MORTAL KOMBAT - TRAILER REACTION!! (Red Band | Breakdown | Sub-Zero Vs Scorpion | 2021) 

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GET OVER HERE & Watch our Reaction / Review to the Restricted Trailer for Mortal Kombat! Giving us a great glimpse into Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Raiden, Sonya Blade, Jax, Kano, and MORE!
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Feb 18, 2021




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The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 7 days ago
I think I pronounced "Kunai" wrong BUT WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THIS FRIGGIN' TRAILER?!?! - SMASH THAT *LIKE* & *SUBSCRIBE* BUTTON!! us-first.info
Fisher Sullivan
Fisher Sullivan 9 hours ago
@Deshawn Keith Wow! It took like 15 mins but it worked!
Deshawn Keith
Deshawn Keith 9 hours ago
not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Find it on google :D
Kon Solo
Kon Solo Day ago
Love y’all reactions
Mark D
Mark D 5 days ago
It cant be worse than annihilation. Im just glad they didnt Lu Kang us to death. Seems the storyline will revolve around others as well, kole young, sub zero, scorpion, ...
Hasena Ali
Hasena Ali 6 days ago
Did you guys notice the remix of the theme song?
Aaron 9 hours ago
Hopefully a good reboot of tekken and street fighter can be done now too
Markus Walker
Markus Walker 11 hours ago
“Perhaps a Mortal Kombat Cinematic Universe” Greg just created the MKCU
Prkwon 13 hours ago
Wish they could do the same thing for Street Fighter....if they ever make one...
agus tian
agus tian 17 hours ago
Shaik Shafaaq
Shaik Shafaaq 19 hours ago
I love how Sub Zero looks at the gun.
DrSarac Day ago
'thats a birth mark' and 'he is born with it' are probably not from a same scene... but people does not realize that haha.
antonio godinho
Wrong.... Cole Young = Kuai Liang...
Budzbrazy Day ago
The movie looks soo good, amazing reaction, soo looking forward to the film now
Dalton Cutrer
I don’t think that’s reptile getting his heart torn out prolly just one of his race he isn’t wearing cloths so prolly just a random dude
Rafi mehdi
Rafi mehdi Day ago
This movie.....it has to be good...it must....it will be🔥🔥🔥
Santo Gusti
Santo Gusti Day ago
Sub Zero from Tge Night Comes For Us and The Raid Redemption
Let's Talk About
Yeah I feel like Cole is 100% Scorpions son. Maybe he hid Cole away while the Lin Kuei attacked the village
Ariel Obadyah
Ariel Obadyah 2 days ago
I have a theory that Cole Young if you pronounce his name quite similar with Kuai Liang, the brother of Bi Han. According to MK2, Scorpion decided to be the guardian for Kuai Liang because he saw that Kuai Liang was a different Sub Zero than Bi Han.
Just [DIO] with a Mustache • 100 years ago
Sub 0 : "I'm Sub Zero" Scorpion : "I'm Vengeance"
Zork1915 2 days ago
I think Cole Young may very well be Kuai Liang, sounds awfully similar. He sure as hell has a connection to Scorpion or Sub-zero at least based on the trailer and that flashback he has in the mirror.
Adin Icic
Adin Icic 2 days ago
Noob Saibot are gonna be proud finally that they did their creation justice.
Fyrecide 2 days ago
Who says “ry-din”? 😂 His name is “Raiden”, like “ray-den”. You don’t say “raid” like “ride” 😅
Homeboy Reacts
Homeboy Reacts 2 days ago
their like ride inn or raylenn lol.
hideki tojo banzai tojo
hello im from indonesia.
