"Mortal Kombat" (2021) Official Red Band Trailer REACTION!!! 

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In today's Episode of Dwayne N Jazz we react to Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer and we are so HYPE for this movie to come out! This looks so much better than the previous movie made back in the day, and Subzero looks so cold!!!!!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne N Jazz 6 days ago
Mariano 2 hours ago
This will be better than Mortal Kombat Annihilation!
King Shinobi
King Shinobi 7 hours ago
React to acevane
Xaz Z
Xaz Z 7 hours ago
What about scorpy what about my boy tell me he looks fire literally 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Meelo _
Meelo _ 9 hours ago
That was funny
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Day ago
NFL Bob Hour ago
I think Sub Zero did that in Injustice 2 as well
david martinez
I've been waiting for this reaction
Yo Goose
Yo Goose 4 hours ago
Im glad it didnt turn up to be like dragon ball 😂
KI /\/ G
KI /\/ G 7 hours ago
It’s coming out on my birthday LETS GO!
Meelo _
Meelo _ 9 hours ago
My boy go beat subzero GET OVER HERE!!!!!
Jax 10 hours ago
Eyey u said jax 👀
car Adventures
car Adventures 11 hours ago
2years ago I was hoping they gave mortal kombat another big screen chance I can now say I'm blessed they did.
Eli Lowry
Eli Lowry 12 hours ago
Jeffy TikTok plz
Real Nigga
Real Nigga 12 hours ago
can you guys react to Gordon Ramsay cursing at kids on master chef compliation
ᴀʏᴀᴍᴇ 16 hours ago
This year is starting off goooood
Autumnleaves 16 hours ago
Hello, Dwayne & Jazz! I am a mom and in my 40's but I love watching you guys especially when you guys are dancing along to reggie couz concert choir videos...🤣 You guys are both very talented and great dancers, you have soul.😂😁 I hope to see more videos of you guys dancing to the music because you guys look like you are having so much fun and enjoying life which encourages me to hip hop dance! Thank you both! God bless you both. Take care & be safe. 💖
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 19 hours ago
Y’all should catch up to Boruto it’s getting pretty good.
Cheezeblade 20 hours ago
Again, this is probably the inferno scorpion storyline, which would revolve around the time of the second mortal kombat involving these characters. Where scorpion and sub zero already have a history, and scorpion comes back from neatherrealm at the price of a soul of his descendant, most likely the main character. Scorpion finding out that sub zero is still alive and asklng him who he is since he knows sub zero is dead, but this being old sub zeros younger brother just recognizes himself as the new sub zero. As bi han the original sub zero becomes noob saibot. More likely an enlightened and at peace scorpion who already knows that sub zeros clan didnt kill his family and quan chi is already dead and toruted in neatherrealm possibly trying to escape using the new character cole as a vessel. Mostly im hoping this isnt a completely re done origin story we all already know these characters we dont need to batmans parents everything.
Ducklett Duckling
Ducklett Duckling 22 hours ago
React to luigis ballad PLZ dwayne n jazz
Reuben Pixels
Reuben Pixels 22 hours ago
Dwayne n jazz can you react to luigi's ballad
Ducklett Duckling
Ducklett Duckling 22 hours ago
Yeah can you guys react to that
Braeden Sinner
Braeden Sinner 23 hours ago
I still can't believe yall broken up like do yall still watch marvel together?
Jio Bruh
Jio Bruh Day ago
Bruh they have 2 mil subscribers and they barely get any views what’s going on
JayyRosai 23 hours ago
Kisenon Day ago
Yoo I like it but where is Johnny cage at?
Joel Portillo
Can y’all react to super bowser logan
Moysita03 Day ago
Who thinks Dwayne and jasmine should react to Dhar Mann videos
N!YAH Day ago
Waiiiiit a min...y’all look cool today😎y’all matchin and stuff. And jazzy’s hair💛☺️
Carmello Roundtree
And Toonzies he’s good too
Malakai Keahey
have you guys ever considered watching the newest episode of cartoon beatbox battles, you should see that some time;)
Juiceman Day ago
Ughhhh Jazz is my dream girl 😍
XxTayTayxX Day ago
I heard you guys broke up is that true?
Zayden Stephens
Zayden Stephens 11 hours ago
Bro you late
Can you please react to SML Stuck pls :(
Kryptik Chaos434
Please react to Cartoon Beatbox Battles Ep 13 Pennywise Vs Patrick. Its FIRE
Sunny Shine45
explaining how tampons work to boyfriend & seeing his reaction
Benjamin Montenegro
Bro I can’t stop laughing at y’all’s reaction when sub zero used scorpions blood as a ice knife
Hayden Berends
"I. Am . . . Sub-Zero." Chills 🥶🥶 (pun absolutely intended)
RUGRAT Xza 2 Day ago
aye im a returning subscriber mane
Stephe'n Lyles
Anyone else mad there is no Johnny Cage
Tiffany Foleyyy
Could y’all please react to Terrifier trailer
Christopher Chiles
React to Dhar Mann
Jayg Yang
Jayg Yang Day ago
Wait where's my main noob where is he??????(
Austin Hill
Austin Hill Day ago
when yall gonna react to sml again?
Julius Lopez
Julius Lopez Day ago
This Movie looks wack
Lil Reiko Gold
Get over here
Derrick Reid
Derrick Reid Day ago
you should watch eren vs levi vr
Kasani Adams
Kasani Adams Day ago
bro you can tell jazz has more reaction energy than dwayne
Hey love your videos❤️❤️ can you react to the trailer of Cruella? Emma stone is starring and it looks AMAZINGGGG
Carmello Roundtree
Has Dwayne and jazz ever heard or watch Acevane cause he has to be the one of the funniest guys I have ever seen.
