MMA Community Reacts to Ben Askren getting knocked out in under two minutes versus Jake Paul,Conor 

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Aljamain Sterling undergoes successful neck surgery,
Conor McGregor gets tested by USADA,
Joanna teases a return to the OCTAGON,
Diego Sanchez trains for Donald Cerrone,
JDS gives his thoughts on Alvarez DQ loss,
MMA Community reacts to Askren vs Paul,
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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
A. P.
A. P. 24 days ago
Joanna is so quirky its cute
Cali FishLife
Cali FishLife 24 days ago
This channel fell off badddddd
Saul 24 days ago
Just boosts me ego to spot the MMA communities stupidity all again in the comments. People really debating and insulting each other over this fraud fight.. Obviously, Ben is a genius. This was a huge payday and he definitely decided to get stopped early, taking a minimum amount of damage. Maybe the ref and Jake knew. There were SO many hints about this happening and yet the world of educated MMA fan-prodigies knows better, as always 🤣🤣🤣
Hollywood101283 25 days ago
Top Notch Doctor right there!
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 26 days ago
Man that Louisiana was flowing like crazy with DC
K Jaccc
K Jaccc 26 days ago
mma is still more dangerous than boxing
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson 26 days ago
Never fought a professional boxer in boxing. Never fought a pro in MMA...IN MMA. "why you doubt me?" Oh, because you have literally never fought anyone.
RugbyManuel 26 days ago
Uff, Sánchez man...
Stephen Bredl
Stephen Bredl 26 days ago
Aljo, dude.. most the people watching this is str8 dudes. Get that lip licking shit outta here man. I cringe so hard that I damn near need neck surgery now homie. J. F'n C.
Model Car Hobbyist
Model Car Hobbyist 26 days ago
I have to say Ben Askren just can't take those headshots anymore. When I was younger (about 15 years younger) I got hit in the face with a steel handle(long story) the short version is it didn't knock me out...now 15 years and a whole lot of hard knocks later the wind off of that handle would take me out...lol. Time multiplied by damage=retirement!
Drone Crash Channel
Aljampion has to stop posting
bryant49 26 days ago
Ok soooo has anyone ever actually seen ben fight. Have u seen how he lets his hands go . So no1 should b surprised he got beat up n a boxing match
Tj Rawal
Tj Rawal 27 days ago
4:22 Sterling bit ends
JSU's n Bhdjnfj
JSU's n Bhdjnfj 27 days ago
How dumb is “the MMA community?” I part of it and I knew Ben couldn’t box his way out of a wet paper bag.
LAm Dra
LAm Dra 27 days ago
Ben won a million dollars under a minute, he the real champ💯
Joe Benson
Joe Benson 27 days ago
Ben and Jake worked this fight so that Dana could lose $1m.
Allan T
Allan T 27 days ago
What did you expect, Ben is just an over weight lump
K Be
K Be 28 days ago
"Theres a reason no one can take his right hand?"Yer right,the reason is,he's hand picking bums, not Boxers,and One old man 7 months removed from hip surgery and 30lbs over his Fighting weight.Wow,paul is for real¡¡¡ 🤪😳😅🤣😂 Only challenges the best.Just like all the great's .🙄
Ken Carson
Ken Carson 28 days ago
Jake Paul vs Joshua Fabia at the next triller
Harry Caldwell
Harry Caldwell 28 days ago
C’mon guys, is normal
Alastair Hewitt
Alastair Hewitt 28 days ago
What was the scan he had? And who is his doctor? As someone with severe nerve damage I need someone like this!
Smilow Da P
Smilow Da P 28 days ago
Jake Paul is such a clown
Mr Spine
Mr Spine 28 days ago
Ben Askew should quit showing in public
drupeacawk 206
drupeacawk 206 28 days ago
So fucking cringey
trevor trevor
trevor trevor 28 days ago
Just before signing with the UFC, Askren said he wanted to fight GSP... I feel so sad for Robbie Lawler now.
andrea Jr
andrea Jr 28 days ago
Next Jake Paul VS Canelo ,or Next Jake Paul vs GGG ,lets GOOOOOOO for money and real fighting in Boxing Rule!!!
Mahada 28 days ago
And if they really want to legitimize this triller shit they need to stop with the super bowl halftime shit drop the musical acts and just focus on the fights. And find people who actually know about boxing to commentate. Listening to Oscar De La Hoya’s drunk ass trying to be funny was just off putting.
Mahada 28 days ago
Anyone else find it weird that when Paul was in the ring celebrating. Ben askren was already on his way out of the arena going to his car presumably to go cash the check.
Max Keller
Max Keller 28 days ago
Jake paul thinks he's a fighter now lol
Mile Novakovic
Mile Novakovic 28 days ago
I cant wait for this boy to fight a real striker hahahaha
1337 5p34k
1337 5p34k 28 days ago
aljo is a parody
Jesse Alvarez
Jesse Alvarez 28 days ago
Bro askren was undefeated before the ufc he actually has a pro record. Jake is just a boxer for hobby and he still beat askren that says more about askren than jake im pretty sure every average would be acting like jake did if they beat a pro. Askren should have won this fight. I guess lawlers beating, masvidals knee and mayas choke sent askren to less than average.
