Most Painful Experience of My Life 

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This is the greatest hot paste of All Time


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May 1, 2021




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My Name Jeff
My Name Jeff 3 hours ago
Dr. Bimgus.
Terry Pierce
Terry Pierce 4 hours ago
So apparently a dude named Hoffa Laos ate the entire can of the psycho serum and was barely fazed by definitely didn’t have as exetreme of a reaction as the people in this video which is insane to me
Filia M
Filia M 11 hours ago
Doctor What??!!
Moraduke 11 hours ago
6:32 "It was then that Charles White realized he had made a terrible mistake and was about to atone for his sins."
Some people call me Steve
I have shitted blood, so yeah, i know pain.
Baby Lui
Baby Lui Day ago
This guy would be a amazing smoke buddy 🤝😂
Xaxyll 2 days ago
Let it be known that charlie had major lung issues in highschool from what I know, points where he's had to go into surgery ASAP (Lung collapsing I believe). And this, was the most painful thing. Holy shit.
christiano costa
christiano costa 3 days ago
Man i wanna try it now, its like a life changing experience in a weird way. Were do i find it?
Cryomaniac dm
Cryomaniac dm 3 days ago
Go ahead and try the deathnuts. I snapped my arm in half and still never felt as much pain as lvl 3 on that thing. And lvl 5 has 13. Somwthing million scoville unit crystals on it
aq 3 days ago
They had it straight up they didnt even cook it. Im so scared
nikleon 3 days ago
They only could survive with the power of friendship
Marcus Rostro
Marcus Rostro 3 days ago
love your vids dude and keep creating good content : )
Gene Tilghman
Gene Tilghman 3 days ago
I have no sympathy for boneheads knowingly it's going to be hot that is probably going to kill you and do it anyway so you brought that on yourself I have no sympathy
Malxer 3 days ago
So we can confirm that Dr. Burnorium's (bernariam, burnuarem, berbleghblegh, barnarium or whatever) psycho serum is actually worse than the spiciest chilli ever known by human race. Straight up, Dr. Burnorium's psycho serum is actually just sulphuric acid.
marcedoreste 3 days ago
Nothing good can come from a guy named Burnorium
marcedoreste 3 days ago
F in the chat for any guy named Burnorium
The Real Red Rabbit
I was in a gasoline fire during high school and received substantisl burns over 85% of my body, with the rubber on my shoes melting into my feet.
Miguel D
Miguel D 3 days ago
We are all sinners and we cannot save ourselves! If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! And if we are not saved by our works, then we cannot “stay” saved by them. We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Should a person use this as a license to sin? No. Of course not. If a person uses this as a license to sin, are they still saved? Yes. Of course. If you believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins (past, present, and future), was buried and rose again on the third day, you are sealed until the day of redemption and you cannot lose your salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS.❤️
Toilet Sandwich
Toilet Sandwich 3 days ago
background noise
background noise 3 days ago
My buddy has this paste, and we put a single dab on some ramen. I love my spicy food, but I'm there with Charlie because this was the most absolute painful thing ever. I'd rather pass another kidney stone while drinking hydrochloric acid
Akshaya R
Akshaya R 3 days ago
Charlie was just silent bc he was in survival mode
MattMonk 4 days ago
This really reminds me of people I've seen take psychedelic drugs and regret it the second they kicked in, but especially exotic psychedelic drugs people thought they could handle.
azombie8mybaby 4 days ago
Reminds me of ipecac from family guy
Lit LaFete Pinball - Meme Page For Kids
where's the jolly rancher?
Christian Robles Martinez
So me and my friends are going to make burgers with Dr. Burnorium's psycho serum how much milk should i buy
Rethem mehteR
Rethem mehteR 4 days ago
It was a sauce version of the pepper spray that Ethan and Mark experienced
Bee Double U
Bee Double U 5 days ago
I've passed over 100 kidney stones .. everything from 2mm to 7mm.. yeh.. 7mm .. which is supposed to be impossible but I've passed two of them... soooooooooo
YuriIsLife 5 days ago
I think yogurt washes out the hotness of some sauce
Abiud Joseph
Abiud Joseph 5 days ago
My mouth felt like it was on fire, but the green habanero I had was nothing more than a breathe mint compared to your death sauce. Epic. Future video suggestion: Return to Burnorium; Conflagration part 2.
