Moneybagg Yo - If Pain Was A Person (Official Audio) 

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I been tryna figure out like why a mafucca want you to be loyal to them
When they ain’y loyal to you, ion - ion really get that
They be tryna show love in private because
They done told people people they don’t fuck with you in public and shit
That shit be crazy, ion be understanding that shit
Niggas be feeling away about bitches and
Come on man if ain’t about no money what we doing
I done over played my part they forgot about me amnesia (it’s cool tho)
I done hit yours, you done hit mine why you still mad we even (I ain’t on that)
The blogs put up anything and the crazy part they believe em
Nigga caught a charge and got locked up, only reason dude still breathing
I’ll never make a hoe feel like I can’t do no better than her
Heard that she got a new nigga my bag the biggest she said he on fuck how I fuck
Bitch lied on God and her kids, threw me off damn that fucked up my trust
I know a nigga a cross you to win, where you at wit it, yeah I come from the bluff
Lil bro don’t go through there spinning can’t do it myself (why) cuz my position
I’m peeping niggas in slick competition, really some bitches sit down when they pissin
They get some fame off me if I mention, but it’s a shame on me if I did it
I know you obsessed with me and I get it stay in yo lane and stay out my business
Over there
Yall running off with all these rumors and shit
Quick and shit making assumptions
Next thing you know you judging a nigga damn
What about the truth, it’s two sides to this shit
I been that nigga, I been lit, I been the shit
Before I ever went public with a bitch
Yall just catching on late
Speaking on my personal life
My real life talking bout how it’s fake nigga
You aint me, you ain’t in my shoes, you ain’t pay dues
He ain’t no gangsta, never did nothing gangsta
That’s what they said, that’s what they thought
I done seen so many niggas end up dead cuz they got misled (facts)
Ain’t got no time for no baby mouth ass nigga tryna get spoon fed
All that he say she say, code red numb to it brain dead
Without yall I won’t be shit, hope the haters hear me loud and clear (I’m making sure)
Unc told me “a scary man a dead man, you can’t live ya life in fear,” so I’m taking risks You can’t get a fair bond last time I checked how them charges disappear (hold up)
Lack of communication with my bitch, got her acting all insecure
I come from the struggle like you did, nigga why the fuck you tryna down me (huh)
If I gotta coach a nigga on how to be real, ion need around me (at all)
You can’t fix ya mouth to say I ain’t fuck with ya at least one time
Well two times, nah three times couldn’t see the envy I was too blind
See they probably thought I would running out
Hold time I was holding back shit a infinity clip
I’m what’s going on so I’m already knowing my name gone be in ya mouth, but
When you have them conversations make sure you mention
He getting six figures for a show, 11 whips paid for, house sitting on four acres
Take care of his kids, treat all of em equally
Momma put up, she can wiggle her toes at night, peacefully
Shit like that what I do it for
Hope for the best prepare for the worse
However it come just know that I’m ready
You know a lie don’t give a fuck who tell it
I know they mad but they never admit it
It be ya own people
They gone try to take advantage of you if you let em
They get a thrill off turning you down but never gossip but how you help em
I heard it’s niggas out hear wanna touch me but I can’t tell I be where they at
Watch you draw the line so stay over there
Don’t come round the gang, don’t throw up the set
You not what I rep, why do some shit you gone regret (answer that)
Think smart with it, this shit chess
Just cuz yall related don’t mean nothing
Niggas on some ice about they check
All that you love me shit ain’t genuine
I felt the vibe when I walked in
Shit slick, hurt me thinking you solid then I saw you bend
Even after they true colors show kept it real on my end
That wasn’t my beef at first I made it mine cuz me and bruh locked-in (for life and after)
When I say we la familia we la familia, we locked in for life
Shit loyalty over love, we gone keep it real first
Like you not gone see me fucking with my nigga opp
Ion give a fuck if I knew his opp longer than him
Niggas a hate you so much they can know yo opp a rat and still hang with em
Don’t that make them the same nigga shit let me know I need clarification
What part of the game is that
See I know what need to be done
Nigga need to start pulling straight up
Checking these niggas, these niggas can’t stand no pressure
You ain’t gotta feel how I’m coming where I’m coming from
If pain was a person
#MoneybaggYo​​​ #IfPainWasAPerson #AGangstasPain​​
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Apr 22, 2021




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Jay Brez
Jay Brez Hour ago
Jason Wyant
Jason Wyant 2 hours ago
Bra str8 gangsta that shit popin right there
Sheem Q
Sheem Q 2 hours ago
Crazy joe budden said he liked this album. Guess he didn’t listen to end 3:23. Can’t fuck with duke who calls your homie a stoogie everyday also snitch about his side. While he engaged.
Emici Heli
Emici Heli 2 hours ago
Perfect Track
Laterrian James
Laterrian James 5 hours ago
When that nigga said "Niggas uncle ice about that check and I ain't Mitch "
Laterrian James
Laterrian James 5 hours ago
Uncle ice about that check. "Paid in full "
Trace See
Trace See 10 hours ago
He swore on our kid's lives & lied!!!...