Gregory Larry
Gregory Larry 28 days ago
Triller needs to bag it. This thing of a bunch of old dudes trying to be funny and cool while professional athletes put their life on the line ... IS PATHETIC !!!!
james taylor
james taylor 28 days ago
Easy bro... U didn't just beat Roberto Duran or Marvin hagler in their prime... You paid half a million for a dude to hit the canvas and grab a cheque for you can wear a red plastic dollar store belt which I have no clue what is spose to represent..go box vasily lomachenko... Or Manny Pac... Lol... You Havnt even boxed an amateur yet... A washed up mma guy which is known for NEVER striking.. An ex nba guard and a dam US-firstr.. 😂😂😂 You are the king of combat Jake!
Blue Collar Beer Snob
I’d be way more empathetic to Aljo if he did not accept the belt and hold up over his head at the party after the fight
NewEra 28 days ago
Jake Paul let's do the rematch under MMA rules ;-) Or you are scared ?
Lukie2131 28 days ago
Lmao Ben Was so out of shape for this fight he had love Handles 😆 I really don't know if he took this fight seriously but at least he's walking away with 500,000$ and he might make more money.
LegitKiller 28 days ago
Fake fight, hoax fight lol
LegitKiller 28 days ago
Ben was paid to get knocked out, Jake buys subscribers and boxing wins
Chin LSX
Chin LSX 28 days ago
You should change the title to “Mma community CLOWNS Ben Asskren”
Billy TheKidder
Billy TheKidder 28 days ago
Where’d Aljo meet that guy, from his time acting on E.R.?
YBN_Angel •-•
YBN_Angel •-• 28 days ago
Y y’all hating on jake Paul a win is a win he got knocked out
Mason Beachnaw
Mason Beachnaw 28 days ago
Obviously the world is behind Jake Paul he was famous before this for doing nothing. Apologize to the fans for the piss poor performance they paid 500k for. Gust of wind would have put him down
brian davis
brian davis 28 days ago
Na that was rigged gurantee u jake had to pay Ben for that Ben don’t give a dam about a fake loss he got payed he’s way to tuff for a damn you tube star
LuckyDT 28 days ago
Looks like some high quality training going on at that School of Self Awareness. The grappling is truly next level, there is reportedly a video of Marcelo Garcia getting tapped out by Josh Fabia relatively quickly. Garcia can be heard saying, "but how" in Portugese, and Fabia responded also in Portugese (a language he doesn't even speak) "because.... because I believed in myself".
noobie683 28 days ago
Aljo got a surgery to hold onto the belt longer. That's some champ lvl shit.
harish veer
harish veer 28 days ago
Derek spitting facts
Awakened Fate
Awakened Fate 28 days ago
IDGAF about Jake Paul but Ben Askren got "Knocked da fuk out"... Yeah he got up woobly by shear pride but he had no finesse, defense or speed and would just got beat down. Was kinda hoping see Dana White pay Snoop Dogg his money for doubting someone that's hungry for respect vs someone in it for a payday.
nosmoya 28 days ago
Joanna you're really on the verge of getting the Jessica Eye treatment at this point.
Show Bread
Show Bread 28 days ago
A pro mma fighter 😂
S B 28 days ago
How about Jake calls out other boxer and just leave MMA alone? This is getting way to ridiculous. Fucking money man....
S B 28 days ago
Joana is so cringe to watch.
Alucardye 28 days ago
I love DC, I love DC, much respect !!!!
Alvaro Yado Huerta
Alvaro Yado Huerta 28 days ago
Si es tan bueno como ladra y para ser justos ahora el ridículo payaso de Jake Paul debería enfrentar a Ben pero en una pelea de artes marciales mixtas , se burla de pelear contra alguien que no sabe boxear , ahora debería existir la oportunidad para que Ben lo enfrente en la jaula
hedpe Channel One
hedpe Channel One 28 days ago
first 5 minutes aljo yet his name isnt in the title? he's boring and cringe.
Just B
Just B 29 days ago
Jake Paul vs Colby Covington! Let's see what he's really got!
Stan Po
Stan Po 29 days ago
Jake is not a fighter. He has beaten losers.
Mongrel 29 days ago
omg what the F did they do to sanchez.
Scribe 29 days ago
Cormier's reaction a bit prickish
Dave 4792
Dave 4792 29 days ago
Ben is the biggest clown 🤡
D B 29 days ago
D B 29 days ago
Yall call this bullshit a Ko.
Anakin Nikana
Anakin Nikana 29 days ago
Aljo gets to keep his “belt” for a few more months. 🙄
ItsHarryBo 29 days ago
I'm not even mad at ben, likeable guy and he got a payday, I do wish someone will show jake real boxing or mma though
black wolf
black wolf 29 days ago
Lmao meds done kicked in bro. Lol
K.T.E. 29 days ago
Aljo "I wanna hold this belt longer" Sterling.
black wolf
black wolf 29 days ago
Omg knocked out by a youtuber. Dam. What a stain on the mma community damn Ben just damn
Mike Kassai
Mike Kassai 29 days ago
Jake paul vs Francis Ngannou make it happen dana
Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy 29 days ago
Continuing to highlight the gap between Bellator and The UFC. In saying that Chandlers mouth aside he seems to be the real deal.
