Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters ANALYSIS 

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In this livestream Dream goes through his thought processes, decision making, and other behind the scenes moments not shown in the Speedrunner VS. 5 Hunters Manhunt. Dream explains how he did the insane boat clutch and other incredible plays!

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Kristine S
Kristine S 3 hours ago
I also play on iPad
Kristine S
Kristine S 4 hours ago
I use windows
Rhyse Smidstrup
Rhyse Smidstrup 4 hours ago
ear rape at its best
Braylen Taylor
Braylen Taylor 6 hours ago
southnoon 7 hours ago
I like how he mixes professional analysis language with "YEETED"
tomato jake
tomato jake 8 hours ago
On the next manhunt the hunters should just use a dream catcher and they’d win
Sokudo GD
Sokudo GD 8 hours ago
bro i wish that once dream just makes a wither the moment before he leaves the nether, like right in front of the portal haha
Leapcio 8 hours ago
dream in the next manhunt craft bone meal so if you getting chased place it and try to get tall grass to block the hits plz see this
Strictly for Fun
Strictly for Fun 9 hours ago
When he made the bone meal I thought he was thinking of growing food but then realized he's in the nether.
kabir kicks
kabir kicks 11 hours ago
Dream's brain functions faster then when lightning strikes.
Gabriel Cotas
Gabriel Cotas 18 hours ago
in 4:29 it looked like they built a "huge":) crafting table
Randomeud 19 hours ago
Reddit's back, *back again*
Longshlongjohn 22 hours ago
“Boat clutch”
Marcus Pajarillo
Maybe the dragon's hit box the thing were u need to be in the chunk was'nt in no ones chunk so it despawned and then the glitch happened
waterbeast Day ago
how do you make the compass point towards you?
Toxic_ Raven
Toxic_ Raven Day ago
19:17 , "We already know how incompetent George is." -sad noises-
Filo 52
Filo 52 Day ago
Its all scripted
lenard ph
lenard ph Day ago
My brain:5% Dreams brain:100000%
Rosie Johnson
I play Minecraft in windowed as well, I maximize the window but I don't like not being able to see the taskbar for some reason.
Adam Day ago
why the fuck is the video such a shit quality. dream rlly didnt think to put it to 1080p?
Maddie Or whatever
Dream: Trying to kill the dragon Dragon: Understandable let me yeet your enemies for u
Collin Persieck
Awesome dude is like team rocket in Pokémon lmao
K T Day ago
This is not your content to create, stop making these because the Content Creators don’t want your to!!
Om Prasad Acharya
before seeing this video: ME TO SAPNAP:Dream won after seeing this video: Me TO SAPNAP:Its ok you won
TobiRevBlackFire 2 days ago
Parker Crowell
Parker Crowell 2 days ago
You know I'm pretty sure that the final arrow we see Dream shoot actually did hit and kill the dragon when he looked away, and the timing happened to work out that the new dragon spawned at the exact same time tricking the game not to give the achievement.
Ilverds Games
Ilverds Games 2 days ago
Big brain
Stef D
Stef D 2 days ago
Who purposefully has a skin in BRIGHT LIME?
AJGx2000 2 days ago
Instead of scouting seeds you should just use seeds generated by the FSG speed running category official seed generated, the only problem with this is that the seeds might be too good lmao
Jackson Sheaffer
Jackson Sheaffer 2 days ago
Is this dreams channel, like dream owns this channel?
Just Joksu
Just Joksu 2 days ago
Who notices the crafting table item floating it looks like its placed on air and breaked the blocks
A.K.B 2 days ago
Sayan Mullick
Sayan Mullick 3 days ago
Which means~😏 Another 1 v 5 speedrunner vs hunter 😄😄😄😄..
0 Gin 0
0 Gin 0 3 days ago
14:52 sapnap looks the weirdest....while ant looks normal. Dude sapnap skin is a normal guy and antfrost skin is a cat that walk with 2 legs Ik the joke it just feel kinds funny to me
critamine hcl
critamine hcl 3 days ago
Why is this 480p man. The YT vid that is
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 3 days ago
Usually i get mad at people who dislike, but the amount of disliked is 911
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 3 days ago
Dream: plays minecraft for 2 years and is smarter than albert einstein Me: played minecraft for 9 years. Forgets how to make a crafting table
Jayhance Penaflor
Wait what..!?😂😂😂😂
LazZanZaz 3 days ago
I get trees all the times in those cracks I even got some houses spawned in them... *BRUH, RARE THEY SAID*
Cat warrior Hazelstar
Dragon dead = dream win
Shana Kling
Shana Kling 3 days ago
Do a face reveal
OZcar jc
OZcar jc Day ago
Don't obligate him if he doesn't wants to
Margie White
Margie White 3 days ago
He has to be some mentalist
Yhako (Oficial)
Yhako (Oficial) 3 days ago
That didn't explain me how... How it happen... I'm very new on this ;-;...
