Mortal Kombat (2021) Pitch Meeting 

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Mortal Kombat!
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Mortal Kombat was one of the very first video games to get adapted into a Hollywood movie back in 1995 and along with movies like Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon and Street Fighter, set the tone for video game movies being… not so great. Now, 26 years later, Hollywood is ready to breathe new life into the franchise and take a shot at the popular game franchise.
2021’s Mortal Kombat definitely raises some questions. Like why are we following this made-up Cole Young guy when there are about a hundred existing characters to choose from? How deep does this dragon-mark champion concept go exactly? Why did Cole go back to his family after he specifically left them to keep them safe? How exactly is Lord Raiden allowed to intervene? If death is just another portal and all these characters can come back, did any of this even matter?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Mortal Kombat! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 99   
gutmanlapd 4 hours ago
Man this screen writer gets every project green light
Eric Knight
Eric Knight 5 hours ago
How about "Demolition Man"
TheJadeFist 6 hours ago
Asking if a 95 year old senile grandpa runs over a champion, makes me wonder about another question. What would happen if a marked champion were to die from an accident or natural causes?
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 6 hours ago
I wish this guy wasn't attached to screen rant...he's no shill.
YungStar Jc
YungStar Jc 7 hours ago
Did he take English lessons in HELL?! 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
YungStar Jc
YungStar Jc 7 hours ago
Bruh 😂 I can't 😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
Red House
Red House 8 hours ago
When is he gonna pitch do Fanboys ?
OutSpoken 8 hours ago
I kind of want to see the film about the old guy running over someone with a mark and having to fight in Mortal Kombat... I mean... Come on...cant get more original then that!
Brock Astill
Brock Astill 11 hours ago
Do agent 47
The flipping kid
The flipping kid 11 hours ago
Good idea
George Kinyanjui
George Kinyanjui 12 hours ago
Assaulting his frozen family in the background is tight
pegeta 13 hours ago
why do you dumbasses like to make big eyes on these photos, don't you got any other creative talents? It looks really bad
FemoDOGG 13 hours ago
Recently re-watched "The Hitman's Bodyguard" with Sam L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. I think it would be a quality pitch. 👌 Super easy to sell, barely an inconvenience
Brad Bootsma
Brad Bootsma 14 hours ago
Southland Tales
John Barron
John Barron 15 hours ago
I thought it was a great movie
Asked Lamp
Asked Lamp 15 hours ago
Adam Brungardt
Adam Brungardt 16 hours ago
If you have blooper outtakes, you should totally make that into a video
NOD .R 16 hours ago
POV : you're watching this so you don't have to watch the movie
Michelle Doughty
Michelle Doughty 16 hours ago
I really want to see you do Titanic! I think Rose killed Jack because she didn't get off the boat!
Montana Made
Montana Made 17 hours ago
Just a thought to add another sight gag. Ryan has used the answer, “oh, really?!” after every “super easy, barely an inconvenience” lately. It would be a good sight gag to use the same “oh, really?!” scene from just one video for EVERY video- regardless of what year it is, what he’s wearing, or what film it is- in each appearance. Just another nod to the audience. I am constantly amazed at how he’s able to use the same catch phrases each time and always make it work! Great job Ryan!
zivosaurus -rex
zivosaurus -rex 17 hours ago
scorpion in hell: *in japanese* how do ya say get over here in english random english speaking guy: get over here
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk 17 hours ago
The Jungle Book pitch meeting please. Don't forget to included the messed up racism of the book and it's author
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 20 hours ago
CagedSun Day ago
Please can you do a pitch meeting about our favorite superhero who should be apart of marvel and DC..... Hancock!!!!
DeadPool Day ago
Well Sub-Zero did come back as Noob Saibot, when he died... The whole movie was just fanservice from start to end... However as a Scorpion fan I got chills when he said "Get over here!"... I loved it...
JoseRamos64 Day ago
Am i the only one that wants a “The Mask” pitch meeting?
Amir WG17
Amir WG17 Day ago
I believe they can do much better on sequels , not too bad for the first mk movie.
Jesse Carew
Jesse Carew Day ago
Have you ever thought about pitching the Da Vinci Code movies?
Shafayet Jamil
Please do Interstellar pitch meeting
Dave 365
Dave 365 Day ago
Review "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children"
fafad fadfdaf
Lost it at "Plot Armor"
tylan jagneaux
I freaking love this guy 😂😂😂😂 Keep it up buddy Can you do scream ghostface or Halloween Michael myers
Christopher Parks
The reason "Sub-Zero" left Scorpion alive is because he was framing Sub-Zero.
