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edselrs Hour ago
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hour ago
Dragon egg= needs the dragon to be' kill and spawns once in a world. Elytra= also need the dragon and can spawn only once but needs to reach the end city too. This said, *Elytra is far more common*
Molten _
Molten _ 2 hours ago
It can be obtained once but common sence tell me that for endegg you need to kill Dragon. And then you can get elytra from finding city with boat. And If nether star is that rare, where is beacon. Its covered nether star. For me beacon is number one. If not then we can say emerald ore in plains which is imposible because it only spawns in hills with super low percentage.
Tiago Girala
Tiago Girala 2 hours ago
Can't you kill the ender dragon like as many times as you want in java?
Ethan Borba-Javier
Ethan Borba-Javier 2 hours ago
Beacons are REALLY hard to obtain on bedrock because the wither is a LOT harder to beat then on java
Natilla 3 hours ago
Honestly I guess I've just been lucky with the god apples then because I've found them in every world I've made
Maddox Hibbetts
Maddox Hibbetts 3 hours ago
You use a golden apple and a brown dye and green and there you have it
Maddox Hibbetts
Maddox Hibbetts 3 hours ago
No a banner is
Eclipse Gaming
Eclipse Gaming 3 hours ago
1 doesn't mean rare it just mean limited and the egg should be 5 lol
The Lego Stop Motion Noob
You know to get an eletra you can just make a 1000 block bridge or somthibg off the end island to get the real end
Yumi Oineza
Yumi Oineza 5 hours ago
Oh wow when my cousin killed the endedr dragon she got a ender egg
Luther Gyi
Luther Gyi 6 hours ago
Arrow of luck: ......
Ethan C
Ethan C 7 hours ago
Me who has full enchanted netherite armor and stacks of wither skulls and soul sand: Nether stars are not rare lmao
Jonas Klassen
Jonas Klassen 7 hours ago
My brother Had a glitch and it gave him a second dragon egg
SlayerGamingYT 9 hours ago
Where are those rare baston disc the brown one?
Misty Mobile
Misty Mobile 9 hours ago
What about dragon heads? They have the same rarity as elytra b/c they spawn on the ship with them
TapOut1978 9 hours ago
*Sad invisibility arrow twerking*
Cheezball55 9 hours ago
Now think if you get the rarest items that you can put in a banner then wouldn’t that make that banner the rarest item in the game
bbus 10 hours ago
You forgot the crossbow having 2 times Piercing on it its a glitched item but can be obtained in vanilla minecraft
Niksuss 10 hours ago
Wait, you can also fight with e.dragon second time, isnt it gonna give second dragon egg
Slashdash 11 hours ago
TheRealJapan 11 hours ago
I got creep and zombie mob head it's easy
lizarth 11 hours ago
but how abt bedrock... i mean it is possible just reaally hard
lizarth 11 hours ago
also sand dupers can use alll the falling blocks
Leander Bentzen
Leander Bentzen 11 hours ago
I like that I have 2 dragon eggs on 1 world without cheats
Mohammed Tariq Fida
Mohammed Tariq Fida 11 hours ago
Bruh nun was rare else enchanted all was hard n wither skeleton is but wither or nether star isn,t rare dragon head or elytra both r not rare they r just hard to get n mobs head isn,t acctually rare trident is once u get trident put channeling enchantment a shoot a creeper n bring all the mobs u want the head of u sill get
Yalqi 12 hours ago
What about a wither rose? Or chain armor
Magetecfgue 13 hours ago
Enchanted golden apple is rare Me: gets enchanted golden apple in every desert temple or mine shaft
Garchomps Requiem
Garchomps Requiem 13 hours ago
Also the rarest item is the lucky arrow. WHICH requires you to beat the game and some other stuff. Also it’s not in the game anymore since it was added in on accident and 2 days after it was removed
Garchomps Requiem
Garchomps Requiem 13 hours ago
You do t need a charged creeper for a wither skeleton
lilianimations 13 hours ago
You know what's friggin awesome? I actually managed to get an elytra in survival withought going into creative!
MasonMC 14 hours ago
none of these items are rare besides the dragon egg. they’re just difficult to obtain. there’s a difference between difficulty in obtaining them and it being rare. technically, the notch apple would be more rare than the nether star. there are an infinite amount of with skeleton skulls that can be obtained and there’s a so much soul sand that there are more theoretical nether stars in a world than golden apples. rarity in terms of an item drop is different but that’s not what this video is about. but i digress
16. Hazbi Maulana
16. Hazbi Maulana 15 hours ago
Woah thanks for the information
Ace Trapz
Ace Trapz 15 hours ago
Bedrock players : gets 2 eggs. Java players : :O
Virtual-Samurai 15 hours ago
This isn't rare items rare items are rare drops if it's guaranteed to be there it's not rare
Maddy Smith
Maddy Smith 16 hours ago
We spent 2days in real life trying to find cacti
Logan The Wolf Bear
Logan The Wolf Bear 16 hours ago
You can revive the ender dragon so you can get multiple
Juska A Lehtinen
Juska A Lehtinen 16 hours ago
Let me remind you of the Dark Green back round and Brown enchanted golden apple banner and wither skull
Tex 17 hours ago
Brov u forgot the brown and dark green mojang banner
The Cookie Jar Hacker TCJH
You could dupe a dragon egg in java its the most easy thing to do
X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD 19 hours ago
I found loads of the golden apples. It’s not that hard really.
