Bryan W. Richter
Bryan W. Richter 11 days ago
you should do boating with Stars, get some stars like Snoop and have him/her be your 1st mate for a trip to different places. REAL ality, no damn 50 cameras.
T Mike
T Mike 8 days ago
That would b hilarious and worth a few million views if he could pull it off.
SJFootballDG 11 days ago
Wow, spending crazy amounts of cash! Who are you scamming now. A real job would be so much easier
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 10 days ago
@Frank K he paid 218k I found the listing on Google in Puerto Rico
Frank K
Frank K 10 days ago
he's scamming all of the people that watch this channel and support him financially
Steve sleyo
Steve sleyo 11 days ago
How much did that boat cost$350k??? Bobby do you print your own 💵 Extremely jealous!!!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 10 days ago
@Frank K not mine ... i have never given him a dime. Never understood why someone would when they can watch this stuff for free
Frank K
Frank K 11 days ago
@Paul Johnson and he bought it with YOUR money!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 11 days ago
218k ... I found the listing online in Puerto Rico
roberto bonfili
roberto bonfili 11 days ago
Since you sold the boat, why don't you return the money they gave you to repair it?
Frank K
Frank K 11 days ago
Good luck with that LMAO
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 11 days ago
Steven Scritchfield
Love the new boat. I love sailing and renting sailboats, but I love power boating as well and I am looking forward to see what the new darkside lifestyle brings....
Courtney Gorman
Courtney Gorman 11 days ago
Cool great Idea to make a change for awhile!
All American
All American 11 days ago
Did you say DARKSIDE?...If so..couldn't be more f'd up. A power boat for seniors. Absolutely NO character! Bobby, you honestly missed the boat on this one. Now, it's even more important to have the girls on board. Without them you got nothing.
Frank K
Frank K 11 days ago
You are so right, he's nothing! Sexy women, boats, vacations and ALL on our dime! Go figure, but... Wait... He will be asking for mone money soon. Only this time, we know better 😎
chrisaanzee 11 days ago
Great, this will attract a dif kind of crew, promise not to complain about fuel consumption
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