Hobbes Caltous
ZeroPR Day ago
I watched this before and after the movie... and it gets better😂
Steven Haworth
Could you do a pitch meeting for any of the stargate series?
kilroy987 Day ago
You know long ago I thought Scorpion was the evil one and Sub Zero was the good guy.
Lord Trigon
Lord Trigon Day ago
Sub Zero’s brother who takes the mantle is a good guy but the original was a douche. Scorpion is usually a neutral figure with his own goals.
Kim McCulloch
Oh screen Rant is TIGHT
Anime lover HAVEN
The start with scorpion vs sub zero and everything with Kano was the best parts of the movie.All the stuff with Cole was pretty ehhhh it could’ve been a better movie without him.
Steve W.
Steve W. Day ago
Two suggestions: Tommy Weiseau's The Room Pitch Meeting, or Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Pitch Meeting (A few well placed jokes about the original script and the final product would be tight!)
Josh Arnal
Josh Arnal Day ago
"Getting it on later when your gone is tight" was so much worse lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😂
Dalen Lewin
Dalen Lewin Day ago
Those last few sentences are Mortal Kombat in a nutshell.
John Marstall
We need Cole With a Cooler Sweater in Mortal Kombat 12. Also, why wasn't it Kole?
Mrkenisme Day ago
After two weeks of waiting patiently, I finally watched the movie and this pitch meeting is worth it
Mutaz Younis G06
make a killer bean pitch meeting
ZenZoFine Day ago
Cole is just an off-brand Black Panther (if you're a marvel fan, you'll know)
Keith L.
Keith L. Day ago
"So if an 95 year old grandpa runs over a champion he will have to fight for the earth realm?" "Yes" "Can we make that movie instead?" LOL
David Rock
David Rock Day ago
You ruined movies for me ANY movie i watch now i anazlyse it like im in that office with you. its a curse you gave me, well earned i'd say :)
Shadow 133
Shadow 133 Day ago
Just another piece of Hollywood chinese movie crap.
George Zaharia
that sub-zero guy, its tied to a contract, that defines his entire life... he will be able to exit that deal... if he becomes an actual sub-zero, or dies... lol 5 movie contracts imagine the decades he has to go trough lmao
The Unreal Thick Sunny
Subzero says to scorpion: You Aisan, I Aisan but no NagotiAsian
Miguel Day ago
(1. I Watched The Movie [Rated R] [Im A Child]) (2. Is My Soul Wrong?) (3. This Is Basically A Child Nutshell Of Mortal Kombat)
Todd Garver
Todd Garver Day ago
I was rooting for Sub-Zero the whole time. Cole was such a boring, unlikable character.
Sterling Marsh
Sterling Marsh 2 days ago
Have you done pitches for the original movies? How about Blade!
Mateo Leoz
Mateo Leoz 2 days ago
Motal Kombat was never asian! Scorpion screams " get over here" for christ sake
Zane Espin
Zane Espin 2 days ago
"Raised by Wolves" Pitch meeting will be great
Kingnorristhe7th 2 days ago
I love this series, but why aren’t all of the episodes in the channel playlist? I just found an episode that I’d never seen before and upon double checking saw it wasn’t in there. A different playlist I found had 236 episodes, without any of the compilation videos, and the official screen rant one only has 233 including those. That means a lot are missing. I know for sure Friday the 13th, pirates of the carribean sequels, and alien covenant are missing, and there’s presumably more I don’t know of. Please add all the videos to the official screen rant playlist, the channel has way to many videos to find them otherwise
moon boy
moon boy 2 days ago
this movie made me realize that all of my friends have bad taste
P J 2 days ago
Ohh.. so none of this matters 😁 so true. wish they would stop making movies just for a money grab. is it so difficult to make an interesting and logical storyline?
The Stultus
The Stultus 2 days ago
“Can we make that movie instead?” “But I worked hard on this one!”
rasento 2 days ago
Still waiting for the prestige pitch meeting
Scott Andersen
Scott Andersen 2 days ago
Getting your soul sucked….
the darkjw
the darkjw 2 days ago
Mordred PG3D
Mordred PG3D 2 days ago
Oh taking specific English lessons in hell is tight
Boris TheThoughtDodger
"Do they get English lessons in hell?" That's how I felt when I just had immigrated many years ago.
