MLB Joking With Opponents 

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Apr 15, 2021




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Matt Bowlen
Matt Bowlen 42 minutes ago
This made baseball feel fun like when I was a kid
J R Deckard
J R Deckard 5 hours ago
Cabrera's a real hoot. He makes $30 million a year, and bats 125. Not so funny.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris 13 hours ago
Baseball, more than any other sport, has a lot of this kind of thing going on. Lots of down time and lots of fun trash talk going on during every break.
Myk V
Myk V 16 hours ago
NBA could never
Luke Bucholtz
Luke Bucholtz 20 hours ago
Votto needs to chill
pedro97w 22 hours ago
Since US-first is an enemy of free speech can you please post on Rumble ?
Street Cat
Street Cat Day ago
Maybe they should go on strike again to get more money for playing with a ball like kids
Honesty & Champ Milland
Actually one of the better recommendations
Speer Alfhari
Sports = fun, it is the reason behind sports!
Tom Zart
Tom Zart Day ago
BASEBALL POEM -2021 ! A game called prison ball was enjoyed in France while English boys played rounder in short pants. Town ball was the game that Americans played While friends and family watched from the shade. American baseball became alive With Cartwright's rules of 1845. Civil War soldiers played behind the lines To help pass time and soothe troubled minds. Professional baseball got its start When the National League performed its part. Soon after fans would pay to see the games As the players traveled by boats and trains. From April to October, players play Half the time at home and half away By thirty, it's time for most to retire Before they're consumed by game time desire. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Kansas City Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart
Levi Mandela
Levi Mandela 2 days ago
Baseball is shining right now. While the rest of sports is a political fake racial mess.
Tank theChiguy
Tank theChiguy 2 days ago
Miggy and Kipnis funny af 😂🤣🤣
Nelson Medina
Nelson Medina 3 days ago
Que locura 😜 como niños 🚸
Hüseyin 3 days ago
We want to see more of it. If only all the games went like this and people had a more sense of humor
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez 3 days ago
Valbuena, QEPD (RIP)..... great venezuelan MLB player
1bls 3 days ago
Miggy alway hilarious.
Nk Nk
Nk Nk 3 days ago
Weirdest thing or the vid was the royals in the alds
S Willams
S Willams 3 days ago
Seeing goodwill in sports with millions of dollars on the line is very heartwarming. Incredible how powerful this is to watch. I wonder if the players know the impact they have sometimes. Not so much when the do something bad but stuff like this affects people profoundly. Also its a great example for children in how to compete and care for your competitor at the same time. Because in 40 years when you think back, you'll remember the goodwill far more than the competition. And if you don't you need therapy. :)
EnNergyTrix 3 days ago
Nobody as humble as Miguel Cabrera
dudushe 3 days ago
Meanwhile in soccer.
Mike Whitney
Mike Whitney 4 days ago
Bob Gibson and Roger Clemens would never have put up with this shite. They both would have drilled anyone trying to make a joke of the game and then dared them to do anything about it. Gibson wouldn't even talk to opposing players, not even a word. This stuff here is what happens when ballplayers become millionaires.
whoyoukidding1 4 days ago
This video was too short!
666 4 days ago
Have a Bless one EVERYONE!!
DUKEBOY MEDIA 4 days ago
R.I.P. Valbuena
joseph park
joseph park 5 days ago
thank god in baseball there are no penalties ir fouls.
musekic 6 days ago
thx 4 an ear-2-ear smile for 4 mins!
Alex B
Alex B 6 days ago
R.I.P valbuena
Jaques Studly
Jaques Studly 6 days ago
Gross. I thought you made tobacco anathema.
Esoj777 !
Esoj777 ! 7 days ago
Damn r.i.p luis valbuena
Guillermo Flores
Guillermo Flores 7 days ago
Hell ya ,bring your little boi
Lawrence Holohan
Lawrence Holohan 8 days ago
Always show love kindness and a little bit of humor in your life
KRYPTONS ICON! 8 days ago
Vinz Klortho
Vinz Klortho 8 days ago
This made me smile
Sammy Campbell
Sammy Campbell 8 days ago
Lots of former Rangers greats... Holland, Cruz, Teixeira, Pettis was a 3b coach and a CF, Colon... lots of Carlos Gomez too
Miguel Terrero
Miguel Terrero 8 days ago
Needed this on a wednesday
GoWithTh3Flow 8 days ago
Every team needs a Beltre.
