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Strength...A powerful word, but what does it mean? How is it measured? Why are some things simply stronger than others. How strong is a rope, a tractor, a diamond, a tugboat or even plastic. See more in Season 12, Episode 43, "World's Strongest."
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May 1, 2021




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HISTORY 18 days ago
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Richard Wilds
Richard Wilds 10 days ago
J n
Matthew Gottuso
The spiteful nerve briefly burn because deer initially hop despite a unusual cannon. mysterious, near reminder
Your Google Meister
I frigging love this show!
Elsewhere Day ago
*slaps hood of car "this baby can fit so many strong items in it"
Mike Zerker
Mike Zerker 2 days ago
Back when History wasn't just lame reality shows!
prodigy750 3 days ago
Modern Marvels is the best show ever!!! The voice of the narrator makes the show!!! I love it!!
joey formasano
joey formasano 3 days ago
Had me paying attention until they said that the Egyptians made the pyramids using rope 😅😅😅😅😅 do you really expect me to believe that the Egyptians used rope to raise the pyramids 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is like saying that Bidens son won't smoke crack anymore!!
Energy 3 days ago
If I was the spider scientist id be more worried about hurting myself then the spider lol. She spoke like the spider was more important than her lol. f that spider I'd smash it. Hate spiders.
john mirbach
john mirbach 3 days ago
Dru Lessman
Dru Lessman 3 days ago
That t shirt lol. Happy Halloween shirt.. not scared
dd d
dd d 3 days ago
I love the tugboats
Jordan Nye
Jordan Nye 4 days ago
I feel like this topic alone, "the world's strongest", can be it's own History show.
R.G. Brown
R.G. Brown 4 days ago
See you at Pulltown , August 2021
MIKE WILDER 5 days ago
To bad you use Hydrocarbons to make it. Not good for Global warming people. Back to the drawing board. LOL
lytken 5 days ago
hahaha World's Strongest only in the USA FACEPALM
chooglin fine
chooglin fine 5 days ago
No taknihurn ??? How does a 280 million ton 2.8 billion h.p. earth mover not make the list 🤔🤔
Gregg Weber
Gregg Weber 6 days ago
Transparent Aluminum? LoL
Gregg Weber
Gregg Weber 6 days ago
Steam engine tractor pulls? Torque?
Gregg Weber
Gregg Weber 6 days ago
Is it worth the mass to centrifuge the air intake so that the more concentrated oxygen goes to the carburetor and the nitrogen rich is dumped out?
ztwntyn8 6 days ago
6:30 saw him as a kid at Hara Arena Dayton OH how could you forget this guy. I remember others as well but this sticks out so much.
MH DuBois
MH DuBois 6 days ago
I used to love seeing tractor pulls but that was before they started to mic each rig and 10x amplifying their noise.
BC AD-Infinity
BC AD-Infinity 6 days ago
I use to work in a Plastic Thermoset & Injection molding Factory before my back blew out my Lumbar Discs in my back. Thermoset is when the plastic is crushed & injected into the molds then heated up to extreme heat & cooled. Plastic Injection is when the plastic goes into the barrel [When they shown the spiral shaft that is inside the barrel] that grinds up the polymeres & heats up the Plastic inside the barrel at extreme temperatures. The melted Plastic, like "Lexar", is injected into the Mold Dies & cooled by pipes of running water from Cooling Towers on the roof of the Factory which circulates in the mold to cool the mold off & when the temp cools off the computer is programmed to open up the mold at a certain temp. The Mold then has push pins that eject the runner that the objects are connected to into a drop bin. Press workers sit or stand next to the Injection Machine, pull the drop bin out & dump the runners and objects into another area so other workers can cut or disconnect the objects from the runners aling with any extra flash connected to the Parts [Flash is extra plastic surrounding the parts & runner]. In Plastic Injection Molding, the runners & any bad parts which are not up to spec are thrown into a grinder & later mixed with Virgin Polymeres with certain ratio's 50/50 or 70/30 [That is either 50% or 70% part Virgin Polymere's to 50% or 30% Regrind Plastic Material] It gets mixed up and is placed into huge dryiers to take any moisture out of the plastic & then reused to make more parts. It's very very important to not have any moisture in the plastic mix of virgin or regrind material. As the mixed plastic is going into the barrel at extreme temperature, any moisture in the plastic will cause it to boil & if it does this then can be a catastrophy waiting to happen in which the trapped moisture boils & can explode inside the barrel. When this happens, it can possibly blow up the barrel causing shrapnel that will kill or injure anyone standing near the press and also causing severe damage to the Injection Molding Press [Machine]. I seen what an exploded barrel looks like & what happens... The metal or bullet proof plastic