Zachary Morse
Zachary Morse 3 days ago
SHREK: onions have layers DREAM; sapnap has layers
Graham Denison
Graham Denison 3 days ago
I think respawn anchors explode in the end and can't explode each other so if the dragon can't destroy respawn anchors then that would be a fast, expensive, but convenient way to explode the dragon.
Jullian Molina
Jullian Molina 3 days ago
Ppl talking about how smart he is? Yo he just plays and grinds it lmao.. plus the hunters are retarded.. there’s a reason he don’t go against anyone but friends
GlaciusTS 3 days ago
So if there had been no crafting table right there for your boat clutch and the fall killed you, would you have uploaded that video? Because once again, my biggest issue is statistics. The things you have no control over being exactly where you need them to be against all odds. Either you record an absurd number of videos before you get the right one and those guys get a lot of money, or, your friends are probably in on it. Placing crafting tables at just the right height for a clutch, hitting you in the right direction, making sure to shoot or hit you when the horse or strider is directly underneath. Statistically speaking, there would have to have been a metric ton of scrapped recordings of significant length where you just fell and died because there was no crafting table where you needed it, or the striders were nowhere close, or there was a cow or chicken or pig on the ground rather than a horse. To me, it feels like a magic show where your “volunteers” are in on the trick and contributing. That’s my perspective, anyway.
Shadow Cosmos314
Shadow Cosmos314 3 days ago
Imagine Minecraft Hunt Man: Where Dream is the hunter and the 5 hunters are the speed runners and Dream has to kill them before they kill the dragon
Jency 3 days ago
Dream why did you Just didn't shot the ender crystals? Tecnically he's dead then the crystals broken isn't it? Like on a bedrock portal
Alaaya Zakria
Alaaya Zakria 3 days ago
when i saw awesome dude get yeeted to by the dragon to the stars, it was hilarious!😂
annika andersson
annika andersson 3 days ago
Only me but i want more!! Content plz plz
ツHikōYuME 3 days ago
Still don't understand why tf mf think he cheats making a boat and shit
arsehole 3 days ago
Funny how he keeps talking about how lucky he is
Sam Sanford
Sam Sanford 4 days ago
Yes netherite pants effects knock back
Bobby Boy 4
Bobby Boy 4 4 days ago
Marci 4 days ago
Please Tommy as hunter:DDDD
Agent ink
Agent ink 4 days ago
After watching this i remembered somthing, for your answer, each part of netheright armour has a +2 knockback resistance, so yeah.
José Tang
José Tang 4 days ago
they dig down ok dream
José Tang
José Tang 4 days ago
Dequan Milete
Dequan Milete 4 days ago
Imagine dream getting a totem of undying in the next one after they decided to win by respawning the dragon
spiro xylo
spiro xylo 4 days ago
why does he watch the vid in 240p
Ozwuuf 00
Ozwuuf 00 4 days ago
6:25 is it just me or is those blocks grey and not wood. And boats r made by wood right
132 Gaming
132 Gaming 4 days ago
I didn't know there was a whole theory community on Manhunts.
Narayan routh
Narayan routh 4 days ago
Hey I play In windowed
Nonstop32 4 days ago
i also play minecraft in windowed.... most people think it's weird XD
Foxy 4 days ago
Dream: I won’t have time to make a boat. Also Dream: *builds boat in 0.00001 seconds*
Thiện Trần Thành
You know what Dream isn’t human so....his brain is better than us ofc
TerrGames 4 days ago
This isn’t a short
Mohamad Msheik IT
Nobody else going to point out that he tried to build up with a fishing rod?
lorenzoibrahim 5 days ago
Dr Donut Be like : *iTs fAKe gUYs itS poSSiblE but iTs nO wAY*
Ben Rowntree
Ben Rowntree 5 days ago
Anyone else see the diamonds next to the tree in the ravine
Paddie 5 days ago
He runs out of blocks so he places his crafting table? literally for no reason? and then jumps into his death without even breaking it??? oh dream you can be happy that your community is so young 2:54
BlackMoonCZ 3 days ago
You play werewolf? :D
Mr. RealisT
Mr. RealisT 5 days ago
Please tell me you see the wood
H2k 1
H2k 1 5 days ago
Ada bahasa malaysia
H2k 1
H2k 1 5 days ago
FarIslands 5 days ago
one thing: at the portal disguise part, i wouldve just gone back through the portal so they get confused for a couple secs
PrimeMac Studio
PrimeMac Studio 5 days ago
I still think that you won this because of the re-spawn. The glitch to me was just a nope. Good video and yeah I agree that should not be allowed. Good videos and look forward to the next one.
