Momma Bear Struggles with Cubs || ViralHog 

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Occurred on March 27, 2021 / Winsted, Connecticut, USA
"First I thought 1 baby had been struck by car, came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all 4 babies to cross the street, together! I can relate as a mom of 4 myself!"
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Pets & Animals

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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Stacie Strachan
Stacie Strachan 5 minutes ago
Omg his little trot across the road!!!
Kamlin Kilgroe
Kamlin Kilgroe 36 minutes ago
1) good video 2) bears are not too bright 3) tbese are dangerous animals that humans do not need. i know the babies are cute. 4) those cute babies will grow up and eat you. less likely a black bear. but the other ones.
Walter Bradthau
Walter Bradthau 3 hours ago
This is literally what it was like when my mom would try to leave the mall with my brothers and I when we were little...
essadpasha 4 hours ago
It's pretty funny to see the bear come back and then they won't go back to the side that the mother bear wants to go to
Ana Cabestany
Ana Cabestany 4 hours ago
Oh Dios cuanto estres con esos bebes...😂😂💕💕
youyou lina
youyou lina 5 hours ago
😂😂😂😂يا لها من لقطة مضحكة من الحيوانات..
Jessica Yoon
Jessica Yoon 6 hours ago
Марина Максименко
Любима🙏😀мамочка 👍👏😂😂
Никита Яковлевский
Аты баты, шли мишаты))))
Nitesh Sha
Nitesh Sha 8 hours ago
Hannibaal Barça
Hannibaal Barça 8 hours ago
Take care for babies; Mum is M U M
Sandi B
Sandi B 9 hours ago
Bless her.. where the daddy lol.. she needs help
Ed Horton
Ed Horton 9 hours ago
And you thought herding cats was tough.
Animal science book
I am paying my highest salute and appreciation to the drivers for stopping the vehicles and letting the mamma bear to cross the roads along with her babies
Slimane Ettahery
Slimane Ettahery 9 hours ago
Il y a des conducteurs qui ne respecte même pas les piétons merci pour ces gens compréhensif
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 10 hours ago
I would be smiling all day after seeing that.
BridgeB Music
BridgeB Music 11 hours ago
Fucking cop has to come a s block the shot smh just cuz there black bears I bet he shot them for not complying
Pipi Blabbloe
Pipi Blabbloe 14 hours ago
Mothers 👍🌷🌻👍❤💚🐨🐨🐨
Matthew Beaton
Matthew Beaton 14 hours ago
Wait till dad hears about it
Paul Davdiyan
Paul Davdiyan 15 hours ago
Michele P.
Michele P. 16 hours ago
You can still hear the ass whoopin the cub got at home
H W 17 hours ago
Why didn't anyone help her? I would of done it.
Anne Morgan
Anne Morgan 17 hours ago
And I whip my babies back and forth....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Денис 17 hours ago
Денис 17 hours ago
Джека Санько
Яжмать нужно ждать)))
Mike Wong
Mike Wong 21 hour ago
Something every mom can relate to! 😂
mao lee
mao lee 21 hour ago
cubs so cut
Iggy Rock
Iggy Rock Day ago
Adil Jabbarov
Непослушные детки))
Lyna Galliara
The one that's prancing around is sure he's the best behaving one and is trying to be a role model to his siblings 🤣
Мария Шевченко
Вот это да! Вот это- материнский инстинкт! Невероятно, но факт!
Hilda Oliveira
"SERES HUMANOS " Obrigado por compartilhar.
Karolina S.
Karolina S. Day ago
ja pierdziele hehehe normalnie jak z dziećmi! czy ktoś z Polski ogląda? u nas to by tak ładnie samochody nie stały, szacun dla kierowców 😊świetnie Niedźwiady.
Chris Chris
Chris Chris Day ago
Василий Носенко
Вот это настоящая маманька
R.S.L sharma
R.S.L sharma Day ago
A mother is after all a mother.