Actor_267 11 hours ago
The title if pain was a person is hard on its own,🔥🔥🔥
Maunice Donlow
Maunice Donlow 14 hours ago
Justin D
Justin D 14 hours ago
Dudes real af
Shereese Tillman
Shereese Tillman 14 hours ago
My favorite song... cause he murdered this track... my favorite rapper....
Donnell Wright
Donnell Wright 15 hours ago
Michelle branch
Michelle branch 15 hours ago
Yep they a rat straight pressure c-love pressure. Big Crown Entertainment ❤️
Michelle branch
Michelle branch 15 hours ago
That second verse go hard
Porsha Featherson
Porsha Featherson 15 hours ago
I cant admangin my fellings being a person
Diron Robinson
Diron Robinson 15 hours ago
If this song isn't reAl what do you call that
John Tenorio
John Tenorio 16 hours ago
When I was in the feds they didn't have cannibal corpse but God, they had moneybagg....
Gabriel Albarez
Gabriel Albarez 16 hours ago
GAng gAng gAng!!!💜🔶💙
2020NEWONE Wright
2020NEWONE Wright 16 hours ago
Fuck being real Be yourself You will always win Start today!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Jiron
Paul Jiron 21 hour ago
New favortie moneybagg
Chronikaddict420 22 hours ago
Moneybagg one of the realest in the game 💯❤️
Branden F
Branden F 23 hours ago
Loyalty in god i trust
Sheresa Dudley
Go ahead now I hear you 💰💃🏿❤️
Kis Chillin
Kis Chillin Day ago
I wanna know who t.f disliked this though ???
Leroy Brown Beatz On Da Track
this on some pac shyt...get em Money
Jonathan Sorolajr.
I’m nowhere close to where I imagined I would be this far into the year but it doesn’t change the faith I have in my vision. I will accomplish my goal by the end of the year! Life can change overnight for better or for worst. Just stay ambitious and stay motivated. Our actions are the only things we can truly control🙏🏻
Rasheem Foster
This bang yo🔥🔥
Cj Toomer
Cj Toomer Day ago
It’s bruh best song
broadus taylor
Tru Shit Famo.....Damn That Shit was Well Said .....just went thru Some Bullshit like dis shit.....Sad but Mutha Fuckin tru
Dria B
Dria B Day ago
Hope for the best but pray for the worst
Samaya Jones
Samaya Jones Day ago
Ace Trapø
Ace Trapø Day ago
Jaici Lacey
Jaici Lacey 2 days ago
Jaici Lacey
Jaici Lacey 2 days ago
Jaici Lacey
Jaici Lacey 2 days ago
Lovell Love
Lovell Love 2 days ago
hope everything have a bless life
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis 2 days ago
UNC said a scared man is a dead man you can't live yo life in fear
Ashley Gardner
Ashley Gardner 2 days ago
Dopest realest shit ive heard in a minute. Legit the people here!!
Senpaii Gaming
Senpaii Gaming 2 days ago
Realest song I ever listened too
Clarence Ayers
Clarence Ayers 2 days ago
I love my city this is straight facts !!!
Clarence Ayers
Clarence Ayers 2 days ago
16 13 12 I needed this album stay focused family aka money
Karlynn Marie
Karlynn Marie 2 days ago
This is some true life shit!!!🔥always prepare for the worst!
Yvng_Kodak 2 days ago
big bruh i need you to get back in the studio with kevin gates ASAP
HIP HOP MUZIK 2 days ago
Best song on da album...dude said lack of communication,got my bitch acting insecure...frfr
loon2x 2 days ago
von perry
von perry 2 days ago
Moneybagg yo been hitting The spot
Denzel Washington
Big speaker
Trell P
Trell P 2 days ago
Treat all my kids equally..Momma put up she can wiggle her feet ...I felt that P ...Memphis stand up
terrence cole
terrence cole 3 days ago
This song goes soo hard 💪
Trentoria Delite
Trentoria Delite 3 days ago
Ezequiel MartinezMoran
dont think we forgot when you said "rappers wit they mixed feelings i aint fw them" 🤣
2Turnt Production
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis 3 days ago
Love it
Daniel Germanov
Daniel Germanov 3 days ago
Luke Telgenhoff
Luke Telgenhoff 3 days ago
Dmx of our generation
Yvonne Watts
Yvonne Watts 3 days ago
Very few artists my kid listen to can get played in my whip. I fucks with Moneybagg.