Thee Leodarco
Thee Leodarco 8 days ago
..and here i thought baseball was more boring than bord.
Disc Reet
Disc Reet 8 days ago
Baseball needs more of this. Too much old heads being butt hurt, too many drama Queen pitchers, and wayyyyy to dry of a sport as a whole.
Brian Wiseman
Brian Wiseman 9 days ago
During any given game Votto usually collects more paper airplanes than RBIs
Liam YYZ
Liam YYZ 9 days ago
1.5 m in a week holy
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann 9 days ago
ROB ROMO 10 days ago
tatis is ABSOLUTEY a fkn disgrace to baseball longstory short he will never go to cooperstown
Todd Phillippe
Todd Phillippe 10 days ago
Lianne Palacios
Lianne Palacios 10 days ago
Que si quiero ir ? Y puedes estar seguro qur cuando me valla aqui no regreso jamas . 👌
T 10 days ago
Stopped watching buttball years ago.. these younger fools have no respect and no humility anymore
That one dude •-•
This is kinda cute lol
J Murphy
J Murphy 11 days ago
This is how it should be all the time. You play to win, but never forget it's just a fucking game.
Julio Acevedo
Julio Acevedo 11 days ago
You notice all the Dominicans and Venezuelan players are the ones having fun. Let's go!!!
Melody Szadkowski
Melody Szadkowski 11 days ago
Carlos Gomez was amazing! Perfect timing.
Paul R
Paul R 12 days ago
Funny stuff
Josh Mocherman
Josh Mocherman 12 days ago
Miguel Cabrera has always been one of the most carefree ballplayers. Always up for a good prank, always friendly, and goofing around. Definitely enjoys himself and is enjoyable to watch
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom 11 days ago
Friendly to his secret family too
James Hood
James Hood 13 days ago
Latin players are so much fun
TonyTone859 13 days ago
Kipnis one was awesome 🤣
Renuka Devi Bothiraj
Yes for sure.
Leave MeAlone
Leave MeAlone 13 days ago
Idk bout yall but I wanna go😂 like leave
Jonathan Lovo
Jonathan Lovo 13 days ago
I like the video its very funny
Fck Euw
Fck Euw 13 days ago
Yo mama a super mo.... As soon as the moratorium is lifted I'm going straight to her house 😁
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol 13 days ago
3:18 he just rolled in the dirt! His uniform is all brown now!!
Riley Been
Riley Been 13 days ago
gorn 13 days ago
why do baseball players like dads in their 30s to 40s? they look unsporty as hell
DACFalloutRanger 14 days ago
Goddamn baseball is the best
Stephen Dreessen
Stephen Dreessen 14 days ago
You can tell this is one of the best and truly athletic sports in the entire world when at least half the players are able to chew bubble gum during the game.
Stephen Dreessen
Stephen Dreessen 13 days ago
@BeaterWRX Can you explain that more please? I've re-read it like 20 times, it's written pretty well, it makes sense.
BeaterWRX 13 days ago
This makes no sense.
Cosmo 14 days ago
I remember once when I was playing 1st base and the runner on 1st was pulling up on the back of my jersey. I took it as a joke but then he started to pull down my pants and wouldn't stop. So I was pissed at what I thought he was trying to do and I needed to fight him off because he kept on going even further in trying to....oh wait.....that was when I was in the "prison league".....never mind....
A A 14 days ago
Probably sounds corny but I would rather watch these type of videos any day then a cleared out bench and a brawl. Hope y’all having an amazing day!!
JG310HOE 14 days ago
I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥🔥.
mel lem
mel lem 14 days ago
Excellent , its good to see
Edilberto Colon
Edilberto Colon 14 days ago
This is why I enjoy baseball it’s not super serious like basketball and football
Steve Galish
Steve Galish 14 days ago
Way back when baseball was just entertainment!!!! No politics, no axes to grind, no statements to make or sell.... Just fun for the whole family! Sure miss those days.