Елена Рябкова
Как много детёнышей у медведицы...это такая редкость
Doktor Day ago
Тяжело многодетной маме 👍
Sakal Dev
Sakal Dev Day ago
Dean Mayer
Dean Mayer Day ago
Bless her heart. She was having a heck of a time with her babies.❤
Penny Wolf
Penny Wolf 2 days ago
Those two were the special ed cubs
Evandro Silva
Evandro Silva 2 days ago
Impressionante o pessoal respeita a travessia deles muito show exemplo de que tem como dar certo pena o brasileiro n fazer igual
Blazers04 2 days ago
....... I feel like I was the cub @ 1:45, always making things difficult LOL
conscience In comatose
This is one of the problems that a mother has with twins 😅😬
Q Qaran
Q Qaran 2 days ago
❤️ Mam😘
11 99
11 99 2 days ago
سبحان الله حنان الام والاب لايعوض 🤗 العبرة من المقطع في ناس تتمناربنايرزقها بطفلاين اوثلاثة توام . خليكي واحد واحد وبلاش ليطقلك عرق 👍👍👍 الله يعطي كل محتاج ويزوج كل حبيبين لبعض 😍🤩
水精靈 2 days ago
Irfan Sayyad
Irfan Sayyad 2 days ago
Wonderful patient behaviour by the drivers, Allah bless you..... thanks for the video
哀楽喜怒 2 days ago
Heloísa Amaris
Heloísa Amaris 2 days ago
Олина Famulily
Колонна ждёт👍
Beti Nurbaeti
Beti Nurbaeti 2 days ago
Beti Nurbaeti
Beti Nurbaeti 2 days ago
LinuxBox 2 days ago
DAMN IT KEVIN, get off that pole! All you others, (you know who you are) NO berries until you shape up and listen to mama!!
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones 2 days ago
🤓💯 lmao wow kids are too much
51HankySpanky 2 days ago
That was FUN!! Thanks!
veronik fabregoul
pearl sky
pearl sky 3 days ago
The last one 😂
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia 3 days ago
essa mamãe ursa é exemplo de paciencia pr muitas (humanas) 😏
World Citezen
World Citezen 3 days ago
The care of a mother , is the same even for Humans , even for Animals. So cute 🐻🐻🐻🐻
석영작가 3 days ago
Cat walking
Screen Apple
Screen Apple 3 days ago
Too many babies...
Азат Курбанбаев
И это они говорят, что у нас медведи по улицам ходят, и в гармонь играют
Алёнка Васина
И у медведей есть непослушные дети..
clare mendez
clare mendez 3 days ago
Muy bien por esa gente que tuvo 🙏
Daria Chatkhan
Daria Chatkhan 3 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ !!!!!!!!!
Danielle Costa
Danielle Costa 3 days ago
JOANNA 3 days ago
Vasile Tiganu
Vasile Tiganu 3 days ago
Prakash Srinivasan
Very very proud of Momma bear how responsible she is 👍👍
ovais tabassi
ovais tabassi 3 days ago
It's really painful humans occupied the place of wildlife,,, where they can live???
Sonu Gupta
Sonu Gupta 3 days ago
Kids always remains kids be it in any form. Troublesome but simply cute and innocent
Ha Ha
Ha Ha 3 days ago
I don't see the difference between my kids with the baby bear!
surreal 3 days ago
The long queue of cars tells how disciplined and respectful people are . Perfect example where society stands for individuals.
Лейла Рамазанова
Браво полицейские, спасибо за терпение
三昧 4 days ago
車も停車して、この 微笑ましい親子愛の光景を見守ってるのがいいですね~。
elliott haft
elliott haft 4 days ago
" You're all getting a time out. Just wait till you're father gets home "
Maymoon Muvarak
Maymoon Muvarak 4 days ago
Thnx for to all of you for your patience
Odacir Reis
Odacir Reis 4 days ago
Tão bonitos
Dikow Dikowim
Dikow Dikowim 4 days ago
Мамочка 😍💖👍. Всем спасибо за терпение 👍💖
olg06 4 days ago
😆 Just like humans...or is it the other way around?
sinead 4 days ago
The people who waited are blessed through eternity. We share this earth with animals.
александр сосунов
Ребята,спасибо вам вы молодцы
Furta-Cor 4 days ago
Rahul 4 days ago
Thanks God they are safe
Natasa Dimitrijevic
Muke sa decom.Majka se muči,a tate nigde.
Oscar Peñaloza
Oscar Peñaloza 4 days ago
Que rico para aer pinchos
LBee 4 days ago
Kids are a pita no matter what...
Николай Богословский
Люди с понятием. Всё понимают..
Sternchen 4 days ago
God please bless the ANIMALS🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Wiesława Wiśniewska
Muszę przenieść. Moje. Małe🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻
KANAK YadaV 4 days ago
Everything is Good Man Ruls follow Great Country
Nathan22 lutundula
0:38 Imagine if he kidnapped the baby bear then drove away XD
Abderrahmen Fessi عبدالرحمن الفاسي
Glory be to Almighty Allah. Our Creator, Sustainer, Fashioner, the Most Merciful. All praise is for Him only.
cedric eric
cedric eric 4 days ago
Why so many Russians in comments:)
Ashish Tandon
Ashish Tandon 4 days ago
This is the reason china follows one child policy
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta 4 days ago
Wow, amazing help these animals who needs....☺👍
A K 4 days ago
she is holding her anger till they gets home
bear sits next to guy
Our Big Bear Family