Jamarion cohen
Jamarion cohen 3 days ago
I felt the vibe when I walked in slick hurt me when I thought you was solid but then I seen you bend smh man nothing but facts
eswoo2 3 days ago
Virgo content always raisin the bar 🔥
Raymond Guerrero
Raymond Guerrero 3 days ago
Realist song out but also best out the album 🔥💯
Willie Jones
Willie Jones 3 days ago
Felt that one thats me all day salute to u Moneybag real talk.
rodbanks 3 days ago
Preach Moneybaggyo
Pamela McGlown
Pamela McGlown 3 days ago
this my si$t he went hard and direct on they aZZ , don't play
David Barton
David Barton 3 days ago
Bro good another Kevin gates maybe better
Arturo Gonzales
Arturo Gonzales 4 days ago
The goat
tyrone williams
tyrone williams 4 days ago
US-first: BORN GOD: Character of a Man: CHECK IT OUT
Ashley Beason
Ashley Beason 3 days ago
Connie Ludtke
Connie Ludtke 4 days ago
Love the sound!!
darrellwood79 4 days ago
Money baggage is the best rapper out right now
Alexandria Bonner
Realist shit ever I played this for the nigga I'm trinna make mine now he quiet!
Dria B
Dria B 4 days ago
Stay in your lane and out my business
Amarie Rivera
Amarie Rivera 4 days ago
“ I hit yours you hit mine even” herbo ?
Marque Oliver
Marque Oliver 4 days ago
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 4 days ago
Onna Set 💨💨💥💥🔥🔥
francis buoh
francis buoh 4 days ago
Respect and manners 💯♥️🔥🔥👌🏿💪🏾👍🏿✊🏾🙈🙉🙊💰💰🙏🏾💔🇬🇧🇬🇭
Ali Baba
Ali Baba 4 days ago
Funkytown mane
Den som vet vem som använde samplet e sjuk
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton 4 days ago
If Pain Was A Person he'd be dead!
Beezy Unique25
Beezy Unique25 4 days ago
Most slept on song on the album. I thought people would be banging this song! I listen to this song at least 5 times a day
Beezy Unique25
Beezy Unique25 3 days ago
@Devin Williams all good
Devin Williams
Devin Williams 3 days ago
@Beezy Unique25 My bad I didn't see it
Beezy Unique25
Beezy Unique25 3 days ago
@Devin Williams bruh....re read my last comment
Devin Williams
Devin Williams 3 days ago
how is it the most slept on its on trending
Beezy Unique25
Beezy Unique25 3 days ago
@Leerick Q I didn't lol I was going based off of streams and conversation about it
GrindStone 4 days ago
P3Y 5 days ago
“If it wasn’t y’all then I wouldn’t be hear, hope the haters heard that clear.” 🔥🔥(might’ve not said it right but shits hard)
P3Y 5 days ago
Jameir Jackson
Jameir Jackson 5 days ago
He talking bout stoopid duke
CHi_Guy 956
CHi_Guy 956 5 days ago
Vibin' w/ Bre
Vibin' w/ Bre 5 days ago
0:03-0:27 I felt dat💯
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis 5 days ago
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis 5 days ago
Love it
jason johnson
jason johnson 5 days ago
“It be ya own people, they will take advantage if you let’em... straight facts!!!
Chyna Edwards
Chyna Edwards 5 days ago
Nico Habachi
Nico Habachi 5 days ago
21 on trending
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero 5 days ago
Antonio Francis
Antonio Francis 5 days ago
Best song on da album HANDS DOWN
Antonio Francis
Antonio Francis 3 days ago
@Miah Bell Think about it that song u talkn about n its waukesha u spelled it wrong but that song only talkn bout a woman/love, but dis jnt hea he hittn from all angles, da girl, friends even down to family da whole 9 💪💯
Miah Bell
Miah Bell 3 days ago
Nah wockesha hit different
Ivan Donahue
Ivan Donahue 5 days ago
He took off on this
Allie Zipperer
Allie Zipperer 6 days ago
"You know a lie dont give a fuck who tell it" ^Dats the realist shit ive ever heard
Jay Money
Jay Money 6 days ago
Speak!!! "Niggas can know yo op a snitch and still hang with him"
Deon Bracey
Deon Bracey 6 days ago
If I got to coach, a nigga on how to be real don't need him around me#big speaker real nigga activity💪🏿
Brian Rick
Brian Rick 6 days ago
Stephanie Fenner
Stephanie Fenner 6 days ago
Perfect song, Perfect timing! Do you .. ppl will ALWAYS have something to say!! NEVER entertain the negative 💯
Difference Maker
Difference Maker 6 days ago
As a Motivational Speaker I wish everyone would watch everyone closely and release anyone who is holding them back. Your circle should fuel you, not drain you! ~Difference Maker
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter 4 days ago
You said a mouthful then! People reach understanding at different times and predators just take advantage of it.
Rondell Henderson
He never misses 😂😂
Wuzhaniin 6 days ago
Eric B 1000%
Eric B 1000% 6 days ago
Memphis nigga all day in Dallas TX....loving this shit from back home Tx niggaz different no hatin 💯 but da 901 will always B home nigga bruh don't even know.....💯
Tay Slime
Tay Slime 6 days ago
It's crazy when you really going though that shiii tho 💯