Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown - Easter Eggs and New Movies Explained 

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Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021. Easter Eggs, New Movies Explained. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung and Wandavision Episode 7 ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering new Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Classic Mortal Kombat Movies reboot explained. New Story and Mortal Kombat Mythology. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung, Mortal Kombat Tournament Explained. Lui Kang, Cole Young Scorpion Theory, Mileena, Kun Lao, Original Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Jax, Kano and Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs, Finish Him, Scorpion Special Attacks, Raiden and full story.
I'll do more Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie videos and Godzilla vs Kong Trailer videos when they release more trailers!
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My Full Full Wandavision Episode 7 video coming Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episodes starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Emergency Awesome
Here's my Full Mortal Kombat Trailer video and new movies breakdown with the rebooted story. Post all your theories in the comments! Here's my new Wandavision Episode 7 Trailer video too! us-first.info/player/video/h7ePim6Tk6-benU.html
gikash 2 hours ago
The color of his hand wraps are a clue to his heritage a direct descendant of Hanzo Hasashi
Pestilence Control
Pestilence Control 6 hours ago
@Savage Hiro in 1.37-1.39 from trailer I think I see Reptile or at least some with his invicibility skill ;)
Devearl Royster 3
Devearl Royster 3 18 hours ago
Cole Young is fighting gore. U see him fighting scorpion and sub-zero
Fleezus Christ
Outland kigwahahhaahahahhahahahaha
kulplander9 2 days ago
Great breakdown! Can you do a video of each fatality and who is involved in each one?
Lenaris Hart
Lenaris Hart 7 minutes ago
OutWorld not OutLand brother
Raymond Belmont
Raymond Belmont 2 hours ago
I’m curious to know if anyone noticed that when Raidan and Liu are in game and talking to a group of gods with spiritual blue energy one looks exactly like Cetrion and the other Garas and the slight chance of another being Kronica
Take Kare
Take Kare 2 hours ago
Cole Young = Cholmel Young as in Chameleon
Zusaku 3 hours ago
Wolverine: What Kind of Monster Are You? Shingen: The Scorpion
Eko Jar
Eko Jar 3 hours ago
The ice cgi and effects looks soo good!
Chance Murray
Chance Murray 5 hours ago
When Scorpions clapping cheeks during his origin scene behind him there is a frozen woman holding something am I the only person that sees this?
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen 48 minutes ago
Nice catch just saw that lol. Maybe holding a baby 🤔
ty_ Adel
ty_ Adel 5 hours ago
should we be expecting johnny cage in this movie
ArshWood 6 hours ago
*Can't say anything about how the movie will turn out to be but but but the CGI & VFX seems like the best ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise*
Vulgarr the Viking
Vulgarr the Viking 6 hours ago
0:45 When I was a senior in high school in 1995 we had to do a 6000 word report for English class that we had from January to June to work on and it counted for 50% of our grade. So if we didn't do it we'd fail and not graduate. I was a terrible writer and knew I couldn't do it, but I was a huge Mortal Kombat fan and the original movie was coming out that summer, so I plagiarized the screenplay adapted novel and just changed the character names and the title so my teacher wouldn't catch on. I called it "Tournament of Champions".
Chamroeun Honn
Chamroeun Honn 11 hours ago
At 1:47 when it shows a beastly looking pair of legs that seems to have invisibility powers landing on a beam, can that be reptile???
Eddie's Fish
Eddie's Fish 12 hours ago
Excuse me mr that language is not appropriate some 7 year olds are watching that and they could of liked that comment and start to say it . You could could.of just said that with the F word in it I’m talking to the person ho said the word with Kano in it.
Reginald Terrell
Reginald Terrell 12 hours ago
Eddie's Fish
Eddie's Fish 12 hours ago
Flawless victory
Fluzzy 13 hours ago
Whos that at 1:37 climbing on the balk?
Joel Turner
Joel Turner 13 hours ago
You fucking beauty 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Sean Clough
Sean Clough 14 hours ago
going to be the best movie based on a video game ever
Mr. Q
Mr. Q 14 hours ago
Cung Lee should've play Kung Lao =)))) Even his name is similar LMAO
gtarman94 15 hours ago
The mortal kombat miniseries on steam was cool as hell Especially the raiden episode
Deejay Froggy
Deejay Froggy 15 hours ago
OUTWORLD ‼️‼️‼️😩😩
Jezzy 16 hours ago
1:45 of da trailer, Kabal is there
Jezzy 16 hours ago
Fighting Liu kang, you can see them swords he use
Robert -Cop-
Robert -Cop- 16 hours ago
Excited for this movie and to listen to the song yet again and will be watching it over and over on HBO max
Robert -Cop-
Robert -Cop- 16 hours ago
They showed reptile and kabal for a split second.
plague0vSOULS 17 hours ago
I always felt, with so much MK lore there is, that MK would be better off as a long-standing series/show. It would benefit and tell so much more. I wish HBO would make a legit-amazing MK show.