Shiftz 5 days ago
charlie: *mentions the ameturasu flames and how they can't be put out* naruto stans: "uM aCtUaLLy bORutO..."
815IVE !
815IVE ! 4 days ago
Boruto can Smd
mikekimcomedy 5 days ago
The like to dislike ratio is INSANE. The love shown is amazing. Wow. Great content as well of course.
Faisal Malik
Faisal Malik 5 days ago
Whole milk or cream works best
Stupid Blue Goblin
12:52 Ah, yes, the sweet relief of aponia.
Gavin Weingart
Gavin Weingart 5 days ago
What’s the worst pain y’all have been in
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 5 days ago
I saw this video of a swedish guy eating an entire jar of that stuff with a spoon and he barely flinched
LexMc0606 5 days ago
Charlie: It smells like actual fire. Meth snorters: What, first time?
Cosmic Lyrics
Cosmic Lyrics 5 days ago
It might be painful but there's something worse that they could've felt and that would've been the pain they felt the next morning if they actually swallowed those noodles
Lunch Box
Lunch Box 5 days ago
the biggest mistake of this was using SKIM instead of WHOLE milk....
savageX 6 days ago
Jesus christ suffering for 15 mins straight
Saul Silver
Saul Silver 6 days ago
What about the fucking gummy bear
Gigan05 6 days ago
Matt was screaming and running around meanwhile Charlie sitting there fighting demons
David Adams
David Adams 6 days ago
Seeing the one of the strongest guys I've seen throw up like that brings me fear as to the pain bestowed upon them.
uncle Jakob
uncle Jakob 6 days ago
I know the feeling , I had like 2 days of pain. It was awesome.....
BagOLimes 6 days ago
I love laughing at others pain
Kairan Boyd
Kairan Boyd 6 days ago
A wonderful array of snot and milk
Bushyn charge
Bushyn charge 6 days ago
Asian parents: this is nothing! Why you crying????
Sean Kelley
Sean Kelley 6 days ago
I would have considered putting it in a sauce or something lmao.
It's A Dogs Life
It's A Dogs Life 6 days ago
how did you feel when you took your next shit? Did you experience pain? LOL
Evan Lane
Evan Lane 7 days ago
Please do an OC course 😆 with the strongest OC
MechWarrior894 7 days ago
I hit my eye in the shower. In the span of five seconds, I felt my eye squish in like an olive, my eyelid fold underneath of itself and some of the most intense pain that made me scream and wail at the top of my lungs for five minutes. I would have rather been kicked in the nuts.
YBPaladin 7 days ago
If there was classical music playing this could pass as a cowchop video
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 7 days ago
Charlie: “Dr. Berndoriu- Dr. Burnium- Dr. Berdarium- Dr. Bimgus” Dr. Burnorium: “I will teach this man respect” Charlie: 6:33
Coco NUTS 7 days ago
Funny man
Tristan Halstead
Tristan Halstead 7 days ago
I like how Charlie is so used to being completely obliterated by spice that he took it better
Da fruit
Da fruit 7 days ago
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Dattebayo 12 hours ago
I do accept Jesus but not as a God but as a prophet and his actual name was isa son of Maryam (mary) And don't spam about Christianity here because many people don't belive it and others religion so your basically applying every other except Christianity is worshipping devils.
Sheldon Caudill
Sheldon Caudill 7 days ago
Matt's reaction is the best 🤣
Snowy556 7 days ago
Having had 3 million Scoville hot sauce myself, it's hard to explain to people who have never had something so spicy. It's just plain painful, but unlike other hot foods, it's on another level. It's not spicy for a matter of seconds or minutes, it's for almost an hour afterwards.
Chaddy 7 days ago
6:18 foreshadowing
JamesCrowonline 7 days ago
After losing count of how many zeros was in the Scoville scale he decided to go for it and passed through multi levels of death. I don't think I would be out on a limb saying you guys are not the brightest street lamp on the curb lmfao.
Nash Bickford
Nash Bickford 7 days ago
Man was melting but had enough brains to fucking Crack jokes
MR Moe Mob
MR Moe Mob 7 days ago
Matt's tolerance to spicy food just took a bite out of his ass. Charlie on the other hand is in soooo much pain he can't even muster up a tear.