Virüs 15 days ago
난 여태까지 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ이 뭔지도 몰랐는데 ;; 알고나니깐 개지리네;;
ÖZGE 15 days ago
와 ;; 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 들어가서 방송 보니깐 ㄹㅇ 혀내밀어주더라
Boray Özel
Boray Özel 15 days ago
와 ... 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 실화냨ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 개쩌네 ;;
Deadpool B-S
Deadpool B-S 15 days ago
블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 채널 들어가섴ㅋㅋ봐라 ㄹㅇ 여캠수위 지리더라
Barış Sadık
Barış Sadık 15 days ago
블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 믿고 갔는데 진짜던데 ?
MustafaYTR 15 days ago
근데 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 나만 알고 싶었는데 진짜 ..너무하네 ;;
Buğra Yahyaoğlu
Buğra Yahyaoğlu 15 days ago
아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나만 알고 싶었는데 죽인다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ
Arda Basut
Arda Basut 15 days ago
감사합니다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ ㄷㄷㄷ검색해서 보셈 ㄹㅇ 수위 싼다
Haber Gündemi
Haber Gündemi 15 days ago
수위 진짜 개쩔긴 하구나 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 와 너무좋아 넘사벽
Dünyanın Oyunu
Dünyanın Oyunu 15 days ago
이쁜여자들 왤캐 많냐 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ에 다벗고 노네
fruq w
fruq w 15 days ago
블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ구글에 쳐서 보면 걍 무료임 ;; 어플도 있네
Mert Turunçoğlu
Mert Turunçoğlu 15 days ago
블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ보면서 매일 밤 3ㄸ 가능하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Gökay Çakmakcı
Gökay Çakmakcı 15 days ago
무료에다가 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 진짜 혜자네 여기 개꿀이다!!!!
Mahmut tascıoglu
Mahmut tascıoglu 15 days ago
와 진짜 인생 인방 찾았다 블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 여기 진짜 이쁜여자많네
Maşşallah Maşşallah
블랑ㅌㅣㅂㅣ 진짜 ㅇㅈ 여기는 수위 극강이네 무료에다가
Jackson Moeller
Jackson Moeller 15 days ago
Damn miggy got me with that one
Military Veteran
Military Veteran 15 days ago
Derek Chauvin
Derek Chauvin 15 days ago
Baseball is so gay nowadays
dashrirprock 15 days ago
3:19 - Lessons from the NBA.
Don Vergaz
Don Vergaz 15 days ago
so boring . futbol is where its at
Thor2021 Ishere
Thor2021 Ishere 15 days ago
LOL - I saw that play at 1:45 a few years ago... Miggy can be fun...
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez 15 days ago
1:08 That's so funny hahahaha
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez 15 days ago
0:27 He went up tho hahaha he was about to go
Sir Francis
Sir Francis 15 days ago
boring game...
Fand Htwoohs
Fand Htwoohs 15 days ago
Baseball is fun.
Nathan Kaiser
Nathan Kaiser 16 days ago
Leave it to Varro to ruin a fun thing What did the paper airplane do to him
Delta Goal Horns
Delta Goal Horns 16 days ago
Wooooooo nelly and woooooo holly
My Name Is JayT
My Name Is JayT 16 days ago
To anybody who doesnt know: Joey Votto is not a mean jerk. He just likes acting like it on road games. Hes the ultimate shit head ball player. He doesn't get interviewed very much anymore because he would almost never give a legit interview early in his career. He'd spend the whole time joking around and making fun of the interviewers by not taking their time seriously. Look up his "mountie interview". Dude does an entire 8 minute interview straight faced dressed as a Canadian Mountie. By this point he was already a 4x all star, gold glove, and NL MVP. Gotta love it
timomomomo 16 days ago
You could make separate videos on Cabrera and Beltre, always goofing around for laughs. 👍
floresaza253 16 days ago
Shocked there was no Beltre and Felix banter...
Treycoyne12 16 days ago
Why do I feel like votto is actually such an asshole
DigaElDebil FuerteSoy
4:02 even the umpire is dying 🤣
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