Pritesh Ruthun
Pritesh Ruthun 17 hours ago
big bag? lol. Sure
JoshtheOverlander 18 hours ago
At least it can't be as bad as Annihilation
kenthewiz 18 hours ago
Looks like goro is fighting Johnny cage black shorts red belt
Liam Harrison
Liam Harrison 19 hours ago
Was that smoke?
Phuskooz 20 hours ago
If you pause at 2:11, you can see their version of Reptile as Kano executes his fatality
Saif Khan
Saif Khan 20 hours ago
I was kind of hoping they were going to take more of an MK Legacy approach. Even though those short films came out 8 years ago, the origin stories on each character were so on point. The 2 part scorpion episode was awesome and broke down the situation you are addressing of him being deceived and having to face "bi-han" perfectly. I'm still really excited to see this.
Brian Bolyard
Brian Bolyard 21 hour ago
Kano is a villain and not a good guy in the 90's movie and in games. When did that change?
PatisauR 21 hour ago
wheres johnny cage?
hacker ssjred86
hacker ssjred86 21 hour ago
Why is no one asking about johnny cage ?!
P d
P d 22 hours ago
yay Kumite!
Curtis West
Curtis West 23 hours ago
I love the action and fatalities. However, there is something off about story and some characters: 1. Why is Kano fighting alongside heroes? Did he not lose his eye and part of his face to Jax? 2. How does Sonya know so much about Mortal Kombat? I think this dialogue should be coming from Raiden. 3. Where is Johnny Cage? He should be the main character along with Lui Kang. 4. I'm completely confused by Bi-Han. If you're already making him the direct enemy of Scorpion for the film, then why ALSO make him responsible for Jax losing his arms? This could have easily been Kano which would help build the backstory for the Black Dragon and the Special Forces unit. 5. If they are hyping up these tattoos, then at least give us the lore for the Elder Gods. Not just Raiden.
Jesse Randall
Jesse Randall 23 hours ago
Kabal fighting Kang @ 3.29 of trailer - if he is in it, I have hope for a lot of characters to show up.
Cameron Bumstead
Cameron Bumstead 23 hours ago
At 1:36 there's a translucent figure above looking over Sonya and someone else. Looks like Reptile will have a bigger part in the movie than they allude to in the trailer, if we assume the lizardy figure is also him at 2:10 is also him
Eddie's Fish
Eddie's Fish 23 hours ago
Ok if it’s rated r are I’m watching it violent movies are sick
Christopher Padilla
New theory: Cole Young is an undercover name for Johnny Cage after a failed movie career
Onur Karadeniz
toxic dragon
toxic dragon Day ago
The original Goro is better looking. CGI looks worst to me. To much like video game. But that’s just my opinion
Brbarnes54 Day ago
No Johnny Cage???
Robert Becerra
I remember as a kid playing mortal Kombat but I was more of a street fighter fan I seen the original mortal Kombat movies in the theaters what was it named about 25-30 years ago I'll check these out if and when they open up the theaters so we can go watch a movie again
Brenden Robert
If Cole is the same person as Takeda, that would make sense. Edit: He could be Kuai Lang too
ape0905a Day ago
Did you just say..."Outland"?
Lee Wightman
Lee Wightman Day ago
Hope subzero turns into noob sibot in the movie.how bad ass does subzero and scorpion look
I am convinced Cole is the son of Stryker
ichbinICH87 Day ago
Cole who? Cole Skywalker. 😂
KograH HD
KograH HD Day ago
I can tell already that this Shang Tsung is nowhere near as good as the original Shang Tsung! RIP
Gabriel Tamburini
I have been thinking that they should make a new MK film for the last couple of months, and... here it is, hell fucking yeah!
Tarek Said
Tarek Said Day ago
10:06 could you imagine? He rips his own face off, breathes fire from his skull, and burns his victim to death :D
Terror Bear
Terror Bear Day ago
1.36 is that reptile,thought I saw smoke too
AZUbius Day ago
The MCU comparisons feel kind of dirty. There, i said it.
Yozzy Olly
Yozzy Olly Day ago
1:26 is that one of Kitana's blades?
Justin Bena
Justin Bena Day ago
Where did they put Johnny Cage???
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz Day ago
zoey rose
zoey rose Day ago
you didn't mention smoke or reptile
Katrina Middleton
I like it (esp the gore of Jax losing his arm) and will watch it. Gotta have the techno theme music.