Maggoty Bread
Maggoty Bread 2 days ago
I can't believe Josh Lawson is in this movie as Kano. If any of you Americans and others from outside of Australia saw him in the TV series Thank God You're Here, you'd be quite surprised where he's come from.
Lord Trigon
Lord Trigon Day ago
Those improv skills certainly came in handy.
Roy Jones
Roy Jones 2 days ago
A week late but they probably could of just used shunjinko and it would of been handled better but I still liked the movie a lot
Will West
Will West 2 days ago
This was better then the movie
Nabo42 2 days ago
"Magic gave him robot arms, THAT'S RIGHT" makes sense to me
ADI FOR REAL 2 days ago
tight 😂😂😂
Pharaoh Misa
Pharaoh Misa 2 days ago
I mean....This what I saw tho. 🤣🤣🤣
eggs 2 days ago
Movie creators would've loved pitch meeting
magicmulder 2 days ago
Couple random thoughts during the movie: “The Mary Sue with the dragon tattoo” “Arcana is like the midichlorians, and boy did fans love them!” “Hey Goro, had a problem with your ARMS DEALER?” “Raiden is a literal god who can do anything - except speak English.”
TEDTalk99 2 days ago
You should do a pitch meeting on the Mitchell’s vs machines.
Juanfra Cortes Sanchez
From the pitch meeting I got the impression that the movie is a shitty version of the animated movie
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 2 days ago
I’m getting really good at dropping these catchphrases into my daily life. It’s fun, although I can’t help but feel that the ‘Tight’ one is going to land me in trouble at some point!
Jaded Jester
Jaded Jester 2 days ago
I wouldnt say the Goro fight was necessarily super easy barely an inconvenience lol there was a little bit of an inconvenience
a guy watching youtube
I would watch old man mortal kombat or just the sub zero vs scorpion film because that is genuinely more interesting is so many ways.
Spade Warren
Spade Warren 2 days ago
The 95 year old UP man accidentally being put in this tournament sounds like... a fantastic movie idea.
Lori Bighems
Lori Bighems 2 days ago
Would you consider doing a Pitch Meeting for "Only Lovers Left Alive?" 😊
Angelica Figueroa
Remember when Mortal kombat was just a list of ppl to kill before they tried adding a story to our murder tournament
rdcarbon K
rdcarbon K 2 days ago
the game story mode is all the movie i need.
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez 2 days ago
It is so funny when he says Barely an inconvenience
lettner 2 days ago
i heard this movie was worse than annihilation
jonathan atondo
jonathan atondo 2 days ago
LOL, scorpion took english lessons in hell
holy shiet did producer guy's voice get deeper?
Before I even watch them not having a tournament was super triggering also like Ryan said it's downhill after the opening scene...
DA_1288 2 days ago
These guys make all movies sound worse than they actually are 😂
Squallstopher 2 days ago
If Cole has Hanzo's Dragon mark, does that mean Scorpion can't participate in the actual tourney?
VoidRaptor 2 days ago
Getting crazy with movie sequels is tight. Also I love your videos
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 days ago
"Magic gave him robot arms?!" Every Power Ranger fan: ...."So?"
Kenobi 2 days ago
Am I the only one mad that Raiden has only ever had one fight scene and that that was in Annihilation??? I mean, you can beat the first game with Raiden so why is he always sidelined for being "Too Powerful" I wanna see the thunder god kick ass!!!
MT Blockbusters
MT Blockbusters 2 days ago
4:10-4:26 You're so right. It would've been so much cooler if Cole became Scorpion. What an example of wasted potential.
Java Space
Java Space 2 days ago
Bad movie is bad
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 days ago
so Raiden tells cole to go back to his family now ..........jax gets little robot chicken arms!!!!! MAGIC GAVE HIM ROBOT ARMS?????MAGIC GAVE HIM ROBOT ARMS ....CLASSIC
clive cousley
clive cousley 2 days ago
Lol apparently the movies you've pitched not all of us have seen......... But maybe way too many of us have.
Farnood.t 2 days ago
U forgot one part tho Scorpio talks japanese Cole understands them
The movie could've been better, but I enjoyed the fights and the FATALITIES 😎
Farnood.t 2 days ago
Actually its gonna be super ez barely an inconvenience I always wonder how long in the video im gonna hear this 😂😂
Brian 2 days ago
Nobody gunna comment on how subzero was able to live for 500 years for no reason?
William Hazelwood
"Let me ask you something, can we make that movie instead?" Freakin' dead. I thought that sounded more interesting too.
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