Chino Sparks
Chino Sparks 2 days ago
That "I AM SUB ZERO" gave me chills!!!! Frekin dead eyes man... Lol that dude will DEFINITELY freeze your arms and break them off 🤣
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson 2 days ago
My guess is Cole is really Quan Chi just disguised as someone named Cole and manipulating Scorpion.
deatheater356 2 days ago
I’m betting on Cole young being Takeda or a similar Shirai Ryu character. Given all the yellow, he’s there with scorpion in the subzero fight, and it looks like he’s the one fighting Goro in that scene and he’s got very similar costuming as Takeda Just a theory
DELILAH 25 2 days ago
Sub Zero is the new Kano
angel 3 days ago
I could be wrong here but if you pause this video 8:47 the other fighter Liu Kang is fighting might be Kabal. Only because those look alot like his iconic hook swords
Xibbas 3 days ago
Possible spoilers: Cole young might become Sub Zero once Bi-Han sub zero dies.
Dalton Cutrer
I think noob saibot is in the movie so that makes since
Yoda _
Yoda _ 3 days ago
My dudes, can you do a reaction to the ‘95 MK trailer?
Christopher Chuauhang
Ummm who is Rhyden? It's Lord RAY-DEN
Prime 3 days ago
I don't even think Cole will be the "main" character. I feel like the movie won't have a traditional main character but he will be our lens through which we get acquainted with this rendition of outworld. Plus his identity serves as part mystery for the viewers and also serves the plot. He is definitely tied to Sub Zero and Scorpion. Maybe he is related to Scorpion but was kidnapped by the Lin Kuei? Either way I'm here for it as long as I don't hate his character haha.
darren carlson
darren carlson 3 days ago
i like the get over here,,,alot of bass and growl
Terry Fleming
Terry Fleming 3 days ago
I think cole becomes the good sub zero because scorpion becomes evil in order to defeat sub zero. In other words balance.
ttban1988 3 days ago
I hope they make mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 the whole univers!
Video game lover 2006
I think Cole is Johnny cage
Mauricio CG
Mauricio CG 3 days ago
“You fkn beauty”
Aevoa 3 days ago
As for me, the new Mortal Kombat is good! The graphics are great! The action is cool! The only one who could stop the old heroes! ))
PoeticBoii 3 days ago
No one noticed Kabal in that liu kang fire dragon scene
Allen Warden
Allen Warden 3 days ago
Cole is actually Kuai Liang, the younger brother of Sub-Zero, who is featured heavily in this trailer. In Mortal Kombat lore, there are two Sub-Zeros, the villain Bi-Han and the hero Kuai Liang. After Bi-Han dies in the first game, Kuai Liang takes his place. Because if go look at the cast it said joe taslim is playing Sub-Zero , noob saibot
Night Rider
Night Rider 3 days ago
How about a bit of volume, your voices are 30 times louder than the video
James Smyth
James Smyth 3 days ago
It looks like the ultimate fan film, and as long it remains fun and not over complicated it will work
Roland Mendoza
Roland Mendoza 3 days ago
cole young....johnny cage
Michael Vendick
Michael Vendick 3 days ago
I think Kano will turn on them towards the end cause they show Kano shooting his eye laser at Kun Lao. Also I've read that Johnny Cage does make an appearance in this movie
Stubbywan Kenobi
Stubbywan Kenobi 3 days ago
Cole is Cyrax and his sister becomes Sektor both members of Lin Kuei dissidents of Sub Zero but I think they switch it and make them dissidents of Scorpion
Spooligan 3 days ago
Gotta give yall a thumbs down. Yall don't pronounce the names properly. And yall missed a lot.
Vanessa Edwards
You really getting offended over someone pronouncing a fictional characters name wrong??😂 its not that hard to just go watch another reaction!
Will Antixs
Will Antixs 4 days ago
If you slow it down at Scorpion’s “Get Over here” attack. You can see Cole there too
M0VIE N1NJA 4 days ago
I'm gonna watch this for two reasons : Scorpion and Sub Zero. Hiroyuki Sanada vs Joe Taslim is going to be epic
Fagner Rosa
Fagner Rosa 4 days ago
Cole Young Kuai Liang (aka second SubZero) There. I've just blew your mind.