Charlie Botterell
This seems like the kind of thing that if you take it more than once, you gain the secrets of firebending.
TACOCATS 7 days ago
I know your pain. Ive shited my pants before.
Avery White
Avery White 7 days ago
After seeing Manbun guy totally face hot ones it's a relief to see he's human lol
Ocean Redux
Ocean Redux 7 days ago
You should try plutonium-x by maddog 357, trust me, if you think that was bad, plutonium-x is fucking insanity.
I like spicy food but, this doesn’t look fun. Lol
gr8 7 days ago
i stubbed my toe and it gave me corona
Lewis Steen
Lewis Steen 7 days ago
“I can’t live without milk in my mouth.” My Brain: That’s what she said!
Billy Joe Carmack
This is the funniest shit I've ever seen
WankersCramp69 8 days ago
That will teach them to never insult the good doctor again.
Dag TheHag
Dag TheHag 8 days ago
BLINKER BOT 8 days ago
I’m not sure if u know how hot ones works the wings are covered in the sauce and the last dab is just more then usual
Anonymous 8 days ago
This camara man really likes to fucking zoom in and out constantly
Alex Schulte
Alex Schulte 8 days ago
I’m entering fight or flight mode 😂🤣😂🤣😂
yacine gannouni
yacine gannouni 8 days ago
I thought you're tall but oh shit😐
Gliched Matrix
Gliched Matrix 8 days ago
I know! Scissors on my neck! It was wonderful😊
- ZainPlays -
- ZainPlays - 8 days ago
“What do you know about pain” Well...one time I stubbed my toe
Matthew 8 days ago
Somebody should make pepper spray out of this
Fallen Engel
Fallen Engel 8 days ago
This is going in my cringe folder
T Timez
T Timez 8 days ago
Charlie: “Most painful experience of my life” Also him for most of the video: 😐😂
Doc Julien
Doc Julien 8 days ago
is it just me or they made the noodle sauce just with the toxic sludge and not add tomato or any cheeses
two grown men devolve into cavemem
Teddy Atkinson
Teddy Atkinson 8 days ago
Matt: the noodles are cold eww Matt 7 seconds later: WHY DOES THIS EXIST
Joel 8 days ago
Charlie had both an existential crisis and an out of body experience at the same time.
noname 8 days ago
Not sure if i should cry or laugh so i just do both :D :"(
Wild Man
Wild Man 8 days ago
2:34 "Dr. Bimgus" 🤣
Toby45x 8 days ago
love how charlie uses heat death od the universe as if is the hottest moment of the universe, so wholesome
DylanT 4478
DylanT 4478 8 days ago
The noodle just starts burning through the floor
Hoeishet? 8 days ago
Who the fuck calls pasta 'noodles'?
Alex Hines
Alex Hines 8 days ago
When the pasta hit the floor a piece of me died for the dog that’s gonna lick the spot it landed at
DirtaDawg420 8 days ago
“I can’t live without milk in my mouth!”
Palmer Scott
Palmer Scott 8 days ago
The funniest thing about this is I remember Charlie is lactose intolerant so he can’t (or shouldn’t) swallow the milk
It's Not a Phaze
It's Not a Phaze 8 days ago
Matt's whole face became scar tissue during this process
Sam Sizer
Sam Sizer 8 days ago
Matt's no pussy with spicy shit either, so seeing him utterly defeated was scary. I've eaten Carolina reapers and this shit scares me.
Miyew 8 days ago
Not even god himself can stand the serum
WhiteDevilGaming 8 days ago
The worst thing is, I've tried this. It was a lot less than what Charlie had tho. See, I was born with a weird condition where I don't feel heat. I mean, my body reacts to it, but I don't actually taste it. This however, was like gargling lava.
Sir Leopold II.
Sir Leopold II. 8 days ago
Got some Far Cry 5 flashbacks at 11:19
Impulse 8 days ago
schadenfreude at its finest.
Lady Wintergreen
Lady Wintergreen 8 days ago
Please don’t do this again. My anxiety is next level
AJollyWalrus 8 days ago
What was the red stuff Charlie spat out at 13:11?