XTX Gaming
XTX Gaming Day ago
Dwayne and Jazz...Bobby Shmurda Finally Free💯😁✊🏾
Kiara Varnado
yeah never gets old
The person who makes bad content
Dwayne and jazz:the first movie was so bad Mortal Kombat fans:and we took that personally
North Blue Havillon
I want to thank Warner Bros. for releasing this movie on my birthday
Big PP Energy
I need that Jazz bounce back 😂😂
Bruh, What is That
Listen if there's no subzero in any mortal kombat movie or game I'm not watching it or playing it. Jk but I will still be mad
Kauxyz Day ago
That shi looks🔥
Jay0705 SM
Jay0705 SM 2 days ago
Love your videos I’ll let you videos when you react to death Battle
Jay0705 SM
Jay0705 SM 2 days ago
All day every day
Jay0705 SM
Jay0705 SM 2 days ago
Just 🔥
Kaiden Bailey
Kaiden Bailey 2 days ago
are they back together.
Nicole D.
Nicole D. 2 days ago
Did you guys know there making The Last Of Us but as a tv show?
ThunderKatz 2 days ago
Y’all heard the nine tails died
Aang Supriyatin
Aang Supriyatin 2 days ago
Can't wait!
TheIdioticGamer 2 days ago
Anybody else notice she is also wearing lipstick
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 2 days ago
You think you could finish a slap on titan
Bryson Whitmire
Bryson Whitmire 2 days ago
Watch Goku and vegeta
Cristhian Corrales
AWC OFFICIAL 2 days ago
Miles vs rhino by gamer boys
AWC OFFICIAL 2 days ago
Jazz Dwayne watch this video called miles vsel
Christian McKinney
I still can’t believe they made a move after mortal compact
CMS Gaming
CMS Gaming 2 days ago
I’m sitting on the toilet when Dwayne screaming mortal kombat...
David -A
David -A 2 days ago
Could you guys react to willys wonderland?
Arlene Betonio
Arlene Betonio 2 days ago
New cartoon beatbox battles episode is out
Aokami The Legend
I love jasmines new look
super- boi
super- boi 2 days ago
React to sbl movie jeffy's tiktok
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 2 days ago
Did anyone not recognize the grab with Subzero, and his ICE WALL FROM MK11??!?!!!!
Codyx 2 days ago
Kevin Vodnansky
Kevin Vodnansky 2 days ago
React to pennywise vs patrick
Robbie White
Robbie White 2 days ago
Can you please talk about the 7th episode of Wandavision???? It was so big
Zayden Stephens
Zayden Stephens 11 hours ago
Fax, where are they? I need the commentary
M0VIE N1NJA 2 days ago
I'm gonna watch this for two reasons : Scorpion and Sub Zero. Hiroyuki Sanada vs Joe Taslim is going to be epic
broofihuntombiez 2 days ago
T- Agony
T- Agony 2 days ago
Yo are they broken up but still doing videos
Carl Nicholas
Carl Nicholas 2 days ago
What if y’all react to one of corykenshin gaming videos
Chronicle MV
Chronicle MV 2 days ago
Technically, you can do a movie reaction. Just show footage of your faces and not the movie clips. Like a blind reaction but in reverse.
Malialutu Alofi
Malialutu Alofi 2 days ago
Pls react to Bro town PLSSSSS. It's very weird but also hilarious
Aftab A
Aftab A 2 days ago
Are they still broken up
Neostar Productions
Wait, they are actually including Kung Lao in this movie? 😳
JackProGaming 2 days ago
April 16th!? That’s literally on my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me cause I know what I’m watching, Woohoo! 🥳🙌
Yung Nash
Yung Nash 2 days ago
Miss you guys no lie
Brian Massey
Brian Massey 2 days ago
Subzero froze scorpion's blood into a dagger is the TRUE MEANING OF turning your blood against you
Stanley Wade
Stanley Wade 2 days ago
No Johnny cage tho!!!
Colin Sikes
Colin Sikes 3 days ago
If y’all break up I know love is dead ☠️
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 days ago
Plz react to Sml movie bowser junior US-first channel!
Kyle Ledezma
Kyle Ledezma 3 days ago
That’s Jax he loses his arms to everyone
Sherm TW
Sherm TW 3 days ago
2016 JAZZ 2016 JAZZ
izuru kamukura
izuru kamukura 3 days ago
Jazz wearing a hat
Alex Harper
Alex Harper 3 days ago
Can you please react to "You buy a goth GF at I hop"
Filippos Shkodrani
Why dont they do a reaction to tom and jerry the movie trailer
Israel Yarbrough
Israel Yarbrough 3 days ago
I love ur guys vids
Dayna Fonseca
Dayna Fonseca 3 days ago
did you react to pennywise vs patrick cartoon beatbox battles and hi
Taijo Hatsumoto
Taijo Hatsumoto 3 days ago
Fun fact: Dwayne N Jazz's Outro song is called "Will Hunt - Heart Attack"
sairy games
sairy games 3 days ago
Do Jeff's tiktok
THDD D 3 days ago
That sub zero move with that blood was clean
saborsord deals
saborsord deals 3 days ago
I might gone ahead and unsubscribe because there’s no Jeff’s video, sorry Dwayne and jasmine. I still like the other videos but it’s just sml keep posting funny vids
Porkq 3 days ago
saborsord deals
saborsord deals 3 days ago