Steven Hayes
Steven Hayes 4 days ago
My theory is Kano kills Jax, or betrays the team, sets up Sonya's vendetta and grudge against Kano for the sequel. I think there will be a post credit scene introducing Johnny Cage, has to be some reference to Johnny Cage. God, can't wait to see this!
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zerax Adam
zerax Adam 4 days ago
People says the story will off and blabla. Idc, in fact sub zero & Scorpion actor is the real martial artist/fighter, the fight between them will be insane.
Ta aD
Ta aD 4 days ago
i think this will feature 2 subzeroes, and quite possibly noob saibot also
Pedro Puhl
Pedro Puhl 4 days ago
Cole Young identity theory and possible spoilers alert ----------------------------------vvvvvvvvvv--------------------------------- I think Cole Young is actualy being hunted by Scorpion in this movie, because he is actualy Kuai Liang, last of the Lin Kuei, second Sub Zero. Also, this movie Sub Zero is confirmed to be Bi-Han, the first Sub Zero, who gets turned into Noob Saibot
Mathew Styles
Mathew Styles 4 days ago
Kano is related to Scorpion down the generations. my hypothesis is Scorpion dies protecting Kano from Sub-Zero. Kano will then "Inherit" the Scorpion powers, and take revenge on Sub-Zero as the new Scorpion
Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamer
Wish Ed Boon did the Get Over Here line
mbah kirmadi
mbah kirmadi 4 days ago
Sub zero = joe taslim
Victor Mercado
Victor Mercado 4 days ago
This movie is a must see I'm super excited to see it
Kaz 4 days ago
Mortal mom at has to be the opening movie when theaters open again
Tre Pakura
Tre Pakura 4 days ago
I feel like the GET OVER HERE line could of been exaggerated abit more but none the less. Loving everything I saw :)
Skelefiend 4 days ago
Sub-Zero literally stabs scorpion with his own blood 😂😂 that's genius. That was the literal definition of "Cold Blooded"
Greg Mumford
Greg Mumford 4 days ago
Nerdgasm overload!!!!
Angel Molina
Angel Molina 4 days ago
Are Rain and Smoke in this movie?
King Nate
King Nate 4 days ago
Why is he saying ridein lol 😂
Balbal Bulbul
Balbal Bulbul 4 days ago
You guys know The Raid movie? That Sub-Zero is the man who play in The Raid with Iko uwais
Adam Jean Côté-Bachand
Anyone else noticed smoke and kabal? So hype for this!!
Wahyudi Effendi
Wahyudi Effendi 4 days ago
Subzero 😍
Teguh Yudha
Teguh Yudha 4 days ago
Good job Joe taslim
Romel Negut
Romel Negut 4 days ago
You missed another character: Kabal. It's understandable though!
Shevchenko 4 days ago
Sub-Zero - Joe Taslim 🔥
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi 4 days ago
:) Everyone world wide be safe and wear a mask world wide in this on going Pandemic Virus Crisis. Rip for those that deceased from Pandemic Virus World Wide..
M. Zia Akhtar
M. Zia Akhtar 4 days ago
Joe taslim cast as Sub Zero = total badass
GoLdTr0op 4 days ago
No one: Sub Zero: 🩸❄️
Senjuubi Gold
Senjuubi Gold 4 days ago
If were sticking to the theory that Cole Young is somehow tied into Scorpions story (which seems likely) I think he's probably Takahashi Takeda, the son of Kenshi who was trained by Scorpion and the Shurai Ryu
Thebuffshaman 4 days ago
Finishing move eh, mine would be an Animality. Turn into a Mantis, grab and 3 bites to the head. Once the head is gone speed-eat the rest.
Mia Wall
Mia Wall 4 days ago
was way too excited watching this commentary
Marc Luzens
Marc Luzens 4 days ago
Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion ♥️ this is the best Hanso weve evrr Seen in MK!
Dajboog 808
Dajboog 808 4 days ago
That's a damn good theory about cole seeing that he has that fast vision of scorpion in the beginning of the trailer👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏻can't wait for this movie
STRAKEIR 5 days ago
братан я с России реакция у тебя супер
Fckyll231 5 days ago
Kole is such a throw away main character that he didn't even get to say a word in the trailer LOL
The Greatest Ummah
Hit like if you love SUB ZERO !
Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza 5 days ago
I already love this I loved the original mk movie but this one is the movie I had been waiting for
Carlos Neto
Carlos Neto 5 days ago
"Sub Zero seems to be the 'coolest' character" I saw what you did there
Chilton Stuart IV
Movie hasn't even came out yet and it's the best film of 2021.
michael owens
michael owens 5 days ago
Can you guys react to the invincible trailer next? I’m not sure if y’all have read the comics so it might not interest you 😅
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 5 days ago
Bro where did you get that batman shirt? Dope shirt brody!
Daniel Hinman
Daniel Hinman 5 days ago
I could see Cole as Reptile. Some off born child of both clans. Yellow and Blue make?
Luis Avina
Luis Avina 5 days ago
I need to have these 2 dudes as friends!!!!!👍😁👍
Michael Evans
Michael Evans 5 days ago
Dun dun dun dun dun dant! Dun dun dun dun dant dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dant! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!
STEVE WESKER 5 days ago
How many times have I watched the trailer and not noticed the birth mark thing 🤦🏻‍♂️, you miss pronounced raidens name.
BLACK HEART 5 days ago
Guys! cool reactions!
Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley 5 days ago
I think that Sub-Zero is Bi Han, who became Noob Saibot. MK history says that he is tasked with assassinating Shang Tsung.
KLZ Youtube
KLZ Youtube 5 days ago
SUB ZERO 🇲🇨🇲🇨🔥🔥
William Steinlicht
What if Cole Young is Quan Chi? He’ll save everyone and end up in the netherworld where he meets shinnok. It would explain why no other humans live in the netherworld.
dixie normus
dixie normus 5 days ago
Maybe kole is sub zeros descendent and subzero finds him. Scorpion shows up to kill them both. Subzero dies and kole becomes the new subzero. The original subzero get brought back to life as noob saibot. And kole as subzero and scorpion team up to kill noob saibot.
JWUniverse 5 days ago
I love the fact they took the Actual Theme from the OG Movie and remixed it to fit this film! Glorious..... Cant wait!
Leotique 5 days ago
This one movie is already better than the whole DCEU
Donnell London
Donnell London 5 days ago
Its RAY DEN = Raiden lol
Marty 2030
Marty 2030 5 days ago
I'm not going to lie but when Kano side profile showed I thought it was Conner McGregor
Exploring With Kevin Sebastian
FYI subzero actor is Joe Taslim ..he is Indonesian
mwilsonUT 5 days ago
They could really go full-on MCU style with the Mortal Kombat series, and I'd be good with it.
Nerds On The Block
I am hopeful for a great film! We are only concerned really with Cole and how much will he be utilized!
Phil Cho
Phil Cho 5 days ago
Cole Young= Kuai Liang? Sounds kiiinda similar, but he does seem more related to Scorpion than Sub-Zero. I don't know, but I think Cole Young is more than just Cole Young. He's gotta be either Scorpion 2.0 or Sub-Zero 2.0.
PixelFoundry 5 days ago
Here's my theory to how the story unfolds. Shang Tsung is disguised as Bi Han (Sub-Zero) and he and his clan kill Hanzo's (Scorpion) clan and family. Then he is summoned to Mortal Kombat to get revenge on Sub-Zero except Sub doesn't know what's going on, but this plot by Shang Tsung is to get revenge on Sub for killing his clan. So Scorpion kills Sub-Zero, then Shang kills Scorpion by means of Goro, and then Scorpion gets resurrected by Quan Chi the necromancer, becomes a specter, and does the bidding of Shang Tsung. And then Bi Han comes back as Noob Saibot, and then Scorpion realizes he was manipulated, Bi Han -- now as Noob-- helps Scorpion, and they both get revenge on Shang Tsung.
Jaden - Photograph
Jaden - Photograph