surrounding the barrel for such instances is ripped apart along with injuries to the press operators & workers. I use to work on 500 Ton Barrett Plastic Injection Molding Presses and other presses which were 50 ton Presses & up. I also worked on 50 Ton Danley to Verson 1000 Ton Punch Presses used for Progressive Metal Stamping in factories in the past before Thermoset & plastic injection Presses. For Thermoset presses, the plastic is grinded inside the barrel to very fine particles & pushed into the mold which is extremely hot. As the Thermoset Plastic is injected into the mold, the heat of the Mold Dies melts the plastic inside then cooled, which is opposite of Plastic Inection Molding compared to Thermoset. The difference from Thermoset Plastic to Injection Mold Plastic, is the Thermoset can not be reused & will never degrade over a period of time which is not biodegradeable & Plastic Injection material can be reused... Looking at a cost effective perspective, Plastic Injection is better but is not good for parts molded which are used in extreme heated conditions. Where I worked, Thermoset was used to make electrical bobbins that were used in extreme electrical conditions while the Plastic Injection was used for objects that were not subjected to extreme temperatures. I hope a little of what I wrote shedds some light on the differences between Plastic Injection Molding & Thermoset Injection Molding. Awesome Marvels of inventions in all aspects of technology & Engineering... I also use to make the frames for Compaq Computers when I worked in the Factories for metal stamping along with the metal circuit diagrams that was used for Cell Phs Circuit Boards in which the metal was as thin as paper and very difficult to work with. The Specs had to be within 1000th of an inch for most dimentions. The quality control had to use a microscope to measure parts periodically to make sure parts were within blue print specs.
James Bryan
James Bryan 7 days ago
These machines aren’t Green ! Why can’t they just use big rubber bands ? AOC exclaimed , after seeing the pollution these machines were putting out .
Daniel Stafussi Granado
Phone resistance to drop?! He's not talking about the Iphones.
FinesseMidnight 7 days ago
Cool 👍👍👍
Scott Trichel
Scott Trichel 7 days ago
37:12 👀
Terry Pickette
Terry Pickette 9 days ago
👍👍 🔧
Mini Punch
Mini Punch 9 days ago
Yo I had no idea people were forcibly pulling silk from spiders lmao
Saber SMAW
Saber SMAW 9 days ago
V-12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel Cat 3512
Wallace Hughes
Wallace Hughes 9 days ago
First they shoot at him with bean bags and tasers, and then they yell at him to calm down, really?
Andrew Roman
Andrew Roman 10 days ago
The tugboat segment was really cool. I had no idea how those things worked or how powerful they were.
AckzaTV 11 days ago
from thumbnail, i thought it was an Indian/Pakistani Bus
Kenneth Welch
Kenneth Welch 11 days ago
*BIG TRACTOR* tiny peepee
Ebay Addicts
Ebay Addicts 11 days ago
Nice work ✨🎆🌠
Col. Cotton Hill
Col. Cotton Hill 11 days ago
Imagine to score a date with a girl and she's way less scared of spiders than you are!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 11 days ago
Are those Caddy V-8's @ 2:16 ? Distributor's in the front. thanks in advance!
John Floyd
John Floyd 7 days ago
I'm not sure.. the distributor is up front but there is Chevy 572 big blocks.. Chrysler big blocks have distributor up front but pointing the opposite way
355ml12floz 12 days ago
That guy is smoking something, atmospheric pressure (mother nature) at sea level is 12.7 psi not 14.
Philip Webb
Philip Webb 11 days ago
Nope. You're the one who's not breathing pure air: 14.7 is the number.
Ebay Addicts
Ebay Addicts 12 days ago
Nice work 🎇🎆🌠
Hay Soe
Hay Soe 12 days ago
So that’s the kind of tractor country music talks about in their music.
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 12 days ago
3:06 this guy trying to steer while tires in the air
DoubleX Diesel
DoubleX Diesel 12 days ago
6:48 Gardener Stone himself with the G stone Motors General 4 turbine tractor. Local legend in my town. Middlebury Vermont USA 🇺🇸
Aarifa Amos
Aarifa Amos 12 days ago
Mitchell Bliss
Mitchell Bliss 12 days ago
strong or not, i still am sweeping all those cob webs in my basement strait into the fricken trash
amangogna68 12 days ago
Great video !
Chris Sappenfield
Chris Sappenfield 12 days ago
Props to the crazy people that can work with spiders all day long. I couldn't do it
Hummy Hero
Hummy Hero 12 days ago
Seen this a few years ago on tv when i had dish network.
2A556FMJ 13 days ago
12:23 things getting kinky in there
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer 13 days ago
Only in America do things like this exist
Potted Cactus
Potted Cactus 13 days ago
12:30 Spiders are better than people
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 13 days ago
Thanks excellent...!
Shaun Whalen
Shaun Whalen 13 days ago
After working at a Jared's I can tell you diamonds at least Jared's made not that strong.