Devin Williams
Devin Williams 20 hours ago
Let's be fair, this video wasn't the most rare, but the most difficult to obtain
rhyder Ventura
rhyder Ventura 21 hour ago
He’s actually wrong about the last one, on bedrock P$4 if you respawn the dragon using end crystals it also respawns the egg
Baloopa 21 hour ago
... to get elytra and go back to the overworld you need to beat the ender dragon WHICH GIVES EGG 😔🤦‍♂️🤯
dom ban
dom ban 21 hour ago
You can just respown a dragon and get a nother one of the eggs
VasilyGaM Gaming
VasilyGaM Gaming 22 hours ago
Where the pigstep
Venti Day ago
He didnt mention full enchanted chainmail armor
Max Reales
Max Reales Day ago
ah yes did you know, natural emerald ore is rarer than ancient debris also end crystal is considered as a “rare” item even though you can craft them before beating the game.
Rick Astley fan
Did you know you can find the end city BEFORE you kill the dragon! You just need to search it up on you tube and you will be a pro at mc
Mr Llama man
Mr Llama man Day ago
Ok me and my friends have a no cheat realm, and there was a glitch for a while.....I currently own 2 dragon eggs
Backon_Noob Day ago
enchanted golden apple not rare
Dornick Day ago
You forgot the fact bedrock is a obtainable item
Bedrock: *Hears the word Nether Star* Y’all have been spared by the power only we can go though.
GiftKid Day ago
These aren't rare they are just hard to get
Det Talampas
Det Talampas Day ago
What about trident
King Day ago
Wait u get the egg right after u beat the ender dragon so doesn't that mean that the elytra is rarer bc u have to go to end city ships
Exterminator Gamingシ
The rarest item its a banner
EmoHippies Day ago
Neather stars are pretty easy to obtain, just spawn it away from your property or whatever and just keep beating the shit out of it
ETS 1306
ETS 1306 Day ago
You know that there Can spawn more than on notch Apple in a chest
Tobias Rasch Da Col
Actually #1 is arrow of luck
Rema 717CR
Rema 717CR Day ago
Wow I didn't see the loop coming
J0B3N PLAYZZ Day ago
The most rare is chain armor's
Brian O’Sullivan
Beacons are more rare than nether stars
Gerald M.H. Sitorus 4C
In the golden aple
Gerald M.H. Sitorus 4C
Why do you have 64 crafting table
Brib Day ago
um what about totems?..
Savion Palmer
Wrong it’s actually a old arrow called luck arrow
Andrew Ticlea
Technically they don’t have to beat the dragon
krispy duck
krispy duck Day ago
I realize that the diamonds are 1 in part from each other then if u go to the right from there middle it follows up to the Golden apple and it forms ï
And then you also need a loom
Because you need to find a enchanted Golden Apple and a jungle biome and then you need paper, a stick and 6 wool to make the banner
Actually, the rarest item in Minecraft is a type of banner.
Michael Jep
Michael Jep Day ago
You dont have to defeat the dragon
Andrea Pyatt
Andrea Pyatt Day ago
Isn't there a portal to the islands where you find a end city? They aren't that hard to find ngl.
OsoHunter11 Day ago
It's not the rarest. A banner with "thing" and "skull on it is the rarest because you need a Enchanted Golden Apple and a Wither Skull, and a banner
VastBigBubba Day ago
What about unattainable items?
ItsDevinXXD_ Day ago
Why is this person acting like we don't know these things
I SouL I
I SouL I Day ago
U can get more then one enchanted apple in a chest
Justin Leno
Justin Leno Day ago
Why did he say nether stars and not a beacon.
Daily Memes and content
Thi is wrong the rarest item is a banner made out of super rare items
Rosy Locks
Rosy Locks Day ago
What about the lock arrow which was only around for two days and it’s Spond or you can only get one each like top rated and it’s only like a 5% chance I’ll get one so that Hass to be the number one rarest thing the “luck arrow “
Leomat r2
Leomat r2 Day ago
👎 to obvious
By the Electra logic the dragon head should also be on that list
Hayden Kindred
I got 2when we respwand it
Simp Man
Simp Man Day ago
Dragon egg, literally get 4 crystals and you can respawn the dragon lmao Mob heads, channeling trident...
SelmEls Rössvik
You could get wither skeleton skulls by killing an ice skeleton (those in ice Biomes that shoots slowness arows) with a charged creeper.
meliodas_sav 2
Luck arrow
Hunter Malone
“And then spawn a wither” The elytra one involves legit everything 😂😂😂
Seham Yousif
Seham Yousif Day ago
That loop tho-
Jaison Sohn
Jaison Sohn Day ago
Number 1 is the luck arrow
Charlotte Lewis
Zeroh Day ago
Where pigstep
Egaps can also be found in desert temples
random Day ago
Is there a enderman mob head
JanRambo Day ago
First fact already wrong man haha
Samriddh the gaming king
I found an enchanted golden apple behind my house in a cave
Asianigoda XD
Am I the only one who doesn’t know that these item are rare cuz I only played creative mode XD
Spirit Guest
Spirit Guest Day ago
The rarest item is ACTUALLY a potion calls lucky or sum and it was only in for 2 days and got removed it's rlly rare to find it.
Mr. Claytoon
Mr. Claytoon Day ago
Channeling trident & thunder= HEAD FARM BABY
Hanna Åslund Ewe
You know you van get infinite dragon eggs by respawning the dragon and killing it again.... I think
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