More Funny/Cute Animals I found on TikTok 😂 🥰 

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Here are more cute pets:
00:00 kp_081
00:11 maximusthegreat07
00:24 kevinwkhoury
00:38 laraine103
00:55 cheechandthefonz
01:07 chinpals
01:19 chiefjoe58
01:42 thisisscout
02:41 gracie.spinaa
03:40 sparky_minibullterrier
03:48 pepperthepom_x
04:07 mistermainer
04:17 brianhovet
04:24 _.bangie._
04:49 kelsieschatzline
05:01 virginia.girtz
05:36 winston_the_toy_aussie
05:47 victok4
06:02 tally_thebanana
06:40 1freeman1223
07:08 thelifeofyoda_
07:21 hermes_and_madi
07:52 kaitlynnsmith34
08:01 johnnydzidic
08:14 aries_ashley
08:25 pick6club
09:01 sammycalise
09:16 codylspradling
09:34 maria107antal
10:13 corgalorg
10:26 justin_g13
10:43 memycatandi
11:00 alananddaisy
11:10 nnnevenaaa
11:46 crumb.dog
11:52 marleytheorphancat
12:04 ostrichplug
12:24 i_am_whiskey
12:34 esperborzoi
12:54 teddyandalbiofficial
13:08 birdtails
13:28 shreddertheraccoon
13:42 one_eared_uno
13:53 liondad_1987
14:08 liondad_1987
14:23 brendanxa

Thank you guys so, so much for checking out the new addition to
PinkRamen and YellowRamen, you truly are the best!! I really hope I can
brighten your mood with these cute Tiktoks and make you smile with some
of the cutest animal Tiktoks I could find! We have cute cat tiktoks,
cute dog tiktoks and all of many, many more cute animal Tiktoks!!
Love you guys!!
#Cute #Tiktok #Compilation

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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
GreenRamen 17 days ago
Woop woop guys :) How's everyone doing? Everything's alright, everything's fine? Hope you enjoyed the video and that it made you smile
Maliah Ball
Maliah Ball Day ago
im doing fine this mad me so happy i all most broke my mouth smiling so hard
Logan Mohammed
Logan Mohammed 2 days ago
@Spencer Aries Testing it out right now. Looks promising :)
Spencer Aries
Spencer Aries 2 days ago
i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account by using insta portal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it yourself
Ruby rice Krispies girl!!
Omg- the pug one was funny but sad cause if the pugs belly gets more bigger then it could cause like a sour tummy or it feeling sick so just be careful poor pug:(
Shangaolden NS
Shangaolden NS 10 days ago
1000)00000000000000 FOR MORE MONEY
_Eva_ Hour ago
Watching these to calm myself down and now I might start crying from cuteness 😭🥺
Donna Bolin
Donna Bolin 2 hours ago
you AR Amazon
arman khaksar
arman khaksar 13 hours ago
3:42 😴😴😴😴 💩 😑😳 LOL I DIED AT THAT ONE 💀💀💀💀
Wood James
Wood James 13 hours ago
malayali blogger
You are adopted Cat:damn 🤣
Maia Hardie
Maia Hardie Day ago
aww this made my day so much better also I got all my friends to sub to you I love your channel😊💕💕💕💕💕
Ashley Denise Lazaro
lol really gerry he was talking back ( duck at end ) and the ferits are fighting ( in the end with the duck)
Maliah Ball
Maliah Ball Day ago
at 9.44 i wounder what she said??? if you could make a ripply to her vid
Gabrielle Nohay
0:38 is my fav
marsh 2 days ago
william kavanaugh
"Don't yell at me Jerry" lol
Dontay Todd
Dontay Todd 2 days ago
holy dat dig got demon eyes
gixxer6000 2 days ago
10:11 it may be cute now but it will become a mass murderer.
gixxer6000 2 days ago
8:06 why build an air cooled dog house in the sun and not in the shade?
Kina Levita
Kina Levita 2 days ago
14:29 i feel like Jerry is more popular than the actual dude who owns her
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 2 days ago
- G l a s s g i r l -
My dog every time he sees my boyfriend: Better leave him there gay for sure 😂
Sean Lambert
Sean Lambert 2 days ago
0:22 that a daddy doggo!!!!!😂😂
yo gr4acie 's neighbor shouyld go to jail.
BubblyNatalie 3 days ago
7:08 💗
Kenny 3 days ago
12:06 Door Knob Lol
Vicki Messina
Vicki Messina 3 days ago
i hate cats ewwwwwww
Jonny drawn
Jonny drawn 3 days ago
These videos help me dor much cause depresion.......but i am a kid
Kokoskygamer 3 days ago
10:27 this is my cat when im going to the bathroom... it kinda creepy ngl
Zaim Mirza
Zaim Mirza 3 days ago
13:55 isn’t that a cute little kitty cat
princess unicorn
princess unicorn 4 days ago
teddy bear
teddy bear 4 days ago
I farted when the dog did in the video I- 🚪🚶
Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox 4 days ago
The best flooferpoots ever
Eric Panissidi
Eric Panissidi 4 days ago
I wanna be a dog loved by a human.already house broken and neutered
THE CRAFTOONS 4 days ago
Can we just take a second to acknowledge the fact that the poster time stamped each one and credited the creators
ShadowGirlHalo 4 days ago
13:00 most adorable thing
James Ervin
James Ervin 4 days ago
Flevami 4 days ago
3:20 I don't get how people don't want their pet anymore. If it was your child, you couldn't just leave him/her outside either. Makes me angry to see how some people treat their pets. Especially since I lost my sweet cat on Christmas eve and I would give everything to have him again. Glad that good girl is now in a better place with humans that take care for her❤️
- Day ago
I‘m just asking myself why they wanted to give him back after what they i wouldn‘t ecen give the dog back tf
Project Kayn
Project Kayn 4 days ago
4:50 he looked like the one reff LMFAO
Cudlea Karina
Cudlea Karina 4 days ago
6.26 i like he repeats in his mind and then saying it 😂
Petervetymir 4 days ago
No that baby is not strong , she a baby , AND DAMN HE SCREAM
Dominique Cardinal
I hope you guys adopted that poor dog,Some humans dont deserve the privilege to own one like those fucking neibors of yours I really hope you adopted her!!!!
Karleigh D
Karleigh D 5 days ago
7:02 is the best ever
Benjamin Akred
Benjamin Akred 5 days ago
What's the point of buying a pet when you aren't gonna take care of it
First Name Last Name
I am not a fan of dogs and I never will be or dog people for that matter. but if you buy a dog and then abuse it by leaving it outside with no care chained down you don't deserve to have one.
Débora Libardi
Débora Libardi 5 days ago
2:42 Can we take a moment to say how horrible these neighbors are? If they don’t want the dog anymore why don’t they put her up for adoption? I'm happy to know that the girls will take good care of this little baby now
Mephisto 5 days ago
04:44 dog : "if i know hoomans are delusional, i'd choose to live in the wilds"
Vine energy.
XoCandii Love Romance!
5:02 me when my dog will not shush
Jaylah Gilliam
Jaylah Gilliam 6 days ago
I am going to cry soooo cute 😍😻😭🤣
mountain the sandwing
1:15 I have chinchilla that looks exactly like that
Daya Torres
Daya Torres 6 days ago
Omg so CHONKY 🥺😭
KittyKat 1o1
KittyKat 1o1 6 days ago
3:30 animal cruelty at its finest
savannah Nicholson
this is so cute!!!!!!!!! the one when the dog was slapping people like he own the house was to funny
Moofin 6 days ago
Awww that Pitt bull asmr just made my day!!
Lois Dora Mudie
Lois Dora Mudie 6 days ago
The people who disliked this video had tears in their eyes and pressed the wrong button 😻
Jourdan Smith
Jourdan Smith 7 days ago
9:34 the air was trying to post up
Shawnta Dunn
Shawnta Dunn 7 days ago
Lmafo!!!!!my stomach hurts 😆
Alyssa D.
Alyssa D. 7 days ago
If your dog loves him he is probably the one 😄
Austin Yarbrough
Austin Yarbrough 7 days ago
We can read no need for txt to speech lmao.
Yoi Gaming
Yoi Gaming 7 days ago
POV: your dog is your only friend
Ryan 7 days ago
What are those dog in the esperborzoi tik tok
Ludwig Mjörnemyr
1:05 when mom say you cant have snacc
Marshmellow 7 days ago
Dogs are allowed to eat beetroot?
sheetal1277 7 days ago
The owner of a pug: Oooh my handsome boy!!! Also the pug: 👁 👅 👁
Elisha J.O
Elisha J.O 7 days ago
The first Pitbull has great table manners, better than some of us humans......
Light chocolate and Dark chocolate gachas
He really went *tiny* to *CHONK* 1:00
Ivy Courts
Ivy Courts 3 days ago
That's exactly what my dog looks like she's a English bulldog roo
Michael Versace
Michael Versace 8 days ago
I remember my sister brought her parrot down for Christmas and pre-dinner drinks that night my sister grabs my brothers new screws mug and offers it to Scribbles only to have Scribbles say "that's not water!" Then proceeded to make vomiting noises. Scribbles did NOT like her after that.
mel bruzzano
mel bruzzano 8 days ago
Stupid make up LOOKS
Nichlas andersen
Nichlas andersen 8 days ago
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Nichlas andersen
Nichlas andersen 8 days ago
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Peni_679 tamani
Peni_679 tamani 9 days ago
GreenRamen GreenRamen GreenRamen It does not work
Peni_679 tamani
Peni_679 tamani 9 days ago
The pitbull does better asmr then me
miss kitty
miss kitty 9 days ago
Real men kiss cats!
TSG_KIRBY 9 days ago
What kind of dog is the dog from 4:00
Luna18Cat05 9 days ago
But why take that dog back to the owners who left her there? I'd have called the authorities for animal abuse and neglect.
Robert Liu
Robert Liu 9 days ago
I thought it was a little girl screaming but it was a dog
Charles Stewart
Charles Stewart 9 days ago
reily Kennedy
reily Kennedy 9 days ago
me knowing I'm gonna get voted out so I just go out by myself: 0:30 AMONG US ADITION
Dez Townsend
Dez Townsend 9 days ago
Do pugs just slap people because mine does
Alina beth
Alina beth 9 days ago
Is not funny😒 It's funny + adorable🥰😝
luke kain
luke kain 9 days ago
The pit bull is so cute
Willie Moore
Willie Moore 9 days ago
The ugliest specialist biomechanically entertain because mini-skirt bareilly part despite a jagged mexican. juvenile, earthy sousaphone
Oskar Radzinski
Oskar Radzinski 9 days ago
In one of the clips when Owner says: ‘ur adopted’ Cat: O_O
L G 10 days ago
7:09 "scream" is my favourite dog noise
Ruby rice Krispies girl!!
Awwww the PaRrOt 🐦😍 so cute
Yaretzi Perez
Yaretzi Perez 10 days ago
The title: "every time my dog sees my boyfriend" Me: *SIMP*
I will throw those owners of that poor dog that was left outside down the nearest mine shaft.
rila umak
rila umak 10 days ago
you don’t have a thought behind those eyes 💗 you air head chinchilla 💜
Cheating Cat
Cheating Cat 10 days ago
†Shaman ,That idiot †
Why did hearing my home’s language made me wheeze 12:26 :’)
georgiana curteanu
georgiana curteanu 11 days ago
0:29 but can we talk about that death stare tho- the dog really said: human you really think this will stop me?
Francisca Camila de Andrade lima Lima
loved the video it was so much fun 👍👍
Matthias J.
Matthias J. 11 days ago
4:50 😂
Leanne Holland
Leanne Holland 11 days ago
This dog has more IQ than me 4:08
Holo Sohma
Holo Sohma 12 days ago
Poor mama was probably used for breeding then left out cuz they couldn’t use her anymore but I’m glad she’s love now
Amy 12 days ago
3:00 the dog here that was left outside is pregnant the poor thing early stage but obvious none the less.
Amy 2 days ago
@Azrtheal honestly id be doing the same.
Azrtheal 2 days ago
Neighbor's left it in a cardboard box and a single tray of soggy food.. and when they came back said they didn't want her anymore....... That's abandonment, outright. I'd be kicking some serious @$$.
Greg Montagna
Greg Montagna 12 days ago
Broke free of the le’ash.
Amelia Nicolosi
Amelia Nicolosi 12 days ago
The screaming French bulldog with my favourite it was hilarious LOL 😂
Emily Swiftwater
Emily Swiftwater 12 days ago
that screaming dog... IS HE OKAY?!
Anthony Lukachik
Anthony Lukachik 12 days ago
4:06 was the best
Carli Scott
Carli Scott 12 days ago
3:41 XD it went KA-bloop why would he bark at his own fart HMMMMM
Armaad Kemp
Armaad Kemp Day ago
Dr.Dolphin 7 days ago
It’s fake