NateLeePhillips 12 days ago
Diamonds are very hard, but also brittle. It's fairly easy to break diamond with an impact, but rubbing it against something less hard causes it to scrape away that softer material.
Support your Troops & Athletes
I guess you did not work on your job long.
Diego Arteaga Lopez
dam from chevy v 8 to v12 for cars and trucks and planes on tractors to strong spider web man spiderman strong
TheOriginalJphyper 13 days ago
4:04 2800-3000 HP... That's the same amount of horsepower as a typical EMD SD40-2 diesel-electric locomotive (one of the most common freight locomotives in the U.S.). Those tractors are no joke.
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan 13 days ago
And LEXAN is old news now. There is transparent Aluminum. ALON. Aluminum Oxynitride. Actually a ceramic. Check out YT for bullet tests on it.
Agent Squirrel
Agent Squirrel 13 days ago
Had to stop watching... tractor pulls... seriously???
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan 13 days ago
It's a thing like NHRA and Funny Cars. It's for FUN! Spoil Sport!
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan 13 days ago
Check YT for those tractors exploding during a pull. Some real doozies! And watch the CASE 150 steam tractor do a full pull and keep on going.
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson 8 days ago
@Courtney Shoemaker, you sir, are correct! But, that Case 110 stole the show. (Along with the sled.) steve
Courtney Shoemaker
I don't think kory has hooked his 150 to a sled... maybe you are thinking of the 110...?
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson 11 days ago
I LIKED that Case 150 vid. "Grandpa, the guys at the tractor pull, want their cart back!" That tractor got to the end, made a turn, and kept on going. Also loved them throwing sawdust into the firebox. Sparks went everywhere. steve
Jason Rarick
Jason Rarick 13 days ago
spider taped down and violated taped down and violated
Support your Troops & Athletes
Experienced much?
Duner250R 13 days ago
Those 5 engine tractors are just stupid lmao. One diesel engine can make the same amount of torque haha!
Courtney Shoemaker
Courtney Shoemaker 13 days ago
@Kyle Campbell kids just don't know!! Besides Duner250R can't handle a 500!!
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 13 days ago
Each one of those engines are 3000 hp amd more torque than that. They have diesel class and they cant keepnup with the unlimited class. Plus it's a weight issue. You cant make weight.
Courtney Shoemaker
Courtney Shoemaker 13 days ago
Hook and book!!💪
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 13 days ago
I ate a water bottle today
Support your Troops & Athletes
That's nice. 🙄
Borg Horsa
Borg Horsa 13 days ago
Engineering, Education and STEM sciences is my favorite type of US-first videos. Everything else is unimportant. Actors, entertainers and rap shouldn't even been allowed on US-first to begin with
NateLeePhillips 12 days ago
Let people enjoy things!
It's been a long time since the last time i hear the word UNDERWAY which means the ship is moving.
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 5 days ago
@Mike Finamore yessir
Mike Finamore
Mike Finamore 5 days ago
@Slick Mike Other ways to use the term "underway": The project is already well underway . Road and bridge construction is underway. Economic recovery is already underway. An investigation is underway after a missile self-destructed shortly after it was launched. An investigation is underway to find out how the disaster happened.
John Floyd
John Floyd 7 days ago
I say that phrase when I'm otw in my truck or in motion to a destination by any means
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 13 days ago
not the only thing underway means but ok
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson 13 days ago
History --> Modern
Ki11man 23
Ki11man 23 10 days ago
Wouldn't it be making history?
NateLeePhillips 12 days ago
TBF it has more history in it than most current History Channel shows.
Thockology 13 days ago
Another great series. Can we get Mail Call with R Lee Hermy?
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson 11 days ago
I wish Gunny was still with us! steve
Guåhan671 Bass
Guåhan671 Bass 13 days ago
What rich people do with their money? Make a uselessly strong tractor not made for its original intention ofcourse!
NateLeePhillips 12 days ago
@Kyle Stover Because of the amount of money it takes to build tractors like that.
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 13 days ago
@Kyle Stover Dam wish I was rich.
THROTTLE POWER 13 days ago
Great show, really enjoyed!!!!!!!
Steve Guti
Steve Guti 13 days ago
God is everywhere praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all
Steve Guti
Steve Guti 13 days ago
God is watching and knows everything praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all
Support your Troops & Athletes
@Puder McGavin freedom of speech, get over it .
Mel Christian
Mel Christian 13 days ago
Thank you may God bless you too
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin 13 days ago
Quit preaching !
Guåhan671 Bass
Guåhan671 Bass 13 days ago
@Logan McCain you as well Logan
Logan McCain
Logan McCain 13 days ago
God Bless you too
Steve Guti
Steve Guti 13 days ago
Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day praying for everyone everyday God bless you all.