Chip Sun
Chip Sun 29 days ago
Head movement...
Gen XMARKsMYSPOT . 29 days ago
Jake Paul HASNT traded with ANY REAL Strikers yet!!! Nate Diaz is a striker Phil "NewYorkBadassss" Baroni my childhood while in our teens streets brawlins town leader! Then he went onto Toughman and then mma legend despite his shit record fort warsssss and he NEVER tapped!!! Everrrrrr ONLY mma fighter to NEVER taps his stand ups insannnnne s . Paul call out Baroni We in our 40s put you on ice kidddddd!!!. Well not me right now iam on the shelf 4 to 6 weeks with a broken collerbone. But go ahead Call out NYBA
Ewert Abrahamsson
Ewert Abrahamsson 29 days ago
Fake Hospital with fake doctors. And the academy award goes to.....
Tony Desmond
Tony Desmond 29 days ago
does anyone really think this was a legit fight? Jake Who?
Hotep Tiger
Hotep Tiger 29 days ago
Thank God I’m a Muay Thai guy 😂
Hoping to wake up one morning and see a headline that says, "Arrogant US-firstr Gets Into Street Brawl With MMA fighter; Loses Six Teeth, Suffers Three Broken Bones." Can someone make this happen, please?
anthony james
anthony james 29 days ago
Someone real go teach this internet punk a lesson please now I will pay to see that. Jake u act like u just beat someone worth jumpin on the ropes idiot. Someone is going knock u out fool
Tim Montano
Tim Montano 29 days ago
Ben Askren: what a joke. This is his legacy; back to back total blow outs. His only redeeming excuse is that it was a quick payday. All he had before this was his name; now even his name isn't worth that much. And didn't Dana White say he was going to bet a million dollars that Askren would win? NA! to funny.
Textual Predator
Textual Predator 29 days ago
*Why Diego Sanchez is trying to get the worst coaching for the last couple of years? Too many headshots, he is not the same.*
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon 29 days ago
Branson might be the next UFC Champ!!!
Randy Mcphee
Randy Mcphee 29 days ago
Artem beat Paulie in a bare knuckle not a boxing match. There is a difference
Jeff Boyd
Jeff Boyd 29 days ago
How impressive. Jake knocked out a wrestler. How about fighting a pro boxer next? This crap is giving boxing and MMA a bad name.
TransHaus 29 days ago
Askren showed up like he been eating Ben & Jerry's on the couch since the fight got booked. What a loser. Should have spent time actually training rather than making silly Rocky montage videos.
Dan Bires
Dan Bires 29 days ago
If Ben took steroids was his only hope. Did they even test for that?
L Vanzant
L Vanzant 29 days ago
Know I have to see my buddy at work who thought Jake paul would win and I guarenteed that Ben would win. That shit didn't age well
Ali Ă
Ali Ă 29 days ago
Ben the paid actor
O A 29 days ago
Damn...I think Ben just lost ALL credibility to comment on fights. I think he just wiped himself out of a career.
O A 29 days ago
The ending was PERFECT that is EXACTLY how i felt. LOL
Darren Sylvester
Darren Sylvester 29 days ago
Jake is a sausage call out a boxer or just get into a cage wit an mma fighter if u calling them out all the time clown
helgi magnusson
helgi magnusson 29 days ago
í think dana should fight him
J-ROC 29 days ago
Is it possible to have a worse loss than the Masvidal flying knee? Yes apparently..
J-ROC 29 days ago
So Masvidal & Paul have a first round knockout of Askren, so just stick Paul in with Masvidal.
N Smethers
N Smethers 29 days ago
Steve Sherlock
Steve Sherlock 29 days ago
If you take wobbly steps to the ref in boxing it’s over.
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles 29 days ago
Jake Paul just asked Ariane Celeste for a fight.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 29 days ago
Aljo need to lose the phone when he’s high on painkillers
Joseph Iscariot
Joseph Iscariot 29 days ago
jake would beat tito also. lol you can't ground and pound in a youtube boxing match, tito!
Joseph Iscariot
Joseph Iscariot 29 days ago
jake paul needs to knock fallon fox out next!!!! he might be our heroooooo
Dillon Clark
Dillon Clark 29 days ago
Love the fan boys of paul saying that isn't how ben walks his nickname is funky for a reasons it's the way he scrambles walks and strikes, lets put jake paul against robert whittaker they have the same walk around weight so it'll really show if Jake paul is good y'all I'm sure he'll do great!😂
Steven Short
Steven Short 29 days ago
Y jake so happy. He beat a retired old wrestler in boxing lol
Steven Short
Steven Short 29 days ago
Sad to see a man so happy about beating a old bum
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