Monkey Bread Party II 

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Mar 25, 2021




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Comments 98   
Bakal Jenazah
Bakal Jenazah 3 minutes ago
Good job. But better give them unwrarp bread, unless if they know where to throw to the dustbin.
Johnny In
Johnny In Hour ago
Lmao I love this thank you for being so good to them
BIN DU 2 hours ago
Magayver Tatuapé
Magayver Tatuapé 2 hours ago
*In fact, Jesus Christ is the only one who will fill your empty space, amen.,,*
I3oomhauer 2 hours ago
Love how all the adults grab 3 and kids 1. Hahaha
Cecilia Barron
Cecilia Barron 3 hours ago
Only one monkey was smart enough to look deep the box for bananas.
Trisye zakaria
Trisye zakaria 3 hours ago
Oh my good
Marisela Jaimes
Marisela Jaimes 5 hours ago
So what about the plastic bag ? That is contamination to the sanctuary where the monkeys are, that is my humble opinion.
Zero Zero
Zero Zero 6 hours ago
Is this the George Floyd looting video
Alin MCA
Alin MCA 6 hours ago
I like this🤣🤣♥️
Holger Scharfenberg
Banana are more tasty by this monkeys
Gil Carlos de Lima
Gil Carlos de Lima 7 hours ago
Barry Bstrong
Barry Bstrong 7 hours ago
Take The Plastic OFF PLEASE
Rosangela Santos
Rosangela Santos 8 hours ago
Duco Ducivec
Duco Ducivec 8 hours ago
Stupid. Verí stupid! Yes.
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 9 hours ago
Very irresponsible giving animals plastic
Dark Viper
Dark Viper 9 hours ago
uhm...am i the only one worried that they are eating the plastic eith the bread?
BeKey Tu
BeKey Tu 9 hours ago
Khỉ 😃😍😍
Luna Ro
Luna Ro 9 hours ago
Remove the plastic bag before giving them to monkeys to avoid more plastic pollution in the woods!🥴
alex siva
alex siva 9 hours ago
Very good job. Pls next time remove the polythene and give food to him.
Daniel Bergersen
Daniel Bergersen 9 hours ago
Everybody comes 🤣😂👍
Sea Moor See
Sea Moor See 9 hours ago
хватит кормить кавказ
Engineer Waqar Ahmed
I though everyone would pick one pack. But they first place one in their mouth second one in first hand and third in second hand and run. Why are you running... 🐥
Lakhvinder kumar
Lakhvinder kumar 10 hours ago
Happy birth day to you
Elvira Delfin
Elvira Delfin 10 hours ago
Even in monkeys there are those who want more the greedy ones
Deeps KW
Deeps KW 10 hours ago
perfect way of scattering plastic waste everywhere.
Kidlat Bangis
Kidlat Bangis 11 hours ago
Community Pantry sa Pasig
Herliani Nina
Herliani Nina 11 hours ago
😁😁☝good nanas
Chai Jimmy
Chai Jimmy 11 hours ago
Humans make more plastic waste in nature again and again wtf
Prakash Rai
Prakash Rai 11 hours ago
Humans would have taken the whole 📦.
Aunur Roufik
Aunur Roufik 11 hours ago
James Abulwalad
James Abulwalad 12 hours ago
بني إسرائيل
Leon clemens
Leon clemens 12 hours ago
Like BLM looting in USA
Ashish Pal
Ashish Pal 13 hours ago
They are following social distancing also🤔
Jigar Sangani
Jigar Sangani 13 hours ago
They should have removed the wrappera
Atheist Human
Atheist Human 14 hours ago
It shows greed has been passed on by our ancestors 😂😂😂😂
山葉乗夫 14 hours ago
gregory rivera
gregory rivera 14 hours ago
Regina Ferro
Regina Ferro 14 hours ago
Muito espertos kkkkkkkk
sheetal kumar
sheetal kumar 15 hours ago
Plastic ???? 😬
Ahsan Sagar5
Ahsan Sagar5 15 hours ago
M Nilsson
M Nilsson 15 hours ago
Notice that mature adults took three of everything and the little ones took one of everthing.
Gangster Buffy Buttons
The adults take 3 and the younger ones only take one I wonder if there's something to that?
Anuja Rajguru
Anuja Rajguru 15 hours ago
PLANKTON 15 hours ago
Moy moy moy.. Gue gue gue guee Sabar napa sabar
Kharal Yaseen
Kharal Yaseen 16 hours ago
samith udayanga
samith udayanga 17 hours ago
Give them without polly cover
TamVan Chennel
TamVan Chennel 17 hours ago
Ou Banana, Ou banana
Good act. But better to collect the wraps as well 🤣
Lui Kluender
Lui Kluender 17 hours ago
Everyone liking this video... That shit is wrapped in plastic. The monkeys won’t throw it away🤷🏼‍♂️
carcass cruncher
carcass cruncher 17 hours ago
The litter in the woods is your fault! Fuck you for that
rodrigo garnica
rodrigo garnica 17 hours ago
Great now they’re going to littter
Денис по
Денис по 17 hours ago
Депутаты и золото партии.
Abhishek Chouhan
Abhishek Chouhan 18 hours ago
Polothin kon uthayega ye
Esham Muhammed
Esham Muhammed 18 hours ago
Good.. Thought 👍 Bt make it without plastic
Ravindra VS
Ravindra VS 18 hours ago
U did great but juat worrying about that plastics though
Aref Iskandar
Aref Iskandar 18 hours ago
ko nampak bapak ko amik pisang. ko pun capai pisang ye. yg makanan ko tadi ko tinggal jee yek nakk😂😂😂
Kedar More
Kedar More 19 hours ago
Avoid of plastic raper here!
Eva B.
Eva B. 19 hours ago
Richard Ames
Richard Ames 19 hours ago
Me takem home for lunch..😂
19 hours ago
Exactly what happens in every housing project in America!!!
Nik Zain
Nik Zain 19 hours ago
If that was human first one would take the whole box
Enaj A.
Enaj A. 19 hours ago
This banana has a bag....?
MeanKno 20 hours ago
So what about the plastic? Just gonna have the plastic be littered everywhere?
RC Pete
RC Pete 20 hours ago
I wanted to see more 😀 did they open them??
Namthabad Shankar Shankar
నేను కూడా ఎలాగైన ఒక సారి ఈవలి
imo onna
imo onna 20 hours ago
Community pantry monkey style😁😁😁
Hanns Ziegler
Hanns Ziegler 20 hours ago
Next time: remove the plastic before. They spray it all over die forest
Hamras KV
Hamras KV 20 hours ago
Should've removed the plastic before letting them take it
Priyanka Deb biswas
Priyanka Deb biswas 20 hours ago
Nice bread party
Ramar Kumar
Ramar Kumar 20 hours ago
குரங்குக்கூட வரிசையா நிற்கின்றது
mwas Ken
mwas Ken 20 hours ago
Amazing how the big ones take 3 of each, the first two big ones took 3 packs of bread then the other big one that found the bananas... Took 3. Crazy
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 20 hours ago
Tumko koi nhi rok sakta Insan bn ne se 😂
David Khiangte jr
David Khiangte jr 21 hour ago
The old guys are selfish and young are pure in heart ❤️
Bu Mamat Mats
Bu Mamat Mats 21 hour ago
Oh monyet hi serem deh
Dr Manash Phukon
Dr Manash Phukon 21 hour ago
So cute
waan barana kan dabretu hima
smol and big they have big difference. small take one.big take 3
Xeque-Mate 21 hour ago
I certainly had a neurolink chip kk
Wilfredo Jimenez
Wilfredo Jimenez 22 hours ago
Buti pa unggoy marunong magtira para sa iba...
D 22 hours ago
Firstly you should not be feeding wild animals. Secondly even if you have to at least get rid of the plastic wrapper. Don’t be a psycho to get a video
Briannah Impostor
Briannah Impostor 22 hours ago
Yo they Went Monster mode in the end of it XD
Travis Russell
Travis Russell 22 hours ago
Me in the pantry at midnight.
El. chavacano d zamboanginio
Deaf Fryman
Deaf Fryman 23 hours ago
Nice but if it done eat...who will clean up these trash?
Mke Dildwr
Mke Dildwr 23 hours ago
I’m sure these guys are pest where they come from but they kinda cute
Felipe Tostado
Felipe Tostado 23 hours ago
the monkeys were kind enough to throw away their wrappers
SAH 23 hours ago
Agar ye insaano ke saath hota toh pehle wala pura dabba utha le jata 😂
Manoj P V
Manoj P V 23 hours ago
Remove plastic cover then give
Wilson Jesus
Wilson Jesus 23 hours ago
Enrique Morales
Esly Monrroy
Esly Monrroy Day ago
Ellos si respetan la sana distancia
David Henry
David Henry Day ago
Damn one took like 6 of them.
kensky Day ago
What will happen to the plastic wrap of the bread. Has it been thought of.
Rice'n Beenz
Rice'n Beenz Day ago
Whose gonna pick up all those damn wrappers now! Lol
That plastic is going to be wonderful for them
Jasson Tapia
Jasson Tapia Day ago
Creo que esta mal darles comida en empaques plasticos. Están haciendo que una criatura de aquellas contamine el entorno.
Игорь Валеев
Devilus GaminG