Mohamed Ibrahem
Mohamed Ibrahem 5 days ago
Dream is amazing
Sergej Cvelbar
Sergej Cvelbar 5 days ago
I saw everything in the premiere
Shy Bandit
Shy Bandit 5 days ago
I think it counts as a win because he made the health bar disappear. Just because the dragon was brought back from the dead instantly doesn't mean he didn't kill it.
The M
The M 5 days ago
such a scam
BenDaNerd 6 days ago
The boat clutch was fake for one reason, he didn't hire the harvard mathematician to calculate the time it took to craft the boat midair
Cookie 6 days ago
I don't care what anyone says about the boat clutch. It was fake/modified. I tried this myself and the menu popped up for 6 FRAMES and I tried recording at both 30 and 60 fps on obs. Even trying unlimited fps and vsync on Minecraft which doesn't even make a difference. I downloaded his video from his channel, cut it to the boat bit, and the crafting menu was open for 17 FRAMES. BS man. I wouldn't give 2 shits if you had a modified version if you owned up to it, but the fact that you are making it seem as if you had no modified version of the game and that you are just "really skilled" just shows that you genuinely think you are that good and are misrepresenting yourself to both you and your viewers. If you don't believe me, download the clip yourself and check on something like adobe premiere pro and you can see that it was 17 FRAMES. And then record yourself to see how many frames the crafting menu is up and it will ALWAYS be 4-7 frames, according to my testing. **Also, there was a bit where dream crafted the logs into planks in the same frame, don't know how tf he did that so that's kind of sus as well.**
Neil Ezekiel
Neil Ezekiel 5 days ago
This is what Dream said on his DreamXD channel "The crafting in mid air that I did may not be doable in vanilla Minecraft, because the crafting bench GUI force closes too quickly to craft anything, however the distance for when a force close will happen will differ on some servers, and differ due to lag as well. Just for extra information! I plan on doing an analysis and talking about a lot of stuff this manhunt because it was just full of content." So it is completely impossible on normal single player world.
Mashroor F
Mashroor F 6 days ago
I can see dream using the fire block lava trick in a different manhunt since it’s a smart play
Mashroor F
Mashroor F 6 days ago
I love how he like I CANT BELIEVE HOW LONG IT TAKES A STONE PICK TO BREAK A PICKAXE AND THEN IM LIKE now u know how bedrock players feel using a stone pick at breaking normal stone like seriously it’s so long.
SecretAgentE 6 days ago
I consider them respawning the ender dragon as cheating so you totally won because you can't spawn in the 2nd dragon until the 1st one is dead so that is too unfair even for Manhunt
Nicole K
Nicole K 6 days ago
I'm actually so glad I found this, when I got the notification for his live stream, there was only five minutes left of the video to analyze and I was pretty bummed I missed so much
Landen Boulis
Landen Boulis 6 days ago
This will count as my science class for the week.
El Gran Beltrán
El Gran Beltrán 6 days ago
19:19 roastttttttt
Samer jammal
Samer jammal 6 days ago
Yero Gamingg
Yero Gamingg 6 days ago
Whats the seed
darkgamer 6 days ago
when u were explaining y u chose ant i think theres SOMEHOW netherite right there
MONKE 6 days ago
We need Tommy or Wilbur in one of these
VOAXY 1 6 days ago
if this happens again just smack the crystals cause if you smack it i think there will be no dragon
Tobi Maningding
Tobi Maningding 6 days ago
Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes
ItsMeJcaleb 7 days ago
Dream: A popular and probably rich person Also Dream: Playing his own youtube video on 480p
Sryking 7 days ago
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ.....
jason senter
jason senter 7 days ago
That boat clutch was still suspicious to me even after all that supposed preparation for building a boat in mind. Definitely planned in my mind (and long before supposedly planning to build a boat right after breaking the furnaces).
altered 7 days ago
at the moment when dream said he didn't know you could fish items i felt like a minecraft wiki or sth
BrandonJ1068 7 days ago
Oh the boat craft was from the table he placed by Sapnap... I thought it was the one he passed in the air XD
Lunar Angel
Lunar Angel 3 days ago
Tommy hasn’t seen star wars yet
give me the parasocial juice, somnian
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric