Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut 

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We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Weed


Published on


Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
glickityglick 5 minutes ago
We knew amolia was high in every other video shes bouncing off the walls
Lily Litwinko
Lily Litwinko 35 minutes ago
These moms are annoying, especially the one in the Jean jacket
Odd Disconnect
My mom would be high while geussing who’s high
Lauren Williams
The mom in the denim jacket is 26 and has a 17 year old? that would’ve made her 9 when she had them 🥺
Jacob Ysiano
Jacob Ysiano 2 hours ago
"When the Doritos are missing".
Aeryn Lee
Aeryn Lee 2 hours ago
They were all so cute
Amira Sandoval
Amira Sandoval 2 hours ago
dayum she said if u got money to smoke weed you got money to pay bills... no lie there lol
Christian Franco
Christian Franco 3 hours ago
That one guy with glasses looks like black Seth rogen.He even sounds and laughs like him.
sheepy leepy
sheepy leepy 3 hours ago
about a week ago week ago
Thia Beb
Thia Beb 3 hours ago
I loved black Seth Rogen
МЋ 4 hours ago
They are better than police 😂
Jaylynn Williams
Jaylynn Williams 4 hours ago
Her face at 7:10 made me laugh! XD
Dominika Wilczynsks
sooooo judgemental
Kylie Vanstraten
Kylie Vanstraten 6 hours ago
Dante is literally Seth Rogan lol
Kayla Scott
Kayla Scott 7 hours ago
“she looks nice and well dressed” do you expect people who smoke to look like homeless people? like tf
chloe bailey
chloe bailey 8 hours ago
“Does your mother say you smoke too much” lady??? That is a grown man, who gives a fuck what his mom thinks.
chloe bailey
chloe bailey 8 hours ago
I would love to see this video done with younger people because these moms Lowkey irritating
n o
n o 8 hours ago
“i think he’s hi-“ “i’m higher then a kite”
Atticus Torchwood
Atticus Torchwood 9 hours ago
That talk she had with her kids was hitting a fat bong rip
Wumbee 9 hours ago
7:11 _her face though_
Andrea Guerrero
Andrea Guerrero 10 hours ago
I’m watching this high and laughing my ass off 🤣
uck You
uck You 10 hours ago
Idk why people feel like their brain stops moving and that they're sluggish. I feel like everything has more color and I can articulate my thoughts and emotions more rationally when I'm high. Weed to me is like sunlight to a tree.
Olive G
Olive G 10 hours ago
Dante sounds exactly like seth rogan
Lecia Kade
Lecia Kade 11 hours ago
I say vibe and have never smoke weed
StoneCold Sweden
StoneCold Sweden 12 hours ago
It's never ok to smoke weed or do drugs. I mean fucking hell if you don't actually need to take them for medical reasons then why the fuck would you use them? When did people become so weak.
blake duffy
blake duffy 13 hours ago
The all black dressed guy sounds like Michael Cera
linah리나 13 hours ago
Woman: Do you know who says the word "vibe"? People who are high My 10 year old sister: vibe me: 👁👄👁
Vanda Szekely
Vanda Szekely 15 hours ago
7:15 Mhhh... idk maybe like a fking orange wtf is that question
I hate myself
I hate myself 19 hours ago
All of us knew dante was high as a kite when he walked in
Jana 20 hours ago
7:11 this is pure comedy ahahah
fef fEfes
fef fEfes 22 hours ago
that man sounds like Seth Rogan
Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson 23 hours ago
dante sounds like seth rogen
Squeebles 23 hours ago
i got 5 wrong. Also that last girl was adorable
Jade 23 hours ago
The cheeta lady had a total superiority complex.
Lily Halter
Lily Halter Day ago
The whole comment section are teenagers who don’t understand why older generations are the way that they are
I Day ago
" this is hard because she looks super nice and well dressed" ... right because weed stops people from being able to get showered and dressed... totally
I Day ago
meanwhile me and my mom get ripped together
Shelbdreher Day ago
Dante speaking facts tho
Gabriel Parker
I was going to be mad if all the moms only said they all were high.
Athena Day ago
The judgement tho
anna Day ago
why tf did she act like she wasn't surprised when he said he doesn't talk to his mom.. like just because he smokes everyday
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
the old guy seems like such a cool character
Beatriz Garcia
This was lame
Isabella Petit
whats a dead giveaway somebody's high? "The Doritos are missing" 😆
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
I hate the mom with six kids she always right it’s pissing me off
Zangie Does
Zangie Does Day ago
Wait can ppl do adderall twice a day? Lmaoo I thought it a once a day in the morning medicine
Sanea Snow
Sanea Snow Day ago
The cheetah mom got on my nerves 🤦🏼‍♀️I had to skip thru the video
Amber Booton
Amber Booton Day ago
they are SUCH moms
Seth Schneider
lol, Dante gives me Seth Rogen vibes.
Atlas Day ago
They’re calling everyone high
Angela Garcia
bye the cheetah sweater really said people who say “vibe” are stoners 😭😭