Bee < Bye
R O Day ago
I would think the new character is a descendant of Sub Zero since the mythology has his brother take the mantle.
azrael black
azrael black Day ago
Not trying to be an ass but i believe it’s Outworld not Outland
Anthony Gardner
And the picture that they showed the mural of the man standing over the dead dude was Johnny Cage
Anthony Gardner
Anthony Gardner
And Quan she was giving all his power by Shinnok one of the Elder gods
Anthony Gardner
Pros outworld not out land and it was Quan Chi that trick scorpion into thinking that Sub-Zero had killed his whole clan but in the actual story Quan Chi hat trick scorpion into thinking that Sub-Zero killed his wife and his son
Cold Oreo
Cold Oreo Day ago
the one who play Sub Zero is Joe Taslim dude
X o R R o W s Lara
You got cage
Skip Nimbus
Skip Nimbus Day ago
Has anyone noticed Cole doesn't talk at all, uses a lot of body expression, and the girl is explaining his "birth mark" instead of him... Dudes totally a mute.
Zamora Pakalolo
Scotty from Marketing
Wow, are we finally getting a good Mortal Kombat movie?
Ace Neto
Ace Neto Day ago
Everyone complaining about no Johnny has to relize Johnny is a corny ass char for a movie so ofc they replaced him with a more badass version hopefully anyways, I do think it’s dumb they made a new char and just through out cage. But I get why they did it. They should’ve just cut him out all together if that was their plan
Ivaan Narvaez
Young = Takeda
Goldie Day ago
I don’t know if anyone saw this but at 1:48 there is what I believe is to be Kabal. Let me know if I’m wrong.
LUIZS87 Day ago
Dat1Dude 311
Dat1Dude 311 Day ago
L.U King
L.U King Day ago
There’s a couple animated Mortal Kombat movies I remember . Those were the best!
Nish Heard
Nish Heard Day ago
Who is cole? Where is Johnny cage?
Pedro Gaytan
Pedro Gaytan Day ago
Cole young= Kuai Liang
Uğur GENÇ Day ago
mk deserves a cinematic universe, there is a lot of potential
Royal Blue
Royal Blue Day ago
Who is tha person behind sub zero when scorpion pulls him ??????
Eric R
Eric R Day ago
Kinda wish they took their time building this movie into trilogies instead of trying to stuff all these iconic characters into one 2 hour movie... build around The ninja clans, Shang , Shao khan and Gorro... the out world and even raiden ... the 2nd movie could add in kung Lao and then bring in Sonya worst character ever into the mix.
Alex Day ago
da da dada dada da dad adadada MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! LOL
kelly yirenkyi
Have being waiting for this for a longtime
Chad Knapp
Chad Knapp Day ago
Hello Mr Awesome, the thing with Cole young its the anglicized version of kuai liang, or good sun zero. Scorpion does eventually learn quan chi was responsible for his clans death and not bi han, so another thing could be he is the new subzero and scorpion is protecting him from being killed. Just a theory.
LurkerDood Day ago
Hopefully they'll have a sick ass Reptile appearance
Steven Sykes
Steven Sykes Day ago
I loved Mortal Kombat from the 90s but never played the games so my question may sound silly but im just curious. I thought Kano was a villan?
djoscartj Day ago
The character in the painting looked a lot like Baraka (without the shark teeth)
j0shimitsu Day ago
Kuai Lang = Bi Han (sub zero) younger brother Cole Young kinda a stretch that theyre kinda similar in pronunciation. i hope hes an existing character
Jose Valles
Jose Valles Day ago
“It’s a birthmark” “What do you mean?” “He was born with it” 10/10 writing
Biz boy
Biz boy Day ago
the whole idea of scorpion to me is from the animation movie.."scorpion revenge" ...it's bad-ass , so i can't wait to see how this movie will be
Juan Delavega
The MK series that was on US-first was, is and will always be the best this just more crap compared to said series..
Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey 2 days ago
When Lu Kang summoned that dragon, it looked like he was fighting against Kabal. But I could be wrong.
Valas Vega
Valas Vega 2 days ago
Nicole Lendman
Nicole Lendman 2 days ago
I am iffy on this reboot. its already looking weak. I guess time will tell!
Static 2 days ago
What If cole gets possessed by scorpion
Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon 2 days ago
Looks so AMAZING!!!!! I've always beena huge Mortal Kombat. This looks like it has tremendous potential for a trilogy or more.
YOUENnaMEGAMI 2 days ago
Beautiful JAV ladies💋javfv.com♥️♥️
2 days ago
I wanna see Baraka
Oksigen Oksigen
Oksigen Oksigen 2 days ago
My name's MORTAAAALLLLL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT GET OVER HERE my favourite Scorpion 🦂😍🤟 Love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🌟
Matty M
Matty M 2 days ago
i honestly thought Cole was going to be the other Sub zero. 😅