Vakker Day ago
I am so sorry to their children. These "moms" should be ashamed to call themselves moms and act so superior. Clear to see their moms never whooped their asses for being rude. Fr all the moms need their mouths washed out with soap, what garbage people
Meredith Wynn
so all moms think everyone in the world is high
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh Day ago
The changeable change curiosly deliver because flat acly plug sans a truculent leg. skinny, able process
Theo Tennant
Theo Tennant Day ago
I love how Dante is just Seth Rogan but black
totally tegly
"when the Doritos are missing" BRUH THE POOR DORITOS!!
Cruced Jordans
cheeta mom know strands and stuff she most def smoke
I think moms high.
Kaan Day ago
6:45 He was so happy and cheerful but she’s being disrespectful for what?
Bryan Chavis
Bryan Chavis Day ago
bruh id die if the black lady was my mom
bobby acosta
bobby acosta Day ago
I hate the mom with six kids she always right it’s pissing me off
Erin Hendrickson Marley
Ok so everyone thought that girl in the green was high but actually she was just ADD!! The amt of times I have been mistaken has high ...
Kelsey L
Kelsey L Day ago
i’ve literally never been high but i got nervous af just watching these moms
Pitiful Rock
Pitiful Rock Day ago
grrr they laughed they must be high
Samantha Hernandez
I like how they are trying to see every detail.
Cari Fantabulous
poor girl on the addies, i get asked all the time about if i’m stoned but i’m just trying to get thru the day lmaoo
xoxsarah Day ago
the older man was so sweet I hope he is having a great day
not so long, babe
oh it broke my heart when the woman with six kids told that girl to try not to have any 🤧
not so long, babe
when that women say that the asian girl was high just because of her eyes 💀💀💀
not so long, babe
dO you know who uses the word vibe??!?!? DO YOU?!? 😡👊🏻🤬
not so long, babe
god I'm so high and WORRIED now 😫
not so long, babe
I feel like this moms know just a little too much about marijuana 👀
not so long, babe
omg now I feel that my mom knew every single time I was high
Monica Z
Monica Z 2 days ago
Omg the guy with the suit kinda sounds like Wreck-it-Ralph
SlayedByJasmine 2 days ago
Well I'm 12 and I guess I smoke because because I say "vibe"
Scott Shoe
Scott Shoe 2 days ago
I’m just trying to figure out where the dad’s are?
Yamzilla The Third
8:25 when she based her judgement solely off of her eyes👁👄👁 like she’s an Asian woman wot
brenna 2 days ago
anyone know if the first person has a youtube channel?
Ashland Brooke
Ashland Brooke 2 days ago
Sometimes high is people's normal it's so natural.
Ashland Brooke
Ashland Brooke 2 days ago
"that weed did some permit damage"
Ashland Brooke
Ashland Brooke 2 days ago
4:09 me on the daily
Kaitlyn Street
Kaitlyn Street 2 days ago
I knew Amalia was high immediately because she was SO MUCH calmer compared to other videos🤣🤣
french toast
french toast 2 days ago
She likes to smoke the weed and *VIBE*
amara t
amara t 2 days ago
that older man was so nice. the lady in the cheetah shirt was such a bitch to say that to him.
Abie 2 days ago
lady w tha cheetah sweater fucking sucks
Abie 2 days ago
“...are you high?” “no” “🙄😡nooo,, fuack no bc then how she will do the 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽doot doo do”
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 days ago
someone's arms being behind their back, or a nervous laughter or a gaze... geez. tough.
Riskyforever 2 days ago
that girl in the black sweater was easily the most obvious
Alicia Brownlee
Alicia Brownlee 2 days ago
Random drug test lady is a nutcase
Mariana 2 days ago
SO MUCH LOVE TO THE OLDER GENTLEMAN!!!! If the moms won't match his energy, I WILL 😭
Jamie Swales
Jamie Swales 2 days ago
These mums are so judgemental and close minded 🙄
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 days ago
dante kinda sounds like seth rogen lmao
beem boom
beem boom 2 days ago
cheetah mom was the absolute worst
Maxima Panda
Maxima Panda 2 days ago
4:02 dat foo sent me. bro had me dying
Abby Hughes
Abby Hughes 2 days ago
Cheetah mom was ruining the high vibe like calm down. She made me mad.
Ainsley Morgan
Ainsley Morgan 2 days ago
this annoyed me. like parent your own kid however you want but its not your job to parent these people
MA Kim-k
MA Kim-k 2 days ago
...he seriously looks and sounds like Seth Rogan's half black brother...
Siana Lagro
Siana Lagro 2 days ago
“Ooooo she said viiiibeee. You know who says viiibeeee? People who smoke weeeeed!”
Just Luna
Just Luna 2 days ago
Plot twist all these moms probably smoke😂 Also I love when the lady said “ you’re older than me to buy weed you’re old enough to pay rent”
K Honeyy
K Honeyy 2 days ago
Yeah...i don't like this video at all.
Victoria Ann
Victoria Ann 2 days ago
26 with a 17 yr old.... what the fuck man
Cristina German
Cristina German 2 days ago
Amaia was tweakingg LMFAO
I'm Leaving YouTube
I'm Leaving YouTube